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Mothers Day was coming and I wasn’t sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn’t be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to me to make Her day special.

I had it all planned out… I let Her sleep in…which She really enjoyed. She woke to a nice homemade breakfast. I started a nice hot shower for Her after breakfast. While She was showering, I laid out a sexy black nighty, a pair of lacy socks, and a pair of comfortable black dress shoes. She got dressed after drying Her hair and applying a modest amount of makeup that included fire engine-red lipstick. I helped Her put on Her knee-length black jacket and We headed to the Van.

The drive was about 30 minutes and She did most of it with the Jacket open and pinching Her nipples while she played with Her pussy. When We arrived at Our destination, She modestly closed the jacket and We walked in the back door, scanned Our keys, I paid the money, and We walked into the dark, couch-filled theater where She promptly removed the jacket so all the Strangers stroking Their cocks could see Her by the light of the Mothers Day porn playing on the big screen.

My Buddy Mark was already there and guided Us to one of the back couches until our eyes could adjust. Lisa sat between Us and We 3 promptly started to play while a growing crowd of Strangers with cocks in hand formed.

Lisa went to sucking Marks cock right away while I pulled up the lacy nighty and stuck a finger in each of Her holes. I motioned for the closest stranger to touch Her and He immediately grabbed one of Her firm C-cup breasts with his free hand, kneading it and tweaking Her large, firm nipple. Mark was already worked up and was exploding into Lisa’s mouth in less than 10 minutes.

After sucking the last drop of cum from His cock He got up and I spun Lisa around so She could suck me leaving Her bare ass up and ready to be fucked.

I handed a condom to the Guy that was groping Her breasts which He put on and without hesitation slammed His cock into Her pussy making Her utter a mild, cock-muffled yelp of pleasure. He wasted no time and began fucking Her furiously. He lasted almost as long as Mark and after a few jolting thrusts pulled from Lisa’s juicy pussy.

I held a condom over Her upraised ass which was snatched, put on, and disappeared into Her. 5 minutes later my cum was added to Marks in my Wife’s stomach. Lisa stood, much to the surprise of the Stranger fucking Her. She took Him by the hand and pulled Him behind Her as She bent over the couch in front of me. He slammed His cock back into Her and I told the other cock-stroking Strangers that She had an empty mouth.

One Stranger stepped up on the couch and Lisa sucked His half-hard cock into Her VERY skilled mouth.

She was fucked from both ends another 5 minutes before both Strangers came. My Wife was now 2-0-3 and there was another 8 or-so Strangers standing around stroking.

I held out another condom as another Strangers cock was sucked into Her mouth. The condom was grabbed and another Stranger was in Her pussy. While He was fucking Her slowly and deeply She came at least twice, finished off the cock She was sucking, and swallowed a load from Mark again… 2-0-5.

I sat there smiling and snapping pictures of my cock-sucking Slut Wife as another stepped onto the couch for sucking. He was a smaller Asian man with a surprisingly small cock. But Lisa sucked it as expertly as She always did.

The slow-fucking Stranger sped up and began grunting and slamming into Lisa’s pussy as he came…3-0-5.

I got up and pulled a small tube of lube from my pocket. I lubed my cock and Lisa’s as-yet unfucked asshole. Taking my time I guided my bare cock into Her ass as the little Asian Dude grabbed Her head with both hands and started franticly face fucking my Wife. About the time I was balls-deep in Her ass He blew His load down Her throat.

A few Strangers came closer as I pumped Her ass and another stepped onto the couch. Without missing a beat, Lisa sucked Him while I repeatedly withdrew my cock and slammed balls-deep into Her eager ass.

The stranger getting sucked didn’t last but a few minutes but I still managed to get a few pictures…3-0-7.

The next stranger stepped onto aydınlı escort the couch but Lisa needed to give Her jaw a break and stroked Him and occasionally sucked His cock head.

I lasted about another 10 minutes and as I shot my cum in my Slut-Wife’s ass She Sucked the cum from the stroked cock…3-1-8.

One of the previously sucked strangers asked for lube as I stepped away. I dropped a couple globs onto Her asshole which He smeared around with the head of His cock.

His cock was bigger than mine, and knowing how tight my Wife’s asshole is, I wasn’t gonna miss Her getting stretched by Him. As I cleaned my cock with a wet-one I pulled from my pocket, He slowly pushed into Her asshole. She reached back and tried to hold him back but I pulled Her hand from Him. She was gonna get a stretched asshole and She was gonna enjoy it!

Mark stepped back onto the couch and She sucked His cock into Her whimpering mouth. I reached under and rubbed Lisa’s clit as the fat cock thrust deeper into Her ass.

An assgasm rocked her body and the cock-muffled moaning made the Stranger thrust His cock Balls deep into Her ass. A muffled fuck-yea was accompanied by the sounds of me rubbing Her still cumming juicy pussy and a few quiet ‘wow’s from watching strangers.

Mark watched Lisa get buttfucked from above while I continued to rub Her clit, all the while snapping more pictures. The balls of the fat cock in Her ass were slapping Lisa’s juicy pussy and my juice-covered hand.

