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What I loved most about Lexi was her chameleon-like ability to blend in with her surroundings. We could be at a gallery opening in Monterey, and she’d fit in with the rich and famous. We could be at surf bar in Huntington Beach, and she’d be right at home with the locals. This talent extended not just to her physical appearance but, her demeanor as well.

Equally impressive were her abilities to arouse men who might be suffering from the Madonna-whore complex. With Lexi, even men who cannot desire a respected partner had no problems tapping into their baser instincts. I had no such issues and craved her every minute of the day.

Lexi was fond of saying, “I work too hard to keep looking this way. Why shouldn’t I enjoy it?” Lexi was a bonafide milf with cougar tendencies. She never took offense to my penchant for calling her the nastiest of names while we were in bed.

Lexi was now free of the social pressures that came with living in Newport Beach. She couldn’t stand her ex-husband’s social circle. She no longer needed to worry about entertaining nor gaining the approval of these hypocrites.

This freedom allowed her to express her desires at will. She was becoming more of a tease. She loved to get me worked up and make me wait. She learned that cut both ways, and now things were better and sexier.


It was Friday, rush hour in Southern California. The only thing more oppressive than the distance I still had to cover was the congestion that stretched before me. My phone started ringing and delivered a welcome surprise.

“Where are you?” inquired Lexi.

“I’m on the 405,” I responded.

“You need to hurry,” moaned Lexi, “I’m horny, and I need to fuck.”

There was nothing I loved more than being deep inside Lexi. I especially liked it when I was on top of her in the most boring position, missionary. It was one of Lexi’s favorites because she loved to watch herself get penetrated. She would maintain eye-contact during this part of our trysts and narrate what was happening to her in the most explicit detail.

I would give her half or a third of my cock until she begged for all of it. Lexi would pout when I pulled out of her wetness.

“Put it back in,” she’d moan.

The head of my cock would push against her womanhood before the pressure spread her pussy lips and allowed the full length of my cock inside her. I’d pause after every inch for maximum effect. The teasing was good for both of us.

Lexi would cry out in ecstasy and bring her legs up. Those long tanned legs would be pulled high, with her knees framing round succulent breasts. Her 34 DDDs would bounce when Lexi would kick after every one of my thrusts.

It was as if doing so would will me in deeper. Deliberate penetration was always a sure fire way to get her to orgasm.

I loved to grab her ankles and bring her legs together. Lining up the seams of her stockings with her impossibly high fuck-me-pumps, I’d pump her sweet little pussy full of cum as she’d encourage me with the dirtiest of talk.

“Pump that pussy, baby, pump it,” Lexi would moan, “Cream that cunt with your cum!”

Maybe it’s the writer in me but, the alliteration always got me.


Through baited breath Lexi continued to moan, “How far away are you?”

“I’m maybe 45-50 minutes away from Newport,” I said, “You know Friday evening rush hour traffic.”

I was driving back from an unsuccessful job interview in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if I can last that long. If you’re that far away, you’re just going to have to fuck me as soon as you get home. No time for any foreplay” murmured Lexi.

“Gasp! No Foreplay?”

Lexi giggled at my mocking tone, “It’s all your fault, I found the gift bag you left me.”

“Then technically, you can start without me but, only on one condition. You have to describe to me what you’re doing as you get dressed.”

“Um, I’m already dressed baby,” Lexi replied, “dressed to fuck.”

“Then you’re going to have to describe — in explicit detail — just what you’re doing with that toy I put it the gift bag.”

“You mean the 24-inch dildo?” cooed Lexi. “Too late, it’s already inside me.”

“Which hole?”

“Both,” sighed Lexi, “One end is in my pussy, and it’s looped over, so the other is in my ass. I’m on the upper balcony with my legs spread…”

Christ! I would have to pull over and relieve myself, or I ran the real risk of crashing on the interstate.

“Are you getting hard?” said Lexi. “I’m only going to continue if you take your cock out of your pants.”

Despite running the risk of istanbul escort EMS workers thinking I was jerking off behind the wheel, I did as I was told. My cock grew hard as it sprung up between the zipper.

