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Acknowledgements: I read the very basics of this story many, many years ago. I cannot recall where and I cannot recall who wrote it. I want to acknowledge their creativity, as well. Having said this, the vast majority of this story has been re-written and is original to me.


Chapter One: Introductions

My story begins in a trendy Chicago nightspot. I was with my buddy, Steve. We’ve been good friends for many years having played sports together in high school. While I went on to play Division 1 at University, Steve turned his interested to the martial arts and had become quite proficient in several. We worked out together a couple of times a week both having located after graduation to the same city. We enjoy the night life and meeting beautiful and interesting women.

I have no martial arts training whatsoever, but I’ve always been taken by the beauty, confidence and strength of women who do. Whenever I had the opportunity to do so, I would ask Steve about the women he trained with. While I thought that I was discreet, I apparently was not as it didn’t take him long to figure out my interests.

“I almost forgot,” he said. “You’ll love this one… but if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you! Last week there was a guest instructor, a woman, at the dojo who’d come to demonstrate and teach Kenpo Karate.” I began to feel a tingling.

He went on, “she was easily one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. About 5’9″, 120 lbs, Norwegian, soft chiseled features, chestnut brown hair down to the middle of her back.” She already checked all the boxes and I didn’t need anything else to fantasize later on. “She looked like something right out of a fantasy with the roundest hazel eyes you’ve ever seen.” Steve was staring into space and a bit whispy as he continued, “she had such soft and tanned skin, and she smelled amazing.”

“Did you train with her or have sex with her!?” I prodded while trying to divert the intensity of my interest. I was completely mesmerized and hoped it wasn’t that obvious for a woman I’d never even met.

“Her name is Julie. She’s a twenty six year old exchange student from Oslo here on a scholarship at the Medical School. In addition to working part time in the labs, she teaches martial arts to earn extra money,” he added. “Now I’ve been training hard for almost ten years and I’ve never met anyone who has achieved her level of proficiency and control. She’s earned blackbelts in Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo Karate, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do. Her flexibility is astonishing and her ability to transition from ground fighting to kicking to striking to throwing to grappling and back again is like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Steve could not have hit on the essence of my “interest” with any better precision. My mouth went dry and I felt a bit weak. I hung on his every description wanting it to not end.

He explained how Julie could have killed him. “She was introduced by our senior instructor and with her strong Norwegian accent invited me in front of the class,” he went on. “She was wearing a traditional gi… black pants with a white jacket and a blackbelt tied around her waist. She was slim and even hidden within the gi, I could tell that she was muscular. Her forearms, ankles, legs were toned and strong.”

“I am going to demonstrate a series of techniques that are primarily designed to control and dominate as opposed to break and cripple,” she said. “I know this might surprise some of you given what you think you know about Kenpo but that is why I am here. To teach you. Steve, I want you to attack in any way you choose.”

“Well that is all she had to say as I was both eager to learn something new and eager to prove my own skills before the class and Sensei,” he said. I threw a traditional straight punch at her head with a powerful “Kiyap!” which she easily avoided while administering a series of short, powerful kicks to my stomach and groin. I don’t recall seeing her foot return to the mat, but I found her in front of me, nonetheless, and after her well place heel or back kick to my groin, my own feet were now leaving the ground. It all happened so fast. When I landed, she was already on her knees in a control position, waiting to accept me. She quickly applied an immobilizing joint lock. Her skills were real.”

I couldn’t say a word and was trying to keep my composure lest Steve change his opinion of me.

“She released the hold and drew her leg up my inner thigh as we stood up. Given her angle, I don’t believe that anyone saw what happened next and if they did, no one said a word. She applied just enough pressure with the sole of her foot between my legs to ‘wake me up,’ if you know what I mean,” said Steve continuing to stare forward. I was starting to wonder if he shared my interest?

“She knew exactly what she was doing and was so incredibly skilled with her body… how she moved… how she made contact… how she applied each striking and controlling technique that no one but me seemed to know that what was happening. It was as much a martial arts demonstration Tipobet as it was foreplay!” he said with astonishment. “She was pleasuring me, and herself, while she delivered a stream of throws, joint locks, strangle holds, crippling groin slaps, kicks and punches. I know she enjoyed what she was doing beyond the demonstration… I would catch her eye from time to time and she would wink or smirk. Julie is clearly a martial arts sadist and I was completely submitted by her.”