I cupped His sack every time He paused deep in her ass and I could tell it was driving Him closer it cumming. Mark exploded and was again swallowed while the Stranger in my Wife’s ass started quick short strokes while I struggled to hold onto His juice-covers balls. As He came deep in Her ass I squeezed and stroked His balls and they both let out orgasmic moans. I could feel more hot juice run down my hand caused my Lisa’s assgasm.

The stranger grinned at me as He slowly withdrew His cock from Her ass and His balls from my hand…3-2-9.

Lisa stood, weak in the knees, and sat back onto the couch We started on. The Asian Stranger knelt down in front of Her and She smiled as She parted Her legs. She sat back, began stroking a cock that had appeared next to her face, and enjoyed a slow, gently pussy licking.

I got up and walked over to Mark. We started talking as an Old-Farmer in bib overalls sat in the space I vacated. Lisa ran Her hand between the denim He wore and with a surprised look on her face, began stroking Him.

I told Mark that I needed to piss and Lisa looked at me as I gave her a thumbs-up and motioned towards Mark. She gave a nod. We had known mark and His wife for Years after meeting them on a Swingers website and having a nice foursome.

After the restroom I paused to talk with the counter-Girl and She asked how it was going. I told Her that my Wife was enjoying Her Mothers Day gift.

We were chatting for about 10 minutes when I heard the theater door and saw the Old-Farmer exit and walk into the booth area. I gave the counter-Girl a wink and entered the booth area myself.

I saw the Old-Farmer go into a stall and latch the door so I went in the next stall.

There was a gloryhole joining the two stalls and I decided to look at what my Wife had been stroking.

I could see He saw me peering thru the gloryhole and He pulled out must have put the same surprised look on my face that Lisa had.

This Old-Farmer had a sizable piece of equipment. It was only half hard and was around 8 inches long and had to be nearly 2 inches thick. He turned towards the gloryhole and I had to go for it!

I presented 2 fingers and that big old cock slid thru the hole. I took His cock in my hand and after a few slow strokes, I took the head in my mouth. It was about 9 inches long and well over 2 inches thick in no time and I struggled to take as much as I could in my mouth while stroking the rest. I could hear Him moaning mildly thru the wall. I took my free hand and undid my pants.

Taking the small tube of lube from my pocket I lubed the Old-Farmers massive cock that still wasn’t fully hard and lubed my asshole.

It took a bit and with a fair amount of pleasurable pain, I slowly started bağdat caddesi escort sliding the massive old cock into my ass. It had been a while so I was taking my time. Deeper I got Him until I finally felt my ass against the wall. He started to pump my ass and within a minute was slamming against the wall with deep grunts. I had to brace myself He was slamming so hard. After about 5 minutes He slowed to a stop and We both stood there motionless.

I know He hadn’t cum yet, so I slowly started riding His cock. I could hear His grunts getting louder and deeper and I could feel His massive cock grow even more inside my ass. With a few more pumps on His cock He gave a VERY loud, long, deep groan and unloaded into my ass. I could actually feel Him shooting deep into my ass. After 5 huge shots, His cock started to soften and fell from my ass. I squeezed tightly to be sure I had an ass load of cum in me for the ride home.

I pulled a wet-one from my pants which were still around my ankles and cleaned what looked like a limp horse cock hanging thru the hole. Milking the last of the cum and sucking it from the tip, He withdrew from the hole and I pulled up my pants.

I left the stall and heard His door open when I was only a few steps away.

Walking into the lobby area, the counter-Girl looked at me and grinned. She motioned to Her chin. I wiped a drop of cum from my goatee as the Old-Farmer stopped and smiled at me. I licked it from my fingers and He patted me on the shoulder.

He looked at the counter-Girl and said, “His wife got me started and He finished me off!” He then turned and walked outside.

I shot the counter-Girl a smile and went back into the theater where I saw my Wife bent over the arm of a couch sucking a Strangers cock while Mark was pounding Her pussy and a stranger standing over Her shooting His cum into Her hair.

As I walked closer I could see her back had cum all over it and Her hair was filled with cum.

Mark quickly pulled from Her pussy and yanking the condom from His cock, shot His load all over Lisa’s ass.

As soon as He stepped aside another Stranger stepped up and slammed His cock balls deep in Her ass and started pumping franticly.

The Stranger She was sucking exploded into Her mouth and She continued to suck Him as the other was pounding Her asshole.

Marks limp cock was still hanging out and I wiped a drop of cum from its head and licked it off my finger. I smiled at Him and asked what I missed. As the Stranger got up from the couch another assgasm blasted thru my Wife as the stranger in Her ass came hard and loud.

As Lisa lay there with Her body twitching from the assgasm, Mark informed me that about 10 minutes after I left, Lisa got Her 2nd wind. With that, She got up, pulled off Her nighty, and bent over the arm of the most well lit couch in the theater…the one closest to the screen.

Seemingly, the 6 remaining Strangers plus Him had also gotten Their 2nd wind.

He could barely keep up with Who came where but He thinks it was about 5-3-6 and with about another 3 or 4 loads shot on Her back and in her hair.

