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Hi all. Welcome to my first story. It may take a while to get to the sex, but I’m hoping this will be a continuing story, so I wanted to set it up right. I hope you enjoy and I welcome all feedback and input.

Everyone was there at the Adult Literature and Erotic Storytelling Club (A.L.E.S.C.). A new member had joined and everyone wanted to hear his story. He sat in front of the fire, sipping his wine, and called to the other members of the club.

“Hello everyone. Come, gather round and make yourself comfortable. Bring your snacks and your drinks, invite your friends and come here the tale I have to tell. Is it true? Is it just a story? Well, whichever you choose to believe, it is outrageous and fantastical.

“This is the story of Michael Michaels (yes his parents really are such great idiots as to make his last name also his first). With such a name, it is possible that his life’s die was cast before it ever really got started. In any case, it didn’t help.

“Let me tell you about Mikey. Mikey is your classic nerd. He has big, round glasses that cover the top half of his face. His hair is dark brown and cut in the classic “bowl” style. He’s short for a boy his age, standing 5’6” tall in his sock feet and he had a scrawny frame that would not support much muscle ever were he interested in building it. His clothes were always too large for his bony body, thanks to his freakish thinness. He wore black oxford style shoes with white socks. His pants were gray dress slacks, belted at the waist with a simple black leather belt. He wore a “White collar” shirt, always buttoned to the top and capped off the ensemble with a black cardigan that was three sizes too large. Yes, he even looked like a nerd.

“To top it all off, Mikey is a genius. I’m not talking “top of his class” genius; I mean the full-blown, sci-fi science, way ahead of his time genius. Though in high school he was taking advanced university math and science classes. He thought of his university textbooks as light and entertaining reading. Needless to say, the times he spent in school went he was not in class or the library he spent in a locker, stuffed inside by the school jocks.

“This is where our story really begins, with our hero trapped inside a locker into which the school wrestling team had mercilessly stuffed him. He’d been inside the locker long enough that his muscles had started to cramp and he whimpered feebly, unable to wipe his welling eyes. Mikey had never felt so miserable and worthless, at least not since he had last been stuffed inside a locker. However, this time he’d been in it for a long, long time. Long enough to dwell on just how horrible his life truly was.”

He thought about his mother and father. They were the worst. Worse than any school bully. His father was a paragon of middle-aged masculinity. A huge man with a huge gut, there was so much testosterone in him it left no room for a brain. He’d taken an instant dislike to his tiny son, who didn’t care for football like he did and would not follow his footsteps into the construction trade. This frustrated him to no end and he vented that frustration in the only way he knew how; with violence directed at the source of his frustration.

As for his mother, now there was a twisted piece of work. She was of average height and moderately overweight, always dressed in a house robe. Her weight was a sore spot for her and, of course, it was all Mikey’s fault! He’d robbed her of her youthful curves and potential. The brat cost her money she could have used for better and more clothes and booze and all the other good things she deserved instead of the medication he needed for his low blood pressure. Yes, it was all Mikey’s fault and she made sure he knew it. Worse, Mikey could have been useful…one particular aspect of him was larger than his father…another source of his dad’s dislike for him. Yet her husband would not let her touch it, damn him!

Yup, Mikey’s life well and truly sucked.

This is what Mikey was contemplating while surrounded by the four walls of his prison, all the “good times” he and his mom and dad had shared over the years. It was enough to bring him to tears. So, when the locker door opened and the fluorescent lighting of the hallway shone upon him like the light of heaven itself, which is how he appeared, quietly and miserably crying as he stumbled out of the locker. Well, fell out of the locker really. His cramped muscles rebelled at the idea of actually moving, so he fell forward, right into the angelic figure of Ms. Stark.

Ah, yes, Ms. Stark. She was a newer teacher in the school. She was young at 25, but with a kind of agelessness, like she was older than her years should allow. She was prim and proper, teaching English class with the authorative manner of an authority figure of her country of birth and the class she taught. Her English accent was strong, the Victorian type. She presented herself professionally, in ruffled blouses buttoned to her neck, skirt to the top of her knee, simple high heeled shoes and her long, black hair pinned up in a bun. Small Anadolu Yakası Escort glasses sitting on her tiny nose set off her sharp, chiseled features and narrowed but actually large when unsquinted eyes, making her seem a little harsh. Every student attracted to women ignored her presentation, enjoying the woman that they all knew was underneath.

