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An old man fanatically preserves the virginity of his beautiful young ward and uses her erotic attraction to access power, sex and money. He holds the key to this mysteriously beautiful young woman’s secret.

The old man knew the power that sex had over men. As the young women began to unbutton her white silk blouse he scanned the extravagantly appointed private boardroom. The eight men whose eyes were transfixed on the lithe, exquisitely shaped young woman before them knew the rules. ‘Look but don’t touch.’ As she slowly unbuttoned the blouse to reveal more of her firm round breasts clasped into a luscious cleavage by the pink and yellow halter bra that lifted them together. The men savoured the view as she walked into the centre of the horseshoe -shaped boardroom table. The old man knew that each man was growing firm with desire in their plush leather chairs and smiled at their helplessness. When the last button was undone the pretty young woman peeled off the blouse and passed her hands over her bra fondling it until the nipple became erect. She turned so that each man could see her arousal.

The old man had made her practice this many times. He had hired the best strippers and call girls in the city to show her how to bring men to the brink of desire. How to teases and inspire longing, how to dress, undress and fondle herself so that men wanted her so much they were weak with desire and filled with an aching desire to have her. She practiced hard and this was her first time in front of the men in the company she would one day own. She flicked back her silken shoulder length hair as she licked her full red lips and reached to the zipper at the side of the tight skirt that hugged her delicious curved hips and ass. She slid down the zip and loosened the tight skirt from her curvaceous hips and wriggled it seductively to the floor.

Stockings, suspenders and stiletto heels are classic but always have an impact on old and young men alike her teacher had told her. As the skirt revealed the silk -stockings a gasp escaped amongst moans attached to appreciative gazes. She stepped free of the skirt and turned so each man could appreciate the superb contours of her young firm ass and slender waist. Matching pink and yellow bikini panties framed her sumptuous hips and emanated a triangular fragment that covered her sweet sensuous pussy and stretched across her silk skinned ass.

The old man had used beautiful young women in his boardroom for years as inspiration and as a reward to those who exceeded expectation. He blackmailed them, played on their desires and manipulated them knowing sex was power and money. He sent successful salesmen high-class call girls to reward them. He teased the unsuccessful with unfulfilled desire and made them feel powerless. This was something different though. Giselle was the heir to the company he minded for her. The company that had given him everything he desired. Beautiful woman, the best sex any man could hope for, Expensive clothes, car house travel. He was a millionaire twice over. All because he knew a secret so powerful and unbelievable that the knowledge would have destroyed any lesser man.

The official story was that he was the accountant for Giselle’s mother and until she reached the age of twenty-one he had full control of all her assets and Giselle herself. He sighed heavily as she began to unfasten her bra. The nipples already traced a firm outline in the soft satin cups. If it was possible she was even more beautiful than her mother. Her small round firm breasts were shaped like teardrops from heaven and as they fell from the loosened bra and she slipped the straps from her arm and let it fall to the floor she ran her slender fingers over her excited nipples pinching them and looking ecstatic as she did so. The old man had fucked the beautiful call girl that taught her these moves a dozen times and the memory combined with the hot vision before his eyes to firm his cock and send shivers of lust through him. She began to pass her fingers down over the sheer satin panties now caressing herself like she knew every man wanted to touch her.

Feeling the warmth of her skin rise beneath the sexy lingerie. She gyrated in hers sexually choreography way rotating so that each man could see her luscious ass and the fingers that now danced across the front of her satin clad pussy. Moisture was visibly forming in the sheer gusset showing the men she was already excited by her display. Brief moans emanated from her angelic face and as the fingers found her clit beneath the shiny patterned silk her gyrations began the spontaneous shivers that signalled her closeness to orgasm. She moved around the inner semi circle of the desks from man to man so each could see the looks of pleasure on her face and imagine what it would be like to enter her wet tight pussy.

