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For Marcy, it was another typical night at work. All the offices on the mezzanine were dark except for her cubicle. From her vantage point, Marcy could scan over the production floor and see most her co-workers busy at their workstations. The girls working on the assembly line ranged in age from their early twenties to late forties. There were only five men working the night shift, all of them somewhere in their twenties. They were the supply and process control guys. Although a couple of them referred to themselves as “harem masters”. It was their term for overseeing the girls and operations on their product lines.

Marcy’s job was perfect for her. She was a night person, usually sleeping during the day and running around of an evening before work. Marcy didn’t have to answer to anyone except the day shift production manger. She spent most of the night in front of her computer going over inventories and finished goods data. Marcy performed a physical inventory of raw materials at the beginning of the night shift and another finished goods inventory at the end of the shift, just before 7:00am.

The operation ran peacefully and smoothly on nights, no managers around making erratic decisions. Being down on the production floor gave her a brief chance to visit with a few of the girls. For the most part, the guys ignored Marcy, not liking the fact that she wasn’t under their control. She rarely even looked at the guys, let alone spoke with them. Marcy was sure they made disparaging remarks, probably sexual, about her when she wasn’t around. Marcy’s intense shyness was the biggest problem she had to deal with on a daily basis. She’d always been on the shy side but during her teen years it had grown immensely. Marcy had great difficulty talking with any guys she came in contact with. She never dated in high school, never participated in any of the social activities. In a few weeks, she would turn 20, still extremely shy, still a virgin!

Marcy was 5’7″ with an average to slender build. She kept her dark brown hair cut short so it was easy to manage. She always wore make-up and dressed neatly just so guys would notice her. A soft smile was her trademark facial expression. Guys had a hard time noticing her smile since she usually walked with her head down.

Although Marcy talked with most of the girls on the assembly line, Pamela was her closest friend. Pam was 25, divorced and quite well liked by the opposite sex. She was the same height as Marcy with shoulder length blonde hair. Pamela loved to tease the guys especially with her wise remarks and taunting gestures. Marcy wished she could acquire Pam’s traits but knew it would never happen. The one thing the two girls shared was Marcy’s secret of still being a virgin. Pamela frequently offered to set her up with someone but Marcy always refused. Being a friend, Pam didn’t push the idea, waiting to let nature take its course.

It was midnight, time for the first break of the night. Most everyone headed for the outside break area, which had several picnic tables and was well lit. The warm night air filled with cigarette smoke and idle chatter. Marcy and Pamela stood off to one side leaning up against Pamela’s car.

“We still going out for breakfast after work?” Marcy asked.

“Yeah.” Pamela replied. “I need to drop my car off at the garage first. The whole damn exhaust system’s about to fall off. Can you follow me over?”

Marcy and Pamela went out for breakfast every Friday morning after work. It was the end of their normal workweek, time to relax and think about the weekend. The two girls sometimes went shopping after breakfast or hung out at Pam’s house watching movies. They seldom saw each other during the rest of the weekend since Pamela always had a date or two.

Across the drive from their facility was another industrial operation, a small machine shop. There were seven or eight guys that worked the night shift there. They always took their breaks at the same time so they could come over and talk. There was the usual amount of flirting mingled with gossip and sports talk. Marcy always stood off to herself whenever they came over. They probably thought she was stuck-up, not wanting to socialize with them.

Quitting time finally arrived. Marcy stopped by the production manager’s office and dropped off her reports and printouts from the night. She was anxious to get away from work and start enjoying her time off. Pamela was waiting for her outside the entrance.

“Ready?” Pamela asked.

“Ready.” Marcy replied. “I’ll follow you over to the repair shop.”

Marcy followed Pamela north on Shadeland Avenue to the repair shop. She could see the mufflers on Pam’s car barely clearing the pavement almost hanging up on an elevated manhole cover. Pam pulled into the crowded parking lot of the garage and motioned she’d be right back out. A few minutes later, the two girls were on their way to Perkins Restaurant, their favorite place for breakfast.

The girls sat at a table along the windows. Their waitress brought them fresh coffee and Ataşehir Escort menus. Marcy and Pam scanned over the menus briefly before placing their order. Both girls lit up cigarettes and sipped the coffee while they waited for their food.

“Hey ladies!” A voice greeted.

Marcy and Pamela both looked around the crowded restaurant, recognizing three of the guys from the machine shop. The guys waved at them. Pamela gestured back at them, Marcy nodded her head, forcing herself to smile. The waitress brought their food and more fresh coffee. The girls ate, casually making conversation about work and the weekend.

