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So yeah, voting is nice you lazy bones :p


Waking up with the alarm I move to turn it off only to be beat there by Kathleen. Stephanie pulls me with her for the shower. I wish I could give her sex, morning sickness really sucks. Oddly enough it doesn’t bother me in the shower even though we have fruit smelling everything.

Kathleen follows along like a little puppy. She took some getting used to but overall it’s nice having a little pet girl. Kathleen seems to be enjoying the hell out of it as well. Stephanie told me the day after meeting her that Kathleen likes me so much because I took her lesbian virginity.

Led to laughter but well she has a point. Kathleen admitted that partly it was simply because I took charge and then I get her what she wants. Seems a little wrong that I’m the Mistress but I’m catering to her. I always thought it was the other way around. They both had fun explaining how it really works.

John was happy with her, he came over the next night and rode her hard. So now Kathleen has a mistress and a master. She is also free to enjoy men or women. Course not right now, middle of her period. Kathleen made a face when I asked if she was open to period sex.

I feel the same way on it so I wasn’t unhappy. I was asking because it is an area of porn, not a big one and not well known but people do like watching period sex. So don’t get that but then not everyone gets off on being watched. Out of the shower we all get dressed then head downstairs for the kitchen.

Almost want to be pissed, there are two bowls of cereal and my bag of chips. Still Stephanie will join me in morning sickness, she is pregnant. Kathleen is going to be though she can’t decide on letting John alone knock her up, or do the bang method. As it turns out she loves being banged as well.

Doesn’t get off on being watched though. She explains it as pleasing mistress, which is a little mystifying but well whatever floats her boat I guess. I rather think she does but doesn’t want to admit it. I mean half the things she does are to please mistress, but I never ask her to.

“How are you getting to the office?”

“My bike, remember with a corset on tight I can ride it.” Stephanie sighs and doesn’t look so happy.

“Mistress will remove at the office.” Stephanie and I glance at Kathleen then we’re both giggling.

“Eventually I will but to start I’m only there to make sure everything goes well and in case we get that last secretary.”

“I still say you are being too critical on them, it’s an easy job.” I glare at Stephanie.

“I have training in being a secretary and it’s not an easy job. Hell we are looking for one for the game department. Means we need a gal who isn’t a game designer in training or wants to be one. We also need a gal who can juggle twenty things at the same time and get it all right most of the time.”

“Why?” I roll my eyes.

“Because game designers will ask her to get things, plus she answers the phone and forwards the calls. Not to mention she would get the monthly report data and type it up then print and email it to Cathy. Oh and she will direct visitors to the right person. Still no idea why we gave the other open floor to game.” Kathleen snorts and pokes me.

“Master suggested that Mistress. Bert was open to the idea, the engineers are in teams of two so just an office is sufficient.” Stephanie waves her hand.

“What about advertising?”

“Bert gave them an entire floor of offices. They split up into groups of what each likes. So we have a company of print advertising, commercial advertising, and poster advertising. At least finding all three a secretary was easy.” Kathleen nudges me.

“Mistress, Bert has said that he wants four more advertising and we can fit four more engineers.”

“What about game designers?” We both look at Stephanie then I look at Kathleen.

“We have room for ten more with the current floor design. Perhaps speak with Bert on this he was pondering holding off on some seats for John and the new graduates.”

“I like that, but I would think only five spots for them. The first guy we had come in for game design commented on better to have some old hands with new.” Noticing she is finished with cereal I stand up. “Come on let’s go in, the office better be open already.”

“Hey where are you parking your bike?” I grin at Stephanie.

“I’m parking inside, we have a man down there so nobody will fuck with it. Oh hey you never said last night what are you doing today?”

“Visiting your office, we are going to interview Bert, your company is big news. Hiring people who live here to do things, buying up buildings and refitting. You are single handedly improving our city.” Grinning I shrug.

“Actually Bert is handling most of it, I just get on my back in front of a camera. Without my subscribers we are not making that much money right now. It’s porn and my arcades. The restaurant is opening next week, darn delays.”

