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When Nick asked me to marry him, I was so excited. Being with him for the rest of our lives is going to be a dream come true.

We have set Saturday for picking out my engagement ring. I can’t wait.

I wanted to do something to please him. Nick is still bringing up the afternoon with Kent and wants me to arrange another meeting with the young man. I don’t want to make screwing Kent a continuing thing, but I will if that’s what he wants.

Nick likes for me to flirt when we go out. A couple of nights ago, I discovered we were out of coffee creamer. I said I would run to a nearby convenience store and purchase a small jar. I dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to go. No, that wasn’t going to happen if Nick had his way.

“I want you to flirt with the clerk or something I can watch. We’ll go to a store further away and have some fun.”

“An ore you horny?” I teased. “Let me go change then,” I told him.

I went upstairs and looked through some of the things we have bought for such a situation. I picked up items I knew would get Nick dripping in his shorts. When I came down, Nick was thoroughly pleased with my choices.

I paraded in front of him in a very short jean skirt, a thin white tank top that clearly showed my nipples, and 4″ clear plastic, strapless heels. I had teased my hair and applied eye make-up and red lipstick. I carried a red blouse to us as a cover-up if young people when in the store.

“Hell, if that outfit doesn’t get you seen, the SOB is dead,” Nick said.

“It is too much?” I asked.

Nick laughed and said, “yea, probably, wear just the heels. Baby, you look like a slut who wants to get laid. I LOVE IT!”

As Nick drove to a small town a dozen miles away, I played with his penis. Telling my lover, every woman should get to step out in public to see if she can still turn heads now and then.”

“Honey, with those big boobs and that skirt just short of showing your pussy, you will have a string of men following you to watch you bend over,” Nick replied.

I continued milking his flaccid cock until we got to a 7 Eleven on the outskirts of the town. When he stopped the car, perfectly to afford him a view of the store, I took my cum covered fingers and slipped them between my pussy lips. With a kiss and telling him to wish me luck, I stepped out.

There were two cars and a pickup in the parking lot, so I knew there should be at least a customer or two in the store. To my surprise, the clerk was a young woman, maybe a teenager, and two guys in their twenties talking to her.

All three looked at me when I entered. Smiling, I said hello. The clerk answered with a ‘hi.’ Looking around the store and giving the guys a chance to see my outfit, I knew I had got their attention.

Glancing out the store’s front, I could see bonus veren siteler Nick watching. Hell, here’s goes.

I walked down the closest aisle in search of the creamer. I knew it wasn’t going to be there, all chips and other snacks. I hesitated at the end and then turned back toward the clerk and her friends. I smiled at the three and reached up to get a container of cookies. The tank top stretched tight over my breasts, and I was sure my nipples would be tight against the thin material. I took a couple of more steps before asking if one of the guys would get a liter of Pepsi off the top shelf. As they moved toward me, I turned and reached to get a jar of chip dip from a lower shelf. I bent enough to give them a view of my bare pussy. Smiling to myself, I was acting the slut Nick wanted.

I turned and waited as the young men approached me. Both were clean, so I surmised they were at the store to flirt with the cute clerk.

“Thanks, guys. I need to get two of the liter bottles of Pepsi.” The taller of the two reached and retrieved them. The other guy was looking at me like I was a piece of meat to devour.

“Big men like you are handy for us women. Is the young lady a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Naw, she just someone we talk to., Hell, she’s married to a prick.”

Going bold, I asked, “and what’s wrong with pricks?”

Both of them seemed to be shocked a woman would talk with that language.

Smiling, I asked if they were there to ‘hit’ on her.

To show what studs they were, “Maybe, she’s known to suck a guy or two.” the taller guy explained. “What’s a hot momma like you out this late for anyway?”

I had them in my clutches! They knew I was there for more than groceries. Now, how do I get them viewable so Nick can see me use them?

Seeing the opening, I smiled and said, “Maybe she isn’t the only one who sucks men when their home life stinks. Let’s walk down next to the coolers and see what we can do.”

I moved down to the end of the aisle, looking to see when I knew Hick could see me. Placing my back to the cool glass, I raised my skirt to show my bare pussy. “Who wants to go first?”

I knew I was taking a risk, no condom, but I wanted them to use me so Nick would be proud of his ‘slut’.

Both quickly unfastened and dropped their jeans and underwear. I reached out to the closer of the two and pulled on his cock. Looking at the other one, I told him to move closer.

Raising my skirt above my hips, I slid down the cool glass and squared. I lifted each penis to my mouth and licked the heads. I looked up, asking, “I hope you don’t want to wait for the young lady. Almost together, they responded, ‘hell, no.”

I pulled my tank top up to my chin, giving the guys access to my boobs. Hands reached for my nipples. bedava bahis GREAT!

