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The next day in class Mrs. Tavorski handed me a page of homework. “You left this at tutoring last night,” she said to me, just loud enough for the rest of the students to hear. They tittered in amusement. My face flushed red and I silently took the folded paper from her. I was too embarrassed to even open it for a the next few minutes.

Jack, the class joker who sat next to me, passed me a note when Mrs. T’s back was turned. “Check out her ass,” it read. “No lines. I’m betting g-string or thong. No commando for her. HOOOOOOT!”

I read it, glanced over at him, grinned and rolled my eyes. He gave me a thumbs up and kept staring at her ass while she wrote on the board. I had to admire it as well; there was much to admire.

And there were no panty lines either.

Halfway through the class when we had to pull out our homework, I had forgotten she had given me the piece of loose leaf at the beginning of class. On the bottom of the page she had written “Guess what kind of panties I’m wearing today?” My heart started thumping again and I blushed again. The next line she wrote, “You have to give me an answer for a passing grade today.” No signature, no other note. I looked up and tried to catch her eyes, but she was already busy asking questions of the other students. She was very good at this. She didn’t give anything away.

At the end of class as we were all filing out the door, she called out to me. “Jimmy, I’ll see you after school in tutoring, yes?” The other students didn’t even notice her looking at me.


Mrs. Tavorski sighed as she checked over my homework. “I thought you were doing better than this,” she said, pointing out my mistakes and making me correct them.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I hurriedly erased the errors and made the corrections.

“You seem distracted,” she said moving closer to me, casually releasing a single button at the top of her blouse.

I looked at her, trying to keep my tone neutral. “You’re not helping.”

That only made her smile more.

I finished the last few corrections and passed the page back to her. She didn’t even glance at it; instead she kept her eyes on me and undid another button. I could now see the edge of her white bra. “You didn’t answer the question I gave you in class today,” she said.

The question was enough to make my already stiffening cock almost rock-hard. “Thong,” I said. “You had to be wearing a thong.”

“What color?”

“Uh, black? Same as your pants?”

“And what kind of material?”

“Lace,” I said, more confident it my answer. It was a game she was playing and I had to go along with it.

She stood up and motioned to her waist. “Check,” she ordered me. I reached for her waistband, but the pants she was wearing were too tight. She sighed in frustration. “Not like that, unbutton and pull them down.”

I nodded and struggled for a minute figuring out how to manipulate the clasps and buttons before I was able to free her zipper pendik escort and ease her slacks down over her hips.

They were white and cotton. I was wrong. Mrs. Tavorski stepped out of her pants, turned on her toe and started walking out of the kitchen. “Care to join me in the bedroom?” she asked on her way out, flashing me her ass.

It was a thong.

I got up and followed her like an eager puppy. “I was right about the thong,” I said to her, watching her swaying ass.

She looked at me over her shoulder. “Only sluts wear thongs,” she said, her eyes flashing with anger and amusement.

In the bedroom she turned around to face me again, her shoes had been kicked into the corner and she stood with one hand on a cocked hip.

“But you’re wearing a thong,” I pointed out.

Mrs. Tavorski arched an eyebrow at me. “And I am a slut,” she pointed out to me. “What other kind of woman is married and fucks her students?”

For this I had no answer. It didn’t matter. Mrs. Tavorski knew what she wanted. “Strip,” she ordered.

I obeyed. As much as I was confused on why Mrs. Tavorski had chosen me and why she was doing this, I was eager to participate. In seconds I was naked and my cock was pointing up to the ceiling. My teacher smiled at my eagerness.

“I do love a young, virile cock,” she said before dropping to her knees and engulfing me in her mouth. I had little perspective on how to judge how good a cocksucker she was, but I enjoyed every moment of her sucking on me.

I was able to hold back for a few minutes which caused her to let go of me with a smack of her lips. “What’s taking so long? You should have cum already.” She looked up at me and licked the underside of my shaft while I answered.

“I beat off before I came to tutoring. I wanted to last longer today.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes just like a teenager. “That’s not what I wanted. Why do you think I like very young men? Fast and furious. And as many times as they can.” She repositioned herself on her knees, took right hand off the base of my shaft and moved her left from my hip to gently, but very firmly grab my balls. “I guess I’ll have to teach you a lesson for that.”

The tip of my cock went back into her mouth. This I liked. Then her right hand slipped around my thigh and started playing with my ass. At first I though she was just trying to get into a more comfortable position; her knee was pushing my foot into a wider stance. I resisted moving the way she wanted me to; I didn’t know what was going on.

Once again my cock was released from the warm confines of her mouth. Move your foot,” she ordered me. What could I do? She literally had me by the balls. I moved my feet further apart; she put my cock back in her mouth and pressed her right index finger against my bung.

I was in high school and completely inexperienced. While I knew that having a woman’s finger up my ass wouldn’t make rus escort me gay, it sure as hell scared me into thinking something was wrong, especially when all she did was wiggle her digit just a tiny bit and the next thing I knew I was erupting into her mouth.

