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Group Sex

College towns had lots of part-time job opportunities. Flexible hours and pay depending on how hard you wanted to work. One of the jobs that employed its share of college kids in this sleepy midwest college city was the 24 hour, 7 days a week grocery store.

Steve worked in the Deli with about the same dozen or so people during each of his shifts. Two or three days a week, usually afternoons until close, no weekends was a typical work week for Steve. It worked well for the 19 year old college sophomore’s schedule. It allowed him plenty of time to study and gave him a little extra spending money.

Jamie usually worked the same shifts as Steve. She was 24 and a grad student in physical therapy. Jamie was really good at judging people. No, “sizing up and reading people” is more accurate and polite. Jamie was a caring and kind young lady who worked hard and was very good at immediately seizing on what people needed.

And Jamie’s assessment was that Steve needed a friend. And more importantly, confidence.

“Hi Steve. How is your P.E. class going this semester,” she asked him one day while they worked.

“Oh, hi, J-Jamie. Not so good. I have two left feet,” he replied shyly. Jamie was cute and older than Steve, and she made him nervous. Actually, all women made Steve nervous. He feared he was destined to die alone and a virgin.

Jamie felt empathy for Steve. Once a shy girl herself, she understood his plight. He was all of 6 feet tall but a lanky 120, maybe 130 soaking wet she figured. He had glasses that he probably should either get a new style of or trade out for contacts, but had nice green eyes under those lenses, and a smile that lit up her heart. A crooked, shy smile that probably held a prankster.

She looked down at his feet and said, well, that’s the problem, then. You have a right and left shoe. If you have a right shoe on your other left foot it can’t be comfortable.”

He quickly looked down at his feet to see what she was talking about, then realized she was teasing him. “Okay, maybe it’s the shoes, or I’m just clumsy,” he countered.

“I helped teach that class last semester, would you like me to help you some? I could tutor you if you’d like.”

“Oh, I-I-I d-don’t know, J-Jamie. I don’t know if it would help.” The fact was, Steve wasn’t clumsy. He was pretty graceful, but everytime he had to get close to another woman in the class, he sprang wood, which was embarrassing. Imagine being alone with Jamie, someone he had a secret crush on, and popping up. There was no way he could avoid embarrassing himself. And she would probably tell everyone at work, and that would be terrible! He would have to quit and find another job.

Jamie rightly suspected what Steve’s issue was. After all, she actually was a teaching assistant in Ballroom Dance, P.E. 157 last year. And the year before that, P.E. 420, intro to scuba diving in the Olympic sized swimming pool on campus, so she knew the effect women had on some young men during P.E. classes. In scuba class she met Kevin. At the thought of Kevin, her heart fluttered and she felt her eyes well up.

“Steve, I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Tomorrow morning, 8 a.m. meet me in room 101 for a tutoring session. Free of charge.”

“O-okay. Thanks, Jamie,” he shyly replied.

Steve didn’t sleep well. He beat off twice thinking of Jamie, and hoped clearing his pipe would make him not get a boner in front of her. He tried to tuck it in and hoped to be able to hide it if it did happen. And when he walked in room 101 and saw Jamie in tight, black yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt over her sports bra, he knew he was in trouble.

And when she approached him, and he put his hand on her warm back, and touched both bare skin and her sports bra, he got about the biggest hard on he ever had. And Jamie had to notice, even though she didn’t let on.

They stretched, they went through some warm up exercises, and she eventually put Steve at ease. He forgot he was dancing with Jamie, not only a woman, but someone whom he had a crush on, was older than him, was nice to him, and seemed to genuinely take an interest in him, too. If his confidence could barely fill a thimble before that tutoring session, it could easily fill one of those tiny paper bathroom cups right now. So in terms of confidence, he still didn’t have much, but it was 50 or 100 times more than what he had 2 hours before…


They had so much fun dancing, they forgot to check the time and didn’t realize the both skipped a 9 a.m. class and it was now 10 a.m. according to the class entering the once empty classroom.

“Thank you so much, Jamie! Thank you, thank you!” Steve kept saying.

“When do you have class, at 1?” Jamie asked.

“Yep, then work at 4 today. When do you work next?” Steve wondered.

“I come in at 4 also, so tell me how it went tonight,” she said. “Give me details. And good luck, Steve! You are a really good dancer, don’t ever forget that.”