Making sure Kathleen put the urfa escort bowl in the sink we head out front. Walk my bike out of the garage then Kathleen hops on and we are off. Feels weird, she’s taller than P and weighs less than I do. Course I have muscle tone and neither do so it makes sense. Still feels weird and P is only a little less, good sized rack on her.

Pulling up to the door of the office, let’s all be glad for ramps along with stairs, I’m happy to find Stan. He runs over and opens the door for me so I walk it in. Feeling like doing it I rev the engine a couple times then shut her off.

“I only got here five minutes ago. Can we pick up a second guy to sit down here? Be nice to have conversation and we can go up to do a scene with one of you gals.”

“Yeah we can do that, but you would only do one with Apple, you are so whipped.” Stan rolls his eyes.

“I wouldn’t, I would do you to. Cathy was waiting for me when I got in, and two applicants were here, not sure for what.”

“Damn, they were here early. When Bert gets here tell him to advertise for security. He has an interview to shoot today so I get to handle the applicants.”

“Mistress may I do Stan when I am past my period?” I look at Kathleen and snort then nod.

“Yes you can do Stan as well. I think Nancy is dying to get him up there.”

Stan turns pink so I pat him on the shoulder and we head for the elevator. Getting off again Kathleen scoots fast for the coffee machines. I realize why when I get up to Cathy, there’s no coffee or hot water. Cathy sighs and shrugs when I look at her then nods to the sofas.

Those two applicants are filling out forms and have resumes. That makes me sigh, I get to interview a couple guys right away. I prefer doing them later but Bert isn’t here yet. Still there is one thing, so I head over to both and collect their resumes then hand them to Cathy to get a smile.

“When is Bert coming in?” Cathy sighs and shrugs.

“No idea, he should be here already so either more pipe problems or perhaps he is signing paperwork elsewhere.”

“Damn, he has an interview to shoot with Stephanie today and we want to advertise for more security. Stan wants another guy down there so he can come up for scenes and the other guy can as well.” Cathy snorts.

“Apple complained about it yesterday. I think she fell for him.” I shrug and wink.

“I think it’s more of lust right now. Stan is an incredibly good fuck.” Cathy snorts and shrugs.

“Wouldn’t know, though he is handsome. My husband said the last of the layoffs are today, if he gets fired can we hire him?”

“Well I don’t know, what does he do?”

“Sales associate which we don’t need. He does like cameras though so you can have him film the scenes when Carlos is elsewhere.”

“He taught Apple and two of the guys we tend to have here but yes I don’t see a problem with it. Talk salary with Bert though, he hates when I do it.” Cathy snorts.

“I like how you did it but he has a point, we can’t just pay people what they want. Still secretary pay is enough, slightly above what you pay the girls and Ben.”

“With your salary it better be enough. Alright pitch that to Bert when he gets in and of course if your husband is not laid off we might want to find another camera guy anyway.” Cathy nods then shoos me off, the guys are finished with the applications.

Kathleen follows along to the porn office with a mug and a soda. I’m hoping the coffee isn’t for me, it doesn’t go with morning sickness. Rather sucks, I like coffee, but I can have it later. Then we are in the office and I get handed the soda while she gets the computer going.

“Are you going to sit in here?” Get a nod for the question.

“Unless Mistress objects.”

Just shake my head and enjoy a soda with chips. Chips are great in I’m not queasy, but also dry and salty so I need to drink something. Also need to eat more chips from time to time so I’m eating a chip and taking a sip. The phone goes off and our first applicant is game design.

I like that so when he comes in I grill him on games. I’m happy with him and while he doesn’t have much experience he knows games and has good ideas on improving them. So I send him back to the sofa and call up print advertising and have their secretary go get one of the designers on the phone.

Sounds funny to need to do that but they are still brainstorming on games. Finally get one just after Cathy says our next applicant is engineering. Leave him to Kathleen while I talk with the designer and he is happy with the guy. So I tell him to come up and get the new hire.

Then turn to the engineer guy and get the information on him. He sounds good so I’m happy with him. Cathy calls to say Bert is here so I get up and take him with me to see Bert. End up chasing Bert to his office who glares at me then calls up the paper. Once he finished getting an addition to the ads he waves at the chairs.

