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A few weeks ago I did not realize what I was missing sexually, I had been satisfied before, but then I met master.

Master took me and made me his fuck toy introducing me to sex in a way I had not experienced before. I became Mistress.

Cathy was a friend I had when I was Younger, we used to play all sorts of games and one night I randomly bumped into her, from there we became friends.

Mistresses Secret fantasy part 1:

Cathy comes over to mistresses house because she wants to speak to mistress about something serious. Mistress is alone in the house, and is having secret talks to her master about his arrival to fuck her so hard she wont be able to walk for a day or five. His eagerness excites her, her nipples are hard every time they speak, and she is wet and excited for the events of that evening to occur.

Cathy knocks on the door, mistress opens and gives Cathy a polite hug, and asks if she wants anything to drink whilst mistress back is turned, with this Cathy whispers into mistresses ear, i want you here, on the floor…

In an instant Cathy starts to kiss mistress in all the right places, slowly grabbing mistresses ass, while sliding around mistresses leg with her other hand up and around mistresses thigh as if to tease.

Master has arrived at mistresses house half an hour early eager with anticipation to fuck mistress, make her beg and treat her like the naughty little slut she is, his own personal fuck doll that does whatever he wants. He opens the door, to find Cathy finger fucking and licking mistress so hard and fast that mistresses is moaning like the slut she is.

As mistress is getting tongue fucked by Cathy, masters cock swells and throbs needing to be fucked by mistress and her new fuck toy. Mistress sees master and smiles.

Mistress and Cathy both smile while, Cathy continuing the licking of mistresses now even wetter pussy by being caught by her master and knowing she is going to be punished, she licks her lips at master as she can see his aching and greedy desire to be a part of this, wild excitement in his face. Mistress starts to orgasm so hard staring at master the entire time..

Cathy squeezes mistresses upper thigh.. Master starts to rub his Tipobet cock over his pants, he’s rock hard at seeing his mistress being licked by another women, she’s rubbing her boobs too, those incredible boobs. Mistress and Cathy look at masters cock being rubbed, and walk over to him. Cathy holds masters arms behind him, and mistress starts to slowly unbuckle masters belt, letting out a rock hard cock. Cathy whispers in masters ear, did you enjoy me fucking your mistress,,whilst mistress is licking his thighs, and teasing the head of his penis, Cathy still holding masters arms back starts to use masters hands to fuck herself, while mistress starts the sucking on his delicious cock.. Mistress sees the pleasure in masters face, and continues to suck his cock, going in her mouth even deeper everytime..

Cathy is moaning in masters ear, breathing down his back, and getting close to cumming with masters big hands inside her. Master is pleased.

Mistress stops sucking masters cock, and starts to kiss Cathy whilst master is sandwiched in-between us. Rubbing our bodies all over him so that he can start to beg us ladies to allow him to fuck us.

Mistress likes the sound of master begging to be fucked by her, to allow him to fuck her hard pull her hair and bite the fuck out of her body… Mistress grabs Cathy and throws her to the ground, opens her thighs on her knees so her ass is wide in the air for master to see, so he can see her delicious ass, and her delicious Pussy. Mistress starts to torture Cathy by only doing small licks on her clit, and with this master, places his cock between mistresses thighs. Waiting..

Mistress stops tormenting cathy and turns her head to look at master, his eyes fierce with an erotic starvation.. And says “master wants mistresses dirty pussy, master wants his fuck toy doesn’t he.”

And with this master responds by entering mistress with such force, holding mistresses back down to Cathy’s wet pussy. Mistress starts to lick deeper and deeper as master is fucking her harder and faster with every entry slapping her ass, scratching her back. Cathy forces mistresses head down to her pussy holding her head down not allowing mistress any chance to stop or breath.

Master is Tipobet Giriş watching the pleasure on Cathy’s face, moving in harder and harder, “my filthy fuck toy is in need of punishment” mistress groans turning him on even more immensely.

Cathy’s moans filling the house with noises so gloriously loud that master and mistress are fucking the other with such force. Cathy orgasms. Mistress turns to master and makes master kiss her filthy mouth that’s been inside Cathy.

Master sits on a stool in front of mistress and Cathy, Cathy gets on top of master to ride him like the dirty sex craved man he is. Mistress stands behind Cathy she starts going wild on him, up and down, faster and faster, spinning her head out of control. Master sees mistress standing behind Cathy and stares into her greedy eyes his hands dying to finger fuck her, mistresses allows this to happen, letting master insert his fingers inside her so deep she moans on impact. Mistress likes to see master being fucked by this other women to see his eyes hungry for both of them.

Mistress takes her finger and one by one starts to insert them into Cathy’s asshole, the whole time staring at master, with a great desire to please him she starts to finger fuck Cathy so hard master and mistress can feel Cathy’s body responding with shudders. Mistress removes masters hands and stops finger fucking Cathy. Goes to behind master and starts to pull his hair back. Whispers in his ear. “does master enjoy fucking another women for mistress, show me how much he enjoys”..master can barely contain himself.

Cathy screams, her fiery pussy still ready to play, and tells him to get on the floor she isn’t done yet.

Master lies on the floor and Cathy proceeds to ride him hard and fast,,with every entry her moans grow louder, and her shuddering more violently.

Mistress gets on masters face and master starts to eat her pussy in a forceful delicious manner. Mistress feels master start to lick faster deeper and his words are muffled as he tries to speak, “just shut up and fuck me with that fucking talented tongue master”..

Cathy screams a loud scream, mistress too.. Mistress makes master sit in the chair and gets on him backwards so Cathy Tipobet Güncel Giriş can see his face. Mistress starts to ride master,feeling the fuck going deeper and harder, while Cathy starts to finger my clit…

Mistress says “that’s it master, i’m your dirty naughty fuck toy, fuck me.. Pull my hair back and whisper in my ear that i’m a dirty naughty fuck toy.”. That almost throws master over the edge hearing his fuck toy speak to him like that, to hear his fuck toy moaning with so much pleasure. To see Cathy fuck and rub her clit.

Cathy then starts to go down to master and mistresses fuck, she starts to lick masters balls with every bounce of mistresses touching her head. She moves from mistress to master.

Licking both of them, and fingering herself.

Mistress cant take any more she’s breathing profusely, grabbing the back of masters head and starts to pull his hair, arching her back while riding him so hard, Cathy licking her.

She can feel masters hands around her waist, thrusting into her with such a fierce wild fiery eagerness. She can feel the orgasm coming, her legs and… knees and body starts to shake. She screams with a final quick hard thrust from master, and a good lick from Cathy.

Master feels mistresses pusssy clench around his cock as he enters her, thrusting up so hard she screams master feels himself start to loose control… He looks up to see his mistress and cathy patiently ready for him to cum on their knees.. “master cum for mistress, cum for mistress in mistresses mouth, Cathy also starts to beg for master to cum. Mistress takes masters cock into her mouth her head bobbing and moving fast along his shaft. Cathy uses hers hands on masters cock too. “that’s right both you fucking sluts want master to cum on you, tell me you want it in your mouth mistress” mistress groans.. Still sucking his cock.

Cathy starts to rub masters inner thigh,,,and his entire body while mistress squeezes masters ass. He starts to shake mistress quickly says cum in my mouth master, come in my fucking naughty deserving mouth and goes back to sucking master dry. With one final forceful entry into mistresses mouth all his juices explode into mistresses mouth. Mistress lets it stay there and drip done to her boobs a little., with the rest, kisses Cathy. Both of them sharing masters cum in their mouths…

As Cathy left the house breathless. Mistress see’s masters eyes shift back to her. Mistress knew she wasn’t done being used that night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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