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“I can’t believe you’re leaving man” I said to Leo as we walked to his house “if you leave I’m going to be left here with Jordan!”

“Jo is your best friend, your better friends with him than you are with me.” Leo replied.

“Well yeah” I admitted “but he doesn’t cook, and I’ve had more free meals at your house than a homeless shelter, and I know I work at a homeless shelter.”

“Daren if this is your long-winded way to say you’ll miss me, I’m gonna miss you too.”

“Awe thanks” I said with a smile “But seriously you already go to a different to a school then Jo and me, and now that your dad is getting this new job you’re moving away from the neighborhood, I truly am going to miss your game collection, your big backyard, your trampoline, and your aforementioned cooking.”

We laughed as we started up the driveway of his house. As we were walking up to his door his mother and sister were walking out His mother informed us that she and Leo’s father were going to be out of town for the night, and his sister was planning on going back to be with her fiancé Leo would have the house to himself.

“Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!” Leo exclaimed as his mother drove off. He started dancing around in joy.

“Wow you need dance lessons…bad.” I pointed out as his dance continued.

“What you think you’re a better dancer than me?” he asked as he pulled out some sloppy Michael Jackson moves.

“Did you forget that I am an actual dancer?” I wondered. He stopped to ponder my question.

“Oh yeah” Leo remembered “But that doesn’t count I still have much better coordination and flexibility than you, you human bear”

I gave a fake cackle, because we both knew that even though I was definitely categorized as a bear cub; dark brown skin, big boned, and short curly hair pretty much everywhere, I was still far more flexible and coordinated than all of my friends combined especially Leo. I started my way toward his room in the back of his house through the kitchen “You wanna test that claim Little Leo?” I said knowing Leo hated that nickname. He couldn’t stand that he was the shortest and youngest of us friends, he was also really scrawny, so the name stuck to him really fast.

“Bring it on Bear Boy” Leo joked as he followed me to his room,

“Well then” I started “I challenge you Leo Johnson to String Laser” I then mocked the sound of a large crowd as I entered his room. Leo then went and found a couple of rolls of yarn that he had for some reason, and kept for this game. He tossed me a roll and we started untangling it and throwing it onto the blades of his ceiling fan and around the entertainment station and through his bunkbed. When we were done we both Çankaya Escort stood on one side of his room with a web of yarn all throughout the rest.

“You wanna see if Jo want’s to come play, or referee?” Leo asked as he looked out through the curtain out the window to Jordan’s house. “Never mind, he’s not home”

“Good this is between you and me Little Le.”

“Oh shut up, you go first Dare, you know the rules get to the other side of the room without touching any of the yarn, if you touch some yarn you get a point, the person with the least points wins.”

“Yes I know, I help create the rules with you” and with that I started.

Over the first string, worm through the second, onto the bottom bunk for height, the down through another sector of string into a full split on the floor, pull my leg around roll under…damn!

“One!” Leo yelled as if he’d won already. I got back up on my feet without touching anything, but as I started going through a square sector my jacket hit the bottom piece of yarn.

“Two, it counts and you know it!” Leo exclaimed

“Yes I know!” I yelled back as I zipped up my jacket and made my way through the yarn. I went on through and by the time I was finished with the course and on the other side of the room a total 5 points.

“I’d like to see you beat that Leo” I said as I sat to watch his turn.

“Oh you better pay really good attention Dare Bear…”

“Never call me that.”

“…Because I am going to pull out my trump card for this.” He was jumping around like he was getting ready to fight Apollo Creed.

“Hurry up and start Little Leo I got plan…” I couldn’t continue my sentence Leo had started to strip off his clothes, first his shirt revealing more of his dark brown skin, almost like mine, a very slender frame with a thin six pack, unlike me, also a somewhat filled out chest and little nipples that were hardened from the sudden unveiling. Leo then proceeded to take off his shoes and socks, then came the pants and tighty whities all in one motion. His broad size 12 shoe feet gave a base for his thin, stick like, legs which led to his 4″ soft penis. I instantly popped a boner, this being the first naked body I’ve ever seen, outside of porn, so I crossed my legs and gave a nervous laugh at this body that I really, really, wanted.

“What are you doing?” I asked already knowing his answer.

“I’m not losing any points due to clothing errors” He replied still hopping around with his penis flopping in the wind, my eyes following every movement. He had almost tripped over the pants he just shed he turned to toss them aside and in doing so revealed Keçiören Escort the most beautiful black butt I’d ever seen. HOW HAD I NOT NOTICED THIS BEFORE, I asked myself. He then started floating like a butterfly again and his butt jiggled a little extra each time he touched the ground. I had to turn away as I almost came in my pants right there. As Leo started to go through the first string I stopped him.

