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In an earlier story I told how my wife and I clicked together in high school, went through the usual stages of making out and then to masturbating each other and then to oral sex and then to genital copulation. I guess it worked because we were married for 38 years. And the sex stayed very active the whole time. We both seemed to like oral. She probably had my cock in her mouth as often as her vagina and I likely had my tongue working on her clit just as often.

We never had children. At first we thought we were lucky but when we finally got around to wanting some and checking, I was the one. I shot blanks. I shot a lot of them but they contained only a few, weak sperm. By then, we just pretty much accepted things and ended up enjoying sex just as much as ever, perhaps more with no thoughts of pregnancy involved.

Along the way, after about five years or so of marriage, we bought a house. About fifteen years later, a couple moved into the neighborhood and had a baby girl. They were a mismatched couple, forever fighting. She was nuts and he an alcoholic. Their little girl, Diane, grew up in our house almost as much as her own. She was sort of a replacement for the child we never had. Then, after 38 years of marriage, Ellie died. Diane was fifteen. She was an invaluable help in getting me through our mutual grief.

Three years later, at eighteen, almost ready to graduate high school,Diane came to me for advice on sex. I was very hesitant. She had seen a lot of sex on the internet and decided to try it with her boyfriend. It was not a good experience. Now she wanted to know how to go about getting the good sex she knew existed. I had to admit sex was great and had been for Ellie and me for years. I went through every bit of logic trying to help her. Get her current boyfriend to try more things, which failed. Find a new boyfriend. And that caused her to suggest that I be the one. I knew about good sex, I could let her experience it also.

Truthfully, it scared me a little. Partly because it seemed all wrong and I had given up thoughts of sex after Ellie died and partly because, down inside, I wanted to. She’s a lovely young girl, great body. I made every argument I could against it, basically saying she needed a young man not an old fogie like me, old enough to be her grandfather.

Anyway, it ended up that we made love over and over for about five months until she went off to college. We both loved it. The story ended with me accepting that I was back to being a celibate widower when someone came to the door. It was a very cute, little blonde, extremely well built and chipper like a cheerleader. She said she was a friend of Diane’s and had bad sex several times with her boy friend and Diane suggested that she come see me. She asked to come in.

This girl, Chelsea, is like a figure in every man’s wet dreams. Gorgeous. And wanting to experience really great sex. Actually anxious to. I went through the same arguments I had with Diane months earlier. Maybe she should talk to her boyfriend, get him to try different things. It turns out that almost stereotypically, the cheerleader was dating the jock. And he wasn’t about to lick a stinky cunt, he could get all the ass he wanted and didn’t need her. She then tried another guy in her class, the opposite of a jock,and he had problems getting erect ( she thinks maybe he’s gay and hasn’t admitted it yet, even to himself). So here she was. Definitely ready. She even shoved a finger into her and put it in front of my face to show me that she was already wet. I couldn’t help myself, I took her hand and held it while I sucked on her finger. She tasted delicious.

We ended up naked in the bedroom. I did with her what I had with Diane, kneeling on the floor next to the bed with her sitting on the edge and her legs over my shoulders while I got a really serious taste of that lovely, young, juicy pussy. I told her she had a beautiful pussy because she did. Fairly slight amount of blonde hair above her slit, with the slit actually being in the middle of what was almost a pink powder puff. A little swollen area that I had to pull open with my fingers to get to the tastes and shapes and moisture inside. The best looking one I had ever seen.

She ended up going nuts, yelling and her hips jumping, her legs waving around and closing on my head. I just kept eating her until she had a second orgasm. I knew some women claim they aren’t multi-orgasmic and I wanted to make sure. This, the third female sex partner in my life, like the previous two, was certainly multi-orgasmic. After the second flow of her very tasty fluid, I slid up over her and shoved my cock into her. Tight. So tight as to almost hurt. I had to edge my way in a little at a time. She had her legs around my waist. In the process of pushing into her, I also shoved her back onto the bed, my climbing on as I pushed my way fully in and then adana escort began slowly fucking her, pulling out and pushing in.