“So what do we balıkesir escort have?”

“This guy is an engineer and I like him so you get to talk to him. I also hired a game designer. He didn’t have much experience but he knows games and has good thoughts. Called a secretary and got her to get game design to call me and he was happy with him so hopefully he came up and collected him to help brainstorm.” Bert nods and smiles.

“Perfect, we are also officially the owner of the building and I got another office building. Needs work but we can have it up and running in six months on the outside. Need to get estimates on the work so be a week or two before I pick a contractor.”

“Great, still no strip mall?”

“Not so far, the ones in the area I decided to be our first renovate project are doing well enough to demand a ton. There are other buildings though, so I’m thinking of getting a closed up grocery and opening another one of the restaurants.”

“So long as there is a grocery close enough to the people living there.”

“Three miles away is a Walmart, why the grocery closed, they couldn’t match the prices.”

“Sounds good though we may want to wait a month to make sure the restaurant actually pays off for us.” Bert snorts.

“It will but I’m going to look into the grocery and if nothing else take the building down then make an arcade. Maybe do one of those game stores as part of it.”

“Perhaps do a laser tag or paint ball.” We both look at the engineer then I look at Bert.

“Possibilities I suppose, anyway get on out of here I think there are other applicants out there.”

I head for Cathy’s desk and find her sitting there with several men. I head for her and get pointed at my office with a glare. I stick my tongue out at her then head for my office. Cathy is giggling at least so it’s not that big a deal. Into my office I go to find Nancy and Apple standing in here with Kathleen.

Unusual but well at least they are here if we have walk in performers. I scoot around and sit down at the desk and grab the chips. It sucks to have morning sickness but well at least I’m pregnant.

“Some of my coworkers were asking how much they get to come in and do a scene.”

“We pay three hundred for a scene and if they are a woman they have to test clean. Guys we can just use condoms but the gals have to be clean.” Nancy nods then shrugs.

“Unless you are talking porn star or long time prostitutes chances are better to not have a disease.” I shrug and wink.

“I’m pregnant so it’s important to me to not have sex with someone who has a disease. I can’t get most of the better known porn stars because of that.”

“I want to do an office scene.” Just stare at Apple a moment then sigh.

“Well that might be a problem, Bert is shooting an interview with Stephanie later today and we have interviews with applicants.” Kathleen nudges me.

“Mistress if we require the testing perhaps we should shuttle people to a doctor. Not everyone makes enough money to afford getting it on their own.” I look at Nancy to get a nod.

“I could afford it but it was never really high on my list of things to get..”

“Alright, Kathleen call Bert and see if he has a doctor to visit or what. Then call Frank and have him bring the van, you will drive the walk in performers who are not tested to be tested. Nancy and Apple, you two go sit with Cathy and give her conversation until we get a guy for you to fuck. If Carlos isn’t here still find somebody.”

My phone rings before Kathleen grabs it so I get it. Cathy has an applicant for me so my office empties. Makes me feel special, and I get another game designer. Well that’s great, except well there’s a problem. I get up and catch the prospective guy on the way to the office and over to Cathy.

When I ask a full five more stand up. Well it’s nice to find this many though I’m a little lost on how there are so many in the city without a job. We already have a full fifteen of them, well sixteen with the one earlier. Still I can’t just shove some out the door with not hired without at least interviewing.

Against the law oddly enough, has to be a cause even for an applicant. So I take all of them to the elevator with me and their resumes. Down to game design we go and after a whistle get all of them to come over. I pick out the oldest one since he has the most experience in this stuff.

Not that he is actually old. At a guess he’s only mid thirties, I never actually looked at his application. Let Cathy deal with all that stuff I just talk to them and get a feel for the person. So far the guys are rather happy with it because they all get along except for the first game part.

“You are assigning a guy to interview these guys. I don’t think many of these are fresh out of college but do keep in mind how much room we have. Bert says we can fit ten more in, well nine now. We figured on keeping five for my boyfriend and the new graduates.” trabzon escort He nods then points out guys and they wander off to talk.

“Yeah about that, the floor is all roomy which is nice and we need spots for the engineers when they have a design to do. No problem there, but see we can fit more people in.” I look around and shrug.

