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Big Dicks

I felt like a kid again, sneaking into his hotel. I rode the elevator up to penthouse level, walked down the hall to his suite. I stood gazing at the door for a couple of seconds, wondering how I should present myself. Finally, I leaned on the door jamb and knocked. I heard his rumble through the door, picturing him in my mind’s eye. He was rubbing sleep from one eye when he opened the door.

“I heard you requested a turn down service, sorry, I’m late.” He was taking in the short, shiny raincoat that barely covered my ass and my bare legs in four inch strappy heels.

“C’mon in.” I knew he was still half asleep but he was never slow on the uptake. I stood waiting in the middle of his room, waiting for him to finish his slow perusal. “Nice slicker you’ve got there.”

“Aye, it tis.” I answered, looking steadily into his shadowed eyes. I could feel his eyes at my throat, travelling down the deep v into my cleavage. He padded softly to meet me, take my hand.

“And I thought you were flying to Oahu.” Even in these stilettos, I only reached his nose, he loomed over me.

“Change of plan.” I stood still as he traced a fingertip along the side of my face, tucking that ever wayward swath of hair behind my ear, before continuing down my throat. His eyes followed his finger, watching as a thrilling shiver shook me, diving into the shadow between my breasts.

“Whatcha got on under this?” His eyes met mine and I could tell by his swallowing, I was making him drool.

“Not a damn thing.” I watched his smile begin in his bottom lip and spread to his whole face.

“I thought so.” He leaned in and pressed an amazingly soft kiss on my lips. He rested his hands on my hips, gently leading me to his bed. “Sit with me.” He sat on the foot of the bed, tugging me to straddle his lap, his hands stroking and kneading my ass cheeks. Standing there, gazing down at him, I threaded my fingers through his sleep mussed hair, feeling him lean into my palm, seeing him look up at me.

“Sit with me.” He repeated softly. I sat on his lap, facing him, watching him, trailing my hand over his bare chest, feeling his warmth. He leaned into me, into my neck, snuggling me tight, nuzzling along my throat. I felt his hand at my belt, tugging at it, finding the snap and yanking it open. “Are there more of those?” he asked purring, sliding his warm hand inside my slicker, cebeci escort finding and cupping, kneading my breast, sliding his mouth along my collarbone.

“One more.” I sighed, loving the feeling of being feasted on. His hand slid along the opening, finding the other snap and yanked that one open too. I felt his hands spread my slicker apart, slide around to my back to dance along my spine, to get me to move against him, rub against him, feel his fur sensitize my bared skin, to feel him nuzzle heatedly along my throat.

“How is it…”I heard him mumble from under my ear, “…I can never get enough of you?” His hands were back on my ass, kneading and pulling me to climb on the bed, straddle him more.

“I haven’t…oh, got a clue…mmmm, love it when you do this…” I was quickly losing myself to this blatantly sensual assault.

His hands slid up my ribs, molding and stroking along the way, to take both my breasts in his palms, holding them together, kneading them roughly and rolling my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, sending hard hot pulls spearing into my hole, making me groan deep in my throat.

He pulled me high enough to latch onto one of my nipples, still held in his fingers, and suck hard. The noise that came from my mouth was part hiss, part groan, all moan. He kneaded and sucked, switching back and forth until I was squirming against his hard on beneath me, purring loudly.

“Mmmm, love hearing you purr…knowing you’re all hot and wet…are you throbbing for me yet?” he grinned, raising his mouth from my hard peak. The cool air in the room on it hardened it even more, hardened it to a throb. I nodded against his hair, feeling its silk against my cheek, feeling his mouth at the base of my throat, his hands at my back, lifting me up, baring more of me for his mouth.

I slid my hands up his biceps, over his broad shoulders, feeling those oases of light fur, sprinkled over the smooth expanse of his back. I held on, almost panting, watching his eyes as his hand slid between us, gliding through the trimmed patch above and into my searing sogginess below. “…mmm, tilt just a…there it is…”

I’d tilted my hips just enough for his finger to sink knuckle deep inside of me. He swallowed that gasp and the next, when he added another finger, his other hand at my hip, guiding my rhythmic humping, cebeci escort bayan grinding my clit against his palm. “mmm, almost…” I slid my hand along his arm, sliding along those hard, flexing muscles, against his belly, feeling his head rub my palm. His low growl made me grin against his mouth.