Contrary to how she tried to present herself, Ms. Stark was gorgeous. She was a majestic 6’3” tall with a perfectly proportionate build and wide shoulders. They had to be wide or she could not support the massive breasts she restrained in a tight fitting F-cup bra. Her legs were long and powerful, taking her where she went in long, confident strides. Her hips swayed exaggeratedly when she moved and she moved with the grace of a runway model. Her form was luscious and curvy, her swaying hips flaring wide. Her soft, pouty lips hinted at softness that her formal manner disguised. She wore no make up. She needed none. Her natural colouring was perfect. Yes, Ms. Stark was a beauty all right.

So, Mikey fell free of his locker prison and into the surprised arms of Ms. Stark. Mikey’s own arms instinctively clutched her, holding himself against his English teacher. His face planted itself right between her humungous breasts. His hips hit her thighs so she was surprised to feel what had to be a tree-limb press against her stomach. For several second there were in a natural feeling embrace. For Mikey it felt so good to be held by a strong, female form that didn’t bitch at him for existing. He’d had the same thoughts about Ms. Stark all the boys had, but at this moment it was gone, replaced by a sudden need for closeness.

Ms. Stark had noticed Michael for a long time now, seeing him tormented by the other students and powerless to prevent it. She’d seen him in her class and marveled at his awesome intellect. She’d also heard the tales of his family, though surely those were exaggerated badly. When he fell against her, she felt a surging need to care for him, to protect him, so she held him close against her, wondering just what the heck that was against her stomach. After all, his crotch was against her thighs, so it couldn’t be…could it?

She looked down at the poor, sniffling boy and broke the embrace, though with a hint of reluctance. “Well,” she said in her Victorian accent, “it would appear that you are late getting home. I will have to take you home, Michael.” He nodded back up to her and replied, “Th-thank you.”

“No need to thank me, Michael. It is late and, as your teacher, I have a certain duty of care to see to your well being whilst you are here. Come along now.” She went to get her things, Mikey following her like a puppy, and she thought about the embrace from when he emerged from the locker. That…that couldn’t have been his penis, could it? It would have to be huge…


Mikey went with Ms. Stark to her car, a 90’s Honda Civic hatchback. He got in the passenger side and winced as he sat down. The belt restraining his manhood always made sitting painful. It would not be such a problem, except for the fact that his medication had a side effect: near permanent erection. How he wished he had a normal sized penis. This monstrosity attached to him was a real pain!

The ride home was not nearly long enough for Mikey. He hated going home to his parents’ house. It was never a fun time living there. Ms. Stark asked him a few questions to pass the time.

“Have you any siblings, Michael,” she asked?

“No, ma’am,” he responded.

“What does your father do for a living?”

“Drink,” he replied dryly.

“Pardon,” replied the teacher? Perhaps the stories were not so exaggerated after all.

“He works construction, ma’am.”

“And your mother?”

Mikey winced at the thought of his mother. His dad was no picnic to deal with, but he could handle his father’s fists better than his mother’s tormenting tongue and subtle, lewd innuendo. “She watches soap operas,” he replied.

They arrived at his parents’ house, a moderately sized house. As soon as he stepped out of the car his parents came out the door, his mother stalking toward him while his dad followed her like a paid thug. She grabbed him by the ear and twisted it savagely.

“Where have you been,” his mother screeched! “We’ve been waiting for you all evening! You haven’t been here to make dinner yet and the house is a pigsty and…” She ranted on, as Ms. Stark got out of her car and listened to the tongue-lashing Mikey was on the receiving end of.

Ms. Stark couldn’t believe it. She watched Michael’s mother march him toward the house, holding his ear as Michael cringed. The boy’s father smacked the back of his head with a heavy palm, knocking him to the ground. Michael stumbled and started to stand up, looking truly miserable. Mr. Michaels shoved him back down with his big foot while Mrs. Michaels continued to rant.

“That is quite enough of that Mr. And Mrs. Michaels,” said the towering teacher. She stood Kartal Escort straight, her full height impressive and spoke in an imperious tone. “Michael, come here and get into the car.”

