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Big Tits

“Do you want me to train you?” She looked up at me and it was as though her eyes lit up. I sat down.

“We’ll see how you take to punishment first…”

I wasn’t in a rush, but I could see that she was staring at me, with a new kind of hope. Like something in her life had now been fulfilled. I gave her a couple slaps. She seemed to wince, and now, as I couldn’t help but, notice, her panties were beginning to darken in that curious little area.

“Bend over for me, holding on to the cushion in my chair.” I moved as so she could get to. And she did so, as quickly as possible. I pulled the belt from the belt loops in my jeans, they were getting tight anyway as the bulge in my pants increased in size.

“I’m going to spank you with this belt, and I want you to count. After each number I want you to say ‘Thank you, Master'” as I stared on at her beautiful behind, her panties seemed to soak with her increasing arousal. I moved behind her and started to softly stroke her ass. She wriggled impatiently as I gave her a couple warm up smacks to the bottom with my hand.

“Or maybe I shouldn’t, you can’t seem to wait for it with patience. You don’t seem to want it enough.”

“NO, no, no! Please no, please spank me I beg you, Master!” She sat up on her knees and pressed her palms together as if she were praying to me. I grabbed her and put her back over the Tipobet cushion.

“I didn’t tell you to move, slut, I will spank you on my own time and you will be patient for it.” Her meek reassurance to do as I said was enough for me. I drew the belt back and began to spank that sweet, supple ass. As she counted for me and thanked me for each one, my cock only grew in size, I almost grew wet myself due to the precum emitting from the tip. I finally stopped as she began to cry, her body trembling as if she were almost at orgasm, but I wasn’t about to give her her release. The juicy wet liquid free flowing across the back of her thighs was so tempting, but sex is a reward, I recalled to myself, she’d be honored to have my big cock in that tight snatch of hers. I pulled her up so that her ass was forced against the back of her heels as she whimpered, catching her breath and I sat down in front of her. My legs spread so that she could see it, the bulge in my tight jeans.

“See what you’ve done to me, girl?” She was staring.

“Yes, Master, could I….?” Her eyes were glistening.

“C…can I sit on it…. and please you, Master?” But I shook my head. She seemed disappointed.

“Don’t be so eager, you’ll earn the right to sit on this cock or have none at all.” She was smiling a little as I said that.

“We need to come to some agreement Tipobet Giriş here, before we truly get into this. Do you understand that?” She nodded.

“You can come over when I’m not working and we’ll train, after you go home I want you to speak to me on the phone about your desires, what you want to come of this, if you want to give me complete control to be as my true slave and what not. If we decide we like the arrangement we’ll discuss further options and conditions for you. Will you agree to this?” She nodded again.

“If you are so eager to please me, girl, you’ll unzip and suck my cock.” Her eager little fingers met the button on my pants and worked it through the hole, and soon my zipper met it’s end. She retrieved my full erection from within my boxer shorts and let it free. Her sweet little lips soon met the tip as her tongue lavished drool over it. I can’t begin to tell you how good that pierced tongue of hers felt to my sensitive end. She slowly pushed her mouth down over the head as the little metal ball of the tongue ring pressed into my already pressured veins in the stem of my cock. I groaned as her lush mouth swallowed me down and then sucked with quite some pressure back to the tip, meanwhile her tongue danced over each and every inch. I’m not a lengthy man with only 7′ and maybe another half inch, but I was told my width was Tipobet Güncel Giriş what drove all of my girls wild. She was precise with each stroke into her gaping hole and soon I was pressing back. Fucking her precious little mouth with all of my man hood, I slowly reached my hand through her hair and gripped it tight. Pushing my cock deeper than it seemed she could receive it. But she seemed to love it as she would gag and then moan. The moan caught me at a shock. I was deep-throating her and then this sudden vibration hit my shaft. I could no longer hold back. I started to fuck her mouth harder, her moaning only grew louder around my member. And then I came inside that mouth. And like a good little girl she tried swallowing it all and when she pulled her head back, she had some coming from the corners of her smile, in which she had that sneaky little tongue retrieve as she moaned to the taste.

“Good Girl.” I said as I softly slapped at her tits.

“Go Home, now we have a lot to talk about. I want you ready for me tomorrow.” She got up and recalled the placement of her clothing, quickly retrieving it and putting each piece on carefully. I helped her get the corset laced back up before I made my last command for the day.

“I want you to leave your panties on my coffee table, and walk home without them on.”

“Yes, Master!” She said sliding her hand up her skirt and pulled them from the billowing cloth, placing them nicely on the table. She pulled her backpack over her shoulder and turned towards the door.

“Master, I will call you tonight, I will be a good girl all for you.” She assured me and as I nodded she left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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