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Turning over in my bed, I was awakened by raised voices coming in through the door to my small room off the kitchen. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I tried to distinguish who was angered, and where the voices were coming from. As I rose and began to dress, I realized one of the voices was Sir David, my guardian.

I had lived here, at his estate since I was a small child, 12 years old, when my parents died during a skirmish with the awful Lord Edward over our small tract of land, which neighbored Sir David’s. He found me later that night, cowering in the barn, shivering with fear and cold. He brought me back here, to his estate and gave me a small room. In exchange, I was to help in the kitchen. Most of the other servant girls did not like me, as I seemed to have a much coveted place in the main house, and my chores were minimal compared to theirs. I was to do nothing that would roughen my hands or darken my pale, milky skin, which meant no outside chores, washing dishes, doing laundry or many other chores they deplored. When I turned 18, Sir David began training me to pleasure him, although he had yet to take my virginity. I took pleasure in my lessons with him, as I felt like I had some control as he writhed beneath my mouth and hands, which became more skilled with each lesson. He was very gentle with me, never raising his voice, and after our first session, I was no longer afraid to join him when he summoned me.

Drawing my thoughts back to the present, I heard small snippets of the heated conversation. It seemed to be coming from Sir David’s study, which was situated off the dining room, a short distance from my quarters.

“Father, I have told you that I have far too much to do keeping the men and horses ready for battle to bother with such trivial things! And I wish you would not concern yourself where these private matters are concerned.” I recognized this voice as Sir David’s second son, Rian.

Sir David’s voice softened, so I had to strain to hear. “My son, have you even lain with a woman yet, felt her warm sheath gripping you, heard her breathless sigh as you entered her?”

Rian’s voice grew more irritated, “Of course I have! I’m nearly three decades old. I’ve been carrying on with various servants since I was a teen. My sexual prowess is not at issue here! I will not do what you ask, not today, not tomorrow, and very likely, not ever!” With that, I heard his heavy footfalls as he left the house.

Tip-toeing out of my room to meet Rosie the cook in the kitchen to begin my daily tasks, I came face to face with Sir David. His brows were furrowed as he bellowed, “Where is my tea!?”

I rushed to the stove and quickly grabbed the handle of the metal tea-pot, burning my hand. I gasped and let out a yelp of pain as the teapot went clattering to the floor.

“Dammit! Grace, I apologize for frightening you,” Sir David said as he took my reddened hand.

“I-It’s okay, not even blistered, Sir,” I said, trying to draw my hand back.

“He gripped my hand and gently pulled me to a basin of cool water near the sink. As he placed my hand in the water he asked, “Did you hear any of the conversation I was just having with Rian?”

Not willing to lie to him, I answered meekly, “Yes, but only parts, hardly enough to make sense of it.”

He peered at me for a moment then asked, “What were you able to make sense of?”

I swallowed hard and answered, “You want Rian to …to… be with a woman…in that…that way.” I managed to stammer.

He smiled at me and said, “You have excellent hearing, but you obviously did not hear the whole of the conversation. I offered him your virginity, but he says he’s too busy to take it.”

I gasped, “But why me? Why now?”

He smiled at me again and answered, “Rian is too much like me, concerned with everything but himself. I know he has had trysts in the past, the men around here keep me informed. But it has been months since he has been with anyone. And also, I will not have true sexual intercourse with another, only my beloved wife, who refuses to do the things I have trained you for. And it is past time for you to know the intimacy of love-making. Rian would be gentle with you, I wouldn’t allow any other to have you.”

“Well, Rian does not want to be with me…like…like that.”

He chuckled lightly, “My dear, your innocence still delights me. Of course Rian would want you, if he would take the üsküdar escort time to realize it. That is why I have come to a decision. You will be in his quarters when he gets back from the fields, and you will remain there until he does what I wish.”

My eyes widened at the thought of this. “But what if he refuses?”

Sir David took both my hands in his, “You will spend every evening with him until he relents. The first thing you must do for him is the thing I enjoy most, he will not be receptive at first, but it is something he needs, to be humbled and give up control, if only for a few moments. Do you understand?”

I nodded slowly. He took me into his powerful arms and kissed the top of my head, “Good, my sweet angel, I know you will succeed. Now finish with your tasks and go up to his room. I will speak to him when he returns, do not worry, my sweet, his anger will not be directed at you.”

The rest of the day passed in a blur, my mind never far from what I was expected to do this evening. Even Rosie the cook seemed to know, for she performed most of my tasks, enabling me to finish early.