I didn’t think I could last long, having gone a couple months without sex, but the experience of being with this luscious girl must have make me priapic enough to get her to another screaming orgasm before I shot off inside her.

It took me a short while but I got it up again and we fucked again, lasting long enough to get into a second position for her to orgasm a second time before I did again, pretty much finishing me for hours. I told her a nineteen year old could probably last longer and get back up again quicker and more often than me. But she seemed way over the top, ecstatic, happy, smiling and praising the whole experience and wanting to know if she could come back tomorrow. Which she did, and the next tomorrow and the next.

I’m 62. I still go to work five days a week. I still need to shop for things, maintain my house and property. For several months, I was spending so much time in bed with Chelsea that I was actually pressed to get around to everything that needed being done. Besides, I knew this was all wrong. I shouldn’t take up all the time of a young, vibrant girl. She needed to find someone closer to her own age and she wouldn’t if she spent all her spare time in bed with me.

I had gone to the same nursery for years, buying plants for our home and garden. Over the years, the owner’s little boy had grown up and was now sharing in the running of the place while he started college. I looked at him and saw a pleasant, good looking, healthy, well built after years of work outdoors, young man. Perfect for Chelsea. She and I had talked often, of course, in addition to fucking a lot, and I knew that she intended to finish college and wasn’t interested in romance and love for several years, just good sex. Why not Jimmy, the nursery guy? But how do I do this? I decided to just be honest and straight forward.

So I told him that I knew this really gorgeous girl that really wanted to have lots of good sex but hadn’t managed to find a guy that would treat her the way she wanted and give her oral sex as well as being gentle when it’s needed and just wild and pounding when it was needed. He actually blushed. He told me that he would love to do all of that but, in fact, he never had. He’d never had the nerve to try things on a girl yet. He even admitted that he needed a girl that would lead the way. I told him he sounded perfect and that I’d try and get the girl I had in mind to meet him.

That night, I brought it up with Chelsea. It turns out that she actually knows who the boy is and thinks he’s a real hunk. I don’t even need to arrange the meeting, she’d go to him the next day.

Well, for two weeks or so, Chelsea split her time between me and Jimmy, the boy from the nursery. But, as I knew would happen, he was much more virile that I could ever be at my age and she was moving to spending more time with him and just being with me often enough to let me know how much she appreciated what I had done for her.

Then one evening, after we’d both cum and were laying there waiting to go again, she told me she wanted to set me up with her grandmother. Her grandmother is actually two years younger than me and in extremely good shape. According to Chelsea, she and her Mom were sometimes mistaken for sisters. Her grandfather died two years ago, bad heart. And, she had heard her Mom and grandmother talking about finding a guy for her, she missed the sex a lot. I agreed that I was open for it.

The next day, Chelsea told me her grandmother wanted to meet me and that she’d take me there after dinner on Friday if that was okay. I agreed. She picked me up and on the way over she asked me to not tell her grandmother that we’d been having sex. She’d told her grandmother about me because she heard it from someone else. That was fine with me but further proof that a young girl like her doesn’t belong with an old guy like me. I bet she doesn’t bother hiding Jimmy from her family.

Anyway, we’re there. Chelsea introduces me to Grace, her grandmother. I’m impressed. Grace could be forty instead of sixty. Slim but with a definite feminine look to her body. Nice face, blonde hair (which I realize is likely not the real color anymore). I guess that seeing me, she’s as impressed as I am with her because she just tells Chelsea thanks and that she can take me back home later so Chelsea can leave. Chelsea grins at me but leaves. I’m about six feet tall, probably a good six or seven inches more than Grace. I’m no body builder but I work every day and before Chelsea started taking up all my spare time, I used to go the gym regularly. So I’m in at least decent shape.