“You’re not…the only one who wants…mmm, yes…oh, to give pleasure…” I slid my fingers around his shaft, stroking him slowly, gently, feeling him throbbing in my light fist. He growled again against, into my mouth as my fingertips trailed around the rim of his head, making him twitch. I felt his fingers retreat, grab my ass and drag me up.

“…mmm, I know…but I’m bigger than you…”

“…mmm, and I’m so glad you are…” I purred stroking his cock once more before sliding his head between my soaking lips. I felt his fingertips spreading my lips wide as I sank onto him with a long, low groan. “…and you fit me perfectly…” His arms caught me close, pressing my breasts against his chest, burying his face in the crook of my neck, gently pulling me down deeper on his cock, letting that fullness send me through this wave, gasping and groaning against his shoulder. His eyes were warm, watching as I shuddered through this first orgasm.

“…how I’ve missed you…this…watching you…” he growled softly, nipping at my throat, letting his arms encircle me, pull me closer, feeling his light fur brushing against my hard nipples. “…mmm, love watching you come…feeling you come…”

Instead of the ‘normal’ blissful after orgasm drowsiness, it was as if I were electrified, need exploded through me, aching for more, more of him. I slid my hands up his back, over his shoulders, and into his hair, meeting his eyes with mine and a grin.

“…mmm, you’re in trouble…” I purred, slithering in his hands, watching his expression change from a gentle wanting to one of perfect clarity, of impending conquering, of immense passion.

To know no matter what I might do, he would allow it. I shoved gently at his shoulders, pushing him back onto the bed. I leaned over him, my breasts hanging in front of his mouth, watching him fixate on them, licking his lips. “…you can have them…for now…” I purred, watching as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, rolling it between his teeth.

His fingertips were escort cebeci squeezing the other in time with his teeth nipping, sending delicious tremors through my quim. He groaned around my nipple feeling the ripples along his cock, humping up into me, bumping against my g spot. I ground my hips down onto his, swiveling my hips, wiggling his cock again against my spot. “…feel that? …mmm…” I did it again, slower, hearing him groan softly, feeling him nod against my chest, feeling his teeth nip sharply on my nipple, gasped. “…slow and easy…” Again, this time feeling his balls under my ass. Again, gasping aloud when he ground back, his arm around my waist. “…mmm, don’t stop…” I let him set a rhythm, grinding and rubbing, throbbing inside me and moved with him.

“…oh, Sweetness…you’re so wet…” I could feel my juices soaking his lap, my loins building an inferno. I felt his thumb slide beside our squelching joining, seeking and finding my clit, rubbing it in constant circles. I felt a fresh flood between us, ground hard back. I opened my eyes, gazing down into those caramel amber eyes, feeling myself on the edge, riding the edge.

“…come for me…” he whispered. “…come on me, my angel…” I felt him beneath me, thrumming, grinding up, humping up, felt myself explode riding him roughly. I saw his eyes flash with heat when I bit his thumb, bucking against him with every fiber of my being, riding this wave as roughly as I dared.

I heard his snarl when I drove my fingers into his hair, pulling gently, at first, then more firmly, pulling him into a sitting position again. I knew I was close to his boundary, the end of his patience, when I pulled us off the bed onto the floor. I felt him sink just that little bit deeper, he knew by the look in my eyes and thrust in again, and again, feeling my quim erupting with quivers and clamping pulsations.

“…mmm, there it is, huh?” I felt his hands grab and hold my ass as he pounded into me. I dragged my hands down his back as I arched against him, leaving red trails as I rode the throes.

I held onto his neck as I felt the crest rising, as I heard him growling, snarling against my throat, felt him bucking and humping riding with my body, jerking hard against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hanging on as wave after wave, crashed through. Every jerk, every muscle twitch threw us both into spasms, groaning with every one. “…one of these sexcapades we have…mmmm, damn you’re tight…oh, wow, might just end up in a bed one night…”

“Might…some night…mmm…” I purred, stroking his curls from his forehead, kissing him deeply, riding another crest rolling through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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