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This is my first submitted story to Literotica. It is partly autobiographical with some liberties taken. I’m working on the next part of the story and hope to submit it soon. Please leave feedback. I’d love to read any constructive thoughts. Thanks!

My First Lover, Ten

Sitting in the back seat with my essential things surrounding me, I nervously checked out the small Midwestern town as we followed the map to my dorm. My mother and my best friend rode in the front, dropping me off for the start of my freshman year of college. I was excited but also very apprehensive. Most of my friends were starting that fall at a small private college in the city where I grew up. I could have done that but chose to move about 90 miles away instead.

The reason for my decision was simple. I wanted my freedom. I wanted to be out from under my parents’ observant eyes even it if meant paying for college by myself. My father was a professor at the private institution and so my education there would be essentially free. I didn’t care. As I already stated, I just wanted my freedom.

Admittedly, I was young and dumb. I was, however, completely legal and very stubborn. Drinking age at the time was 18 and after being raised in such a protected environment, I was ready to explore, enjoy and push the limits.

Unknown to me, my mother had arranged for me to be housed on a ‘no males allowed’ floor. It was the only dorm floor on campus where males were not allowed and by the time I realized what she had done, it was too late to change it. I wasn’t happy with her and spent my last couple of weeks at home making sure she knew that.

As we pulled up to the dorm we were greeted by a team of upperclassmen ready and willing to help carry my things up four flights of steps to my small dorm room. My roommate was already there so after chatting for a while, I settled in to my space. Soon my mom and friend left me to begin my college adventure on my own.

That first evening I went to the food service building with a group of girls from my floor. All of us were nervous and we took comfort in being a part of the group. Sitting down with our trays, I looked over the large area feeling a little overwhelmed haymana escort by the sheer number of people. Some looked nervous but most of the older ones looked confident and happy to be there. I longed to be one of them, comfortable, accepted and experienced.

As we finished our meal and got up to leave, I caught sight of a group of 6 guys just entering the room. They wore t-shirts and shorts and had that confident swagger that comes with knowing the routine. There were older, about 20 or so and my first impression was that they were very cool. I may be dating myself with that term but that was the appropriate word for the time.

Distracted by them, I held back and watched as they walked through the checkout. One man in particular caught my attention. He was the most beautiful guy I had even seen. Tall, muscular, thick brown hair and warm brown eyes, he walked over to a table not far from where I sat. As he set his tray down, he looked over my way and flashed me a bright smile. My cheeks burned as I quickly escaped with my tray.

As the girls and I left the building they teased me about the little incident and asked me ridiculous questions. “What’s his name? How old is he? Are you going to go out with him?” Of course I knew nothing about him and they knew that. They were enjoying torturing me about him though. I accepted their teasing graciously and soon we were laughing easily like old friends.

As we approached our dorm I said, “I do know his name. He whispered it to me.” At their surprised faces I continued. “It’s Ten. His name is Ten.”

That brought a whole new round of laughter from my new friends. We settled into a fun evening of activity and fun and forgot all about the handsome stranger.

Quickly I adjusted to being a university freshman. I made friends, learned my way around campus and found all the best dance bars. The mega hit ‘Endless Love’ was played continuously on boom boxes all over campus. Rarely could I walk across the commons area without Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross serenading me.

Often I would spot the handsome Ten as he wandered through the campus. Usually I admired him from afar since I was far keçiören escort too shy to approach him. If my friends were around they would tease me and we usually ended up giggling and making a scene. Even if he noticed me, I assumed he thought I was just a silly freshman and not anyone worth getting to know.

One day in October, my friend Heidi and I were out for our daily walk and happened to see Ten in front of a shabby rental. He was leaning against a car, nursing a beer as a couple of his friends tossed a football around. Suddenly self conscience I tried to push Heidi past him quickly. She was enjoying the possibilities though and stopped me, forcing me to finally talk to him.

He was friendly and introduces himself as Keith. Surprisingly I was able to speak and introduced myself as Julia. He was very easy to talk to and soon we were laughing and chatting comfortably. Before we left to continue our walk, he invited us to a party the following Saturday night. He gave us directions to a farm outside of town and said we could invite friends if we wanted. The rest of the week was a blur as I anticipated going to the party and all that might happen there.

I should probably explain a bit about the 18 year old me. I was raised in a very protected environment. Private schools, private lessons and a very private family. I wasn’t allowed to do much outside of my sheltered life. My parents meant well and loved me but I think the fact that they held the reins so tightly just made me want to explore even more than most of my friends. Turning 18 and graduating, for me, meant freedom to explore all the things I hadn’t been able to experience. Going away to college meant I could enjoy the world of boys, movies, dancing, drinking and even wearing jeans. I clearly remember going into a second hand shop with my new friends and buying t-shirts, jeans and skirts that didn’t go past my knees. I loved my new found freedom. I had the body for it (36D, 5’4″, 125 lbs, blonde and innocently pretty) and quickly adapted the attitude as well.

Saturday night finally came and I dressed carefully in jeans, a t-shirt with a button up shirt over it tied at the waist, and a kızılay escort bandana headband. Keep in mind that this was the early 80″s and for the first time in my life I looked trendy and sexy.

The farm was a few miles out of town so we piled in a friend’s car and left as soon as it was dark. There was a large house but the party was definitely in the barn. Loud music, bright lights and lots of people beckoned to us. We settled ourselves with plastic cups of beer onto a round plywood table in a corner of the room. The music was so loud we couldn’t talk so we just watched the action.

After a while Ten appeared suddenly in front of me. Before I knew what was happening he positioned himself with my knees pressed against his hips. Hearing him was impossible with all the noise so he spread my legs and moved between them, apologizing that he was so close but otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hear him. I was already feeling the effects of the beer so I was much more relaxed than I would have been without it and I believed his reasoning.

Soon he pressed up against me and started running his hands along my thighs. Being so close to him excited me and I allowed him to kiss me. Soon we were kissing deeply, our tongues dueling and our hands exploring. I don’t know how long it went on before my friends noticed and ended it by pushing him away and leading me out of the barn.

To say that I was irritated was an understatement! I wanted to make out with him and they stopped it. I was pissed! They were surprised and hurt at my response so they let me go. “I’ll find my own way home. Don’t worry about me.” I told them.

Looking back I know my attitude was rude and hurtful to them. They were just trying to protect me and I was wanting to spread my wings.

I walked through the barn looking for him but didn’t find him there. I wandered outside to a roaring bonfire at the bottom of a hill. The crisp fall air made the fire very appealing and I found a warm spot to think. I was feeling bad about the way I had treated my friends when I laid back on the ground to clear my head. I may have drifted off for a few minutes because the next thing I knew someone was kissing me, his hand on my stomach. My eyes went wide and I immediately recognized Ten. We smiled and then continued to make out, my arms snaking around his shoulders. His hand moved over my belly as our kissing became more passionate. No one stopped us this time. Time stood still as we kissed and allowed our hands to wander.

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