Class for Steve went okay. He did alright, but got nervous when he was paired up with Tina, the best looking girl Bostancı Escort in the class. She mentioned he must be taking lessons because he didn’t step on her feet near as much. Now if he would look at her and not their feet he might not be too bad of a dancer. It was meant to be a compliment but ended up stinging more than it should have.

“How was class today, Steve?” she asked when she first saw him.

“Okay. I thought I was doing okay but I was paired with Tina again, and she said I didn’t step on her feet as much, but I had to look at her and not my feet she said.”

“Tina? Is she the tall gymnast? That’s a good pairing, size wise for you. And she’s cute Steve,” Jamie said. She drew out “cute” in a way that made Steve blush deep red. The fact was Tina was cute, but was as unattainable as Jamie was. He wished the instructor would pair him up with a fat, ugly girl. Maybe he would have a chance. But probably not.

“She is right, a woman loves it when you look into her eyes. The eyes are as much a part of the dance as the feet are, and you really have nice eyes, Steve.”

He blushed again, and Jamie saw it. Okay, he needs confidence, she told herself. Give it to him.

“Are you free at 8 tomorrow morning, Steve? We will work on posture,” she told him.

“O-okay. Same room?”

“Same room, and bring your eyes,” she told him.

Steve didn’t pack his dick in this time, and he was sorry for that because Jamie looked stunning. She wore a dance leotard with knee length skirt that floated when he would dance with her. God, she looked fantastic! And when she looked down at one point to check their feet, she noticed his cock peaking out the top of his gym shorts. Ohmygod! There it was. It was huge, and he had no clue she got a peek at it, and this time she blushed. It reminded her of Kevin and how she had seen his peeking out of his swimsuit almost two years ago during scuba training. Kevin’s was big, too, and how she had enjoyed it while it lasted. But Steve? He is just a kid…

“No, Steve was a man who just might make me feel like a woman again…” she told herself.

This time they left on time and didn’t skip classes. And Steve’s P.E. class went better this time, and he excitedly told Jamie about it at work. The instructor, Miss Chenoweth, had even had used him as a partner to demonstrate something! He was so excited and confident. In just a couple days his thimble full of confidence was now overflowing a big coffee mug. The change was more than Jamie even would have guessed. He had real talent and she hoped to make him see that.

“Steve, are you working Friday night?”

“No,” he asked warily. Why?”

“Because you are taking me dancing. Every other Friday they have a dance on campus in the P.E. Building. It’s free, and is a chance for all the P.E. dance classes to practice live, I guess. And you are going to show me what you have learned. I will pick you up outside your dorm at 6:45.”

“Oh, I-I don’t know, Jamie…”

“Steve, if I don’t see you at work before, I will see you Friday at 6:45,” she told him. They exchanged numbers just in case something came up.

They went to the dance practice, and Steve was pretty good. He danced with a couple girls from his class, and Jamie danced with a couple of the clumsy boys. The “dance” wasn’t a real date- although it was as close as Steve had ever gotten before. He didn’t get a boner with the girls from class, but Jamie, and her perfume, did make him excited. But he was able to function.

Work went on as usual, and everyone noticed Steve was more talkative at work. And they all noticed that when Jamie would look at Steve her eyes would twinkle. Their boss was happy for her. Whether it was Steve, or just men in general, the boss was glad she seemed happy again, after what Kevin had done to her.

They met Monday through Thursday at 7 every morning, and danced for about 90 minutes each time. On Thursday Jamie said, “Steve, I know it’s short notice, but a friend of mine is getting married this weekend. How would you like to go and be my dance partner?”

“Oh, I-I don’t know. I got stuck working this Saturday morning, 6 till noon. And I don’t have…”

“You don’t have any excuse is what I hear. The wedding is at 5, it’s in town, and your dress pants from here will work fine. What size dress shirt are you?”

“Tall and scrawny? I dunno,” he embarrassedly mumbled.

“I will pick you out a shirt and tie to go with my dress. I wasn’t going to go, but now I want to. It’s the least I can do.”

“Huh?” He was confused. The least SHE could do? She gave him free dance lessons and now was going to take him along to a wedding AND buy him clothes? This is why he would never understand women!

“Steve, you have made me feel…’worth it’ again. I feel like I haven’t lost my touch, and I want to thank you. Buying you a shirt and tie so you will be my date is the least I can do.”

“Well, you are a great teacher, so I owe you. I would love to be your dance date. Are you going to pick me up again, or should I meet you there?”

