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Cum In

Nate checked the address on the sheet of paper. This is where his GPS had led him, but this was not the computer store he was looking for. The name on the sign said Ariana’s. It looked like some fancy ladies store.

College students can’t be choosey. He heard the computer store was hiring and he needed a job; badly. Maybe someone in the store could direct him where he needed to go. He felt uncomfortable walking into the store, but he didn’t feel like he had a choice.

Ariana was in the back of the store when she heard the door alert go off. She was hanging up some lingerie when she saw her customer. He wasn’t the sort of man that usually came in. First of all he was far too young. He had to be in his very early 20s. Plus, he didn’t look the part. Usually her customers were businessmen and women. This guy had computer nerd written all over him.

His hair was too long, but Ariana doubt he noticed. His glasses were too big for his face and his clothes were not stylish. The jeans he wore had seen better days but they fit him well. He had on a button down shirt that was just a little bit too big for him. He looked like he didn’t care about his appearance much.

Nate blushed as he asked the woman, “Uhhmm, excuse me. I was given this address for a computer store. Do you have any idea where it is?”

Ariana looked at the young man. He was kind of cute when he blushed.

“They moved a couple of years ago. I’ve been here since then,” she answered.

Nate was not comfortable having this conversation with the woman in the middle of the lingerie section. He squirmed as it continued.

“Do you have any idea where they moved? I’m looking for a job and I heard they were hiring.”

Ariana could tell he was uncomfortable, but he was so damned cute the way he blushed and squirmed.

“Sweetie, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of clothes like this with the girls you’ve dated.”

Nate turned beet red at her statement.

“N-n-n-n-o…” he stammered. “I haven’t really dated. I’ve been too busy with school.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sure there are plenty of girls that find you attractive. You should get out some and live a little. You know what they say about work making Jack a dull boy.”

Nate dropped his head, unable to meet her eyes. “Why thank you ma’am. No offense, but I presume you’re older than I am and girls my age aren’t interested in me. They want to date the jocks.”

“How old do you think I am sweetie?”

“Ma’am, I know better than to talk about a woman’s age.”

Ariana decided to play with him a little bit. She smoothed her hands over her body, turning as she did so.

“I’m 35. Does this look like the body of a 35 year old?”

Nate was unable to answer. He simply swallowed as his eyes were glued to her body. The dress she was wearing hugged her curves without being too tight. Her breasts were average sized, her hips flared out from her waist in just the right manner, and the stiletto heels she was wearing made her legs look long and lean, despite her petite stature.

“You’re not answering me. Do you like what you see or don’t you?”

Nate simply nodded his head in answer. Ariana took a few steps to cross the space that separated them. She removed his glasses and was greeted by a set of piercing green eyes. He should really go without glasses. He was quite attractive without them. He had a nerdy, sexy thing going on.

Ariana stood on her toes, grabbed his head, pulling it toward her and locked him in a kiss.

Nate was startled by her actions, but her soft lips felt so good. When her tongue probed his mouth, he eagerly opened, allowing her in. He hadn’t kissed many girls in his short 20 years, and certainly not any that were as aggressive as she was.

Ariana’s hand traveled down the front of his body. He had a nice chest. Not overly muscular, but not scrawny either. His flat belly gave way to the bulge she was searching for. As she cupped his front, his body tensed and he inhaled deeply.

“Sweetheart, have you ever had anyone touch you before?” she asked.

Nate’s non-answer led her to another question.

“Are you a virgin?”

Nate turned red from head to toe.

“Sweetheart, it’s about time we fix that. If you want to leave, leave now. Otherwise, I’ll lock that front door and teach you a few things. That’s one of the perks of being with an older woman. I’m not afraid to show you how to please a woman, and I’m patient.”

Nate was unable to move. What would any man in his position do? Part of him wanted to run screaming for the hills. The other part of him couldn’t possibly turn away from this offer. His cock strained against his jeans, begging for what she was offering.

“I see you’re staying. I’ll lock the door and be right back. Make yourself comfortable,” she said as she pointed toward a couch back by the dressing rooms.

Nate hadn’t moved when she returned. Ariana took him by the hand, guiding Anadolu Yakası Escort him to the couch. She pulled him into another kiss, pressing her crotch against him. Heat was building in her as she thought of how she’d initiate this sweet piece of young meat.