When the guys finished eating, they got up from their table across the room and walked towards Marcy and Pam. Pamela noticed them approaching and smiled. The three guys sat down with the girls.

“Fancy running into you two here!” One of the guys exclaimed. His name was Brett, a short guy, approximately Marcy’s height with short brown hair. He had an athletic build and a nice smile. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties.

“We eat here whenever we get the chance.” Pam responded. “It’s close to the malls if we decide to go shopping.”

“I hate shopping!” Ron exclaimed. “My ex was a shopaholic! One reason we got a divorce.” Ron was tall and slender, well over 6′ tall. His shoulder length dark hair was curled almost like a woman’s.

“We’re going over to Ron’s and watch some new dvd’s.” Brett stated. “Maybe drink a few beers before the day’s over. You girls care to join us?”

Marcy glanced at Pam to get her reaction to the invitation. Pamela smiled like she was interested, shrugging her shoulders. She was waiting for Marcy to say something.

“What do you think Marcy?” Pam quipped. “Think we can trust these guys?”

“Oh,…I need to get home and do some laundry and housecleaning.” Marcy responded, coming up with a quick excuse.

“Well, I won’t go if you won’t!” Pam said. “Why don’t we just go and watch one movie?”

Marcy hesitated momentarily before agreeing. She actually wanted to go, not wanting to spend the rest of the weekend alone. Besides, Chris, the third guy of the trio was a great-looking guy. He was a few inches taller than Marcy, maybe 5’10” or so. He had a muscular build, evidenced by his short sleeve shirt and tight jeans. He had sandy hair and a friendly smile. Marcy used to watch him during break times when he’d come over to join the girls. He was very quiet, hardly saying much during breaks.

The guys paid their check and generously picked up the girl’s tab. They left the restaurant, walking towards their vehicles.

“Hey, one of us needs to ride with the girls so they won’t get lost.” Brett exclaimed.

“I’ll ride with Marcy and Pam!” Chris volunteered.

Chris quickly walked towards the girls, not waiting for Brett or Ron to agree or disagree. Pam sat in the back seat of the Camaro. Chris sat in the passenger seat next to Marcy. It was the first time a guy had ridden in her car. She almost wished Pamela wasn’t sitting in the back seat.

Ron lived in a new housing addition on the west side of town. It took almost a half hour to make the drive. Marcy parked in front of the garage alongside Ron’s pick-up. The trio exited the car just as Brett pulled in. Ron was waiting for them at the door, motioning for them to enter. Ron’s house was a spacious ranch style brick home.

Ron had the latest James Bond dvd so he put it in the player. Pam sat with Brett and Ron on the couch. Marcy and Chris sat in matching casual chairs. The movie was great, lots of typical Bond action scenes with sexual overtones. Marcy went to use the bathroom after the movie ended. She heard voices passing by the bathroom door. When she returned to the livingroom only Chris was there. Marcy looked for her friend, Pamela

“Think Pam’s entertaining Ron and Brett in the bedroom.” Chris muttered.

Marcy didn’t say anything. She glanced briefly towards the hallway as she sat down in the chair next to Chris’s. Chris put a comedy in the dvd player, using the remote to start it. The constant moaning sounds coming from the bedroom were clearly audible over the television’s volume. Marcy focused her attention on the television but her ears on the noises coming from the bedroom. The voices and moaning had a sexually arousing effect on her. She glanced over at Chris but he didn’t appear to be paying attention to anything but the movie. Marcy’s eyes glanced quickly towards the hallway and then back towards the tv before Chris could catch her.

“Let’s sneak down and take a peak.” Chris whispered. “See what they’re up to.”

Chris rose from his chair, grabbing Marcy’s hand, pulling her to her feet. The two crept down the hallway being careful not to let their footsteps be heard. The bedroom door was partially closed. Marcy froze when she saw her friend, Pam on all fours on the bed. She was bobbing her head up and down furiously on Brett’s hard cock. Ron was kneeling behind her, fucking her with long, slow strokes. Brett glanced towards the Kadıköy Escort door with half opened eyes. Marcy took an abrupt step back, pressing herself against Chris. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her. Marcy peeked around the door just as Brett grabbed Pam’s head forcing it down hard on his cock. He shot his load into Pam’s mouth, emitting a loud groan. He held her head firmly, not letting her pull her head away. Ron began fucking harder and faster into Pamela. Loud, smacking sounds filled the bedroom then they quickly stopped. Ron emanated a long, low groan as he spewed his hot load deep inside Pamela’s pussy.