The Michaels’ turned and looked at the English woman. Mikey instinctively followed her order, heading back to the car with his head lowered. His mother turned and looked at Ms. Stark with wide, angry eyes. Mr. Michaels started to walk toward her, clenching his fists as Mrs. Michaels started to rant, “Now see here, missy…”

“You had better stop right there if you know what is good for you, Mr. Michaels,” exclaimed the amazon. He looked at her determined setting and at Mikey as the boy got into the car. Ms. Stark’s heart was racing. The boy’s father was a very large man. He could do some real damage. The man stopped however, grunting intelligently, sensing how serious the woman was and how strongly she would defend the boy. Mikey’s mom said, “Henry, get back here. The boy ain’t worth it.” Henry Michaels turned and went back to his wife.

Ms. Stark let out the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She thought about how wrong Mrs. Michaels was…the boy was very much worth it, though she wasn’t sure why she believed that. “You are horrible, horrible parents,” exclaimed Ms. Stark to the Michaels’! “As his teacher and an official representative of the school system, I am exercising my authority and removing Michael from your home. He will be fostered and emancipated from your tyrannical authority. If you choose to fight me on this I shall have no choice but to see that an investigation is begun regarding his treatment while in your care. I have no doubt in my mind that you would be found unfit parents and likely charged criminally. Am I understood?” She held her breath again, unsure how they would respond.

Mikey’s parents looked at each other and shrugged. Again, his mom said, “The boy ain’t worth it.” They turned and went back into the house, closing the door behind them and closing the blinds as well.

Ms. Stark calmly got back into her car and exhaled in relief. They had bought into her bluff! Mikey was old enough to choose to leave, but he likely had not the ability to do so, so beaten down was he by his parents, so she just…helped him along a little. That’s what teachers are supposed to do, aren’t they?


The student and his teacher arrived at Ms. Stark’s apartment 45 minutes later. She opened the door and let the boy in first. The place was a small, 1 bedroom apartment, as befitted her teacher’s salary and her single lifestyle. It was not quite spartanly furnished, as homey touches were here and there. There was a 2-person loveseat instead of a 3-person couch, as well as an easy chair in the living room. A small coffee table in the center was there too. There was no television. A stereo and shelves of books made the atmosphere slightly scholarly as well as homey. Mikey looked at the living room and smiled, wondering if he would recognize any of the various tomes upon the shelves.

Ms. Stark closed the door behind her and stood facing Michael. “Well, since those are all the clothes you have, young man, why don’t you go take a shower while I wash them for tomorrow. We’ll see about getting you new ones tomorrow. Just drop them outside the bathroom door and I’ll put them in the wash.”

Mikey nodded and replied, “Allright, ma’am.” He headed toward the washroom, closing the door behind him. He turned and looked in the mirror as he undressed. He shook his head as he looked at his massive manhood in the mirror. It reached up to his chest and was as thick as a can of coke! If any girl ever found out she’d run screaming into the night! If anyone found out at all, he’d be tormented even worse than he was now! He cursed his freakish size, wishing for the millionth time that he were normal. Well, noone had ever seen it and noone ever would if he had his way. He set his clothes outside the washroom, and then turned on the water to run the shower.


Ms. Stark picked up his clothes and took them to the building’s laundry room. She started the load, then returned and went into her bedroom. All the while she was thinking about Michael. He was naked and in the shower. She could peek and see if what she suspected was true; that he had a tree trunk for a cock. She sighed and stood up, looking in the mirror. She wished she were shorter. Men did not want to date women who were taller than them. She cursed her freakish size and wished that she were normal. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, then unclasped her bra. Her humungous F-cups sprung forth. He cupped them in her hands and stared at them in the mirror, wishing they were smaller. They hurt her back and besides, men did not ask out such largely endowed women. Her breasts, while drawing mush attention, seemed to intimidate men. Well, she could never afford reduction on her teacher’s salary.

She finished undressing and thought about Michael. The poor boy! All Maltepe Escort those tales had to be true! How horrible. He was such a mild mannered, sweet boy, with so much potential…and that cock…” Her face heated as her blood filled it, changing her skin from alabaster white to deep red. Heat also begun to build between her legs as she thought about the boy’s cock. She went over to her dresser, opened the top drawer and perused all her toys. She looked for a few minutes, but nothing seemed big enough. She sighed again and considered joining Michael in the shower. She could get in serious trouble for that…but that cock! It was dominating her thoughts. She HAD to see it.