I slowly climbed the stairs to his room, terrified of Rian’s reaction to me being there when he returned. I slowly drew a warm bath, washing myself carefully. My mind began to wander to what the night held. Before I knew it, darkness had begun to fall. I scrambled from the tub and dressed hurriedly in my prettiest nightdress, just in time to hear Rian and his father in another heated discussion. I began to draw another tub full of warm water and gather the soap and some soft cloths. I heard his heavy footfalls on the stairs, and the door to his room opened. He peered around the door, scowling at me as I sat on the corner of his large bed. He came fully into the room and closed the door behind him, standing perfectly still, letting his eyes wander over me. He began undressing, right there, just inside the door. Unbuttoning his shirt, he pulled it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I immediately got up and went to pick it up. He swiftly reached out and grabbed my arm gently, pulling me up to face him. His chest was broad and muscular, covered with a light smattering of dark, coarse hair.

“Leave it, you’re not here to do my laundering,” he said quietly. His grey eyes roamed my face. “Are you frightened, Grace?”

I quickly swallowed and licked my lips, “Yes, sir,” I answered.

“Don’t fear me, I don’t intend to hurt you. You can stay here in my room until my father gives up this ridiculous idea, and you will be safe, I will not do as he wishes.”

I reached up and touched his long brown hair, “Do you think it is wise to defy him? I do not wish to incur his wrath anymore than you do. I do not believe you will hurt me, however, I want you to do what he asks. For both our sakes,” I said, rising up on my toes to press my lips to his. He tried to pull away before our lips met, but I firmly held his face in both hands and he could not pull away without me losing my balance. His lips were firm and moist, but unyielding. I slowly drew back and stepped away from him. His eyes followed me as I picked up his shirt and laid it on the chair by the door. He sat down and began to unfasten his boots, sliding them off before rising to his bare feet. His eyes never left mine as he loosened his belt and began sliding his breeches down over his hips, testing my nerves to see if I would look away. I did not. His lean hips appeared, and between them a thick patch of dark hair. He bent low now, slipping the pants off his lean calves, over his feet and off. He stood before me naked, his golden tan body lean and sinewy. My eyes were drawn to his center, where he was showing the beginning signs of arousal. He had a beautiful cock, much thicker than his father’s.

He stepped into the tub and slid his tall body into the fragrant, warm water, still watching me from under half closed lids. I slowly stepped to the side of the tub, and he had to raise his head in order to watch me. I silently, slowly drew my nightdress up over my smooth thighs, baring my own small patch of wispy golden curls. Although I could not see him with my dress obscuring my view, I heard his sharp intake of breath. I continued to slowly pull the hem of the dress up over my flat stomach and my firm, round breasts, and finally off. I let it slowly drift to the floor. My şerifali escort eyes searched his face as his eyes roamed my body, before finally making their way back to mine.

“Father is right, you are the most beautiful of all the women here. I cannot deny that. My body throbs with a desire, a need I have rarely felt. If you stand here before me much longer, I will not be accountable for my actions. If you do not intend to be taken this evening, you need to redress and leave.” His voice shook with hard fought control.

Leaning down face to face I quietly whispered, “Oh, but that’s exactly what I intend…” as I took his face in my hands again, lowering my mouth to his. I had never been kissed on the lips before, not even by Sir David. Rian’s arms came out of the water and gently pulled me over the edge of the tub into the water with him. I straddled his thighs and I could feel his hardness against my belly. He deepened the kiss, his tongue slowly caressing my lips, gaining entry into my mouth. Our tongues danced over one another, eliciting a small moan from deep in my throat.

Rian quickly released me, grasping my shoulders and pushing me to an upright position, my legs on either side of his. “Are you truly an innocent?”

“I know how to give pleasure with my hands and my mouth, but I have never been penetrated,” I answered.

“And have you ever been taught to receive pleasure?”

I swallowed hard before answering, “Your father has touched my breasts and my private areas, and I found pleasure in that.”

“Yes, but have you ever reached climax?”

“Climax? I…I’m not sure…”

The corner of his mouth slanted up in a small grin. “You would know if you had. It doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you.”

He gently guided me out of the tub so he could quickly scrub. I watched him, fascinated by the way his body moved. I slowly rubbed the soap over his chest, circling around his nipples. His hands dropped to his sides and he allowed me to continue. I slid a soapy hand over his erect cock, stroking in slow motion with one hand as my other cupped his balls. He groaned and his head fell back, exposing his strong neck. I slowly ran my tongue over his jugular vein before lightly nipping with my teeth. He growled and pushed me away, standing up and stepping over the edge of the tub. He took me by my shoulders and gently but firmly pushed me across the room until the back of my thighs bumped the bed and I fell back onto it. His slick body immediately covered mine, his mouth searching mine out frantically. His kiss was long and deep and my lips felt swollen and warm as he pulled away.