“I Anadolu Yakası Escort will pick you up.” Steve thought Jamie was happy that she felt like a teacher again, which was fine. Jamie thought Steve made her feel like a desirable woman again- with needs- and that made her happy. “Maybe I will see what else I can teach him,” she thought to herself.

She picked him up once again at his dorm. He didn’t think he should buy her a corsage, but he did give her a single pink rose, just in case flowers were expected. The wedding was for Miss Chenoweth, who would now be Mrs. Singer in P.E. class after she came back from her honeymoon. He would have been nervous had Jamie told him who the wedding was for, but he was not upset.

They danced and danced all night. He danced with the new Mrs. Singer who told him he would get an A for sure, even if he stopped showing up to class, but she really hoped he would continue to show up. And she also said how cute of a couple he and Jamie were.

“Oh, she’s just my coworker. And friend, I guess. I really like her, but we are not a couple.”

“Could’ve fooled me, Steve,” Mrs. Singer said.

Jamie had a glass of champagne but Steve didn’t. He was afraid of getting into trouble for being a minor drinking alcohol in public. Jamie was not drunk, but used the excuse to have Steve drive her home. Something about university employees and drunk driving and her graduate program.

“If you walk me to my door, you can park my car at your dorm if you bring it back in the morning,” she offered.

“I don’t have a place to park outside my dorm, so I will just walk home,” he said.

“No, you won’t. It’s dangerous, and too far. Come inside and we will figure something out,” she replied, rather strongly.

Once inside, she offered him something to drink. He took a root beer, and then they ended up making root beer floats. They talked, laughed, and her dress came off in favor of sweats and a t-shirt and his dress shirt and tie was off and before he knew it they both had their shoes off and were only in pants and t-shirts.

“Want to stay over and watch a movie, Steve? You can’t drive with all that beer you had,” she teased.

“Yeah, all that root beer has me drunk I guess,” he joked back. He was sober, and so was Jamie. But gone was his nervousness. In its place was…calm, maybe even confidence. And hope. Hope that Mrs. Singer was onto something.

“What should we watch, Steve?” She help up several options, all chic flicks.

“27 dresses. A wedding movie, and it’s a comedy,” he said. And he thought, “it also has a sex scene in it…”

“Here. Wanna put it in?” Jamie asked. She was talking about more than the movie and wondered if he picked up on that cue.

Steve took the movie, put it in the DVD player and hit play. They settled on the couch together and she snuggled up to him, crawling up under his right arm.

Eventually his hand started roaming and he touched her bare shoulder. “Where was her bra strap?” he wondered.

She responded by rubbing his leg, but he had pants on still. It was painfully obvious he had a hard on, and long before the sex scene in the movie she said, “Steve, your dick needs to breathe. Let it out.”

He froze. He had never been that far before, and now that he was here, he had a million questions, and a million fears. And a million hopes.

Seeing that he froze, she carefully unzipped his pants, pulled his cock through his boxers and gasped.

“What’s wrong? I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” he feared.

“Oh, no, you did nothing wrong. It’s just bigger than I thought. I caught a peek of it one day while I was tutoring you, but I had no idea. I am going to love taking this, if that’s what you want me to do.”

“I-I I’ve never…before,” he said weakly, and embarrassed

“If there is one thing I would rather teach you than dance, it’s this,” she said. “And frankly, Steve, I think I need it as bad as you do. You have no idea what you have taught me over the last couple of weeks.”

“What have I…oh my, that feels so good,” he said as she took his dick, stroked it, and licked the precum. “What did I teach you?” he asked.

“That I am desirable and worthy of love. You made me feel like a sexy woman,” and then took him into her mouth.

“Oooohh, I’m gonna…” but his warning was too late. He came in her mouth. A new record for each of them.

She swallowed it down, and sat up, and said, “That’s okay, Honey. I knew it would be quick. Now, you’re ready.”

“Ready for…” he hopefully asked her.

“Ready to learn how to make love to me,” she said.

They stood up, and for a skinny rail of a young man, he effortlessly scooped her up and said, “Where do you want me to take you?” And she directed him to her queen sized bed.

Once inside her room, she ordered him to take off her t-shirt, and he found she was braless underneath. He had never seen a pair in real life before. They were about the size of baseballs and had pointy nipples.

“Go ahead and touch them, Steve. Ataşehir Escort I like it when they get touched,” she encouraged him.