“Wanna make this interesting LITTLE Leo” I made sure to stress the little as any good straight boy would.

“Sure, I’m up for any bet.” He said somewhat eagerly.

“I know you suck at this game and you know you suck as this game, naked or not, we know I win.” I sounded as cocky as I could with a literal cock bulging between my legs that might as well have been pounding at my zipper with a hammer. “I make this offer, if you get through with more than 10 points then I win and I get 10 pictures of you naked in various poses.”

Leo blushed and hid his face with his hand “What hell no! Knowing you, you would put those pics on the internet!”

“Oh I could do that too” I smirked indicated I had far worse plans. “Okay look, if you get through with under 10 points, I’ll suck your dick.”

Leo looked at me with a questioning gaze. “Okay” he quickly said as he started his way through the maze.

“One” I said as he touched his first string, “two…three…four…five, you are really bad at this game…six, I won…seven…eight” And that’s when he was done at the other end.

Leo started smiling, then laughing “Ha ha ha, suck my dick!” he said pointing to my, I mean his, prize. I got up from the chair and onto my knees, at this point I didn’t care if I seemed too eager, I basically through him against the wall and gobbled his soft dick in my mouth, I started bobbing up and down on it just as I had seen in the many flicks I’ve seen. Leo’s head went back and hit against the wall, I looked up and laughed and as I inhaled, his dick started to grow and stiffen within my mouth until it was at his full 6 inches rock hard. As I continued the blowjob, Leo continued to writhe in pleasure.

“Awe man yes!” he exclaimed “Shit, you are good, ugh.”

“Why thank you” I said as I started to lick his low hanging ball sack while jacking him off. Leo’s leg started to quiver and they buckled under him, I caught him and we started laughing, I then noticed pre-cum starting to dribble out, I bent down and spread the pre-cum around his dick head with my tongue and Leo let out a bleated laugh. When I started in sucking his cock again Leo’s breathing got harder and harder, his skinny frame getting even more concave with Etimesgut Escort each breath.

“Shit your mouth is warm, I don’t think I can last much longer” Leo was still fidgeting as he tried to hold in his cum, he even started to punch the wall.

I then made my way off Leo’s dick and went back in on his balls which made him laugh softly, I couldn’t help myself anymore, and I really wanted to taste that ass, so I lifted his leg up with one hand and started licking his butt crack. When I hit Leo’s hole I his toes curled and he let out a yell.

“Oh my god yes, yes, yes!” He shouted “Oh don’t stop, please don’t ever stop doing that” I obeyed my friends plea and continued tonging his hole and jacking him off.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh” Leo sounded as if he was almost in pain, but when he grabbed my short curly hair and pulled me up from his anus I could see he was still fighting the climax, after he caught a couple of breaths he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down on his cock, I pushed up, but then I just went back down somewhat enjoying the rough sensation. I put my hand on his butt and gave a strong squeeze to his firm ass as I still bobbed on his dick with his hand still on my head pushing me a litter further down the shaft each time. Leo started to hold me down longer and twitched every time he did. But nothing compared to when I moved my hand from Leo’s butt cheek and started sucking on my pointer finger and his dick at the same time, when my finger had enough spit on it I took it out, traveled down to his tight hole and proceeded as much as Leo would allow. After a while of fingering and sucking my middle finger was deep in Leo’s ass and he loved it. He was holding his own legs up begging for more, however when I turned my hand away from me and curled my finger I felt what I assume was his g-spot because…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhiiiiiiiiii iiiittttttttttttttt!!” The first load of cum shot straight down my throat, the second and third stream shot in my mouth cause I was moving my head off of his dick, the fourth through seventh stream shot on my lips, chin, and shoulder. Leo’s body was still pulsating with his eyes closed and a smile on his face he seemed partially frozen in this state of happiness. That is until Leo opened his eyes and saw me with his cum all over my chin, lips, shirt, and jacket, then he truly started laughing.

“Sorry” Leo could barely get the words out between his chuckles. “I guess I should have warned you because of this stupid move I haven’t bust a nut in like two weeks.” He started up laughing again.

There Leo was butt ass naked, small amounts of cum still dribbling out of his softened penis, and he’s laughing at me! This cannot stand.

“Hey…” I said after I swallowed the cum in my mouth, “you ever tasted your own cum?” I asked as I quickly leaned in and planted the biggest, sloppiest, kiss. Leo backed away at first but then he started to lick his cum off my face, swallowed, and we went back to making out, just then we heard the front door close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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