“Alright, how many can you cram?”

“Not sure yet, want to ask Bert to order ten more stations. We can fit that, did the measurements and everything. Now if we change the layout we might be able to fit a few more, probably not more than five after that. To really know for sure would have to ask a engineer to come in and check.”

“Alright, we are working on the secretary, have to wait for them to come in you understand. If we get more designers Cathy will call so answer it and send somebody up to collect them.” He nods and grins.

“We might have an idea, well actually there was two and both are rather good.” Oh finally, they have been saying we don’t know for two days.

“Alright pitch me.”

He holds up a finger and whistles getting the guys to come back. So they as a group walk me through the ideas. The first idea is similar to Saint’s Row, but also like Grand Theft Auto. The part I’m liking is it’s different from both in being a little more realistic.

Saint’s is great fun but some of the stuff is just silly and so not something that can happen. GTA is better on the realism but there are parts where it’s so not. Course I liked the part about getting a whore and fucking her in the car to heal. Goes beyond that as well, care of the new hire the character creation does height.

Also taking a cue from Saint’s in doing things like killing a cop gets them gunning for you, but dieing or a few other things and they stop. I’m liking the idea and then since it’s on PC we can make it adult somewhat. Can’t really do full on porn unless we only have it for purchase and download.

The other idea is sort of on the complete opposite end of the scale and still somewhat the same idea. Instead of doing present day gang activities, it’s a fantasy thing with magic and elves. It actually sounds interesting to me as well, then except for certain things like magic and flying creatures it plays the same.

“Dang both are good, so I got a question. Can you do both at the same time?” Plenty of shaken heads.

“Unless we get an engine we are working on one of these for years with everyone we have now.” I put up my hand.

“Alright so find an engine and speak to Bert on it. He’s the one that actually does most of the decisions. Get the engine and set up one of the games. Just they are similar so besides the graphics on it you can use the same game.” They are looking at each other and nodding then one opens his mouth.

“Perhaps combine them into one game. So you have elves running around with guns and cars.” I point at him.

“Now that would work, make it like the other games already out covering the same idea, but different all at the same time. Figure out if you are hiring all of these guys then set up into groups for whatever section. First thing is deciding on an engine then talk to Bert and get the engine.”

The guys scatter so I head for the elevator. Getting off again I descend into hell, I have interviews to do. Cathy at least pats my arm as I go past her with the first one in tow. I hear moans so at least we have a scene going. I just hope we had people to hold the camera.

Hell gets worse before it gets better. I interview at least six more people before I stop wanting to puke my brains out. Fairly sure we hire three of those, or maybe not. I know Bert is taking interviews as well. I’ve also gone back to just leaving a check or not, curse of having more applicants than positions.

Finally get a break so head to get a cup of coffee. I’m tired of the sodas and I really want something to eat. Then Cathy whistles at me and waves me over. I wave back then get my coffee good and head that way.

“Please tell me we have a pizza guy with pizza.” Cathy snorts and shakes her head.

“Wouldn’t mind that, going to bug one of the guys to go get food when I see one. This is better news, we got a gal here to be a secretary.” I just stare at Cathy a moment.

“Would it be wrong to say she’s hired right off the bat?” Cathy snorts and nods.

“Yes it would. She sounds good though there is one thing, she has a record.” I swat Cathy on the head.

“I am released on parole. Where is she?” Cathy rolls her eyes then points so I look that way.

Our perhaps secretary is wearing a small dress. Not small as in doesn’t fit, there’s just that not much of it. She has some tattoos on her and her nose is pierced. Well piercings can be removed at work so not a big deal, and I have tattoos so awesome I’m not the only one maybe.

“Well, let’s try something because if we hire she’s with the geeks.” Cathy snorts and is giggling as I head over to the file cabinets.

Pull out a fairly full folder then go in and ruffle it up. Cathy squeaks at me so I wink and head for our applicant. She looks up at me and smiles then I hand her the mussed folder.

“You would be with game designers so assume drunk frat boys every day. Also this folder is mussed, straighten it out.” She snorts then pops open the folder.

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