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The next day was another magnificent day. She got up and looked at her clock. Oh, she sighed it’s four am. She started to drift off. Oh no! She sat up in bed. My morning walk. She got up and rushed to get ready. Making coffee to be ready for her return. She opened her front door and found Max sitting there waging her tail and panting. She looked stunned, she opened the screen door and looked around to see if Mark was anywhere around. She didn’t see him. She glanced back over at Max. “well,” she yawned, “does your Master know your here,” Max started to bark with excitement and then started to prance around has if he was excited to see her. She stepped out and closed the screen door behind her. She never locked her door, she felt safe from strangers and there was no need to worry unless they were invited on to the property for there was a teen foot gate around the property that extended at least six feet past the beach permitter. Okay, Max she smiled, lets go. They headed down toward the beach, Max beside her jumping, running ahead of her then back. She watched Max with amusement. He found a piece of drift wood and brought it to her she bent over and took it and Max started to run a head a little ways then turned and started barking with excitement. She threw it of course. Max fetched it and brought it back. This went on during the entire walk. The finally returned to her house. She turned to Max and in a low voice told Max to go home. Max obeyed her wishes and ran home.

She opened the door to the house and was startled to find a vase with three dozen beautiful lush roses sitting on her dining room table. Her eyes widen has she got closer. The fragrant smell filled the house. There were red, white and one single tall yellow rose in the middle. They were beautifully arranged in a crystal vase. She noticed an envelope by the vase. Could it be she thought. Was Mark showing interest in her. No, she thought with his career he has many ladies to choose from. She picked up the envelope and there was no markings on it. She opened it and took the note out that was inside, it read:

Leann, Thank you for being a kind neighbor. I am not a man of many words nor do I profess to be. I enjoyed our reading together. Your voice sounds like an angel to me. You made me feel as if I was truly living the diary. Why the roses you must be thinking by now. I find you very attractive and hope that this doesn’t scare you off. I would like for us to get to know each other better, if nothing else just to be friends. I look forward to our reading this afternoon down by the waterfall. I just wanted you to know how I felt. I know we just meant but you have made me feel special.

She couldn’t believe what she was reading. She didn’t know what to think though Bycasino her heart was jumping for joy. Okay she told herself lets not get to excited. Lets take it one day at a time. The rest of the day she was in seven heaven. Songs where sung has she got her housework done. Then she showered and changed. She noticed the time. She got a basket out and put cheese, crackers and a few other things in it. She also put her glasses in it too. She knew she would need them to read. She went out the kitchen door that faced her large yard and headed for the waterfall.

Excitement was mounting. The birds were singing, flowers in full bloom. She finally made it to the waterfall. The grass was green and felt like a carpet under her feet. She decided to sit next to the pond that the fall poured into. There was an oak tree for her to lean up against. She started to sit and get situated when she heard a noise behind her. It was Mark and Max coming towards her. Max ran up and started to lick her face she started to giggle. “Max stop that,” Mark commanded. “Awe, he’s okay,” she smiled, “he’s just happy to see me.” Mark chuckled. He sat down beside her with wine and two glasses in one hand and a cork screw in the other. She noticed the book tucked under his one huge massive arm, he smiled at her. “Thank you for the lovely roses,” she blushed. “I hoped you liked them,” he to blushed.

Leann started to put her feet in the pond. “MM, so refreshing,” she stated. She noticed Mark pulling up the bottom of his jeans and then putting his feet in. “You’re right,” he grinned. He noticed the basket and peered inside then looked at her with such fondness. He took the cork screw and opened the wine and poured. He held both glasses in one hand and poured with the other. She started to giggle. “What’s so amusing,” he asked. “You’re a professional aren’t you,” pointing at the glasses. He looked. “No, just that my hand is big enough to hold two,” he smirked. He gave her a glass and kept the other. “A toast is needed here,” he piped up. She looked at him in bewilderment. “To the most nicest and beautiful lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he smiled. Her eyes widened, she started to blush. “To the most nicest and interesting man that I have ever meant,” she smiled. He looked at her this time with bewilderment. The glasses clanked and they each took a sip.

