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Jella stood at her post in the crowded dining hall. Her long, slender, coltish legs were outgrowing the simple linen shift that was her only garment, though her breasts were small and undefined. Chestnut locks framed grey eyes that bespoke her northern origins. She held herself erect at her station, but (as usual) her thoughts were far away. Philip had just brushed past her and given her a shy smile. The previous day they had met in an empty storeroom. They had kissed and fondled each other; then, heated by the caresses, Jella had lain down on a stack of rugs and placed her feet on Philip’s shoulders. Philip had kneeled forward and licked and kissed her pussy, shaved bare in the custom of this land. His soft affections had provided her with a great deal of pleasure, culminating in an explosive orgasm. Covered in perspiration, she had knelt before Philip and taken his small hard cock into her mouth. Though relatively unschooled in fellatio, Jella had instinctively sought out the most sensitive areas, and guided by the slave’s moans, feathered the shaft with her tongue while drawing it in and out between her lips. The breath of both slaves came faster and Philip moved urgently as the head of his cock seemed to swell. Jella eagerly swallowed – for the first time – the gush of warm salty come that jetted into her throat. The two had embraced again, then rushed back to their duties before their absences were observed.

Jella was still a virgin, since a maidenhead was a valuable asset in this land, and even slaves were kept intact until a profitable transaction was put into place by their masters. A terrible punishment was inflicted on any slave – or, indeed, woman of good family – who forgot this. Nontheless, other forms of activity were condoned, including the use of the rear entrance, which was not considered to involve virginity. However Jella still remained untouched in the latter regard; as she stood in the dining hall she contemplated how it would feel if Philip were to enter her there. Some slaves said it burned like fire, at least for the first few times; others asserted that they enjoyed it immensely, with it creating an ecstatic glow throughout their body. She would suck Philip’s cute cock for a time, but not too long; then present her pale narrow buttocks on hands and knees; perhaps some olive oil could be obtained… Philip might know more, since, pretty as he was, he was undoubtedly obliged to serve his Tipobet masters in this manner; he was sweet and kind, would do it slowly and gently so that she would have time to get used to it. It would be nice if he were the first in her ass… As she considered this delightful prospect, her pulse quickened and her small nipples hardened, while a pleasant warmth suffused her labia.

A sharp bump, and a loud crash. Appalled, Jella looked down to see the remains of an elaborate dish splattered at her feet. Delicately sliced river fish, covered with an intricate pattern of vegetable scales, adorned her bare feet and the marble floor amid the shattered remnants of a beautiful serving dish. She had been distracted by her pleasant daydreams and dropped the platter as it was handed to her.

Alas, this was not the first incident of its kind. She looked aghast as the steward Davro strode towards her, giving her a furious look. As the other slaves hastened to clear the mess, which was the wreck of the dinner’s piece de resistance, Davro grasped Jella’s wrist and pulled her from the hall, coldly ignoring her frightened apologies. With his chief assistant in tow, they swept her along the corridor to the room used for chastising errant slaves. Davro was a fair man, but strict and stern; while his punishments were generally earned, they were known to be severe. Jella was half carried by the angry steward into the room and the door slammed. Her linen shift was pulled over her head and she stood tremblingly naked facing the wooden stocks that stood there. Her neck and wrists were placed in the scooped out slots, the cover put down and the screws tightened to hold her immobile, with her neck stretched uncomfortably out. Her ankles were secured in the same manner and her nude body was bent over; it was well known that this position amplified the effect of an instrument striking the taut flesh of the unfortunate offender’s buttocks.