“I want her number” I demanded.

“Are you crazy, she would kill you. I’m a second-degree blackbelt and I could do nothing to counter either her attacks or defense techniques. She threw me around like a little kid, and you have no training,” Steve reasoned.

“I just want to meet her, that’s all,” I managed to say with a dry mouth.

“Ok … but it’s your funeral,” he said laughing. He fumbled in his wallet and produced a business card. “Here. This is what she gave out for those interested in private lessons. But I warn you, you have no skills and she most certainly does. You could get hurt.”

I could hardly control my excitement as I took the card. It read, “Martial Arts, Inc.” on one side along with a name in bold letters: JULIE VALEN. On the other side, “Master in Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Aikido. Private Lessons by Appointment Only. 555.555.1298.”

Chapter Two: The Appointment

Our conversation was brief. I introduced myself and told her I was interested in martial arts instruction and that she was recommended. She was very business-like on the call, “Have you any prior martial arts training?”

“No, I responded,” and wondering if she could tell how nervous I was. Her Norwegian accent was seductive, “Do you live alone? Who referred you? Are you physically active?” The questions came fast and I answered each.

“OK. I’ll see you,” she said. I wasn’t sure what that meant as I thought it was more about teaching me versus being seen, but I dismissed the comment as a difference in our languages. I’ve survived the interview, I thought.

“I will be at your home at 8PM Saturday night and the lesson will last for exactly ninety minutes. You can pay me using any one of several electronic payment services.” If her discipline and control in the martial arts was anything like how she presented on this call then I had something to look forward to. When I hung up the phone, I sat for several long moments. She was clearly in charge and I needed her to dominate me… I needed to submit to her. But that isn’t what she was coming to do. She was coming to give me my first martial arts lesson and then, undoubtedly, the fodder to fuel future fantasies. “What did I get myself into?” I said aloud.

Chapter Three: The Lesson (Part 1)

At exactly 8PM on Saturday evening the doorbell rang. I jumped from my chair with significant anticipation and excitement. When I got to the door, I paused. I could see her outline through the door and it caught me. Even her shadow through stained glass was beautiful and I was admiring her form without even seeing it clearly. I opened the door, “Hello.”

“Hello,” she said. Standing before me I wondered if she intentionally paused to allow me to take all of her in? She was everything Steve had described, and more. Long, chestnut brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, soft chiseled features. She was the kind of woman that I would never have been able to muster the courage to talk to, and here she was.

“Are you going to invite me in?” she said in a beautiful Norwegian accent. “Yes, of course, of course. Please come in.” As she walked past me I caught her scent and it made me swoon. My eyes followed her hair down the middle of her back, past her shaped thighs and tight buttocks, and to her calves that were swishing out from underneath her summer dress. Her ankles and feet in her loosely fitted leather thongs were perfectly shaped. Her toes wore a white polish, and her arches wonderfully accentuated. What made me think that she preferred to be barefoot? She was clearly every bit a woman, a feminine goddess, and she had to know her effect on mere mortals.

She turned to face me. “Where will we be having your lesson?” she asked with a childlike innocence. Her accent and affect were relaxing, soothing, intoxicating and erotic all at once. She was so beautiful. She placed her bag on the chair, reached in and removed one of those hair things, a scrunchy I think they call it. She pulled her hair back from her face into a high pony tail with an ease the belied the fact she had done it a thousand times before. She slipped out of her shoes. No tan lines.

“I assume you’d like a place to change?” I asked.

“Not necessary,” she replied and a moment later her sundress was being folded and placed in her bag. I couldn’t move or even make a sound. Before me stood a woman of unparalleled beauty, completely naked. Her lean, tan six-pack abs rippled when she moved… so tight. Her breasts were firm and attentive, and her nipples erect within perfectly shaped areola. Tipobet Giriş Now I could see what I couldn’t before… her thighs were strong and I traced the muscles that drew from her legs to, and around, her waist. She was so fit. I was tingling.

