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Hi, this is Aditya. I would like to share the story of my experience with my best friend, Rajan’s wife, Rashmi.

Rajan and I have been friends for a long time. He got married to Rashmi a couple of years back. I had been to their wedding. Then we never got a chance to meet again due to work and other commitments.

Finally, I did get a chance to go to Sydney, where Rajan stays with his wife. Rajan insisted that I stay at his place and spend time with them. I also agreed since it had been a long time I met them.

I reached Rajan’s house, and Rashmi greeted us.

Rashmi: Welcome, Aditya.

I had met Rashmi at the wedding. But you rarely get to see the bride clearly, today, I saw the Rashmi for the 1st time face to face, and she was beautiful. She was 5’2 and fair with big eyes and an extremely sexy smile.

Her black long silky hair made her look so amazing in the white top and blue jeans she was wearing. There was spunk in her. If you ask me about her figure, then her breasts looked big. Perhaps she was 36C-30-38.

There was a sense of excitement to meet her. We hugged each other, and she smelled good. When you meet a beautiful woman, and if she smells sexy, it’s like getting intoxicated in her sexuality.

Me: Hey, Rashmi, how have you been?

Rashmi: You have forgotten us.

Me: Rashmi, it’s not like that. You know work and shit, barely gives time to visit anyone.

Rashmi: I agree. Well, you are here now. So just chill out and enjoy. I have set up the room for you. You can go ahead and get fresh. Please do let me know if you need anything.

I got fresh, and then Rashmi made dinner for us. At the dinner table, we spent hours talking. Every now and then, Rashmi would hold my hand and talk or keep her hands on my thighs and laugh. I know all of this was just casual, but inside me, I felt different.

Rashmi’s touches felt good. I loved the fact that she was cool and excited about having me in their house. We soon got done with dinner.

Rashmi: Guys, anyone up for some wine?

Rajan: Rashmi, mera meeting hai yaar kal. So I am out. I have to wake up early. I have to hit the bed. Isse puch lo. Aditya can spend hours and hours drinking without blinking an eyelid.

Rashmi: Aditya, Rajan always ditch, leave him, we two will drink and talk a lot. Well, if you want, scotch we’ve got that too.

Rajan: yeah you guys carry on, give Aditya ko wahi dena.

So Rajan went over to his bedroom. Rashmi and I were in the hall.

Rashmi: Rajan, let me change and come. Kab peete peete neend aa jaye, seedhe bed par ja kar gir jaungi. You wanna change, please do.

I finally went in, and I wore shorts and a t-shirt. I came out and saw Rashmi was pouring drinks at the bar counter. She was wearing a black transparent gown and inside that a short sleeveless spaghetti satin dress barely reaching her mid-thighs.

Her white body in that black gown looked really beautiful, and my desires were charged again.

Rashmi: There you are. Shorts and a t-shirt nice. Here is your scotch.

Me: Thanks.

Rashmi: Wanna have hookah? Say, yes, please. Your friend, Rajan, doesn’t like hookah. Such a bore. I have had the most amazing conversations over hookahs.

Me: Okay, Okay. Let’s have it.

Rashmi: Then let’s go to the best place in this house. Welcome to our patio.

Me: Wow, this is amazing. Rashmi, the view is too good.

Rashmi: See, I told you. Half the cost Ataşehir Escort of this flat is for this Patio Terrace and this view. I just love to sit here and have a drink and work late.

I was really amazed by the view. You could see the entire city, and the patio terrace was great. It had a nice low sofa bed. We just sat and started drinking and doing hookah. Rashmi had just crossed her legs, and her long silky legs were amazing. When you see such legs, you just want to touch and feel the softness.

Rashmi: So, Rajan, it seems like you can drink like crazy.

Me: Lol! Well, it’s been since our days in college. Those late-night coding marathons could go on with drinks. In fact, my brain would get started only if I had got my dose of booze.

Rashmi: Wow! That’s crazy. It sounds fun too.

Each time Rashmi laughed, her sexiness could be felt. Those beautiful pink lips and the cute face could make anyone fall in love with her. Each time she would bring her soft lips together to suck the hookah, I could feel my blood rushing all over my body.