He didn’t really know what to do. He started out real gentle, afraid to break them, but quickly went to kneading them like bread. “Rub, them, kiss them- I really like that. Explore and enjoy. And listen for my feedback, Honey.”

He played, kissed and explored. When she would moan or give him direction, he would listen. But enough was enough, they both needed more.

“Steve, do you have a condom on you?”

“Uh, no. I didn’t figure…”

“It’okay, I still have a few for emergencies,” and she went to her top dresser drawer and pulled out a partial box of condoms.

She placed the box on the nightstand next to the bed and lay down. Steve, wondering what was next, wanted to jump on top of her and pump her full, but thought it best to wait for her instructions. She was the tutor after all.

“Now take off your clothes.” He did and when he was naked, she looked at him, admiring his body. He was tall, thin, but had some muscle on him. He wasn’t skin and bones, it was just how he had carried himself earlier that made her think that. He may not have been some Greek God, but maybe half God, half man?

She then lifted her hips up and said, “Take my panties off, Steve, and tell me what you see.”

He placed his fingers in her waistband and slowly pulled them down, over her hips, down over her mound, past her knees, and then she lowered her lips and lifted her legs so he could pull them off her ankles. And he stood there, mesmerized.

“What do you see, Steve?”

“I see Heaven. I see the most beautiful woman in the world, and…” his voice trailed off.

“Come lay beside me, and let me give you a tour,” she told him.

He gently laid down next to her, propped up on his side. She took her finger and pointed out her outer lips, then spread them open and pointed out her inner ups and clit. “See how wet I am, Steve? That’s because I’m so excited. Then she dipped a finger way inside, moaned, and when she pulled it out she stuck it in his mouth, and he licked, and moaned.

“Like that? Want to put your tongue down there?”

He went down on Jamie, not sure of what to do, but listened to her feedback. He loved doing this to her- no, sharing this pleasure with her. And she gave him plenty of feedback. It had been so long since she had felt the touch of a man, and unlike the last one, she thought this man would be sensitive to her needs as well.

She was moaning loud and all of a sudden she screamed, “OH YES, STEVE! DON’T STOP!” Then her body shook violently and it looked like she might have peed a little. He thought he had hurt her or did something wrong.

“Oh, Steve, I haven’t cum like that in…” she trailed off, breathing hard. “I needed that. Be careful, my clit is sensitive, but I want to show you something else. Put your finger inside me, like this,” and she had him put his left middle finger inside her, upside down, and rub the top or front wall of her tunnel.

“Do you feel feel that spot? Oh God, you are right on it. Oh that feels so…Oh Steve!” And she shook again and peed a little more. But it felt different than pee or sweat. It was stickier, had more viscosity. He put his fingers to his mouth and tasted it. It was Jamie’s cum. For his first time, he seemed to be doing okay.

After a minute, Jamie’s breathing returned more or less to normal, and she told him on lie on his back. She took a condom out of the box, tore the package open, pinched the reservoir tip and slowly rolled the condom down his shaft. “Lie back and enjoy, Steve. See how I do this for your first time.”

She rolled on top of him, slid her lips up and down his shaft a couple times and on the third time he slipped into her waiting womanhood, and she slowly slid down, getting used to his size. It had been so long since she had a man in there, and she wanted to make sure the adjustment went okay.

She placed her hands on his chest like she was performing CPR and bucked and ground on him. She let out a moan and was just about to tell him to explore her body when she felt his cock pulse and shoot rope after rope of cum into the condom. She had hoped he would last longer, but still was not disappointed. He was still mostly hard and she rode him gently until she felt satisfied, then dislodged him from her, rolled off to his side, and cuddled up next to him.

“You did, great, Steve,” she said. Then she added, “Thank you.”

She was thanking HIM? She had given him the gift of herself to him for his first time and she was thanking him? He would never understand women!

They held each other for about 30 minutes, they talked and privately sorted out their feelings. Steve was in love. He would marry her Monday as soon as the courthouse opened and they could find a judge to give them a marriage license, but he wisely didn’t say that out loud.

Jamie felt several things. She felt like she wanted to feel love towards Steve. She finally felt loved once again. Actually, she thought she felt like she was truly loved for the first time, and loved someone else for real, and it scared her. She was much older than this young man, and there was now way it could ever work. So she was feeling loved, confused, and scared. She also felt like she was losing control once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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