There was silence for a while except for the bird and the waterfall. Then from out of no where Max jumped in the water splashing both of them. Mark looked at her and she him and started to laugh. In and out Max went around the pond. Mark looking at him annoyed. “Oh, let him be,” she said in a happy voice, “he’s chasing the fish in the pond,” she pointed to one. He looked and started to laugh, “stupid Bycasino giriş dog,” he chuckled. She reached over Mark for the book that sat beside him. She didn’t realize just how massive he was till then. She had to put her other hand on his thigh to reach over him. Her heart raced. She stretched over his legs, her breast brushed up against them her nipples began to get erect. She could feel his eyes on her. It sent chills up and down her spine, she thought to herself, wow, any women who would be with him would feel like a wish bone being pulled apart. What a wish she would get. By now he had reached for the book and started to moving it further away, out of her reach. “Hey,” she stated in surprise. She turned her head to look back and up at him, He was smiling at her. A smile she had not seen from him before. She reached one more time and he moved the book again. “Awe, come on now,” she said a little flustered.

She felt herself starting to loose her position and started to fall in the direction of the pond. Her heart pounding, she could feel it and hear herself loose grip. He stopped her with his other massive hand holding her by the waist. She was half way over on his lap she realized, now she had both hand on his legs, one on each. She guided herself back to her sitting position. Mark kept his hand around her waist so she wouldn’t fall. She looked up at him and he had a twinkle in his eyes, he laughed. “Find that amusing do you,” she said a little agitated. “Yes, just to see the expression on your face was worth it,” he laughed. “Okay, Okay, you had your fun,” she sounded a little annoyed. “Are you sure,” he grinned devilishly at her. She looked surprised by that statement. “Okay, play time is over,” he smirked, “at least for now.” “Help yourself to whatever you want,” she said. “Whatever I want,” he winked at her. “In the basket,” she quickly added. “Oh, well I better not go there,” he busted out laughing. She reached in the basket for her glasses and put them on. “Well, are you going to give me the book or are we just going to sit here,” she smirked at him. He looked at her almost amazed she had spoken to him in that way but then he began to smile and gave her the book. She opened the book where they had left off and began to read. Mark listening to every word. She was getting to the point in the dairy where the Reeses had first meant. Leann noticed a change in her writing. She was writing down every emotion she had, that she had yearned for Mr. Reese. How her body would feel everytime she saw hi. Leann could tell her voice was getting excited reading this part, Mark had noticed it for he to was feeling aroused by her reading. She felt her body begin to twitch. Never had she read anything like this. He reached over and Bycasino deneme bonusu put his hand on the page and turned the corner down then shut the book and gently took it from her, her eyes followed the book then looked up at Mark who smiled at her. “I think that’s enough for one day,” he said with a yearning in his voice.

She looked at him and thought to herself, is he feeling just as aroused as I am. She must have read a good fifty pages she thought. “Has you wish,” she smirked. “Yes, I wish for now,” his eyes filled with a yearning but he knew not to act on them. To soon he thought, I don’t want to scare her. He looked at her and smiled. “Lets pick this up tomorrow shall we,” he winked at her. She was trying to hide her excitement. He pushed the book aside and started to get up when he slipped into the pond with a big splash and do I mean a big splash. She started to laugh out loud. “Think that’s funny do you,” humor in his voice his eyes fixed on her. “The look on your face,” she laughed. He came over and with both hands he gently took her by the waist and threw her in the pond. She went flying in the air and splashed down and went under she came up for air. “Now that’s funny,” he roared laughing. She was angry at first but then she started to laugh. She started to splash water at him. He rose his huge hands in front of him to stop the water. “Oh, so you think your,” tough he dived under the water but before she could move he came up behind her and with one hand over her head pushed her down. She grabbed his ankles and pulled them out from underneath him and he sank. She came up for air and so did he. This went on for hours laughing and dunking each other. Even Max got into the fun. “Enough,” she laughed. The whole time they played her body quivered at his touches. Her nipples so hard she had never known them to be so swollen. He smiled at her. “Your right it’s getting late,” he grinned and winked at her. Mark was the first one out of the pond of course. He turned to help her out his huge hand around her small soft hand and lifted her with such ease. She stood before him soaking wet has did he. He noticed her large firm breast. Her nipples erect coming through her shirt.

She looked down and noticed them also. She looked up at him blushing, he smiled. Oh, God she thought her body started to tremble a little from embarrassment. Mark noticing her embarrassment and the gentleman that he kept his gaze on her as if not to notice. “Shall we read tomorrow,” he asked. “Yes,” she said shyly. “Same time,” he asked. “Why not,” she smiled. “We’ll meet in the sunken garden behind the mansion,” he smiled at her. “Okay, I look forward to it,” she giggled. They picked up their things and walked together both in deep thought. “I enjoyed myself today,” he said almost in a devious way. “Has did I,” she replied. He bent over and kissed her forehead and smiled. This went on for days. Meeting and reading in different places on the property. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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