A feeling of lust was slowly getting everywhere. My lips wanted to kiss those lips while my dick wanted to be kissed by those lips. My hands wanted to feel her silky hair, my legs wanted to rub them against her long silky smooth legs. My mind was running wild.

Rashmi: How come you are still single, Rajan? I am sure you have had a lot of girls in your life?

Me: Well, that’s true. I guess not ready for commitments. I kinda love this freedom of dating anyone, sleeping with anyone and anywhere.

Rashmi: Hold that thought. Let me get us another round. Wait, let me just get the bottles here. Here…Your Scotch and my Wine.

She poured the drink and got her wine and sat down next to me.

Rashmi: Now tell me. I loved your concept of being free.

Me: Well, being free is something I love most.

Rashmi: I agree with you. Well, cheers to the beautiful night and to you.

We both finished our drinks, and she poured another round.

Rashmi: Last year we had gone to Europe, and we had so much fun.

Me: Wow, it sounds amazing.

Rashmi: Let me come over and show you the pics.

Rashmi came and sat right next to me, and she started showing the pics. As she was my friend’s wife, I had maintained a little gap between us. She was showing the pics. But due to the distance, perhaps I wasn’t able to see them clearly.

Rashmi: Oh, Aditya, come and sit close to me, else how will you see clearly.

She just pulled me right next to her, and now her right hand was touching my left hand. The smell of her perfume was so sexy. She continued to swipe the pictures. But I was just smelling her sexy perfume and enjoying the touch of her arm.

All of sudden my eyes fell on her cleavage. Wow, it was soft white and bulging upwards. The way she was sitting and showing the pictures, her breasts, and pressed against each other and had formed a soft, deep valley.

Rashmi: Aditya, how is this?

I was so involved in her breasts that I was hardly paying any attention to what she was showing.

Me: Sorry, what?

Rashmi: Really Aditya, all this while you did not pay any attention?

Me: No, no, I was.

Rashmi: All you men are the same.

Saying this, she just jumped on me and started tickling me and hitting me.

Me: Hey Rashmi, come on…sorry…

Rashmi: Sorry…wait…

I was lying on my Anadolu Yakası Escort back, and she was over me trying to hit me. I had held her hands. In all this, I just realized that the beautiful sexy girl was now over me. Her silky hair was on her right side, and her beautiful sexy neck was visible. Her beautiful face was inches away from mine and her soft hands in my hands.

If I had let go of her hand, she would fall right on my chest with her soft breasts falling on me. Immediately I just turned and got over her. Rashmi was lying on her back and her gown and moved with her inner spaghetti in full view. Her breasts were popping out, and her thighs were completely visible.

I just held her hands and came close to her. Our lips were just next to each other. I could have easily sucked those honey-filled juicy lips. There was a certain sexual tension, and I just continued to look in her eyes. After a few moments,

Rashmi: Aditya, please let me go.

I was drunk and high and just held her hands tighter.

Rashmi: Aditya, you are hurting my hands and let me go.

She just pushed me and went away, saying, “Goodnight.” I was still filled with sexual energy, and I had to release it. I went back to my room and masturbated and dozed off.

The next morning I woke up and had a hangover. I barely remembered much, so I thought of checking with Rashmi. I went to the living room, and no one was there. I then went to see Rashmi’s room. The door was open, and nobody was there.

I thought perhaps both have gone out. I wanted to pee and decided to use the bathroom in the master bedroom. I opened the door and was shocked to see Rashmi in a black bra and panty standing in front of the mirror. As soon as Rashmi saw me, she shouted.

Rashmi: Aditya, what are you doing here?

Me: I just came looking for both you and wanted to use the bathroom.

All this while I was just mesmerized by Rashmi’s sexy white body. Rashmi covered herself with a towel, and I moved out. I was really worried about thinking what Rajan would tell when he will get to know. I remained in my room the whole till Rajan came back.

Rajan: you rascal, you stayed inside the house whole day. Rashmi told me everything.

My brain was in shock. Oh god, did she tell him everything to him? Shit, he will kill.

Rajan: So you told her about those long coding sessions we used to do, and you would drink. Really yaar those were cool days.

