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Lying on the foot of Master M’s bed, I revel in the warmth of his soft and warm bed sheets as I sink deeper into them. The rich mauve colouring enveloping me while lay on top of them, the softness of the mattress drawing me deeper towards sleep. Never before in my life have I been afforded such luxury, not even in the life before I was taken. A life so distant it seems as if it was not even mine, all I can remember these days is this life……. my new life. Days and nights of serving my masters and mistresses, pleasuring them in new and exciting ways, ways that before I never knew existed. While my introduction to a world bound by rules and servitude was immensely cruel, I now recognize that it was necessary in my growth as a slave and in gauging my level of experience. Maybe if I had been more experienced it would have been easier to slip into this word but I’m glad it wasn’t, this way I experienced the worst so now I feel the best there is. Strangely what you think would be my worst moment, was actually the moment when I realized just how broken I was and how much I now need this life.

Standing in my circle of light, before anyone entered (as was now always the case) I awaited my master. I could be waiting 10 seconds or 10 minutes or more, I knew I had to wait standing still, the cold floor on my bare feet chilling my toes and sending shivers into my calves. Suppressing the urge to shift my weight as my legs started to cramp, I knew that I was being tested and cameras all around watched my every move.

Time crept by, but still I waited, waited for my master to take me, use me as he had before. To punish me for imagined slights against him or for slips in my training. I had long since learned only perfection was good enough, anything short of perfection was punishable and so perfection is what I strove for.

After my time in this room, (I estimated I had been down here about a month by this point but I couldn’t be sure, I hadn’t been outside in all this time and my only food had been chicken and rice and water the only thing I could drink. The combination of all this was turning my body (although I was hardly fat to begin with) into a very lean woman. My butt had started to tighten from all the spankings and whippings as it sought a way to protect itself, hardening and building more muscle and not fat, my puppy fat had all but disappeared. My tits were firm and perky still with my nipples almost always at a state of erection, this was just how my master preferred them.

I cant say at this point that I enjoyed the abuse that could be heaped upon my body at a moments notice but I had certainly stopped flinching from it. Iv had learned to take the cane well and even focus on the stinging it left behind as long lines of red welts rose up on my body wherever it made contact. The swish as it arced in to my bare cheeks or legs no longer made me cringe before that painful contact, I could even stand being whipped by the short whip practically anywhere on my body and surprisingly even the feel of it as it came up between my legs and stroked my pussy and clit actually sent an electric jolt through me as body would betray my desires.

This was all as my master wanted though and I didn’t know if this made me angry at being turned into what I was becoming or if I was happy at serving him. So I fought it, I fought it with all I had, I didn’t want to become his plaything but I knew there was no changing what I was becoming, a willing sex slave.

It was then I realized the feeling I had, standing in that room all alone, my circle of light encompassing me, holding me inside its embrace as if nothing outside mattered, only what came in to the circle. It was disappointment, I was disappointed that no one had been in yet; no one had been in to wash me. I wanted to feel their touch, everyday the women had washed me and tended to my private areas, removing any excess hair, soaping my body, massaging in oils into my skin and stroking me gently, erasing the scars and pain of the previous day’s lessons. AS they cleaned me, their fingers would undoubtedly brush across my clit forcing me to control myself lest it stop, a fight with myself to keep the pleasure but not to give in to it. Even my arsehole wasn’t immune to their fingers Tipobet as they sought to cleanse me everywhere but even this attention would set me off, the feeling of multiple hands on my body, beautiful women tending to me, invading me where no one ever has, it didn’t matter all the things I thought I would never like ,I did: not only did I like them but even standing there thinking of them was turning me on, the tell tale heat in my cheeks, the warmth in my pussy as blood flooded my privates. I badly wanted them and I realized even more how much of his I was.

More time passed but I held my stance until finally the door opened, but in stead of hearing the heavy footsteps of my master a gentle “click click” descended the stairs and made its way towards me followed by the familiar shuffling sound of my two attendees. Fighting to keep the relief and smile from my face I raised my arms out to the sides and spread my legs and awaited their ministrations.

