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Cum Shot

I work in a small key-man type office. Two of us work for the same company, overflow employees in a way, one office a lady that works for herself as some sort of designer, and the fourth office a lady that keeps books and records for an out-of-town contractor. Most days it’s fairly quiet, everyone pretty much keeping to themselves. All the personal offices open to a common room for copiers, etc.

A few days ago I found myself seemingly alone in the office. My coworker had left to visit the main office on the other side of town, the designer lady was out, and I heard the front door close when the other lady left. Being perpetually horny I took the opportunity to wrap up some things I was working on, close the blinds on my office that look out to the sidewalk, then pull up one of my favorite webcam sites to watch some lovely ladies fondle themselves as I masturbated myself.

The afternoon was still fairly early, so I decided to activate my own webcam and do a bit of broadcasting myself, while I rubbed one off. I like to take my time in these little sessions, often enjoying the process for over an hour, sometimes approaching two hours before I finally cum.

Having two monitors I had larger images of ladies pleasuring themselves on both screens, with a small window down in one corner of my own cam just to see any comments viewers might have. Most of the time it was just other horny guys watching my cam, but now and then I’d have a female, or someone claiming to be a female, watching and commenting. That would usually get me off pretty quickly.

Anyway, there I was laid back in my office chair, both screens showing naked women actively masturbating, my lights up for my cam to be well lit, my pants down on the floor and my shirt pulled up on my chest, a full erection going as I stroked myself. And I heard it.

“Ahem.” Fear flashed my eyes towards my office door as I bolted to an upright position. Sandra, the office worker that I’d heard leave, was standing there fully in my door with a grand view of what was on display by my webcam, staring right into my eyes.

“Damn, I thought you were gone.” I was frantically trying to act calm, to pull myself up close under my desk to hide my full blown erection which was fairly rapidly receding. I thought I saw a trace of a grin on her face, but the scowl in her eyes said differently. She stared at me for several long moments. Maltepe Escort

“Edith and I suspected that you masturbated in here after hours, but I never suspected you would have the courage to do so while I was right here in my office. What the hell?” I had nothing. All sorts of horrors of being caught, being made public as some sort of pervert, a registered sex offender, and so on where whirling around in my mind. Sandra must have known that. She just stood there glaring at me. It was a long, long pause.

I was hot and sweating when I saw the terseness of her countenance begin to mellow. It softened until a very slight grin broke. “You do what I tell you, understand?” I did, and nodded my head in affirmation. “Now, drop those pants, slide back and get back on that cam. I want to watch you while you watch those whores and beat your meat. I want to see you cum.” She was so matter of fact I was both turned on and deflated. I honestly didn’t know if my dick was going to cooperate or not.

But, truthfully, it was a huge turn-on to know a woman was watching as I jacked off.. I had my cam on, was watching two lovely ladies fuck themselves with dildos and it really didn’t take too long before I had cum cascading down around my cock and hand. I sat back, letting my cock stand there alone, waving in submission as it began to deflate in that post-orgasmic state.

Sandra stood silently, though I had noticed her cupping her own breast a time or two. She stared down at my cock then looked me in the eye. “Not much cum there, buster.” With that she turned and walked back towards her office. I cleaned myself, shut off the webcam and the two screens of women still pounding away at themselves, and began getting my clothes in order when I heard Sandra exit out the front office door. Hey, at least it went way better than it could have.

Now a little about Sandra. She appears to be about late 30’s in age, tall, maybe 5′-9″, not a particularly pretty face but a killer ass and absolutely fantastic legs. They are long and proportioned precisely right, firm and muscular where they should be, smooth skin and did I mention long? Her chest isn’t too much, though. Not totally flat chested, but small cups for sure. And she never talks about her private life, at all. She usually dressed in leggings with a short skirt or really long shirt that hangs down to cover most of her ass. She Anadolu Yakası Escort often wears low cut v-neck tops and doesn’t seem to mind bending over to pick something up.