Grace wastes no time getting to the point. She tells me that all she’s interested in is occasional eskişehir escort sex, no romance. She has her life running fine with family and friends and isn’t interested in any big changes, just some oof the sex she’s missed since her husband died. I told her that I think it’s not possible to have sex without some emotion involved. We’ll end up feeling something for one another whether we want to or not. But I, too, have no interest in finding another wife or changing my life style much, so I’d like very much to also experience some good sex.

Grace just grinned at that and suggested we might as well get started and led me to her bedroom. She started undressing so I did, too. I was right at my first glance, she has a great body and I told her so. Breasts that are probably B cups. Not huge but well shaped, half spheres, nice and firm, standing up out from her chest, with large nipples at the end and sort of a ski slope coming down from below her shoulders to the nipple. Will feel really nice, better at our age than really large breasts that would necessarily sag a lot. These are probably as attractive now as they were forty years ago.

Slim waist, nice hips, shapely legs. She must have been a real blond at one time because she doesn’t have a lot of pubic hair and what she has is light brown with some gray in it. Some day I’ll have to meet Chelsea’s Mom because somewhere along the line some much larger breasts got added to the gene mix. But if Grace passed on the passionate sex genes like Chelsea has, being with her will be very good.

I can see she likes what she sees, staring right at my very firm erection. In response to my telling her she has a great body, she tells me that I do, too, and steps over and wraps a hand around my hard on. We kiss as she holds me. I run my hands down her back, onto her ass. A nice, firm ass.

“You have a lovely cock, Jack,” she says, “I’ve missed having one around a lot.” With that she drops down onto her knees and starts swallowing me, licking around inside her mouth. I like it. She obviously likes it and isn’t doing this to satisfy me, but to satisfy her. I put my hand on the top of her head, just to do something with it. It’s a little odd to just stand there doing nothing while she sucks my cock. I think I’d rather sixty-nine but I’ll take it as a good way to start our relationship. After all, how can you do anything but enjoy the heck out of a great blow job. At my age, I realize I can’t have as many orgasms as close together as I did years ago, so I wonder if I should cum in her mouth or lift her away and save my cum for her vagina. But she’s humming and slobbering and really working on my cock with her mouth and hands and I decide I’ll just take whatever it is she wants to do. It’s all way too hot to do anything else.

I do cum in her mouth and she swallows it all and licks my cock clean and is licking her lips in enjoyment as she stands back up. I kiss her again, wrapping my arms around her and then lead her to the bed. We get on it, laying facing one another and I start kissing around her body. Her face, neck, shoulders, then to her breasts, I kiss and hold and suck on each and then work kisses down her abdomen. Once I’m between her legs I can see from where Chelsea inherited her beautiful pussy. Grace has the same powder puff with a slit in the middle. I pull it open and get my tongue into her.

I’ve always liked oral. I love licking around and feeling the shapes involved, feeling the clit with my tongue. Pulling my head back occasionally to just look at the juicy pink insides of a sexy female, then getting back in to taste and savor her. After licking around for a couple minutes I move to getting her off. I slide a finger, then a second, into her vagina and start finger fucking her while I work my tongue and lips on her clit. A very noticeable clit. It doesn’t take long and she cums. I slide my mouth down to suck her whole pussy, getting a sticky face and a lot of sexy juices, then back up a little to start sucking her clit again. I slide my fingers into her again as I work on her. She’s been moaning and then lightly screaming and now is telling me to get it in her, fuck me, but I keep working her with my fingers and mouth until she cums again. The screams are louder.

I slide up over her and get my cock to her. She reaches down to help aim me in and I start pushing. She’s not as tight as Chelsea but surprisingly tight for her age. A great feeling. She never shuts up. Fuck me, fuck me, then moans and light screams and fuck me again, then harder, faster. I go harder and faster, am really pounding her. It takes a while but she cums again, loudly. I push in and hold it in her and wait for her to calm a bit.

