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The pool underneath Lucy slowly grew as she stood drIpping wet after stepping out of the shower. She looked herself up and down in the full length mirror on her bathroom door and quickly wrapped a towel around her lower half. She hated the way her legs looked, thick and milky white. She always admired the women she saw in jeans adds with their thin legs and “perfect” heart shaped asses. She looked at her full breasts, cupping them in her hands and squeezing them tightly. She tugged gently at her nipple ring and shivered at the twinge of pain that ran down her spine. She would never have imagined herself with a piercing, but she was certainly glad Kris had convinced her to get it. They had been friends for such a long time, spending every day together, but she had never thought of him as anything more. She remembered the night they had spent together, playing it over and over again in her head.

Turning slowly she looked at herself in the mirror again, this time over her shoulder. Her eyes fell to her love handles and her heart sank. She turned away. Drying herself off quickly with a towel, she stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She fell back onto the bed, loving the way the soft down comforter enveloped her as she dropped into it. Starring at the ceiling, she couldn’t get the image of Kris’s face out of her mind.

She remembered everything about that night. They had been at a house party and she had had way too much to drink. That last thing she remembered was having a Tequila drinking contest. Then she was opening her eyes, in a strange bed. Panicking she rolled over and saw Kris fast asleep. Her heart had been racing, what had happened? This was her best friend, had she ruined their friendship by pushing herself on him? Had he taken advantage of her when she was passed out? She couldn’t remember anything. She had racked her mind trying to come up with the answers. Laying there in what she assumed was his bed, fearing the worst, she still couldn’t help but wonder.

“What is he wearing underneath the covers?”. She had never seen him naked, but had always thought about it. She gently slid the comforter down from his chest, exposing his matching nipple rings, then his muscular stomach. She had stopped when she reached his hips, not knowing if she dared go any farther. He moaned deeply, and her hand shot back bursa escort from him. He moaned again, scratched his chest and dropped his hand to his side. Summoning up all her courage she reached for the covers, grabbing them tightly, and slowly slid them down to expose what lay underneath.

Laying in her bed, remembering him, she put her hands on her breasts and massaged them gently. They felt warm and soft in her hands, her nipples hardening and becoming more and more sensitive. Her breasts began to tingle slightly, and she pinched at her nipples. The tingling increased and spread down, over her stomach, and down even further to groin. She let one of her hands slide down, following the soft contours of her body, to rest between her thighs. Her pussy was warm to her touch, and as she slipped a finger between her pussy lips she could feel how wet she was. She parted her lips with two fingers and slid her middle finger a little deeper inside, moaning slightly and tilting her hips. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. Pulling her finger out she brought it to her mouth and tasted her sweet juices. She sucked her finger, sliding it in and out of her mouth, picturing Kris’s perfect body.

As the covers slowly came away from his body, Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes. Every centimetre that she uncovered she kept expecting him to stop her. Finally, she tossed the covers off of him and uttered a low, almost inaudible moan. There he was, out in the open. She had never expected anything like this, and she could hardly resist reaching out to touch him, to know that it was real and not just a dream. He moaned again and she quickly withdrew back to her side of the bed.

Her dripping wet finger slid from her mouth with a wet sucking sound. She rubbed her wet finger against her nipple making it even harder, then quickly thrust it back inside her. She rubber her clit slowly, and her whole body grow warm. She tingled with anticipation. Her hips began to thrust upwards as she felt the explosion growing inside her.

Peeking over her shoulder, she could see that he was still asleep, and that he was still uncovered. She licked her lips looking at his manhood, imagining what it would look like when it was hard. As she stared at him she could see it slowly getting bigger. She blinked, and it shrunk to its original size. The next thing she bursa escort bayan knew, the tip of her finger was resting at the base of his cock, a tingle running up her spine as her finger ran up his shaft. When she reached the head she moaned and arched her back, almost cumming with the anticipation of what was to come. He mumbled something and put a hand on his dick, rubbing himself gently. Lucy could only watch transfixed.

Her one finger was sliding in and out of her pussy so fast now she could feel a cramp coming on in her forearm. She slowed to a gentle pace, and inserted another finger alongside the one already deep inside her. The extra girth almost put her over the edge. Her other hand tugged at her nipple ring, the pain holding her back from cumming, she loved it.

Kris stroked himself slowly. Lucy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He was growing right before her eyes. She had never seen a man that big before. She had always loved the feeling of a big dick stretching her out. She needed to feel him inside her, NOW! She grabbed his cock with both hands and began to stroke it. He moaned pleasurably, and moved his hips. She felt it get even bigger in her hands.

“Lucy?” He had asked, half asleep, “is that you?” She didn’t answer him, but instead rolled on top of him and began to kiss him. Kris didn’t resist, he pulled her even closer to him, the feeling of his strong arms around her made the kiss even more passionate. She reached between her legs and grabbed his warm, throbbing, pole guiding it between her dripping wet lips. His eyes closed in ecstasy as she slid down his cock until it was buried deep inside her. “What are you doi…” She put a finger to his lips before he could finish.

“Shh,” she whispered, “don’t talk.”

Thinking of him inside her made her explode, grinding her hips against the palm of her hand. The butt of her hand rubbing against her clit. She screamed in ecstasy, running her hands through her long hair, and pulling it as she came. Every part of her body was so sensitive now that as she ran her hand over her face and down her neck, she could feel every nerve ending. As her fingers danced over her nipples she felt a tremor in pussy, squeezing her fingers tightly. She slid her fingers slowly in and out of her, fucking herself gently. Her body twitching as they went in and escort bursa out, her eyes rolling back into her head as she came again. Pulling her fingers out. she felt empty as she squeezed down on nothing. She lay there, staring at the ceiling, as her orgasm faded.

She had begun to fuck him slowly, sliding up and down his enormous rod, he felt so good. She watched his face, his eyes were closed, but she could tell by the look on his face that she was doing it just right. She took his hands and put them on her bouncing tits, he squeezed them tight and held them. Suddenly she felt his body jerk, and saw his mouth open, she knew he was going to cum. She slowed herself down, but it was too late. His hands tightened on her breasts, squeezing them so tightly she winced. Then she felt it, he pushed his hips up so that he was as deep inside her as he could be, and held himself there, lifting her completely off the bed. The first burst of jizz was amazing, she felt it as it exploded out of him, filling her up. She clamped down on him, and now she could feel every movement as more cum exploded into her, thrusting his hips with each burst. When he stopped cumming, she felt him relax, lowering her back down to the bed. He rolled her off of him, and they lay beside each other. She watched as he grew flaccid, his penis glistened with her juices. A shiver ran down her spine as cream oozed from between her legs and between her cheeks. She suddenly felt very naked, and pulled the covers over her, to hide her shame. Seconds later she heard snoring from the other side of the bed. Looking over she saw Kris, mouth half open, covered in sweat, sleeping.

Staring at the ceiling, she touched herself gently, and her body shuddered. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that in a long time. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Are you all done in there?” Kris asked. She couldn’t believe that she was laying in his bed, letting her juices drip onto his sheets.

“Just getting dressed, hang on a second!” she answered. Jumping up from the bed, she threw on her clothes which were crumpled up in a pile on the floor next to the bed. She looked back at the bed, her body was imprinted on the sheets in sweat, and she smelled like smoke, and beer. She opened the door to see Kris smiling back at her.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked her. “That must have been some hot shower, you’re all red and sweaty.”

She looked at her feet, “Thanks for taking care of me last night.”

“My pleasure,” he said, “I had a good time. I haven’t slept that well in a long time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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