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Big Tits

“Well I’m going to sit in my car because I’m cold” he started walking without so much as a glance in her direction.

That intrigued her, but left her a bit puzzled. From forced conversation in the coffee shop to parking? Didn’t seem like he was taking it as slow as he claimed. There was a flutter in her stomach and it wasn’t first-date jitters; in all honesty she knew it was her gut warning her away but her curiosity got the better of her. She wanted to study him more; wanted to find the real man that hid under the cocky façade.

Not that he was lacking reasons to be cocky — he was beautiful. His face held sharp lines on his jaw, nose, and forehead; his eyes were brilliant blue that took in the environment in seconds; his skin was gold, with white and pink scars covering his large hands. His lips were thin and they never curled into a true smile, just a smirk which added to his arrogance. Broad shoulders and thick biceps were intimidating, conveying raw power that seemed to boil under his skin like his temper. He had a temper, she knew, as he showed up for their date pissed off and in a confrontational mood. She just wanted to appease him, relax him a little. Instinctively she knew that it was better to be friends than enemies with this man. She told herself that’s why she followed him into the car. That and because he was so damn attractive.

He unlocked her door as she pulled the handle, sat down carefully, and finally closed the door. For some reason she felt that she was locking herself in with an animal. She took in her surroundings –higher end car, obviously new due to the dash, but she was ignorant when it came to cars. Her jacket hood pushed awkwardly into her neck and she debated pulling it off as he fiddled with the heat settings and started the car. He kept an eye on the time, announcing that he had 40 minutes left in the parking spot which was too expensive. He never shut up about money, she observed, and it irked her. She was the college student — shouldn’t she be the one bitching about being broke? And how is he broke but can afford such a pretty car, anyway? She noted it as another red flag while she turned to face him a bit.

He drummed on his knees for a moment, looking around the parking lot almost skittishly. He stopped and looked at her then smirked. “Good night,” he said clearly as he dropped his head to her shoulder. Right. He was tired from work and waking up early and being consistently stressed as he informed her earlier.

“Whoa, wait a second,” she protested. He looked up at her, a bit surprised. She grinned coyly, “You need a better pillow.” Her hand slid over his neck and to his head, guiding him to her chest. Her breasts were well sized and pressed together in the bra she wore, open to the eye in her low cut shirt.

“Mmm, even better” he mumbled and traced his nose over the inside of her breast, down the valley, and up the other side.

She grinned, but inside she was kicking herself for her flirtatious instincts. It had to be because he was so attractive; that’s why her mouth spit out a response, why her body reacted, without her conscious decision. She ran her fingers through his short hair, noting that the front was spiked up with gel. He seemed so uptight about his appearance. She scratched the crown of his head and he sighed contently, settling down on her chest while his hand roamed over her thigh.

Now she was no stranger to flirting or foreplay, but something about this man told her she was way in over her head. Maybe it was that he pointed out the girl who looked him over escort sincan during the ten minutes they met over coffee. Maybe it was because he admitted that he didn’t know how many women he had slept with. Maybe it was the jealous streak she could sense through the texts they exchanged before meeting up. She couldn’t place one thing that sent off her internal alarm; it was a culmination of his texts and behaviors.

She stroked her fingers up and down his neck, knowingly. She loved giving massages; her forefinger and thumb kneaded the side of his neck before dragging down and back up. Her fingers spread, her index finger on the indention at the base of his head, her middle finger and thumb on either side stroking slowly, luxuriously. She continued for a couple minutes and they sat in silence. What they were waiting for, she didn’t know. Part of her expected him to fall asleep and for a moment when his hand was still on her inner thigh, she believed he had. But no; he wouldn’t sleep in front of her. Couldn’t bring himself to be that vulnerable.