Ariana’s fingers worked the buttons of his shirt as Nate’s breathing grew harder. She saw his chest rise and fall as she peeled the material away from his skin. His hands went to her hair as her mouth and hands explored his bare skin. No girl had ever taken the lead, or ever pressed her mouth anywhere other than his mouth. Each sensation she gave him was new. Ariana raked her nails down Nate’s back as she slid further down his body.

When Ariana reached the waistband of his jeans, she expertly undid his fly, sliding her hand inside his boxer briefs. When her hand grasped his hard cock, the sharp intake of his breath was extremely audible.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll be gentle with you. You’ll enjoy every minute of it,” Ariana whispered.

Ariana’s tongue teased at the waistband of his briefs. Nate’s head fell back as Ariana slid his jeans down inch-by-inch, her tongue teasing along the waistband as they slid lower and lower. Nate moaned from both the sensations that danced across the skin and the anticipation of the moment that his cock would be free. He was hoping beyond hope that her wet tongue would be on his cock once it was free.

Ariana was purposely slow in her movements, knowing the mixture of pleasure and agony that she was delivering. When the waist of his briefs began to expose the base of his cock, her tongue lavished attention on the small exposed spot. When she heard him groan, she grabbed his ass, pulling him hard against her mouth.

Once she had a taste of his cock, she was no longer patient. She pushed his jeans down so the full length of his cock was free. He was average size in length and girth, but she knew she could teach him how to please her.

Ariana slowly stroked his hardness, while flicking her tongue across the full head. Nate’s lust and desire were taking over as he started to thrust his cock further into her mouth. Ariana removed her hand, using it to massage his balls while her mouth stroked up and down his cock.

Nate’s loud moans began to increase as Ariana skillfully sucked his cock. He began fucking her face with an increased intensity and speed. Her hot mouth wrapped around him, matching him stroke for stroke, taking the full length of his shaft.

Nate did not last long before he felt a new sensation as his cock tightened even more. Ariana felt the tightness, knowing he was about to cum. Her mouth stayed tightly around his cock as he pumped his hot cum down her throat with each thrust. Nate had grasped her head, holding it tight as he pounded into her mouth. Ariana’s experience surpassed Nate’s need. She easily milked his cock of every last drop.

Nate shuddered as he thrust one final time. As he came out of his sex-induced haze, the reality of what he had done came over him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t… I didn’t…” he stammered.

“Oh sweetheart, nothing to apologize for. That was just tension relief. If I had wanted to fuck you just then, I would have. Now that you’ve cum, I’ll show you how to please a woman, and later you can bury that nice hard cock into my pussy when it’s hot and wet. I assure you, we are just getting started. Why don’t you take a seat on that couch?”

Nate did as instructed. He felt horrible that he’d cum without so much as touching the woman in front of him. He didn’t even know her name and he’d just had his cock down her throat.

Ariana finished undressing Nate, then she straddled him. She adjusted the bottom of her dress, so that her pussy, covered only by a thong, could come in contact with his cock. Her tits were at his eye level. He gazed at the nipples that strained against the silky fabric of the dress.

Ariana grasped his hands, placing them firmly on her tits.

“Women love to have their tits played with. You can do so many things with them. Nipples are sensitive. Lick them, suck them, pinch them, pull on them, nibble on them. Don’t worry about being too hard or too soft, I’ll tell you if something makes me uncomfortable.”

Nate used his palms to make circles on the tips of Ariana’s nipples. The sex charged air and the newness of this lover increased her desire. She placed her hands over his, guiding them. She showed him how to knead her flesh the way that she liked.

She removed Nate’s hands and placed her own on her tits.

“This is how I like them played with,” she stated, as she proceeded to pinch and rub her own tits. “Now you try it.”

Nate did as instructed. He had played with the tits of a few girls, but the boldness and instruction was enticing.

Ariana’s pussy began to grind on Nate’s crotch as fire spread from her nipples, down her body and into her clit. Her thong went from damp to wet when he gave her nipples a firm pinch. She gasped. Nate pulled his hands away quickly, thinking he had hurt her.