The old man had told her who to stop in front of and as she swung her hips from side to side and with one hand fondled her breast and the other attended to her clit she began to moan uncontrollably. Anadolu Yakası Escort She came hard and the man in front of her stood up from his chair, his pants bursting with desire.

‘ For the best sales for the current financial year Andrew you deserve something very special.’

The old man watched as the shapely figure of the young woman leaned forward and unzipped him. He shook with anticipation of the pleasure she promised. He was fifty-two and married but he had never seen anything more beautiful, never wanted anything quite as much. The twenty-year old girl reached inside his pants and drew out his swollen cock. The veins bulged in his thick shaft and throbbed and she peeled back the foreskin until his shiny head strained against her slender fingers, pulsing uncontrollably. Moans escaped his lips as she slid her hands over the length of his shaft clasping it tightly and sliding it up and down the way she knew he would like it. This was the first cock the old man had ever let her touch. He was fanatical about maintaining her virginity.

She had only been able to allow her lovers to masturbate her. Only a few clandestine lovers she met at college were able to escape her ever vigilant minder and venture to touch her the way she begged to be touched. She loved to kiss and to touch and be touched. The absence of intimate touch in her life inhabited her skin like an incessant unsated hungry. Yet the old man was full of contradictions and hired acomplished beautiful sexual athletes to train her in manipulating men’s desire.

She loved the feeling of this man’s cock in her hand the sensation of hard flesh beneath her nimble grip. She took the hand from her breasts and slid it beneath his swollen balls running her fingernails across them tantalizingly. Grazing them with the featherlike touch of her long red fingernails. His cock throbbed more regularly now. She had watched her mentor do this to the old man many times and knew that he was close to cuming. She loosened her grip and sucked her thumb momentarily and returned to apply the wetness to his glistening head.

She too was excited and she removed her hand from his balls to attend to her own needs ripping her sweet panties aside and plunging her finger into her wet tight cunt. She found her own G spot immediately. Masturbation at least was something she was allowed and she practiced it many times in her days. She began to shudder involuntarily and the man began to moan too as her hand slapped his cock with vigorous strokes now peeling back his foreskin until it strained and stretched. His cock throbbed and she smiled as she began to lean across the desk in front of him, her delicious tits moving towards his cock and her angelic face moving until it was within a few inches of his distorted cock.

His cock exploded without warning followed by intense shouts. He sprayed her face and tits with his cum and she shivered and came simultaneously. Giselle had always been able to orgasm on demand and the teacher had told her that men loved to know that a woman came when they did. Men wanted to know it was them who had caused it. As his throbbing and squirting abated she let go of his cock and stood back so all could see the copious quantities of cum that had sprayed her lustrous skin. She had been forbidden to taste his cum but a small quantity had found its way to her lip[s and she licked them quickly so the old man would not see that she was disobeying him.

The taste was unexpected a little salty perhaps. Men who had not had sex recently tasted sweeter her mentor had told her. She was unprepared for the feeling it engendered in her. Her body tingled like a mild blissful electric shock energising every pore in her body making her glow and radiate like a beacon. She wanted him inside her she wanted to scoop the cum from her body into her mouth and feel this good again. She backed away from the man whose cock shrivelled. She rubbed the remnants of the cum over her tits and as the men sat awkwardly in their chairs with their pants filled with their unfulfilled erections she scooped up her clothing from the floor and slipped from the room into the executive bathroom to shower.

She had known almost no life except that she had with the old man since she was sixteen. He had told her that her mother had been killed in a car crash and she had lost her memory and the old man had nursed her back to health. Her memory never returned it seemed but she knew that she was the heir to her mother’s fortune. The old man had loved her mother and was devoted to her. She had entrusted the running of her business to him. He was powerful and ruthless and yet she was given the best of everything. She trusted him like a father. She had always had a minder who kept men from her. She had studied at exclusive girls school in Switzerland and gone to Harvard business school and at almost twenty-one she had already surprised many with her sharp intellect and insight. She was disarmingly bright and many could not believe how Bostancı Escort well she managed in this multi million-dollar company at such a tender age.