He sat up slowly, her hand trailing down his neck and shoulder before dropping to her side. He looked out his window and then turned, immediately taking her by the back of neck with his left hand. He kissed her softly, almost politely. She responded, letting her lips follow his. After a few seconds her instincts told her to pull back but she ignored them. It happened twice more — she was unaccustomed to such long kisses, but it didn’t feel forced. She took his lower lip into her mouth and sucked gently. His tongue traced her upper lip and she released him. Their tongues met and when his recoiled she bit his bottom lip lightly. His hand tightened in her hair but he showed no other reaction, did not retaliate. She released him a second time and his lips closed on hers, an open mouth kiss that didn’t last quite long enough before he pulled away, looking out his window.

“Finally.” She muttered, smiling coyly. He turned back to her and raised an eyebrow. She met his challenge “I was wondering how long you were gonna go. You’ve had your face on my chest for ten minutes. I think kissing is ok at that point!” she giggled. She flipped her hair unconsciously and smiled at him, hoping for more.

He looked down, pointedly, and ran his hand over the bulge that had formed in his pants. He pushed it down, as if he were embarrassed. “Just give me a minute,” he stared out his window again, his hand running over his length again. Her hand stroked up and down his arm, desperately trying to keep a connection between them. He glanced at her and smirked before returning to the window. That irritated her — as if she were playing right into his hand. Why not be a wildcard.

“So am I supposed to let you calm down or is this one of these games where I tease you,” It was a question but she didn’t treat it like one. “‘Cause I’m very good at those.” Her hand trickled down his arm and to his right thigh; she expected his hand to grab her or stop her, but he didn’t. Her eyes were trained on his cock which laid on his left thigh and twitched as her fingers caressed the inside of his thigh. She felt him shrug more than she saw it. She backed off; how was he supposed to claim to be an alpha male if he couldn’t vocalize his desires. She ran her hand up his arm again and felt him instinctively flex. Maybe this was her chance to be in control.

His hands went to his waist and she watched him unbutton his jeans while she looked at his skeptically. Right. He couldn’t decide if he wanted her to play with his cock ankara escort but he could give her easier access. Very easy access — she didn’t see anything but skin. She could play the sex kitten, she could play the slut, but she couldn’t tell which he wanted. Part of her wanted to act offended; the other wanted to shock him by pulling out his dick right then and there and wrapping her soft pink lips around it.

“It’s a bit tight down there. Just trying to calm down. Gimme a minute.” He went back to staring out the window.

She rolled her eyes, bored with the situation, and leaned over to run her right hand over his hard package. She saw his smirk return and his dick jumped at her touch. She spread her index and middle finger, holding his length between them as she stroked back and forth through his jeans. This felt like middle school, like she was giving her first handjob… not that she had ever given a handjob, actually. They never appealed to her. She pushed the thought out of her head and firmly ran her palm over his cock, feeling the heat radiating from it.

“Mmm… ok, back to 80%. I was almost good there.” He tugged his jeans down a little, pulling up his shirt to reveal his stomach. She smirked inwardly — all of the photos he had sent before they met up had chiseled abs but his stomach was flat. Not ripped. Flat. Perhaps those filters did a bit more for a photo than she realized.

She didn’t have a witty reply and didn’t really need one; as he lowered his jeans his cock grabbed her attention and she shifted in her seat, situating herself towards him. Her hand dipped under the waistband of his jeans, which were to midway down his thigh, and freed his cock. She felt his amusement and decided to surprise him. Wasting no time, she took his entire length into her mouth, feeling the head push into her throat as she controlled her gag reflex. She wasn’t the best at deepthroating, but if she was in control she could handle it. Her forefinger and thumb formed a tight circle at the base of his cock and she pulled back and bobbed over his dick.

His stifled moan told her she had caught his attention. Her long brown hair formed curtains around her face as she sucked, but she ignored them as her tongue swirled around the tip, the circle of her fingers pumping over the shaft. She moaned over his cock, coming up for air. Her hair flipped back so she could look at him while she licked the shaft. Her hands and his cock were covered in saliva; her hair stuck to her cheek and she brushed it away. He was looking over the entire parking lot and she felt his excitement — someone walking or driving through could easily see them. She wasn’t that worried though; people were too preoccupied with their own lives to be as observant as they.