Several days went by with nothing said and no strange looks from Sandra. I was beginning to think it had all blown over and was a onetime occurrence. I actually thought that perhaps Sandra and Emily, the older, designer woman, might be having some sort of lesbian affair. That was soon dismissed when I overheard Emily talking about being with her husband and two sons. So, it was passing from my mind when Sandra popped her head into my office around 3:30 that afternoon.

“Make some excuse to stay late, and I hope you’re horny.” Wow. That brought both excitement and a bit of suspense for me. My mind was wondering so badly I could hardly concentrate on my work.

Everyone else had left the office when I heard Sandra walk up to the front office door. It was quiet as a morgue in the building, so I could hear when she switched off the front area lights and bolted the front office door. Hmm, to assure privacy? My cock was stirring and I began shutting down all my work programs.

Sandra walked into my office, walked around in front of my desk and to the side, unbuttoning her blouse as she did so. Not all the way down, just a few buttons, but enough so that she could slip her hand in and fondle her breast. “Stand up and take off all your clothes.” I complied, my cock at half-mast just from the eroticism of the moment. “Now, pull up that site where you broadcast yourself.” Again, I complied. I sat back down, typed in the web address, put in my credentials, hit the “broadcast” tab, started the webcam, then turned to look up at Sandra. “Now turn back to it, open your legs, and start stroking yourself.” I did, and the erection was instant. I had a few followers and within a couple of minutes I had a half dozen viewers, but mostly just old trolls and bi-interested guys but no females.

As I was stroking myself and reading some of the chats being put up I’d lost track momentarily of Sandra. Until, that is, I felt her hand slide down my chest from above and behind me. I didn’t look up, began to type a reply to one of the chat messages, and I noticed her blouse drop to the floor beside me. I started to look up, but Sandra stopped me. “Don’t look at me, yet.” I complied and kept stroking myself Ümraniye Escort and reading the chats on screen. Then Sandra’s bra dropped onto my stomach, sliding down to my cock and hand.

Sandra walked around from behind me, standing to my left a bit, so I turned to face towards her and kept on stroking. Her tits were very nice. Small, but very nice with perfect symmetry, dark areolas with upturned nipples, which are a huge turn-on for me. In my book, her tits were only missing perfection by not being stuck in my face. I love them. By then, I’d forgotten about the webcam and the screen. Sandra began to dance for me, rubbing and squeezing her tits in a most provocative way. My cock was hard as a rock and I had to concentrate really hard not to cum.

Sandra turned around to put her back to me, sliding her skirt down as she did and letting it drop to the floor. Then she pushed those leggings down, revealing a small, white thong. The leggings went to the floor and she stood there with that killer ass shaking right in front of me. Sandra backed up, bent over very slightly and put her ass within inches of my face. I was pounding my cock, I think, and staring intensely at that perfect ass right there so close I could lean over just a tiny bit and kiss it. So I did. Sandra moved a little, kept teasing me with that ass, turning just enough for me to see a side view of one of those perfect little titties of hers.

Then she began pushing the thong down. She had it pushed down off her hips, holding it up with her legs clinched together. She grabbed the front and shoved it on down, letting it drop to the floor as well. Sandra was standing there in front of me totally naked, had me so hot I was about to erupt in a huge orgasm at any moment just from her tease. Then she whirled around.

She had a dick that was much longer and thicker than mine.

All I could do was sit there and stare at that cock. It was huge, and didn’t even look to be fully erect and certainly not fully hard. And her balls were much larger than mine, too. I was astonished, and speechless.

I found out several things that night, not to mention Sandra being a trans. I found out what another cock feels like in my hand and what it feels like to jack one off. I found out what it’s like to suck and nibble on a pair of extremely fine tits that have no more milk than mine. And I found out that Sandra gives the best blow jobs I’ve ever had in my life.

We’ve been together a number of times now, out in public and in private. I’ve not given her a blow job, yet, or let her in my ass, but I’ve explored her fully and plan to keep on doing so until something better comes along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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