Holding her, I roll over so she’s on top, now riding me. I’m as hard and firm as possible. Oh fuck oh fuck, she’s saying as she sakarya escort moves her whole body, feeling my cock move inside her. She bounces up and down, moves back and forth. She leans over me so I can get at her breasts then straightens, then leans again. I get a couple fingers to her clit and work on it as she bounces on me. She never stops her mouth from making noises and comments. I can start to feel her insides contracting and grabbing me, ready to cum again, and that finally turns me on until my cum shoots off inside her. She lays down on top of me, my softening cock still partly in her.

“That was as good as forty years ago,” she says softly, her face side ways on my chest. “I think this is going to be perfect.” She pulls forward a little, dislodging my cock, then rolls off me. “I’ve got to clean up,” she says as she gets off the bed and heads to the bathroom, her one hand down cupping her pussy, trying to catch everything leaking out. When she comes out in a minute or so, she has a warm wash cloth and cleans my cock and balls and thighs, then lays down next to me again and presses up against me.

“There’s probably something wrong with me,” she says. “An orgasm doesn’t calm me and end things, it turns me on. No matter how satisfied i should be, after sex I always would like some more. I realize men can’t just go on forever and if one did, at some point I’d probably have enough. But so far, all sex does is make me want more. “

“There was a time when I recovered more quickly. I’m sure I will be able to get erect again at some point but at my age, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to go on and on forever. We sure can try. I’ll do what I can. If my cock won’t cooperate my tongue probably will, if that;s good for you.”

She had a huge grin. “I’d love that.”

I kissed her, Then, telling her what a great body she has, I started working my mouth and hands down her body. This time, between her legs, I spent some time kissing her thighs before getting at her pussy again. I went slower, licking and savoring her. She’s more swollen now, tastes and feels a little different to my tongue. The swelling has opened her more, making it easy to lick in her. I hit her clit occasionally but spent several minutes just enjoying her pussy. She moaned and exhaled heavily, obviously enjoying what I’m doing. She’d move her hips some or push her hand on my head a little to help aim me around inside her, usually wanting me to get back to her clit. I finally slipped a couple fingers into her and started moving them, keeping my mouth and tongue to her clit until she came again, with softer screams than earlier.

As I pulled back and we held one another and kissed, she reached for my cock and balls. She kissed her way down and started licking and sort of playing with me, trying to get me up again. I could tell it was working a little and told her so, which just turned her on more. It take a while. I’d never had anyone work on a soft cock so long before and it surprised me a little. But once I was up again she just kept sucking me and feeling me, slurping and seeming to love everything involved.

She looked up at me at one point and said, “I hope you last a long time because I want this in me again but I want to keep sucking you for a long time, too. I love this.” Then she’s back to sucking and licking me and using her fingers to play with my balls.

She climbed on me and rode to an orgasm. She got on her hands and knees and I shoved into her from the back until she orgasmed. I sat up on the edge of the bed and she sat on my lap and rode me. I held her and stood up, she wrapped her legs around me, I walked over and pressed her against the wall and we fucked standing up until she had an orgasm. She turned and leaned against the wall and I fucked her from behind with us both standing. I finally came. We both collapsed on the bed and in no time fell asleep. We were both fucked out, exhausted. I had certainly had enough and I think she came as close as possible to also having enough. Towards the end it had become sort of mechanical without the sexy feelings of earlier.

The next morning we showered together, raising the sexy feeling level again. We had breakfast together, both of us still naked. I set her on the table and ate her pussy again, then stood and pushed into her again, there in the kitchen. Once she orgasmed yet again, she pulled away from me and knelt down and started sucking me until I came. I let her know it was all great but i was done for the moment. We dressed and she drove me home. We also agreed to see each other regularly.

I had to had to let Chelsea know that she should settle on Jimmy, I was going to be occupied elsewhere. She asked me if I had just got home and I agreed that I had. “You mean Grandma kept you busy all this time?”

I said, “Yeah, I think we overdid it a little. She needed to catch up on a couple years she missed.”

“Good for her. I knew she needed it. I never would have known that if I hadn’t discovered how much I needed it after finally getting turned on by you. So thanks, Jack, and keep Grandma happy.”

It’s now been months and I’m certainly trying, although it might lead me to an early grave from exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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