“Oh.” Marcy exclaimed, trying to catch herself before she said it.

She pressed back hard against Chris to escape being seen or heard but Chris wasn’t budging. She twisted around, slipping from beneath Chris’s firm grip on her shoulders. He stood motionless, his eyes still focused on the trio.

“Come on!” Marcy whispered. “Let’s get out of here!”

Chris didn’t reply to her request. He turned and pushed Marcy gently towards the livingroom. Marcy picked up her handbag next to the chair and headed for the door, towards Chris.

“Can you give me a ride back to my car?” He asked. “I left it at the restaurant.”

“Yeah, sure.” Marcy replied.

The two drove in silence for most of the short drive back to back to the restaurant.

“Guess it wasn’t such a good idea to spy on them, was it?” Chris said. “Damn, that Pamela is hot, isn’t she?”

“Yeah…I guess so.” Marcy replied, not wanting to admit she agreed with his remarks.

There were a few minutes of silence before Chris spoke again.

“Pam tells me you never date.” He stated. “Guess it wouldn’t do me any good to ask you out.”

“I just…well, it’s just me I guess.” Marcy replied, her words broken.

Marcy pulled into the parking lot at Perkins Restaurant. Chris pointed out his car as Marcy slowed to approach it.

“If you want to go out sometime, I’d go out with you.” Marcy stated. “I mean if you still want to.”

“Yes. I definitely want to.” Chris answered, smiling. “In fact, I really don’t want to get out of the car.”

“What do you mean?” Marcy inquired.

“Well, why can’t we start our date now?” Chris asked. “I just need a shower and a short nap first.”

“Yeah, me too.” Marcy replied. “Especially the sleep.”

“Ok…your place or mine?” Chris asked. “My apartment’s not far, just over on Keystone.”

Marcy hesitated a few moments before answering.

“Yours…I guess.” She replied, not really knowing what to answer.

Marcy followed Chris to his apartment, parking next to him. Marcy exited her car, locking it. Chris put his hand out slipping it around her waist. Chris unlocked the door to his apartment, allowing Marcy to enter first. The apartment was nice, as nice as the carriage house she lived in.

“How about something cold to drink?” Chris suggested. “I’ve got Cokes and lemonade in the refrigerator.”

“A Coke would be fine.” Marcy replied.

Chris and Marcy entered the compact kitchen. Chris took two Cokes from the refrigerator, handing one to Marcy. Chris took a couple of quick gulps from his.

“I need to grab a shower.” He stated. “I’ll turn the television on for you.”

Chris proceeded towards one of the bedrooms. Marcy sat down across from the television, not paying attention to what channel was on. She noticed several pictures on top of the set. Some were of Chris and two small boys, another of Chris, the boys and a woman. She wondered if Chris was married, something she hadn’t thought about. She was slightly alarmed at the thought of being in their apartment if he was.

Marcy heard the shower running in the bathroom down the hallway. She didn’t know whether to stay or leave. The shower stopped and Chris came out of the bathroom, wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. He approached Marcy and took a few sips of her soft drink. She looked up at his soaking wet hair and body. The thought of him standing there wearing just a towel excited her. Chris had a strong, muscular upper body. His chest had very little hair on it, some of it already gray.

“Shower’s all yours!” Chris exclaimed.

“I noticed the pictures on top of your tv.” Marcy said, nervously. “Your family?”

“Todd and Tony, my boys. Todd’s 5, Tony just turned 4!” Chris said, beaming with pride. “They live with their mother up in Westfield.”

“Your divorced.” Marcy muttered.

“Yeah…almost a year.” He replied. “Rachael and I couldn’t get along. I get the boys every other weekend and two weeks during the summer.”

Marcy was greatly relieved, knowing Chris wasn’t married. Her apprehensions quickly dissipated. She walked towards the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She debated whether to lock it or not. Locking the door seemed like the stupid thing to do. It would appear she didn’t trust Chris.

Marcy took off her clothes piling them on top of the hamper. She stepped into the shower, adjusting the water Ümraniye Escort temperature and spray. Chris opened the bathroom door and walked in. The shower curtain was translucent enough so that he couldn’t see Marcy clearly. Marcy froze, covering herself with her hands and the washcloth.

“I’ve got an oversize shirt you can sleep in.” Chris shouted. “I’ll put it on the hook on the back of the door.”

“Oh, Ok.” Marcy responded with a shaky voice.