I looked at Rashmi, and there was no expression on her face. I was relieved, but Rashmi wasn’t talking.

Rajan: But, I have some bad news. I will have to go to my boss’s party, and I may just decide to stay over. Don’t wanna drink and drive.

Rashmi: Darling, I will come and pick you up.

Rajan: No yaar, it is gonna be very late so I dn’t want you to drive at night. You guys have dinner and promise we’ll spend together the whole day tomorrow.

Rajan left after an hour. I was in my room wondering what an awkward situation I was in. While I was thinking about what to do, Rashmi came in. She was wearing a black sleeveless blouse and blue chiffon saree. It was below her navel, and she had tied her hair like a bun.

Rashmi: Rajan, do you wanna go out for dinner, or should we just order something?

Rajan: I am okay with anything.

Rashmi: Then, I will just order something for delivery.

She just said this and walked away. I was tensed and wondered Kadıköy Escort what she was thinking about me. She wasn’t speaking like she was yesterday. Well I decided to at least break the ice. I went out, and she was sitting on the sofa and reading a magazine.

Me: Rashmi, would you like to have a beer?

She looked at me and said, “Okay.” I just got her a beer and sat on the opposite sofa. I decided to talk something so that things lighten up.

Me: So, what did you order?

Rashmi: Kebabs and Pizza.

Me: Wow, I like both.

Rashmi: I know.

I just looked at her, and immediately the image of her in the black bra and panty flashed me. My mind immediately started to picture her sitting in a bra and panty and drinking the beer. She was barely speaking to me, and I had already stripped her in my mind.

Me: Hey Rashmi, wanna play ‘Truth or Dare’ till our food comes?

She looked at me and said, okay.

Me: So do you want Truth or Dare?

Rashmi: Truth.

Me: Are you angry with me?

Rashmi: Are you really going to ask me this? Yes, to answer you. Truth or Dare for you?

Me: Truth.

Rashmi: Did you purposely do it, or was it an accident?

Me: Rashmi, you are my friend’s wife. How can I ever do that? So yes, it was an accident.

Rashmi: Truth for me.

Me: What did you feel when you saw me seeing you only in your bra and panty?

I purposefully used the words bra and panty and wanted to make us comfortable with speaking such words.

Rashmi: Well, I was angry. You came in without knocking. I might have been peeing. It would have been so embarrassing.

Me: Hmm… So truth again for you?

Rashmi: Yes.

Me: So you are not mad because I saw you almost nude, with just your breasts and pussy covered?

Rashmi: I guess not.

I can’t tell you how happy I was hearing her answer. My cock was now getting energized to see the underwear she was wearing now.

Rashmi: I guess you will go for the truth. Did you masturbate seeing me?

I realized the conversation was now going in the direction I wanted.

Me: well, isn’t it normal? You are a beautiful sexy, seductive woman and seeing you almost naked… Oh yes, I jerked off many times.

Rashmi: Your turn to ask.

Me: Are you okay with talking about all this with your husband’s best friend?

Rashmi: Maybe. How about you? You okay with masturbating thinking about me?

Me: Nothing is sexier than wanting to see your friend’s wife naked if she is hot and sexy like you.

Rashmi: Then why didn’t you enter the bathroom at that time and strip me?

Me: Nothing is sexier than having you come to me for sex. I dare you to come and sit on my lap.

Rashmi continued to sit and look at me and then stood up. We continued to look at each other, and then she came and sat on my lap. Oh, as soon as her soft ass sat on my thighs, it felt so good. I just put my hands around her naked waist and pressed it.

Me: The first night when you had dressed in that sexy night dress, were you trying to seduce me?

Rashmi: Is there any point talking? You hardly did anything?

She slid her left hand across my neck and slowly rubbed my neck and said, “I was drunk, showing my body. I wasn’t even wearing a bra or a panty, and all you did was just let me go away when I had pushed you.”

Me: What would you have wanted me to do? Pulled you back and strip you naked and then bite your juicy lips?

Rashmi: Not just bite my lips but squeeze my breasts and make me moan.

My hand was squeezing her sexy soft waist more and more, and then there was the knock on the door. I thought the food guy had come. As soon as I opened the door, it was Rajan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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