Her tongue twirled circles over the head and flicked the tip before she let him back into her throat. His hand found her hair and entwined in it. She pulled off, turning her head a bit to create a corkscrew; she swiveled back down, repeating the action, her hand firmly stroking him in time. Slowly she descended again, pushing the tip into her throat. He yanked her up suddenly and she spluttered, happy for air but confused and shocked.

“People. People!” He muttered and covered himself with his hand. She laughed a bit, wiping the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand. Drying her hand on her jeans, she sat back and pulled her hair into a ponytail as an elderly couple trudged past the car. His hand lifted as he watched out the window and she took the opportunity to start licking again.

It etimesgut escort bayan was late morning, just before noon and lunch rush must have started as cars flooded the parking lot, interrupting them multiple times. The third time he stopped her she was horny and frustrated and grabbed his dick, stroking him. “Look. Either drive somewhere else right now or get the fuck over people seeing. You paid for the damn parking spot, I think it’s ok.” She prided herself on the quip that escaped her mouth.

He laughed at her spirit and let her return to his cock. She deepthroated him again, her tongue licking at the base of his shaft, coaxing out his cum. Her hand cupped his balls, squeezing gently. She pulled back, her lips popping as his shaft left her mouth, and she traced the underside with the tip of her tongue. She glanced up in time to see a girl walk by in front of them, aimlessly glancing through the windshield. One hand wrapped around his cock she sat up and locked eyes with the girl and grinned. Shock crossed the stranger’s face and she looked down and scurried away, her hands shoved into her pockets.

“Yeah, she definitely saw us.” Her words were spoken to his cock, which slid past her lips again.

“Lucky her,” he commented, suddenly pushing down on her head. Her eyes watered as her lips met the base of his dick. She gagged a little at the intrusion but fought against her reflex. Her hand cupped his balls and after a few seconds she pulled back, his hand retreating as she did. Her left hand began stroking him as she licked over his sack, then licked at the line between them. She heard him moan as her mouth closed around one ball, her tongue swirling around it. She released it and sucked the other into her mouth, moaning. She loved the way he tasted.

He seemed restless as she released his balls and reverted her attention to his cock. His hips were thrusting, a clear sign that he was close. She put in her best effort — firm stroking coupled with swirling over the tip and intermittent deepthroating. She could feel him tensing and frantically looking around. Her hand went to his thigh to steady herself as she bobbed quickly, her tongue desperately trying to taste every inch of his shaft.

His hips bucked and his hand clamped onto the back of her head as she tried to pull away to breathe. Instead, she was forced farther down his shaft and she quickly tasted salty, musky cum that filled her mouth. His moans were not suppressed this time; a quick glance up let her know his head was lolled back against the seat, his eyes shut as his body shook. She swallowed a little, shocked that he was still cumming. The way her body spasmed made her think that his orgasm was almost too strong. Finally he relaxed slumping in his seat. She pulled back with a mouthful of cum and opened her mouth a bit to suck on a finger coyly. She stuck out her cum-covered tongue to lick her lip before swallowing. Her wide smile proved she hadn’t missed a drop.

“Now you don’t have to buy my lunch,” she declared, turning to check her appearance in the mirror of the sun visor. Next to her came the only genuine laughter she had heard from him all day; she looked over to see him smiling, not smirking, back at her.

She grinned, proud of herself for the comment. She let her hair down and ran a hand through it. “Oh. Hm. Your meter should be up now.”

“You’re right. Nice timing.” He finished buttoning up his jeans, throwing the car into reverse and checking behind him as he backed up.

She sat back, sliding into her seatbelt, content with herself. She didn’t quite trust him, no… but he certainly had a nice dick.

“Where to now?” he glanced at her, pulling out of the parking spot.

She smiled coyly… this date certainly was more interesting than she anticipated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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