The old man took care of her every need and protected her form everything especially men who followed her like flies around a honey-pot. In her unusual teenage life she had only managed to steal away with a young man a few times and each time she did she found herself aching with desire and allowing her kisses to invite his hands to wander to her pert breasts and send tingles through her she wanted them to touch her. The first boy to reach beneath her skirt and touch her white silk panties brought her to multiple orgasms with his fingers and when he penetrated her with his fingers she had showered him with wetness. Her minder discovered them before she could allow him to enter her with the thick cock that she would never see.

Giselle had to remain a virgin until she was twenty-one. These were the conditions of her mother’s will so the old man had told her. Each time she allowed herself to be touched by a man she felt the warmth of her desire turn to an insatiable heat and she would masturbate for hours until the hunger that gripped her abated. The brief taste of cum from today’s theatre of desire confirmed her feelings about how good it would be to have a man in side her. As she showered she ran the hot water across her pussy spreading her lips so that the droplets tickled her clit once more. She felt proud of how she performed today her teacher would be impressed every man was bursting to the seams. She revelled in the power of it, the energy of the attention the helpless looks of desire the shivering wreck of the man who had cum on her. A powerful successful man reduced to this. The old man used sex like this to reward but also to remind them of their vulnerability and how easily sex could topple the powerful how the mere scent of a woman could bring them undone.

She dressed and returned home in a car driven by her minder Ralph.

“So your debut performance went well Miss G?

Ralph knew everything about her life after all he had spent the best part of four years as her minder. He was loyal to the old man and adored her. She had kissed him once and he had fondled her too. She had come to the conclusion that if Ralph would not let any man touch her then she would seduce him. Ralph admitted that she wanted more than anything else to fuck her. She had kissed him so sweetly as to send him into rapture his hands found there way to her pert round breasts and he had pinched her nipples through the sheer summer dress until they were erect and he had found her pussy wet when he touched her through the sexy panties she wore. He knew how to make a woman hot she knew how to find her G spot and make her squirt and his fingers inside Giselle made her explode. She had climbed on top of him in the car and sat spread legged astride his thick cock and grated against him dry fucking him until he exploded in his pants. He was reminded of that moment as she sat in the back of the car her legs spread and fingers caressing her panties.

‘ You should have seen how horny all those old guys were and Richards was I beat him off in under five minutes. I could do it for you if you want Ralphy I’m very good at it.’

Ralph knew it was more than his job was worth to go near her again. The old man was generous to him. He was loyal and strong and even though she had managed to seduce him once he never went beyond the barrier. The old man had sent him the most amazing girls for his birthday and he had unleashed his desire on these two blond beauties, the same girls who taught Giselle her lessons in desire. His cock stirred at the thought of her touching his large cock and the view of her fondling herself and the breathy moans that now floated from the backseat awakened lustful thoughts. Ralph ignored her teasing and drove straight home.

Giselle’s lessons in love accelerated as she approached her twenty-first birthday. Ralph delivered several breathtakingly beautiful women to the house and Giselle recounted how each had shown her how to use her mouth and control the muscles in her pussy. Each had shown her then fucked the old man so she could see the effect their expertise had on a man. They had shown her the delights of anal sex and the old man had revelled in screwing a petite young blond in the ass as Giselle replicated the feeling in her fertile imagination thrusting her finger in her own.

Ralph himself had been invited to the house to join the exquisite sex show joining the old man in a double entry to a curvaceous unbelievably stunning girl dressed as a schoolgirl. Men loved the fantasy of sex, they loved the theatre, the costumes the sound of lovemaking. It was a theatre of the sense. They must desire the taste, smell, touch, sound and vision of it and let it consume every part of them, she was taught. She learnt to dress and shop to tantalize, to tease and fantasise. Her body was exquisite and the way she clothed it Ümraniye Escort drew attention to her luscious form and signalled her sexiness with every fragment of clothing.