“Oh no sweetheart, you are doing just fine. A little pain can bring great pleasure. “

Ariana took the few moments that they were apart to remove her dress. She slowly slid it up her body, letting Nate gaze at her bare skin bit by bit. As the fabric went further up, exposing the globes he had just been grasping, Nate’s eyes stayed fixed upon her chest. Viewing them without the fabric covering them made him eager to take them in her mouth.

As soon as Ariana tossed her dressed to the side, Nate grabbed her tits, latching his mouth over the red bud he had been pinching. The feeling of his rough tongue rasping across the tender nub caused Ariana to cry out.

“Yes, sweetheart, that’s right. Suck on my tits.”

She pressed her tits together, allowing him to take both nipples in his mouth at the same time. She urged him on, begging him to nibble, giving her the pleasure and pain combination she was seeking.

“Oh yes. Work those tits. Mmmm, harder. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Ariana let out a loud moan as she came. She ground her now drenched pussy against his cock as she let the sensations take over her body. Nate continued working her nipples, until she begged him to stop. As he pulled his mouth away, he saw the redness he had created.

Ariana panted as she came down from her orgasm. Nate’s hands explored her sweat soaked body as she explored his. As his hands trailed down her back, Nate hesitated when he reached her ass. He slowly inched his way down, waiting to see if she swatted his hands away. When she didn’t, he continued down, grasping her cheeks in his hands. He gave them a firm squeeze, eliciting another moan from Ariana. He had heard of women that liked anal sex, but he wasn’t sure if she was one of them. He didn’t want to screw up his chances, so he moved his hands forward. He stroked her belly, then slid down to the top of her thong.

Ariana lifted her hips, giving him access to the soaked fabric. As Nate’s fingers roamed over the thong, he felt the wetness. Further back his fingers slid over smooth pussy lips. Ariana’s grinding had caused the material to slide between her lips. Nate had his first feel of a woman’s pussy, slick with cum. She had obviously shaved the hair, giving him easy access to the hole he longed to probe.

Ariana stood long enough to remove her panties. She was about to straddle Nate again when she heard him say, “Please don’t. I want to see you.”

Ariana was a bit startled by his request. She had been the initiator through everything so far. Having him watch her and drink in the sight of her body excited her. She stood in front of him with one leg on the floor, then lifted the other, placing it on the couch alongside Nate’s leg. He now had a clear view of her pussy. He thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He reached to touch her.

Nate hesitated, unsure what to do. Ariana stroked her clit, sliding her fingers back to her hole, placing two fingers inside and pumping them.

“Just do what I did,” Ariana instructed.

Nate followed her lead. As his fingers made contact, he was surprised to find her so wet. His fingers felt like they were gliding across her skin. Each time his finger grazed her clit she shuddered with excitement. He ran a path from clit to hole, not plunging into her as she wanted. She ground against his hand, pushing further.

“Put your fingers in my pussy sweetheart. Use them to fuck me.”

Nate slid one finger in, emitting a groan from Ariana.

“More,” she stated simply.

Another finger joined the first one. He pumped them into her pussy as he had seen her do. When she began to ride his hand, he added a third finger. He felt the roughness inside her, combined with the slickness of her juice. He tried to pump his fingers, but Ariana had taken over, riding his hand as if she were riding his cock. She was taking control of her orgasm.

“Rub my clit,” she barked.

Nate’s thumb worked the enlarged nub while she rode his hand. He could feel her clit swell as his thumb went over and over the sensitive spot. He looked up to see her had fall back.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried out.

Nate worked her clit faster, while she pounded onto his hand, hard. She was not shy about her body or fucking. He watched her as she released her juice while she came on his hand. He felt the wetness invade his hand as she continued her pounding. Then her muscles clenched around his fingers. If his fingers felt this good, how good would his cock feel inside her. He wanted to fuck her. His cock was hardening, but not fast enough for him. She was coming down off her high, slowing the assault on his hand. It was slick with her juice. The contractions around him slowed.

When she was finished, Ariana slowly stood, removing her cunt from his hand. She took his hand, bringing it to her mouth. She licked his fingers as she locked eyes with him. There was fire in his eyes as he watched her suck her own cum off of his index finger. She then placed his hand on his lips.

“Suck my cum. Get your first taste of pussy. Then you’ll know what it’s like before you suck my clit.”