Marcy finished her shower and toweled herself dry. She slipped on her panties and the shirt that Chris had put on the back of the door. The shirt was long, reaching almost halfway to her knees. Marcy rolled the sleeves up till her hands were exposed. She gathered up the rest of her clothes and exited the bathroom. Chris was sitting in the recliner, wearing a pair of gym shorts and smoking a cigarette. He smiled when he saw her, his eyes looking her up and down.

Marcy set her clothing on the couch next to her purse. She picked up the Coke and took a few sips. Chris put his cigarette in the ashtray.

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” He said. “You’ll sleep better in the bed.”

Marcy glanced towards the bedroom door. She didn’t feel right booting Chris from his own bed.

“I can sleep on the couch.” She suggested. “I’m a great couch sleeper.”

“Well, we could both sleep on the couch!” Chris kidded, grinning.

“Or…we could both sleep in the bed!” Marcy said jokingly, her words accidentally slipping out.

Chris rose from the chair and gestured towards the bedroom. Marcy and Chris casually walked into the bedroom. Chris pulled the comforter towards the foot of the bed. Marcy pulled the sheet back and slipped into bed. Chris slid in beside her. Surprisingly, Marcy didn’t feel nervous being in bed with him. Marcy turned on her side with her back towards Chris. Chris reached around, pulling her close to him. She could feel the warmth of his body through the shirt. Chris rested his hand on Marcy’s tummy. Marcy put her hand over his, relaxing in his embrace.

Marcy closed her eyes, hoping Chris would make a move but he didn’t. She felt his warm breath against her hair. Marcy lay there for several minutes; afraid Chris was slowly dozing off. She took her hand off his, unbuttoning the few buttons on the shirt. She reached down for Chris’s hand, bringing it up to her breasts. The roughness of his hand resting on the soft skin of her firm breasts aroused her, causing her nipples to harden. Chris barely moved his fingers over Marcy’s bare breasts, teasing her erect nipples with his thumb. Marcy began squirming against Chris, feeling his cock harden against her butt. She gasped feeling his cock growing larger. Chris kissed her softly on the back of the neck and on her ear.

“I don’t think we should go any farther.” Chris whispered in her ear. “I know you’ve never been with anyone before. Maybe someone else should be your first.”

Marcy was disappointed that Chris didn’t want to make love to her. She didn’t want to stay a virgin but she couldn’t force Chris to do something if he didn’t want to. She really wanted Chris to be her first.

“If it’s not going to be you…it’s not going to be anybody.” Marcy uttered softly.

Chris scooted back from Marcy, rolling her onto her back. He pushed the sheet down and opened her shirt. Marcy looked up at him as he leaned into her, kissing her softly and passionately on the lips. His hand gently massaged her firm breasts, exciting her. She put her arms around Chris, pulling him close. He slid his tongue between Marcy’s lips, probing her mouth. She moaned softly as his tongue darted in and out between her moistened lips.

Chris and Marcy continued kissing. His hand brushed back and forth leisurely over her tummy. Marcy was languishing from Chris’s kisses and his hand brushing across her skin. Chris pulled his lips from Marcy’s. He put his lips on her nipples, sucking gently on them. Marcy’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped open. She felt the excitement in her body growing to a new feeling.

“Hmmmmmmmm…ohhhhhhhhhhh” Marcy quietly moaned. “Ohhhhhhhhh”

Chris moved his hand over Marcy’s panties, rubbing the mound over her pussy. Marcy pushed her butt against the sheets, rolling her hips back and forth. Chris slipped his hand inside her panties feeling her soft pubic hair. Marcy’s legs spread immediately, uncontrolled. Chris slid his hand over Marcy’s wet slit; his fingers teased the lips of her pussy. Marcy’s butt lifted up off the bed when Chris inserted his middle finger inside her. She moaned aloud feeling herself cumming. He held her body tight against his, her face buried in his chest

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddd”

Chris gently fingered Marcy’s hot pussy till her orgasm gradually faded. Chris pushed Marcy’s panties down her legs so she could kick them off. He lowered himself down over her, kissing her tummy and the mound of her pussy. Marcy’s half-opened eyes watched as his lips kissed the slit of her pussy. She felt his tongue slowly slide up and down her juicy slit, causing her body to tense. Marcy tried to push his head away with her hands but Chris grabbed her hands. He held them firmly, pulling her against his mouth. Chris’s tongue worked Marcy’s pussy, sucking on her clit till she orgasmed again.

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