They never came, instead, they silently walked into the inner sanctum of my circle and without even a little glance they sank to their knees in front of me at the edge of my vision. Resting on their haunches with their heads cast down looking at the stone floor. I couldn’t help but look at their beautiful bodies long hair flowing down their unmarred backs, their breasts pert and round, shining with oils, the same oils I guessed I was always massaged with and I found my self wondering “who tends to these two”. They both had lithe, athletic bodies with muscles subtly moving beneath the surface of their skin. It dawned on me then, that I must look very similar to this except for the muscles I must have been a replica of these two, a clone. I was about the same height, the same weight same hair style and length everything was the same or similar, I would even guess my tits were the same size and the muscles were nothing some gym time couldn’t fix. All the time I was admiring the women I was only partially aware of the constant “click, click, click” as it circled me a distant silhouette just outside my world edging closer until, in front of me a woman dressed in a form fitting little dress stepped into my circle and in between the women kneeling now at her feet.

Her hair was a short brown colour trimmed neatly to her neck and she had an average looking face but perhaps if she hadn’t been scowling she would have been better looking. While she had a nice body it wasn’t as nice as my two attendants and therefore I guessed not as nice as and perhaps this was why she was scowling so much. Her hands were resting on the heads of the women to either side of her, fingers splayed as if to crush their skulls with one hand, and on her feet she had high heel boots that covered her legs up to her knees. All very alluring I was sure but it did nothing for me in the slightest, I had seen much more intimidating sights in my stay and also much more attractive sights starting with the women to her sides.

The sudden appearance of this woman stilled my urges and I found myself back from my dreams about the women kneeling by her and I became aware that my arms were beginning to ache and tremble from holding them out for so long, usually by now they had been bound out beyond my sight so tight I didn’t have to hold them up.

Without saying a word she turned the two women’s head towards each other and forced them together. They were leaning forward at such an angle that the only thing keeping them upright was the fact they were leaning against each other, I could see their tongue darting in and out, exploring each others mouth as they kissed deeply and passionately. Releasing their heads the mistress walked around them and up to me, leaving them kissing behind her, as she got closer they got more and more into their kissing as their hands started to move up each others body, I couldn’t help but watch, it was enticing, I found myself wanting to be part of it and feel the tenderness of the kisses but the mistress was blocking my view.

“Lower you arms” she commanded. Immediately I complied.

“You have never been with a woman have you?”

“No mistress” I replied, knowing automatically that that was what I was I was to call her.

“Well we will soon Tipobet Giriş rectify that!”

Stepping to the side she gave me full view again and I could see that now they were not only kissing but hands were everywhere, caressing breasts, pinching nipples, stroking faces and reaching between legs, never staying put in one place for long. Again my desire grew, my breathing got heavier and I felt a hand slip between my legs and up between my lips, sliding gently along my soaked pussy. I kept my gaze fixed on the show in front as fingers slipped inside me, not even sighing as I wanted to when they entered. Moving faster and faster the fingers brought me to the edge of orgasm and withdrew to my clit rubbing frantically to bring me over the edge. Trying to stand still was impossible, the show coupled with the rubbing sent me stumbling as I came down my legs, my juices coating my mistresses fingers.

“Clap, Clap”

Up stood the performers and they came over to me. Pushing her fingers deep into the slave on the lefts mouth she made her lick her fingers until no trace of me could be found.

Whispering in the other slaves ear she then walked out of the circle of light while the slave walked in the opposite direction. Moments later the whole room was bathed in light as the slave turned on all the lights and then walked back towards me and eventually past. Keeping my gaze still fixed firmly ahead I worried about all the punishment I would receive for Cumming on my mistress’s hand and not staying still. When the other slave left my side I began to worry more, now I had no one near me, no one to focus on when I received my punishment.

“Get down; whore. Get down on your hands and knees and show me you arse.”

Slowly I lowered myself to my knees and then leant forwards onto my hands until my arse was slightly higher than my head, my hair not yet been tied back for the day fell about my face and draped to the floor. A cool breeze blew across my exposed pussy as I worried about the next part, whatever that would be.

“Do you think you deserved to cum? Do you think that display was for you?”

“No Mistress”

“You deserve a spanking for that, and a good one, but I don’t want to hurt my hand on your insolent behind. You can do it and make it good or it’ll go a lot worse for you later. Give her the paddle”

And with that a handle was thrust in to my hand.

“Begin, and don’t forget to count.”

And so I did “SMACK” .”One” I cried “SMACK” “Two” “SMACK” “SMACK” “SMACK” “Three, four, five”. All the way to 15, I could feel my butt cheek was red raw and burning as all fifteen had landed on the same cheek.

“Good girl.” She said “I’m pleased with your punishment now come over here but stay on your hands and knees.”

I could hear a tremor in her voice as if she found this funny.