I started licking the cocks, first one then the other. Both were larger than average. I felt a hand rest on the top of my head. I sucked each until I thought one of the guys was almost ready to cum. I gave him my mouth and throat for his deposit. I continued to pull the other’s cock to keep him hard. I was putting on a show, moaning, twisting his tool as I sucked. I accepted a complete load of spunk from the young man.

I turned to the other and put his penis in my mouth. I withdrew him to where only the head was between my lips. Looking up, I flicked the head with my tongue rapidity. I was sure he thought I was the biggest total slut. I began to feed him in my mouth and throat to the point my lips met his pubic hair.

I heard the bell ringing, signaling someone had entered the store. There was nowhere to hide, so I kept getting him off. I didn’t think he would last too long before his spunk filled my mouth. I felt a stream of cum hit the back of my throat and them a flood of sperm.

I sensed another person approaching. I wasn’t going to stop, so to hell with it.

As I was slipping away from his groin, I heard a familiar voice.

“DAMN IT! Get your ass up.” A firm hand raised my left arm, bringing me to my feet. “Your nothing but a cock sucking slut!”

Nick led me out of the store, faking his disgust of me. Rambling about me fucking anything that has a heartbeat. Pushing me into the car, he slammed the door and got in. He was screaming at me as we left the parking lot.

Once on the highway, we both started laughing our butts off. My tank top was still above my tits. Steaks of cum were dipped from my chin. I used the blouse I had brought to clean up.

Nick’s pants showed his cum. He, somehow, leaks sperm for the longest time.

Nick explained, “I couldn’t see what was happening. I knew you were sucking them off. I want to watch it.

“Baby, that was great. They knew I was a slut, and your performance left no doubt. I bet the clerk probably sh-t her pants.” I said.

“She came out from behind the counter and watched. I brushed past her to get down the aisle.”

“Can you imagine the conversation going on in there now? I stole her cum for tonight.” I said.

I massaged Nick’s cock as he drove. Playing with my pussy, I ran the happening over in my mind. I laid back and fingered myself to a climax. I was very loud when I came for Nick’s entertainment.

At home, I kept my outfit on while Nick fixed us drinks. With him back in the den, I teased him, strutting around, asking if I was a worthy cum slut. I pulled off the tank and cupped my breasts. “How much do you think I could get as a whore? Would you give me $50 for a blow job? Another $100 for a deneme bonus fuck? I would give you my ass for another $50.”

“Take off your clothes, stud.” Nick hurriedly stripped and sat back down.

I raised my skirt and spread my legs. I moved my fingers over my bare pubes. “Maybe I should be a working girl for a couple of weeks. Do you think any of your friends would pay me for sex? I bet they would. I would suck their cocks until every drop of their spunk left their balls.”

Nick was pulling on his penis. His eyes were watching me. Realizing I had found a fantasy of his, I continued.

“Maybe I should go to my place to tan more often. I could call Kent and tell him to bring over some of his friends to fuck me. Would you like that?

Me and a gang of young men using me as a slut? All those young cocks in my mouth and pussy? Allowing the biggest one fuck my ass? I could be you slut wife who is available for your entertainment.”

I moved to Nick and knelt in front of him. Taking his cock, I raised it and sucked his balls into my mouth. I gently bit each one. I kept his testicles in my mouth and fed his cock in also. Using my tongue, I rolled all three around. I looked up at him and silently urged him to shoot his load. After a few minutes, he gave me a small glob of sperm. I removed his privates and tongued each clean.

“Baby, I loved our fun tonight. It couldn’t have gone any better if we had rehearsed it. I hoped I pleased you.”

“Sue, you are the perfect woman to be my wife. I couldn’t ask a scientist to program a woman to be more compatible with my thoughts”.

I climbed into his lap and kissed him. Holding him made me feel so safe. I am going to do everything this man desires.

Finally, I looked at him and announced, “we didn’t get the creamer.”

Without hesitation, Nick said, ‘Hell, I guess we have to go back.”

After we showered and went to bed, I laid there as Nick slept. I thought about our activities and how they were, so far, keeping the excitement in our relationship. What would happen with the events stopped because either of us was able to do them?

I was sure age would eventually catch up, and my body won’t continue to attract men. What then? I needed to hit a gym and start walking more.

Thinking about the night’s event, I was surprised it went so well. Many things could have caused the store fun to be a bust. Two horny young men, what’s the odds on that? A young female store clerk instead of an older man?

We have been lucky for our ‘fun’ to have gone as well as it has.

I might have gone too far in my teasing of Nick. Would I do those things I mentioned? Who knows until the time comes.

I thought again about Kent and the sex we had. The idea of a woman my age taking advantage of a young man, not yet in his twenties, possibly was wrong. He had only responded as any teenager would have. Even when I feared exposure to his friends, he had only acted as a young person would have.

Yes, I will continue to see Kent if Nick wants me to. It’s only sex, well, isn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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