“Well, I’m wearing everything in from the gift bag. I have to say all of this is less like lingerie and more like a costume. It makes me feel so…”

“Slutty?” I volunteered.

“I was going to say sexy. But slutty is more descriptive,” said Lexi.

Subtlety was not part of the repertoire today, and Lexi was enjoying every bit of my perverted mind.

“You’re supposed to be my MILF of a next door neighbor. You’re the girl who never made it as a cheerleader in high school because the team advisor thought you were too promiscuous.”

Lexi said, “Wow. How low is my self-esteem? Do I have Daddy issues too?”

“You came over to borrow some whipped cream, but you have other things in mind.”

“Hmmm, I could use some cream right now,” replied Lexi.”

“Baby, I’m driving as fast as I can under the circumstances.”


The thought of Lexi having orgasms without me got me home in record time. I bounded up the stairs to find Lexi walking towards me with bedroom eyes and a devilish grin. She was a woman with a purpose. She reached into my pants and pulled me into the room by my cock.

Pushing me back onto the sofa, Lexi unwrapped her gloved hands from my rigid shaft.

“Aren’t we the excited one? Relax, tiger. Don’t you want to take it all in before the main event?”

Between the dirty talk over the phone and her current appearance, Lexi was coaxing pre-cum out of my shaft.

“Poor baby,” Lexi cooed as she bent over at the waist and proceeded to feed her oral fixation.

She took me in her mouth closed her lips around the base of my cock. Placing her tongue up against my shaft, she turned her head to the side to give me a better view. She watched me watching her, as her glossed lips pulled up slowly before releasing my cock with an audible pop.

“Mmmmm. Just slurping up that precum.” moaned Lexi.

Those ten seconds are forever etched in my mind. Lexi walked away with her hips swinging and her ass cheeks bouncing with each step. The clacking of her stiletto heels as she transitioned from carpet to tile made my balls ache.


Over pillow talk the previous night, Lexi showed off her inner geek. Lexi asked me for an answer had I been asked the same question posed to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the movie Total Recall.

“You mean the question about what type of women I prefer?” I said, “Hair color isn’t an issue, and I liked the athletic build, but I would have chosen the sleazy demeanor.”

Lexi was making mental notes of my responses. She laughed as I proceeded to take advantage of her that night. She never took offense to my truthful answers. She knew I wasn’t a misogynist. However, tonight Lexi was playing nasty and making it hard for me not to see her as a sex object.

Lexi enjoyed being a slut in private, and I enjoyed treating her like one. Why should there be a double standard for men and women when it came to sex?

The pillow talk led to more conversation about just what it was that made bad girls in high school so sexy — besides their promiscuity. My milf of a stunner was putting all that gleaned knowledge to work tonight.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off Lexi as she walked away. In the 1950’s men might have exclaimed that “she had a set of pins on her” and they’d be right. Lexi had legs that seemed to go on forever. That just made her sexier in high heels.

Tonight Lexi was wearing a bonafide streetwalker outfit. White anklet socks with frilly pink trim pushed into the hottest white granny boots tipped with a six-inch gold spike heel. It seemed like the higher the heel, the more cock she desired. She loved wearing them while she got fucked — since it would ensure I’d work extra hard to make her orgasm.

All this fetish footwear was on top of white patterned stockings. Stockings that led up long tanned legs and under the tiniest of daisy duke shorts that remained unzipped.

The shorts did nothing to hide the half moons of her ass cheeks. Lexi would not have looked out of place in a ’80s metal band video. It was a look that left no argument as to what she was selling. Tonight and every night I was buying.

Now pantless, I followed Lexi towards the kitchen island. Each step caused the garters to stretch and contract under her jean shorts.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Lexi.

“You look cheap,” I replied.

“You don’t like this?” istanbul escort bayan Lexi exclaimed.

“I love it,” I blurted out as she stroked my rigid cock, “you’re like my…”

“…wet dream?” whispered Lexi, “Your white trash music video whore?”

