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This was just after fifty shades came out. My mother-in-law was living with us because she left her husband and the divorce wasn’t settled. My wife’s a nurse and had a late shift. Mom started asking about fifty shades, she hadn’t read it. She had a couple of chardonnays in her, and I guess that loosened her tongue a little.

Well, I let on to know a little about b&d and she wouldn’t let it drop. She kept asking and prodding until she had pretty much figured out that I tie her daughter up and fuck her. Maybe she suspected more, but I pretty much confirmed the basics. Well, I go to our bag of tricks and come back with the thumb cuffs.

What the hell was I thinking? This seemed pretty tame, and I kinda wanted to see her reaction. I started to put them on her with her hands in front, but she insisted behind her back. She asked me to feed her more wine while cuffed! Then she opened up about wanting to be tied up and fucked, but she knew her husband would call that deviant behavior.

Well, one thing led to another and before long she was on her knees, tits out, with a ball-gag and arms in a binder sleeve. I was slapping and grinding her bare ass through my jeans, and all the time thinking oh shit, this is it. Can she keep her mouth shut about this, or is the end of my marriage? Something primal in me kept me focused on her muffled squeals and struggles against Tipobet my dick, which was painfully hard in my jeans.

Then, oh shit! The garage door starts to open. SHIT. I say keep quiet and I fucking bolt down the stairs to the garage. This is the fucking end of me, I think. When I fling the door open the headlights blind me and I instinctively cover the bulge in my pants. My mind was reeling.

As Sarah got out of the car and the door rolled down, I panicked, grabbed an old blanket the dog sleeps on and threw it in her face. She slapped it down and said not now I’m too tired for this. I grabbed her from behind and pushed her face down onto my workbench.

Tools and crap bounced to the floor as she struggled. I stuffed the corner of the dog blanket in her mouth to shut her the fuck up. She had to feel my boner against her ass. I could just barely reach a drop light that was plugged in over the workbench. I yanked that sucker down, breaking the bulb.

Once I had her hands tied behind her back, I had a chance to think. I thought OH SHIT THIS IS THE FUCKING END OF ME! I needed to restrain her better, so I hooked the drop light over a hook on the peg board and went for her legs.

Tools and crap were bouncing off the peg board as I looked for rope or anything. Then FUCK I heard muffled noises from inside the house. I reached Tipobet Giriş over and switched on the power grinder that’s bolted to the bench. Not fucking loud enough, I thought. But then her struggles had stopped. SHIT was I caught, did she hear? Or did the sound of power tools running make her think it was a bad idea to be struggling on my bench?

Either way, I was committed. I pulled her pants down to her ankles, lifted the corner of the workbench and kicked the crotch of her pants under the leg of the bench. I then stepped back and all at once felt very proud of my ingenuity. I was so pleased that I lubed my dick with her wet pussy and fucked her in the ass. I thought she liked it, but it was hard to tell. Then I pulled my pants up and said don’t go anywhere, I’ve got a surprise for you.

I hit the radio switch as I headed back into the house to see WTF was going on. I mean, didn’t the woman know we had a FUCKING CRISIS here? When I burst into the room I saw she had worked the ball gag out using her shoulder, and had fallen off the bed. I said shit you’ve got to get dressed.

She wanted to know where Sarah was. I told her not to worry just let me get you out of this rig so you can go to bed and be asleep. Then she floored me. She said if you don’t fuck me I’ll scream long and loud. I guess she heard tools and breaking things, and Tipobet Güncel Giriş had a pretty good idea of what happened in the garage with Sarah, who might possibly free herself at any minute.

SHIT. Ok it’s a plan. Extortion is a plan, right? So I hoist her back up on the bed roll her ass up and pull out my dick. As soon as it hits her pussy I go limp. I force the issue, I use my thumb, then my whole fucking hand to try to get inside her. SHIT. I have no choice now but to flip her back over and use her face to get hard. A couple of minutes and a few gags later I’m steel and ready to go. So I go at it the same way. Get pussy lube then hit the brownie.

She FUCKING SCREAMS when I go in. SHIT, I guess Sarah has some relaxation techniques. Well finally I blow my load and get her unhooked and back to her room. I think she liked it, but it was hard to tell.

Yea, great idea, we started all this in our room. She is staggering all the way down the hall on jello legs. I cram all the crap and toys back into our bag, including her panties and one shoe.

I race back down to the garage and sure enough, Sarah has managed to get one leg off over her shoe. If the workbench hadn’t pinned her pants at the crotch, I WOULD BE FUCKING DEAD. I wrapped her face back up in the blanket and got her unhooked and led her backwards into the house and our room.

I turned out the lights, threw her on the bed and roughed her up a little to hide the fact that the sheets were wrecked. She got free of the blanket and spat at me WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING MOM CAN HEAR THIS.

All I can say is it’s fucking great to be alive today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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