Jella’s excuses were suddenly cut off when Davro’s assistant thrust a hollow, pear-shaped wooden gag between her jaws. The gag was pierced by a hole, allowing the prisoner to breathe, but muffling any sounds. Jella’s heart sank. The gag was employed only if it was anticipated that the slave was likely to disturb the peace of the house with her cries. More moderate chastisements – six or a dozen cuts – did not require this precaution. Jella would thus be receiving a severe Tipobet Giriş punishment; it would inflict no permanent damage, but she had seen the effects on one of her friends who had stolen a small piece of jewelry. That girl had been unable to sit down for almost a week, taking her meals standing. Jella had seen the girl’s bottom, and it was striped like a zebra with raised red weals that lingered for some time

Her head held in the stocks, Jella could not see behind her. Her slender form, long smooth back and soft pale buttocks made a pretty picture, however. She strained fearfully to look out of the corner of her eye as Davro stepped across to the wall that held the various crops, canes and whips used for punishment. She saw him select a thin, lithe cane, which he experimentally swept through the air a time or two. Then he stepped behind her. A swish, a crack; and an excruciating pain shot through Jella’s ass as Davro laid a carefully aimed stroke diagonally across her soft flesh. It stung atrociously and drove her breath out of her lungs through the hole in the gag with a whistle. It was quickly succeeded by an even more agonizing sensation; the next stroke had been delivered to deliberately cross the line of the first, evoking a muffled howl from the writhing naked girl.

A moment’s respite occurred, Jella striving impossibly to rub the burning area. Davro spoke for the first time.

“You have been warned before about carelessness and inattention. Your negligence has spoiled an important occasion; the Mistress will be very angry. You are going to receive a lesson that will ensure you never forget, for a moment, to attend to your duties.”

Another swish, and the cane cut across the place where the curve of Jella’s soft bottom met her thighs.

Jella writhed helplessly in her constraints, trying to anticipate the next stroke. Her hips and ass shook from side to side, partly to avoid the next blow, partly to somehow soothe the burning agony. Three more strokes cracked with great accuracy onto her ass; the girl was sobbing hysterically, and an acrid scent filled the room as her bladder let go and she wet herself. The pale flesh of her behind displayed bright red lines that rose into weals almost immediately.

Suddenly there was a respite from the torment. The door of the room had opened, drawing Davro’s attention from his task. Through a stinging haze Jella Tipobet Güncel Giriş heard a voice:

“This is the lass who dropped the dish at table? Is she to be punished further?”

“Yes, sire, there are twenty-four more strokes due her. This is not her first mistake; she must learn attention and dutifulness.”

“She did indeed make a mess of the dish. But today is a day to celebrate; I am returned to my home after much travail, and I would that it were a happy day, for all the household. Sir Davro, would you alleviate your no doubt well deserved penalty, as a special favor to the nephew of the house, returned from the wars?’

Davro apparently assented to the newcomer’s request, because his assistant began to loosen the screws of the stocks. Through her tears Jella saw a soldierly figure, who smiled at her in a friendly manner.

“You have doubtless earned this punishment, but the good steward has consented to lift your penalty.”

He reached into Jella’s mouth and gently pulled the wooden gag past her teeth. Patting her tear-splattered cheek, he smiled at Davro and stepped out through the door, leaving a quietly sobbing, naked girl who cringed, soaked in her own urine, before the steward.

“Fortune smiles on you today, slave. The lord Conor has spared you a much deserved correction. Be sure that next time you will pay the full cost of your offense!”

Jella obediently nodded her head and, there being no restraint, walked shakily back to her dormitory, her buttocks and thighs still butning, her face beslobbered with tears and her thighs wet.

She was left undisturbed as she rested, face down, on her bed. The pain had dulled and she had time to appreciate her narrow escape. The evening shadows were lengthening when the dormitory mother came to her.

“Rouse yourself, Davro orders that you serve the lord Conor in his private room tonight. You must prepare; Davro said you found favor with him, despite your losing control of yourself in front of him!”

Tradition dictated that important guests would be served in their private quarters. The servant would tend to all the guest’s needs, first serving his food and drink, and then joining the guest in his bed, to provide whatever other services – of any kind – were required.

Jella rose up and bathed in a perfumed wash. The other women shaved her legs and pussy, and painted her lips. She was instructed to bend over and spread her buttocks apart; a sweet smelling oil was spread on her anus, and massaged into her rectum. She was to be prepared for all eventualities; as the women prepped her, it passed through her mind that this night was to be, to say the least, eventful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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