She allowed me to take her in. She allowed me to fall deeper into her effect. She smiled and for the first time I really saw the beautify of her angled jaw and high cheekbones. Steve’s description didn’t approach the reality of what stood before me. “You are so beautiful,” I whispered and not realizing I had done so aloud.

“Thank you. I know,” she replied.

I didn’t know what to say or do next but managed to regain my composure in short order, “Do I need to change or wear something different?” I asked. “No. Jeans and your tee shirt are fine. Socks, too, and put on your shoes,” she said looking around the room.

“I’d like to warm up,” and she proceeded to move the furniture out of the way to create space. “Let me help you,” I rushed forward. In short order, we had created a large space in which to have a lesson. I hadn’t quite figured out what was going on and I was still in shock that she was naked. Steve mentioned none of this. Did he know?

“If you don’t mind me asking, how do you afford a home like dis with a view like dat?” she inquired as she dropped into a middle split. Was she making small talk? I think I responded something to the effect that the financial markets were a lucrative industry, but it seemed like someone else was actually talking. I couldn’t stop staring. I was hypnotized.

She moved through a number of stretches and extensions designed to limber up her legs, back, feet, arms. She folded her fingers together and rolled her wrists while she simultaneously rolled her head around her neck. Side to side. Back and forth. Now sitting with her feet straight out in front of her, she gently massaged her thighs. She brought each ankle to a thigh and and slapped the soles of her feet with a gently closed fist. She continued this thumping motion all the way up her legs, abdomen and down each arm. When she was done, she rolled to one knee and then into a table top position. I recognized this from yoga. She proceeded to move through a series of cat / cow exercises. I was now staring at perfection, her lips fully exposed and more so with each cow flex. I felt dizzy and a stirring between my legs. This is what I knew so far… her flexibility and lean, tight muscles clearly confirmed her fitness; she was on par with world class athletes. This is all I knew and couldn’t have imagined what came next.

Then, from this position, her leg shot straight up and back with the blade of her foot stopping an inch from my the space right under my nose. Such control! I was now looking past her ankle… down her leg to a perfect, flexed backside… to her thin waist and muscular back extending forward like a “v”. So fit. No tan lines anywhere.

“You thought I was here for a martial arts lesson, and I am,” she said looking intently at me over her shoulder. “Just not the one that you expected.” I was speechless. “Your friend, Steve, led me to believe that you would find me attractive and that my skills might serve a special purpose for you… and, of course, for me.” My body was reacting to her.

“First, allow me to answer questions that you may have about me,” she started.

“Ah, ok. Eh, how did you get into martial arts,” I managed and amazed that I didn’t start with “Why are you naked?”

“Growing up in Oslo, my step-mother was the Norwegian judo and jujitsu champion and she ran a dojo in the city. I grew up on the mat and demonstrated a propensity for training and learning different martial arts at a very young age. My spacial awareness is exceptional,” and with that she slowly returned her leg to its last position on the ground, all the while staring intently into my eyes. “I earned blackbelts in Judo and Jujitsu by the time I was 15, and followed by a blackbelt in Aikido by 18. I felt confident with my throwing and grappling skills and wanted to step up my striking game. So, I added Kenpo Karate to my training regimen. That naturally led to Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do for the further advancement of my kicking abilities. By the time I was 27, I had blackbelts in each and multiple in several including a 5th degree blackbelt in Judo and a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.” She had me at hello; I could only stare.

“What exactly is going to happen here this evening?” I mustered.

She continued and I couldn’t tell if she was ignoring the question. “Well, about the time I turned eighteen my life was fully revolving around school and martial arts. Three to four hours a day, four to five days a week I spent on the tatami. We lived above the dojo so each morning, before breakfast, my mother and I would clean. Then each evening we’d do the same. She told me the routine would develop discipline that would train my mind for my martial arts,” she explained. “My step-mother is and was an important influence in my life. She made me Tipobet Güncel Giriş into who I am… into the woman you see before you.”

