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Ms. Marta Legendario Esteban Luba winced. Her cushiony ass jiggled in the open English classroom air. Her college students Paul and Vlad were taking turns on her young holes. One, two, they pumped a pair of dildos they had brought from home. One, two. Her wrists bruised from their clenching grips.

“Ay! My asshole burns, ouch!” she yelped.

Vlad withdrew a stubby, pear-colored silicone dick from her ass. Paul kept twisting his clear glass penis into her glistening pussy. Marta’s sweet schoolgirl skirt shook with their ministrations.

“Keep holding her.” intoned Vlad. Paul momentarily replaced his ribbed dong with his fingers, jet-jetting up her snatch.

“Nummmmmmmm, ooh oh uh!”

Paul tasted her on his fingers. He stuck her again, each ribbed ring disappearing into her eager folds. Vlad walked around the desk where Marta leant. He offered the bulbous silicone mushroom head right up to her lips. She clamped them shut.

“Rmmmm NO!”

Paul watched. He grinned and pistoned, pivoted his tool around her guts. Vlad tipped it into one of her nostrils.

“Help! Someone help me!”

Vlad continued shaming her. He batted her Tipobet face, leaving a mushroom-shaped stamp at the curl of her lip. Marta stared him down, thick tears marring her cavernous eyeshadow. She sneezed.

Vlad set down the tool.

Paul left his thing in her vagina.

Simultaneously, the boys dropped their pants. Paul darted his pud around in her bubble butt. Vlad dipped his dick in her snotty face, smearing it all over.

“Yuck! Glak! Enough! Let me go, dammit, boys!”

She made for the classroom’s exit where the boys had faced the wall and she was the one spanking and attacking them with the full length of her ruler, only an hour earlier.

Such naughty boys, stealing her pocketbook and drawing rude little demon figures on her notes. She immediately regretted treating them like spoiled children, as her mother and father had cruelly spanked her speaking out one day. And now the young men here were using their naked rods to slap both ends of her.

“Ahhh…” she cried. “Ay, noooo!”

The ruler lay in pieces at her feet.

“I said NO, motherfucker!” she roared.

Paul was stiffer than a lead pipe.

“Ms. Tipobet Giriş Luba, I just can’t help myself!”

And he drove into her ass.


Marta shuddered. Paul’s assfucking shoved her to the other end of the desk, onto Vlad’s prick. Her cherry O mouth sank onto his cock.

“Gnf. N. Ah-UMP!”

Paul picked up speed, slapping his nuts along the dildo lodged in her tight mother’s hole. Very soon was he cumming. He emptied his seed into her asshole.

Marta raked Vlad’s shirt with her long nails. He gripped her hair in a mass from the side, daring her to stop sucking. Her lips were trembling. She ached simply everywhere.

Paul unplugged her puss and ass. Suddenly she felt empty. Vlad pulled her up off his knob, a string of salty sweat and precum falling from her tired mouth. At last, he let go of her hair.

He pointed down at his ballsack. Ms. Luba found herself swallowing, and tasting her own tears.

“We’ll tell the whole school, Ms. Luba,” warned Paul. He needn’t tell her about the camera footage just yet. A simple verbal threat would cow her.

Marta licked the meat flavor off Tipobet Güncel Giriş her lips. She slowly nibbled up Vlad’s balls and penis. On pure autopilot, she found her tongue making gentle crop circles on his junk.

“Holy fuck, Ms. Luba! Holy… Holy fucking shit!”

Marta could not hear Vlad’s words. She was far off in a different place, pretending her pussy wasn’t vibrating and slicking with each slurp. Her wounds, her pride, and the raw animal feeling of her body were comingling in a most unbecoming way.

“Fuck my mouth, Vlad. Please, I’m your doggy. Fuck Ms. Luba’s mouth hole.”

“I-Yi-Yi! She’s on fire!”

The wind left Luba’s lungs. He skull-fucked her pretty throat with abandon. He began to look up inside his brain. She saw his pupils disappear, a quivering that jolted down the kid’s stark face to his shaking hips.

Vlad lasted much longer.

“GL-PH GL-PH Ack! Pthuck!”

Finally, she spat onto her desk.

Marta eyed Paul’s rising gland.

“Fuck Ms. Luba’s slut puppy throat, boys. Where are your cocks?”

Vlad stuffed his dick, Paul’s dick, and both of their toys in. She gagged.

“What are you, Ms. Luba?”

“Shlut puppy, slt ppuppyyyy,” she called. The corners of her cracking lips taut like a rubberband around all four penises.

“That’s right,” said Paul, “Our personal, fat-assed dick-sucking personal slut puppy. Forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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