Mikey was enjoying the soothing heat of the water running over his tiny body. He did not notice the bathroom door open or Ms. Stark’s entry until the shower curtain was open. He turned and looked at her in surprise, his eyes bulging at the sight of her. She was magnificent! Her large breasts and wide hips on her statuesque frame were intoxicating. Her smooth, clean-shaven mound was…then he realized he was seeing a naked woman for the first time! His jaw dropped and he stepped back as she stepped into the tub, closing the curtain behind her.

Ms. Stark’s gaze locked onto Michael’s cock. It was…huge! Looking at it she had to guess it was over a foot long and so thick! She didn’t say a word. She just dropped to her knees and worshipped this god in cock form! Her tongue ran along the veiny underside, caressing it with the moistness of her vocal muscle. She leaned forward and pressed her breasts against the sides, enwrapping the massive meat between her monstrous mounds. Michael gasped as she toyed with his tool, the pleasure so intense. “M-m-ma’am,” he inquired? “Ohh, that feels so much better than my hands!”

She looked up at him, liking that title. Ma’am…it was so simple, yet elegant and sounded nice. She put her pouty lips to the head of his cock as she massaged it with her incredible breasts. Michael stood there, his cock throbbing madly, and enjoyed it as she licked and sucked on the thick crown. She didn’t even try to get it into her mouth. He looked up at him and spoke in a serious tone. “Michael, masturbation is a vile, disgusting habit. You will never, ever do so again. Understood?”

Mikey looked down and nodded feebly, his eyes locking to hers as she gazed up at him while teasing his tool. This was too much. The sensations were heavenly and he couldn’t believe he was living the dream of every boy in school! He groaned as his muscled tightened, his balls clenching. Then he erupted!

Ms. Stark was caught off guard as the thick jet of hot cream launched into her mouth. It was not several spurts, as she had expected, it was one long, continuous stream that filled her mouth quickly. She gagged and drew her head back, getting her face sprayed with the slippery sludge, coating it completely. She opened her mouth again to catch some more, swallowing as best she could as it dropped down her face.

When his orgasm finally finished, Mikey looked down at the cream coated face of his English teacher. She was smiling ear to ear as the water washed it off. She swallowed one last time, gulping down the remains of his seed. “Mmmmm,” she said, “tasty!”

She stood up and smiled at him and he looked back at her, still in shock. His teacher looked down again and saw he was still hard! “Oh my! After that you are still fully erect?”

“I’m s-sorry,” he said lamely. “It’s my medication. It has this side effect. I’m nearly always like this.”

“Oh, don’t apologize, Michael. This is a good thing.” She grinned a sinister smile and turned off the water. She stepped out and grabbed a towel, wrapping her hair up in it. “Come out and let’s dry each other off.”

He did as he was told and they dried each other. Then she grasped his cock and all but dragged him to her bedroom. She guided him to the bed and he lay on his back. She knelt between his legs, still smiling and gripping his tool. “Now, Michael, as I have rescued you today, I believe I am entitled to a reward. I claim this!” She squeezed his cock, making him groan. “It is mine now, my own personal property. I can do anything I want with it, whenever I want to and wherever I choose. You shall never refer to it as yours again. You shall call it “Ms. Stark’s cock” or “Ma’am’s cock.” Is this understood?”

Mikey nodded as she stroked the thick shaft. He watched, entranced, as she grabbed a bottle of liquid lube from the nightstand and generously applied it to his humungous dick. She got up on her feet and squatted over the upward pointing thing, guiding it with one hand to her slit. With her other she spread her labia, opening herself for it. Once there she slowly began to descend.

Hey eyes clenched shut as her pussy split, stretching like never before. “Unhh,” she exclaimed! Would it fit? It had to! She wanted it all! She tried to take it slow, but her legs were quivering and Michael’s cock throbbed like a maddened animal. She lost her strength and fell upon the massive meat, gasping out as all the air left her body. The crown breached her cervix and filled her womb, the walls of her sheath grasping and rippling against it. Stars were in her eyes, blinding her with pain as an orgasm ripped through her! It was so intense!

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