As her birthday drew closer she fantasised about who she would allow to be her first. The young suave executive at the office was first on her list she wanted him and had even spent a few minutes in his arms kissing and letting him fondle her before Ralph interrupted her. She had fantasised a million times about how he would take her and fill her tight wet pussy with the monster cock she imagined he possessed. She had teased him and flirted with him for so long that she knew he would be the perfect lover. Yes she would make him her first she thought. The old man and Ralph’s job would be much easier once she was no longer a virgin she mused or would her need for sex keep them even busier?

As she mused about her sfirst sexual experience she kept returning to the thought that bothered her about her existence. There was something that bothered her about her early life something that didn’t quite fit. She remebered almost five years ago being in the apartment where the old man had told her about the accident. She had awoken naked in a strange apartment building and the Old man had been there to tell her about the accident and she had believed him. As she cast her mind back to that day she remembered the bed where she had lain had fragments of skin on it almost as if she had wriggled like a snake out of her own skin. She felt the urge to have sex like an incessant craving. She remembered the masturbation and how the old man resisted her attempts to seduce him. She knew he wanted her too, he had wanted and had her mother but had resisted her. Somehow she felt absurd as it was, that if she were able to make love normally with a man all her memory would return.

The old man had indeed resisted her and for good reason. He had been her mother’s accountant. He had followed her to the apartment and waited until the room was silent and broke into it to find her lying naked on the bed covered with a fine layer of silken substance like a cocoon. He had suspected she was a nymph for sometime. He had researched it thoroughly and had a detective follow her for months and document her activity. the detective could not believe the volume and length of her sexual encounters. The old man had been seduced by her many times and each time he had emptied himself inside each of her sexy openings he felt the power that drew him into her sucking his energy as she shivered ecstatically recharging her temptress body and her sex driven life.

The legend was true then. In her late thirties she would disappear and return younger and changed- regenerated. There on the bed was a nymph in transformation shedding the skin and body shape of late womanhood. He watched her for six days and beneath the sheer -translucent cocoon saw her skin peel from her and a pale pink light radiate from her as she changed slowly into an adolescent girl even more beautiful than she had been. The old man knew that sex reawakened her memory and as long as she was denied it he would hold power in the company and could have everything he desired. By the time she awoke he had formulated the story.

Five years would be enough for him to make his own fortune then she could take over but he would be indispensable. When she woke he helped her dazed body to shower and dress and returned her to his home where he told her the story of her mother’s tragic death. Hired actors to play grieving friends and then engineered her education as he took the reigns of the companies assets. She would forgive him for his transgression because of the way he had turned the company into the worldwide corporation it was today she would inherit it and he would live off the profit he had made.

Giselle awoke on her birthday tingling with desire, She would take Matt to a hotel and she would show him everything she had learnt from her sexy teachers. She wanted to please him though she was a virgin. She was so horny she could barely make it through her shower, dressing and makeup without masturbating vigorously. She had cum fifteen times before breakfast. She dressed exquisitely in her most delicious underwear a white silk ensemble that was trimmed with lace. A low cut bra cupping her luscious boobs encasing them with shiny white silk pushing then into a cleavage showing the outline of her erect nipples through the sheer fabric and the lace trip framing their supple delicacy. The matching hipster boy-leg panties hugged her sumptuous ass cheeks cradling them in the soft silk fabric. The white dress she wore was a designer label. It was so short as to almost defy gravity, so tight as to hug her body like a second skin and so revealing of legs and breasts that men would drool at the sight of her in the distance. Yet it was so superbly crafted as to look stylish and beautiful.

Ralph greeted her with the car and knew that today she would first attend to her most urgent business. Unlike most days when she sat in the back of the limousine today Giselle sat in the front with him. The smell off her perfume filled his nostrils and as she sat beside him he saw her brief hemline rise to within a bees whisker of revealing her panties. He breathed heavily she was teasing him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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