I looked at Him puzzled and asked How long I had been gone. As Lisa got another condom covered cock shoved into Her warn and juicy pussy, She managed a winded ‘a long time’ and Mark said about 30-40 minutes. I chuckled and said no wonder it was dark out.

Just then, the Old-Farmer came into the theater. He sat so He could watch Lisa getting fucked.

The stranger fucking Her soon began to grunt as an orgasm washed thru my Slut-Wife and She and He both let out a long moan as they came together. He withdrew from my Wife and She sat on the couch facing the Old-Farmer.

I saw Him pull out a familiar cock that was half-hard again.

Lisa slid Her ass forward and leaned back. She began to slowly rub Her clit and motioned to the old-Farmer as he slowly stroked the cock that had blown a massive load of cum into my ass about 30 minutes before.

He got up and walked over to my exhausted, sweat and cum-covered Wife. She reached up and stroked His growing cock. She sat up and tried so suck on it, but Her small mouth could barely get the head in. She again leaned back and firmly slapped bahçelievler escort Her pussy which made Her jaw go slack and Her eyes roll back as a mild orgasm flowed from Her sensitive pussy. She looked up at Him and said in a soft and gentle voice, “fuck me”.

She put Her legs into a V, the Old-Farmer wrapped His large, calloused hand around Her ankle, took His nearly hard monster-cock in His other hand, and with a quick sharp motion, slapped Her pussy 5 times with His cock. She let out a squeal as another orgasm made Her legs quiver.

He rubbed the fat head of His cock up and down Her juicy pussy, pausing at Her hole teasingly before rubbing up and down again. The 3rd time He paused, Lisa grabbed His hips and pulled Him into Her. She let out a moaning, ‘OH GOD’ as half of His massive meat stretched Her pussy as it quickly slid in.

He took Her other ankle into His hand as he began to withdraw and push into Her. With each deeper thrust, Lisa’s eyes would roll back and Her jaw would drop with a groaning sigh.

With 4 thrusts He was balls deep in my Wife with me up next to Him for some impressive pictures.

He paused for a moment, withdrew almost completely, and slammed balls deep into Lisa’s juicy pussy. Again and again and again He slammed balls deep into Her making Her nearly scream with pleasure.

After the 3rd slam Lisa started to cum harder than I had ever seen and Her juices squirted from Her pussy with every consecutive balls-slapping-asshole thrust.

I seriously thought He was going to split Her open as He continued to slam into Her with such force that the couch would slide an inch or two.

The slamming went on for nearly 15 minutes. The Old-Farmer destroying my Wife’s juicy, bald pussy with His horse cock-sized dick. The couch had been slid back over 10 feet right into the couch against the wall and in front of the door.

Mark and I enjoying the show and both taking pictures the whole time.

The Old-Farmer began a deep groan above my Wife’s 15 minute moaning and juicing orgasm. He began to explode deep into my Wife’s destroyed pussy. With each thrust, I knew the force and size of each glob of Sperm He was shooting. With one final, powerful thrust, He released Her ankles and collapsed onto my quivering, exhausted Wife.

She wrapped Her legs around His ass and Her arms around His neck. He gave Her a deep, passionate kiss and stood up, His massive, juice covered cock hanging from His overalls.

He stood there for a few moments looking at Lisa, covered in sweat and still quivering from the epic orgasm He had given Her. He looked up at me and with a grin said, “I’ve never cum inside a Wife and Husband in the same night before”.

Lisa looked at me and smiled and gave me a wink. The 4 of Us sat and talked a while Lisa recovered.

Mark stood in front of Lisa while I gave Him a blowjob. After He came in my mouth, I stood and Mark sucked me off.

The Old-Farmer watched was sitting next to Lissa as they played with eachother and watched Mark and I.

The old Farmer commented that He was glad that He went out tonight.

Lisa shakily stood and I held the jacket for Her to cover Her naked body with. The Old-Farmer gave Lisa another passionate kiss and left.

After stuffing the nighty was stuffed into the pocket of the jacket, Lisa slipped Her shoes on and then managed to get Her cum-filled hair straightened out.

Mark gave her a Kiss and He too left.

She and I then walked out into the lobby, the jacket laying open, exposing one of Her breasts and Her red, swollen, well-used pussy.

I gave the counter-Girl a wink as She looked towards me after ogling Lisa’s flesh.

As we walked to the door, 2 Young Guys walked in and nearly tripped over each other as they saw Lisa before She closed the jacket. I smiled at them and told them they should’ve been here 4 hours earlier…and then chuckled as We walked out.

Lisa opened and closed the jacket to cool Her flesh as We walked to the van. I helped Her into the passenger seat where She reclined after I shut the door.

The drive home was full of talk of the night.

After arriving home, We showered together where I helped wash the many loads of cum from Her hair.

As We lay in bed talking a little more about the night, She asked me what the score was because She had long since lost count. I told Her that it was roughly 12-8-16, as close as I could figure with about another 10 loads shot onto Her.

I added that my score was 1-1… She chuckled.

Lisa thanked me for a memorable Mothers Day and gave me a blowjob before We both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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