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I woke up smiling. Thinking about the night before while laying there half asleep just put me in a good mood. There was a twinge in my ribs when I sat up, another reminder that last night wasn’t just a dream, but I was loving that. I was more than a little excited about seeing her again, but then my pessimistic nature kicked in and I started questioning myself.

Was she really that cute or did the alcohol have something to do with it? Not that it really mattered, but in my mind I was picturing her as basically perfection.

She obviously walked all over me, the tenderness in my ribs, chest, and shoulders were proof of that, but did she really enjoy it? Maybe she was just humoring me and walked around on me because she felt bad for me.

Did she really want to see me again? It was right there in my scribbles, but was it accurate or did my beer soaked brain just imagine that’s what she meant?

I spent the day exploring my new town, with my mind flip-flopping between excitement that I spent last night with the most amazing women I had ever met, and who wanted to see me again, and apprehension that I totally misread everything. Around 5:00 I cleaned up, got dressed, and started walking to the bar. I stopped a few times to stop my breath from shaking, almost turning around and going back home but deciding not to. I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous. When I got to the bar I looked around but didn’t see Jackie anywhere. After making two laps I sat at the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender. She brought it over and I just figured what the hell.

“Thanks. Hey, is Jackie around? I met her last night and was hoping she’d be here tonight.”

“Mmm, no, sorry. I haven’t seen her.”

I thanked her, paid for the beer, and looked around the bar. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, obviously hoping that Jackie would in fact be there, but maybe just trying to recognise the locals and start being recognized myself. Whatever the reason, I didn’t really feel like being there, so I killed the beer and walked out to grab a slice of pizza farther down the boardwalk.

There were a lot more people around than the previous night. It was a nice day so many of them were probably day trippers who were tired of being cooped up all winter. The food stands and restaurants were really busy, as were the arcades and game booths that were open. The bars that served food were busy too, but the ones that were just bars seemed quieter. I walked the mile and a half or so to the end of the boardwalk, then grabbed a slice on the way back, sitting on a bench to watch the ocean while I ate and mentally kicking myself for getting my hopes up. At this point I kind of needed a drink, so stopped into one of the quieter bars for a shot of tequila and a beer.

After a while I decided to walk to the other end of the boardwalk and then head home. I passed Jackie’s bar at around 8:00 and it was hopping, but I didn’t see her so just stuffed my hands in my pockets and kept walking until I felt someone grab my shoulder. As I was being pulled I heard a guy’s voice say “Where are you going Slick?”

I turned, confused, and this giant guy was looking down at me while letting go of my shoulder. I knew I didn’t bump into anyone, and really wasn’t looking for trouble, especially not with this walking mountain. All I could think to say was “What?”

He pointed over his shoulder toward the bar with his thumb, saying “I don’t know man, she just asked me to go catch you and say that.”

I followed where he was pointing and there was Jackie, behind the bar and waving me over.

I laughed and thanked the bouncer she sent to get me, and my heart pounded as I walked over to her. I was wondering if women knew just how nervous guys can get when I heard her yell out “Heyyyyy!” over the sound of the bar. I really looked then and saw a beaming smile in a face just as beautiful as I remembered.

“Hey Jackie! I stopped by earlier and the other bartender said that she hadn’t seen you.”

“Mhmm, sounds about right. That’s Maddie. She told me some guy came asking for me, but she thinks all guys are creeps so acts like an overprotective mother even though she’s younger than most of us.” Jackie looked around, stood on her toes, leaned closer to me, and said in a quieter voice “Plus I think she has a crush on me.” Then she laughed, pushed my shoulder, and went hopping away to take care of some customers.

As she walked away I realized that she really was just as, well everything, as I remembered. Popping around the bar in a black Johnny Cash shirt, gray cutoff Daisy Dukes, those black stockings that are so sheer you can’t really see them, and what looked like the same boots as the night before. The next thing I knew there was a beer sitting in front of me and Jackie saying “That one’s on me, all that ogling is probably making you thirsty.”, then gave me a wink and bounced away to put on The Jackie Show for the other customers.