“Then one day during a judo class I was paired with a guy who was a couple of years older – maybe 20 – and much bigger. He wasn’t taking it particularly easy on me nor did I want him to but I was getting thrashed around a bit,” she recalled. “Then after a throw in which I landed hard, something snapped inside me. I’d had enough. He approached from the front, reaching to grab the lapel of my jacket and I launched him over me with a wheel kick throw.” She had my full attention.

“Something about the combination of my anger and that throw generated a feeling I had never before experienced. It made me wet. Instantly. By the time he was back on his feet, I was in front of him and he was traveling over my right shoulder. He bounced when he hit the ground and I hauled him back up for a series of pounding throws, locks, and submissions. He tried, but he could do nothing,” she said with a smirk. “I had found a state of utter bliss and was one with my body, my mind and my martial arts. I was so turned on by it all and on many levels. I touched myself for weeks afterwards and discovered during that time that being naked enhanced my arousal. I liked the freedom I experienced without clothing. I felt strong, feminine and desirable. As a result, I prefer my naked form to be unhindered during my sessions.”

Sessions? Did I hear her correctly?

“So, for the next few years I used the dojo to explore my sadism and sexual interests in ways that my fellow students did not realize. Men. Women. I found them all a turn on when they were incapacitated by my martial arts skills. When they were locked in my legs, being thrown over my powerful body, immobilized with a joint lock, or submitted by a strangulation hold, I found nirvana. I also discovered that my step-mother shared the same interests. She’d been watching and waiting to see if I would develop in the way she hoped… and I did. She and I would invite men and women to our home and we would dominate them together, and then I would challenge her. She is the only person who can submit me and if you like what you see before you then you would like her very much; her skills far surpass mine,” she winked. “All this is why I am here,” she finished.

“I have incorporated my love for the martial arts and my need for sexual domination and sadism into a business that is helpful for me and my clients,” she explained. “The rules are simple. I will use techniques from various martial arts to submit you. I will be completely naked and you will be completely clothed. If I feel that you’re trying hard, I will use parts of my naked form to satisfy your desires. Each time you cum, you will owe me,” she continued. “If I don’t feel that you are trying hard enough, then I will use a series of strangulation holds and joint locks to induce pain until you learn.” I was mesmerized.

“At any time during our session, I may require you to satisfy my needs. You will worship my naked form, my feet, and you will submit to my request,” she said with a matter of factness. I knew if I disobeyed then I would be at risk. “There are no safe words. Let’s begin.”

Chapter Four: The Lesson (Part 2)

I didn’t hesitate for a second… this is what I wanted. I may not have known before but listening to her, seeing her, I know now. Her domination; my submission. I moved forward to enter the area we’d cleared in preparation for whatever might happen next, as this was all virgin territory. As I did so I felt it. Whap! She was on her back now, resting on her elbows and facing me. She caught me staring at her breasts and had extended a front snap kick from her ground position of stability. Her toes and the ball of her foot found their home and I instinctively bent forward before I even felt the pain. As I did so, she reached up and executed what I assumed is the throw she did on her uke so many years back. I was suddenly above her, and then behind her. I landed hard.

Before I could get my bearings, she was standing. I was still catching my breath from the foot strike and contemplating if I was going to throw up when I heard her high pitched “Kiyap!” I had just enough time to appreciate the view before me and before I felt the sting. She was in a standing, vertical split holding her left foot above her head. The muscles along her inner thigh were fully visible and pronounced. The skin leading to where I so wanted to be was pink and smooth. In an instant, she had dropped her heal, connecting with my chest in a hollow thud. It almost knocked the wind out of me but I knew she had to have pulled back before contact. She placed her foot back on the ground and turned to slowly walk away.

This might be a good time to take the upper hand, I thought irrationally. Next I was up and rushing her from behind. She knew I was going to do this. I was just about to close my arms around her in a reverse bear hug but she disappeared. Actually, she had twisted around towards me and brought her arm down and then up and then behind my back. Mind you, it was there for only a millisecond as my groin was caught by her right hip and muscular right thigh. I heard her utter and tight “Hite!” before folding over her hip without hesitation. I was back on the ground, looking up dazed.

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