She looked over her shoulder and turned around slowly. Her blonde locks fell off her bare shoulders exposing more than tanned skin. Hoop earrings and a high choker were exposed in the light. Around her neck, were diamond letters spelling out the word W-H-O-R-E. She now had a companion piece to her S-L-U-T choker.

Tonight Lexi was glamorous in the trashiest way possible. A halter with a plunging neckline topped Lexi’s unzipped jean shorts. Underneath, a white leather bustier served up her ample breasts, forming cleavage that begged for cock. The open cup design made it obvious she was aroused as hard nipples strained against the taut fabric of the halter top.

I couldn’t wait anymore and walked up behind Lexi. Pushing her against the kitchen island made her reflexively bend over. She let out an audible gasp as my hands slipped in from the side of her halter top to cup both of her breasts. They were warm to the touch.

I peeled back her jean shorts and my fingers dug deep into her crotch. She opened her mouth, but no sound escaped. My fingers rolled over her clit and in between the bare lips of her pussy. She was sopping wet.

“Sorry baby, I already came twice today using the toys you left me.” cried Lexi, “I was just too horny.”

I tasted her musk off my wet fingers and rubbed it on my cock. Lexi didn’t put up a fight and let the shorts slide down her legs. As I crouched down to help her step out of the shorts, she pushed me back and put me on my ass with the spike of her heel.

Lexi stood over me. Her pussy and ass were now at my eye level. She pushed my face into her crotch. My hunger for her grew as I began to lick.

“Eat that ass and that pussy,” moaned Lexi, “I’m going to tease you a little longer. You don’t mind so you baby?”

I didn’t mind. Even though my dick was throbbing, I got an extended view of Lexi’s perfect curves. Her 34 DDD tits heaved when she leaned forward, and her ass jiggled when my hands wrapped around them.

“I know this is one of your fantasies. How am I doing so far?” asked Lexi.

My answers were muffled by the inside of her thighs as she guided my tongue through the wonder of her labia, clitoris, and ass.

My face was pushed away as she made the double headed dildo appear. I watched, helplessly stroking my cock, as she liberally covered the silicone sausage with lubricant.

“Is this what you want?” teased Lexi as she pushed the first three inches into her waiting hole.

She spread her legs so I could see better. Her pussy swallowed the next five inches of black tubing.

“Don’t you wish this was your cock in my sweet little pussy? You’re just dying to fuck it aren’t you?”

I could only mumble in response, “Hm, Hmm.” I began stroking harder as she moved closer so I could smell the sweet juices of her pussy.

“Don’t stroke off too hard baby. I don’t want all that sweet cum to go to waste. That belongs to me. Be a good boy, and you’ll get what you want soon enough,” teased Lexi.

Lexi’s voice trailed off as both hands wrapped around the dildo. She worked the dildo in deeper still. She began to shudder as she started to drip and then squirt. She cried out as she climaxed. I moved forward to steady her and was covered with the juices of her orgasm. It was only the second time I had seen her squirt.

“Isn’t that a sight? Look at how it slides in and out of me. Don’t you wish you were doing this? Oh god, I think…”

Lexi turned around leaned forward against the marble countertop and began to feed the dildo back into her pussy.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said as I stood up, “You’ve kept me waiting long enough.”

Much to Lexi’s surprise, I kicked her granny boots apart spreading her legs into a wider stance. Her six-inch heels screeched as they scraped across the tile. I made Lexi arch her back, forcing her bubble butt to push out. She fell forward and her tits rested on the marble countertop.

I wiped a handful of lubricant off the dildo transferring it liberally over my shaft. Purple, engorged and slick with lube, my cock now rode the crack of Lexi’s ass. She began to quiver as I entered two fingers inside her.

My other hand slipped over the halter top and freed her tanned 34 DDDs. Wet with lube I cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples. Lexi leaned back against me as I turned her head so I could istanbul bayan escort kiss her. She kissed back as our tongues explored hungry mouths.

“Go ahead, do it. Fuck me like you need to fuck me. Make me your cum dumpster tonight.” whispered Lexi in between kisses.

“I wasn’t asking for permission,” I whispered back as my cock entered her wet waiting hole. “This is mine.”