Nate sucked his fingers as if it were the last drop of water in the desert. The taste was not what he expected; sweet, salty, musky, all rolled into one.

Ariana stroked his cock while he licked his fingers clean. “If you want to fuck me, we need this cock harder. Get on your back. You’re going to eat my pussy while I suck your cock. I’ll get it good and hard for you to drive it into me.”

Nate eagerly moved to his back. He wanted her pussy on his face, and another round of her sucking his cock; he wasn’t about to argue with that.

Ariana lowered her pussy onto his mouth, giving him just a bit to allow him to get accustomed to the new sensation. Electricity shot through her as his tongue made contact with her clit. He wasted no time in lapping at her hole and clit. Ariana lowered her head over his semi hard cock. She set to working him with a fury so she could have that hard cock buried in her pussy. She had been patient in teaching him, showing him many different things, but she was ready for a good fucking.

As his cock grew harder, Ariana grew even more excited. She did not need to give him instruction on eating her pussy. He appeared to know exactly what to do to her. If this is what he was like with no instruction, she imagined the pussy lashing she could get if she taught him a few tricks. Between the hardening happening in her mouth, his tongue working her already sensitive clit, and having just cum a few minutes before, it didn’t take long for Ariana to drench his face. Cum flowed easily from her. He dove his tongue deep into her hole, lapping up the juice she produced. His tongue in her pussy gave her another jolt. She wanted his cock, and she wanted it now. Her mouth stroked up and down his cock, quickly, getting him good and hard.

Ariana climbed off of Nate. She turned to him.

“Are you ready to fuck me?”

Nate seemed hesitant.

“Uhhhmmm. I don’t have any protection,” he quietly responded.

“Not to worry sweetheart, I’m on the pill.”

Nate didn’t hesitate this time. He almost fell as he scurried to get up.

Ariana bent over the couch, her ass up in the air, pussy exposed for his cock.

“Just grab my hips and guide your cock in. Don’t worry about going to hard or fast. My pussy is good and wet. I can handle it.”

Nate felt her wet pussy with his fingers. She wasn’t lying. He lifted her ass slightly to give him the right angle to slide his cock in. He put just the cock head in first. He told himself he was going to enter her slowly and savor the moment. However, once he felt the tight wetness wrap around the head, he wanted all of his cock in her. He slid in quickly. Ariana moaned in pleasure. Nate took this as a cue and stroked in and out faster than he had planned to.

“Mmmmm, yeah sweetheart. Give my pussy a good fuck. I want your cock hard and fast.”

Nate was glad that’s what she wanted because his cock felt so damn good he didn’t want to go slowly. Nate looked down at her ass. Oh, it looked so beautiful to him. Her tight ass almost appeared to wink at him. Then he saw his cock gliding in and out. It glistened with her wetness. It may have been the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He wasn’t sure if his cock got harder or her pussy got tighter, but the sensations were stronger each time he pounded into her pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard. Give me that big hard cock. I’m going to cum all over it.” Ariana screamed.

Moments later her pussy pulsed around his cock. Nate pounded her pussy as it massaged his cock. A few more strokes took him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten, and the same sensation he felt when he unloaded down her throat. He felt the first spurt of hot cum escape from his cock. He was buried deep in her pussy as the first spurt came. He did not slow. He allowed his cock to be massaged by her pussy as he pumped more and more cum into that hot, wet hole. He slid even more easily now and he had no intention of stopping. He had a beautiful ass in his hands and his cock buried in a sweet pussy. He pumped her pussy even after he stopped cumming. Only after he went limp enough to fall out of her pussy did he stop.

Ariana turned toward him, got on her knees and sucked his cock clean. Nate groaned as he saw her in front of him again.

When she finished, Nate sat on the couch, with Ariana straddling him.

“I’m Ariana by the way, and I own this place. I think I could use a stock boy if you’re interested. I wouldn’t be able to pay you much, but I can offer you other benefits you won’t get at any other job. I can teach you things that you can use to impress the young women on your campus. You’ll be the talk of the town and have women crawling all over you.”

Nate took a few seconds to consider her offer.

“I’m Nate. I’ll take your offer. How do you feel about anal sex?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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