I hung out all night, not istanbul travesti quite drinking enough to get a buzz, and chatting with Jackie when I could. It was busier than the night before so we didn’t chat much. When she called last call I settled my tab and waved to her. She yelled across the bar “Hey Max are you hungry? I’m starving.”

“Yeah, come to think of it, I am pretty hungry.”

“Great, Steaks Unlimited is still open, come grab a bite with me.”

We walked a few blocks to a place that had the best cheesesteaks I’ve ever eaten. Now I’m not a big guy, but I had about 8 inches and 70 lbs on her, and she ate more at that 2:00am meal than I could eat on Thanksgiving. Where did she put it all?

“Sooooo… last night…”

I knew she would bring it up. I wanted to talk about it, but also didn’t want to.

“Um, yeah. That was, um… sorry if I made you uncomfortable. That wasn’t really a first night kind of thing. I guess I was more drunk than I thought.”

“Ya think?”

My heart was sinking and I felt kind of sick, but then she laughed.

“I was actually surprised when I saw you tonight. Figured you’d be lying in bed with ice packs all over you.”

I relaxed, glad that she at least had a sense of humor about it.

“Nah, I’m fine. A little tender in places, but fine. Honestly I’m still kind of in shock about how things went down last night.”

“I’m glad you’re alright, I was kind of worried that you’d be in rough shape when the alcohol wore off. I was kind of drunk, and kept thinking that I was calling your bluff and you would tell me that you were just joking, but you never did. So it IS kind of your fault too.”

“Oh, it’s entirely my fault. I was pretty drunk too, but I don’t regret a second of it. Honestly I never would have worked up the nerve to talk about it if I was sober.” I took a deep breath, that was it. It’s out in the open.

She looked at me kind of funny, like she was trying to tell if i was joking or being serious.

“Really? So you’re saying you enjoyed me walking and crunching around on you in these?” and she held up her foot to show me her boot. So they were the same ones.

“Um, well… yeah. I told you that I kind of have a foot and boot fetish. I’m just sorry that I kind of talked you into all that when you had a few drinks in you. I would much rather bring it up when you were thinking straight.”

“Don’t worry about it, as long as you’re ok. I was a little worried about it today. I’ve dated guys who liked me to walk on their backs when they were sore so I’m a little used to that. But that was always barefoot, and never on their fronts!”

“Well, in my defense, I did tell you that you could take off your shoes.” I smirked a little and she laughed when she saw it.

“Oh I remember. And I did tell you that you definitely did not want me to. It’s not really pleasant when I take them off.”

“Suit yourself, just leave them on again next time.”

She looked at me across the table and I saw her eyes narrow a little as a small smirk form on her face. All she said was “we’ll see.”

The conversation drifted off to other topics, and after a while we decided to call it a night. I walked her to her car, thanked her for being so cool about everything, and gave her a hug. She grabbed my hand when I let go, pulled a pen out of her hair, and wrote her number on my palm, saying “tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, give me a call if you’re going up to the beach.”

My heart jumped! She gave me her number! I looked at my hand and said “um, you could have just texted me your number.”

“I know, I just always wanted to do that.” Then she laughed said “see ya later.” And hopped in her car.

The next day was gorgeous. Clear sky, the forecast was for the low 70’s, and only a slight breeze. I called Jackie at about 10:00 to ask if she was going to the beach. She was already on her way so I told her she could park in my driveway if she wanted to go up and hang out together. A few minutes later she pulled up got out of the car. Wearing a white tank top over a light blue bikini top, pink running shorts, and thick flip flops.

Good lord, her feet were beautiful! They were probably about a size 5, a little wider that I would have expected, but I like that. No nail polish that I could see, just naturally pretty. “Ahem…” I looked up to see her with her arms open, smirking, trying not to laugh, and I knew I was caught.

“Um… sorry. It’s still early and I’m not thinking right yet.” But I stepped up to her and gave her a hug, which she returned, before she had time to think about it and change her mind.

We hit the beach, found a spot, and set up. When I finished laying out the towels and unfolding the chairs I turned around to Jackie holding a thermos. “Irish coffee?”