There was no more teasing as I filled Lexi with the fullness of my cock. She started a low moan as I pulled back out. I gripped Lexi’s hips with both hands and picked up her 90-pound body and walked it over to the couch.

I sat down but, forced her to stay standing. Her audible moans and whimpering hardened my cock as I bounced her up and down. Repeated strokes would expose that Lexi was creaming. When this happens and Lexi would beg to get pounded into oblivion, I’d do the exact opposite. I’d slide in deeper, slower and make her cream even more before allowing her to take control and grind as she pleased with all of me inside her.

It reminded me of the quickies we’d sneak back in San Francisco when we were only Landlord and tenant. I had great memories of our animal passion during those instances she allowed me to trade inches of cock for extensions on past due rent. We’d reached this equilibrium where both of us could edge along the brink before giving in to release. The longer we edged, the more satisfying the orgasms.

“Oh, God. You fuck me so good,” Lexi wailed, “Baby, I’m going to cum again.”

Lexi buckled and could no longer stand-up. She ground on my cock until she collapsed on my chest with my cock still inside her. After she caught her breath, she stood up and walked over to the club chair.

Cum dripped down her leg and began pooling on her fuck-me-granny boots. Lexi straightened her thigh high stockings, laid back and put her legs up in the air. This only made my erection harder.

“Is this how you want it?” asked Lexi, “My pussy all wet and sloppy and my ass open just for you? Come fuck me, Alex.”

The worst time for me to confess my love for Lexi? Right now. I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew what I was saying I blurted it out. Those three words that can make or break a new relationship. Especially one originally built on sex. I fear I just fucked up a good thing. There was a moment of awkward silence. Maybe she didn’t hear me?

“Do love my ass too?” Lexi asked, “If you love it, then fuck it. I’m craving cock right now.”

The lady did not need to ask twice.

“Come on baby, stretch out this ass. I want to make you cum like this,” said Lexi.

My cock had parted the lips of her pussy before it swallowed me whole. My shaft was hot and wet from her cum, the lube, and her juices. I began with long slow thrusts. Lexi then spread her cheeks wide and invited me back into her ass.

Lexi watched the full length slipping in and out.

“Keep fucking me until you cum in that ass. Yes, fuck that ass.”

There’s nothing sexier than a woman begging to be fucked. Lexi that night was my perfect anal slut. Dirty talk filled my ears, as her ass got filled with cock. Lexi was instinctively pulling her legs back to give me access, modeling those fuck-me-boots the entire time. She was fulfilling the fantasy of uninhibited sex with the high school whore of porn movie fantasies.

“Your dick feels so good in my ass. Yes, fuck it, stretch it. I’m going to milk it out of you”

My cock was screaming for release, but I wanted to savor the sound coming from Lexi’s lipsticked mouth as it kept shouting obscenities. My cock slipped in faster and deeper as her ass relaxed.

“You like my legs wide open like this. You have a good view, don’t you? A good view of my cunt and my ass.”

My dirty blonde milf was going to cum again. I was going to cum for the first time. I kept drinking in the view. Lexi’s plump pussy lips and her juicy ass getting filled with cock made my efforts easy. In white lingerie and those nasty six-inch heels, Lexi kept taking me like a pornstar.

“Oh fuck, you feel good. Don’t stop. Please keep fucking me. This is the best you’ve ever fucked me. I’m going to cum. I’m…”

Lexi moved her ass off the edge of the couch for deeper anal penetration. Lexi sensed what was coming and pushed me over the edge with a little aural sex.

“You’re so close, baby. Go ahead, fill me up. I’m your cum dumpster tonight. Made to fuck. Your baby was made to fuck” said Lexi.

What felt like a fire hose of cum was released and filled Lexi’s tight little ass. She was a mess. My glorious mess. We lay exhausted on the couch for what seemed like hours. Lexi informed me it was only a couple minutes. She then told me to not bother with cleaning up. Lexi wanted to go again. I don’t know if you can have too much of a good thing, but we aim to find out.

Besides we had another outfit she wanted to model for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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