Turning round on the floor I saw her reclining in a comfortable looking armchair (I don’t know when it was brought in but can only assume it was sometime when I was sleeping) with her dress lying on the floor in front of her and her legs open. Either side of her again were my two attendants kneeling in the same position they were earlier except now further apart. Crawling toward her I feel my breasts swaying with my motion, my nipples still erect and aroused from earlier, my pussy aching, wanting more, wanting something inside filling me up and all the time knowing my master has planned all this to break me, to make me his.

I kept my head down as I drew up to her feet, in my peripheral vision I can see the other women as they stoically sit there, waiting for their next command.


With that the two women sprang into action, one grabbing my rams and pining them behind me leaving my face inches from smashing into the cold stone floor. The other moving around and behind me. Being hoisted up by my arms I found myself in a kneeling position breasts thrust out to my mistress who promptly gave them both a twist and squeeze, trying but failing to elicit a response from me, at the same time my knees were being forced apart and then something soft and hairy brushed against my inner thighs.

“Pay attention to what you feel. What is used and how to do it. Tipobet Güncel Giriş You will be expected to do it to me after and you better do it well.”

Before I could reply I felt something I had never felt before, I didn’t know what is was but I could guess, her tongue was licking against my clit, tracing little patterns around that most sensitive spot of mine, never touching just teasing, playing with me, daring me to move, to force my clit onto her tongue, but the vice like grip holding my nipples prevented it. Then the licking got faster, occasionally flicking over my clit but never concentrating on it. Working its way to my opening, first licking around It, then into it, alternating between penetrating me to teasing me. Back and forth it went wanting me to cum but never letting me.

Back to my clit and on it straight away, I was ecstatic no more teasing as she made me cum, huge racking orgasms flooded me then sending my juice in to her mouth but she kept going, I thought I was cumming enough to drown her but she wanted more, had been commanded to have more.

“See you don’t ever stop till commanded” mistress said through the haze of orgasms. “Do you understand?”

“Y-Y-Y-Yes mistress” I managed to stammer while the slaves tongue continued its relentless assault on my pussy.

Just to add to the experience, while her mouth was firmly affixed to my pussy, licking and sucking for all it was worth, I felt a finger, then another slip effortlessly into my pussy while another circled my arsehole. A finger in my arse was nothing new by then but never during anything sexual. Fire exploded deep within me and I jammed my pussy hard down upon her face as she slipped a finger deep into my arse. Rocking back and forth on her face, her fingers pumping in and out of me I was screaming with pleasure as I came again and again, not caring about the pain being caused by my nipples’ hell it was even adding to the experience. I was growing dizzy from the orgasms, there seemed to be no end to them, just a rolling wave of pleasure as she drank in my nectar.

“STOP!” Rang out through the haze; as my body wobbled, perched as it was on the slaves face the only thing holding me upright, my mistresses grip on my stretched nipples.

As the slave withdrew her nose then her forehead tickled past my clit eliciting one last shudder from me.

Releasing my nipples, Mistress turned my head to kiss the woman next to me. To taste my own juices so I knew what it tasted like..

“Your turn!” Mistress said and with that I was edged forward towards her muff. She only had a little line of hair above her Mons, her pussy was glistening in the light in anticipation of what was to come. A hand on the back of my head told me it was time, so I lent forward almost eagerly and started to show the mistress what I had learnt.

Shaking my hands free of their captor I ran them up my mistress’s legs until they were resting on her hips, and looking her in the eyes I smiled as I said “Thank you mistress” and I set about licking, nibbling, stroking, anything I could think of that would make her cum. I tasted her cum many times that day and I have to say it was lovely; the taste of her juices was sweet on my tongue, the feel of her velvety skin as it clenched during every orgasm and sent spurts of cum shooting into my mouth, (I never knew women could do that until that moment) I drank everything down and licked at what I missed, down between her arse crack and onto the armchair. I made sure to use my fingers but because of my position I couldn’t enter her instead I used my finger on her clit strumming her softly while my tongue probed deeper and deeper into he.

She pulled on my head wanting more as I sent her to heaven until she breathlessly uttered “stop”.

Proud, and not a little warn out I did, I sat back on my haunches I knew I had to do this well or face punishment from her, far worse than any I had ever experienced before. My face was dripping with her, my cheeks were red and I had a burning sensation between my legs like I had never had before. But for the first time since I had been there I felt good. No one could deny I had done a good job.

“Well done my pet,” she said “you did well, much better than I thought. It seems you like to lick pussy don’t you?”

“Yes” I replied “Mistress if I may, I think I like to do anything that pleases you and my masters!” and with that sentence I knew my last vestiges of resistance had been broken and now I would do anything that was ever asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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