Again, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain. So strong was my organism this time that I nearly collapsed to the ground. Only by locking my knees was I able to remain upright. That and Mrs. Tavorski’s firm grip on my balls. I was completely certain she would twist them off if I didn’t remain on my feet.

I watched as my cock pumped my seed into her mouth and she very visibly swallowed my entire load. When I was done and she finally released me—both ass and balls—I staggered backward to the bed as she wiped the fine remains of my leavings from her lips and chin.

“That was good,” she said. “Perhaps I should have told you yesterday, but you aren’t to beat off unless I give you permission. I need all the cum I can get.” She grinned at me and stood up, shedding her shirt so that I could admire her body clad only in bra and thong. She posed for me, unselfconscious in her near-nudity. I had just had the most powerful organism of my life: I should have been completely spent. My cock didn’t stir as she posed for me. This apparently was upsetting to my teacher. “Not ready to go again yet?” she asked, watching my flaccid member.


A smile was her easy response, then she slid her hand down her belly and into her tiny panties. Her eyes closed as I realized her fingers had slipped inside her cunt. She moved her hips back and forth; as I watched her mister my cock got hard again.

After only a minute her eyes popped open and she pulled her fingers out of her panties. “I can make you ready without even touching you. I love teen boys!”

She practically jumped on the bed, crawled up to my face and threw her legs on either side of my shoulders. The thin cotton material of her thong was moist with her juices. “Taste this,” she ordered, placing her fingertips that had just been inside her pussy on my lips. I opened my mouth and took the flavor off her fingers. “Good boy. Now eat me.”

I placed my hands on her bare ass and scooted her forward so that my lips and tongue met her wet panties. Her scent was strong in my nostrils and she rocked her hips back and forth on my face. I couldn’t penetrate her labia for it was still hidden by her thong. This problem was solved after a minute when she reached down and moved the material aside, exposing her cunt to me.

Her moans of enjoyment told me I was doing something right. After a few minutes of her lightly resting her weight on my chest, I must have brought her to climax: her thighs suddenly squeezed together and her full weight came down on my chest. The pressure on my chest and her lack of control meant it was impossible for me to breathe. This problem was compounded by the fact that her cunt suddenly sancaktepe escort started releasing juices like a river. It wasn’t snake; the flavor was all wrong. In order to keep from drowning I swallowed as much of her juices as possible until her climax passed and I was able to breathe again.

“You’re getting better,” she complimented me looking down at my face between her thighs. She was holding part of her weight on one arm pressed into the mattress.

“You almost killed me,” I said. I wasn’t sure if it was a complaint or not, but she was unconcerned.

“If there’s a good way to die, that’s got to be it. Don’t worry; you’re young and virile. It’s the older partner who’s supposed to die during sex.” She laughed lightly and rolled off me and onto her back. I watched as she wiggled out of her thong and spread her legs. “Time to fuck,” she told me.

“You’re insatiable,” I told her.

“No, you’re insatiable,” she said grabbing my cock and pulling me toward her. I didn’t resist. “I’m just servicing the needs of a teenage boy.”

Who was I to resist her commands? I easily entered her pussy and started pumping away. It occurred to me that this was the first time I was actually physically in control of our relationship. We were fucking missionary style and she, for once, no longer seemed completely in control of me. Instead of trying to assert my masculinity, I instead asked a stupid question.

“Why don’t you ever take off your bra?”

She laughed and wrapped her long legs around my waist. “Because I have to save something for my husband.”

That statement made me nervous. I increased my pace and came inside her again.

“Good boy,” she whispered in my ear as my body shuddered in climax.

After I managed to stop spasming I asked her, “Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Remind me that you’re married.”

She laughed at me. “Should I pretend I’m not? Should I pretend I’m your girlfriend and not your older, married teacher?” she asked sarcastically.

“No,” I said, angrier than I wanted to.

“I do it,” she said, kissing me on the shoulder, “because it makes you cum and it makes me feel like a slut.”

Her statements made me nervous. Could you blame me? I was only in high school and making it with my teacher didn’t seem to be the best or smartest decision I’d ever made.

“I need to get going,” I told her, rolling out of the bed.

“Why?” she asked watching me as I gathered my clothes and started dressing. “Don’t you want to fuck some more before you go back to mom and dad?”

I hesitated a moment. Yeah, I wanted to, but it didn’t seem the best idea. “I…I should go. Isn’t your husband going to be home soon? What about him?”

She rolled over and groaned or laughed, I wasn’t sure which. Maybe both. “He’s not going to be home for hours. Let’s fuck again!” She looked up at me, hopefully, but I shook my head at her.

“I’ve already been here too long. People will start wondering.”

A wave of her hand dismissed my complaint. “I’m not charging your parents or the school for the time we spend in bed.”

“That’s good,” I agreed. “But I still have to leave.” And I did so. Every time I walked away from Mrs. Tavorski’s naked and willing body was an act of supreme sacrifice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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