Well hell yeah! It was still a little chilly so we sat there drinking our coffee and talking for an hour or so. It was starting to get warm so I pulled off my shirt to travesti istanbul enjoy the sun. I looked over to see her watching me, so I just shrugged, laughed and sat back down.

“Well I guess that means I can get some sun too.” Jackie pulled off her shorts and tank top to reveal an amazing little body and a blue bikini. Not a tiny string one, but definitely not something you want to see a relative in. She was very slim, but had enough curves to be unmistakably a woman. Then she turned to face me, and holy abs! This woman had a six pack. How? She eats as much as a horse, but I could see every muscle on her body. Not ripped and muscular, she just had a tight, almost fat free body.

She caught me staring and all I could say was “How?” She giggled and blushed a little, saying “I kinda have a fast metabolism.”

I looked up and it was clear she was uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. “Um, sorry. I didn’t mean to stare, but damn. If you weren’t so stunning I’d be jealous of your ability to eat the way you do and still look the way you do.”

“Nice save.” She relaxed and giggled, then sat next to me to get some sun.

We spent the day on the beach enjoying the sun and talking about everything. She was very easy to talk to, and I felt the need to tell her everything about me. She must have had a similar feeling because I learned more about her sitting on the beach that day than I know about most people I’ve ever met.

Around 3:00 it started clouding up so we decided to head back. When we got to my place I showed her where the outdoor shower was, rinsed the sand off myself, and told her I was going to make a couple of margaritas, so to take her time. She walked in the back door just as I was pouring them.

“We’ll have to drink these inside, it looks like it’s about to pour.”

I agreed and told her to make herself at home. She responded by asking me if I wanted to sit in the kitchen or go out by the scene of the crime. My heart thumped to hear her bring up the other night, but I played it off, poorly, like I didn’t know what she was talking about. “Scene of the crime? Whatever do you mean?” I tried, but couldn’t hold a straight face.

Jackie just laughed, smacked my shoulder, and walked into the living room with me close behind. After a few minutes of small talk on the couch, she lifted her foot and said “So, you don’t care that I don’t have my nails polished?”

Thank God! I had no idea if she wanted to get onto this topic, and didn’t know how to find out. “No, not at all. Everything about you is stunning, and that definitely includes your feet. Nail polish is completely unnecessary.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet.” She blushed a little again, but kept her foot up in the air, looking at it and flexing her ankle around as if she was studying it.

I watched her foot hanging there, seductively pointing and flexing, slowly turning in small circles in front of me, and saw from the corner of my eye that she had started watching me staring at her foot.

“Well, since you’ve been barefoot all day, and even just cleaned up a little, how would you feel about a foot rub? You don’t seem to be worried about them like you were the other night.”

She swung around faster than I thought possible and dropped her feet onto my legs, saying “I thought you’d never ask! Took you long enough”, the winked and giggled a little.

Now as much of a foot fetish as I have, I don’t really get off on giving foot rubs. I love doing anything that pleases a woman I’m with, so if she likes getting them I’m all over it. But right now I wanted nothing more than to touch Jackie’s feet. Well, yeah, there were a few things I wanted more, but you know what I mean.

I spent the next 20 minutes or so holding and rubbing her feet, enjoying it almost as much as her slight moans told me that she was. I wanted to kiss them. On the heels, the arches, kiss each of her little toes and suck them into my mouth, hold them together and press them to my face. But even more than that, I wanted this to be something more than just a fetish fling. I liked her; really liked her, and felt that sucking on her toes before we even kissed would just make things weird.

So I put her feet back onto my legs and covered them with my hands. “There, how was that?l

“Mmmm, that felt great.”

She stayed laying there in front of me but slid a little closer, lifting her feet and pressing them onto my chest.

“That’s better. My feet were getting a little cold now that you stopped rubbing them. You don’t mind, do you?” She was grinning, and a little glint of mischief in her eye.

Well if that’s how she’s going to be…

“No, I don’t mind at all. In fact I’ve been daydreaming all day about having your feet all over me.”

“You have, huh? You mean like this?” She started pushing on my chest, alternating feet. Leaning up on her elbows so she was half sitting right in front of me, and stepping her feet from the bottom of my ribs up to my shoulders.

I istanbul travestileri sighed and she smiled at me pressing her heels into my chest, then rocking the pressure forwards onto my collarbones with her toes. Shifting the pressure side to side with those little stepping motions, slowly inching her feet inward, higher.

I flinched a little when I felt her toes touch my cheeks and she stopped, looking at me with a questioning look on her face. “Ok?”

I smiled and just said “Ok doesn’t begin to describe it. Please don’t stop”.

She smiled back at me and resumed, turning her ankles outward a little to put her toes flat against my cheeks, pushing them together a little and then letting up on the pressure. I was in heaven. She slowly slid them around to the front of my face, pressing the balls of her feet against my cheek bones with her heels on the sides of my chin and her arches over the corners of my mouth.

There was a slight scent of rubber from her flip flops, but no scent other than that. I much prefer when a woman’s feet really, really smell but that’s very far from a deal breaker. Especially when the woman does what Jackie was doing without me even asking.

I was just realizing everything about the scent when she slid her feet up higher and started pressing her big toes into my eyebrows and dragging them outward. It was like getting a facial massage. With her toes. And the soles of her feet pressing into my face.

I must have been moaning or something because she started giggling. Or maybe she just noticed that I was hard as a rock. Whatever it was that struck her funny, she never said anything about it, and I never asked. At about that point her feet drifted back down to my chest and she pushed on them, rocking the pressure back ad forth from her heels to her toes.

“So… I’m guessing you didn’t hate that?”

I was almost giddy, and that didn’t help. I started to laugh a little but cut it off when I felt a hysterical, nervous laughter coming on. “Hate it? That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.”

She smiled and seemed to relax a little. Apparently she was worried that I wasn’t into what she had just done.

“Ok, whew.” She paused for a second and then asked “Are you sure you have a foot fetish?”

What?? “Oh yeah, I’m more sure about that than pretty much anything else. And I loved what you just did, what would make you ask that?”

“Well, I dated a guy with a foot fetish a while ago and it seemed a lot different. He was all about pedicures, perfectly polished toes, lotions, everything had to be perfect. But if I had rubbed my feet on his face like that, there’s no doubt that he would have worked my toes into his mouth, or at least started kissing my feet.”

“Ah, I see. Well, I don’t really care if a woman’s feet are, (sadly I threw out some air quotes here), perfect. Like I told you the first night we met, I like natural feet, even at the end of a long day. And believe me, it took everything I had to not kiss your feet while you were rubbing them around my face.”

“Well why didn’t you? I mean it had to be obvious that I would be ok with it.”

I realized that I had lifted one of her feet from my chest and was rubbing it. “Um, this might sound dumb, but that feels kind of intimate, and we haven’t even kissed. It seemed like I might be assuming too much.”

She stared at me for a minute, looking kind of puzzled. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to tell if I was being serious or not, or if she was just trying to understand what I said. There was of course a third option, she was deciding what to do.

“Well…” She pulled her feet off my chest, stood up, and straightened out her bathing suit. “I guess we’ll just have to fix that.” and she turned around, hopped into my lap, and brought her face very, very close to mine. “What do you think?”

Damn she smelled good, and felt so right sitting on my lap. I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It only lasted about a second before I pulled back. I looked at her, inches from my face and just stunning, and saw one eye open about half way. “You’ll have to do better than that Max.”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard her say my name with her voice lower and breathier than I’d ever heard it, and I leaned forward and kissed her again; this time a long proper kiss. I felt the same thrill as when I finally first kissed a girl as a preteen. My heart was beating fast, I was almost shaking, and a feeling that everything was right and the future was wide open and gleaming in front of me.

We both took a deep breath and shivered when we finally pulled back and Jackie whispered “Wow.”

“Uh huh… yeah… wow.”

We sat there catching our breaths, Jackie sitting on my lap and leaning against me with her head resting on my shoulder. I didn’t want to let her go, but it was getting late and I knew she would have to leave to go to work soon, and there was a burning question I had to ask.

“Hey Jackie?”


“What do you say we go out on an actual date?”

She wiggled a little like she was trying to get closer, even though our bodies were totally pressed together.

“Mhmm, I’d like that.”

To be continued…

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