I sat up and arranged the pillows and guided him to lie back on them. I stepped out of the bed, going to my things and took out a small vial of lightly flavored oil Sir David had given me.

“What is that?” Rian asked.

“You’ll know soon enough.” I answered, sliding back across the bed and pressing my lips to his again. I was really beginning to enjoy this kissing. I could almost taste the lust on his lips, his breathing deep and quick. I slowly ran my hands over his chest, circling his tight brown nipples, then lightly pinching. He groaned into my mouth and his hands held my head so he could devour me.

I began to kiss a wet path down his neck, stopping to nip at his jugular vein, tasting the salt on his skin. My hand traveled lower, rubbing his inner thighs, scrotum and groin area, but never touching his large, throbbing cock. He groaned again, pushing my head further down his torso, as if commanding me to take him into my mouth. I looked up at him, his grey eyes half closed, his chest rising and falling rapidly. I slowly moved down between his spread legs as he watched me. I took his cock into my hand, squeezing firmly before stroking it up and down for a few moments. His eyes watched me intently, his jaw clenched as if to prevent him from vocalizing his pleasure.

I took the vial of oil, uncapped it and slowly let it drizzle over his hot member and firm balls, where it dripped down into his ass crack. His eyes met mine with a quizzical look, and I knew he had never experienced anything like what was going to happen shortly. I wrapped my hand around his shaft again, and pumped him slowly. He moaned and closed his eyes.

“No, Rian, look at me, I need to see your eyes.” His heavy lids opened slowly, and his eyes took time focusing on mine. My other hand began to fondle his large, firm scrotum, the oil making my hand glide slickly over his skin. I poured some more oil onto my hand and began to lightly run my fingers up and down his ass, as my other hand still pumped his cock. He squirmed and lifted his hips, an unconscious signal that he’s enjoying the stimulation. I moved my middle finger to his tight passage and slowly began to put pressure there. His eyes widened and he shook his head as if to say no.

“Shhh. Just relax, I won’t hurt you.” I whispered against his stomach. I pressed inward with a bit more force and my finger slipped in to the first knuckle.

“No!” he shouted, “Do not do this thing to me, I don’t like it.” My firm grip on his cock prevented him from moving away, or dislodging my finger.

“Rian, relax. How do you know you don’t like it? I know these are strange sensations for you, but I promise you’ll enjoy it. Just lie back and take a deep breath, let me do this for you. Bend your knees more, let them fall open. Just relax, Rian, try to take deep breaths, and tell me if I hurt you.”

I slipped my finger out of him as he laid back and did as I asked. He closed his eyes, but I didn’t argue the point. I dripped more oil onto him and my hand, and slowly began to apply pressure to his tight ass again.

“Take a deep breath and hold it, then push against my finger.” He did as I asked and my finger slid smoothly into him, past the first knuckle, and the second, slowly pushing deeper. He let his breath out in a great sigh and tossed his head from side to side. His cock was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, I could tell he enjoyed this, even if he didn’t want to admit it. I began to move my finger slightly from side to side as I pushed deeper. He moaned quietly, his body tense.

Finally my finger was completely inside of him and I kissed and nibbled at his inner thigh, drawing his attention. His steel grey eyes opened and looked down his body at me. A beautiful little pearl of pre-cum glistened at the tip of his cock. I moved my mouth over it and darted my tongue out to capture it at the exact same time I made a slight upwards motion with my embedded finger, gently touching the sensitive gland inside of him.

His whole body tensed for a moment, and he yelled something incoherent before regaining control of himself and lifting his head to stare at me in surprise.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, knowing I had not.

He shook his head slowly, his breath coming in short, quick gasps.

“Relax, Rian. Breathe deeply, let your body adjust to me,” I said. “Don’t concentrate on what I’m doing, just on what you’re feeling. Don’t fight it, it’ll still happen even if you do fight, and I can promise you’ll enjoy it more if you just let it happen.” I could feel his body losing some of the tension, his tight passage relaxing around my finger.

He kept his eyes on mine as I pushed in deeper and pulled out a little. On the outstroke I again raised the tip of my finger and brushed his sensitive spot. He gasped and pushed back onto my finger.

“Yes, Rian, that’s it . . . just feel.” I began gently pistoning my finger in and out, each time brushing against his gland. My hand on his cock was still, not moving, just holding firmly. He was trying to breathe deeply, but each time my finger went deeper, he inhaled sharply, intermixed with moans of pleasure. I had toyed with him enough and it was time to let him come. On the next stroke of my finger, I imbedded it as deeply as I could, and pushed upwards firmly, rubbing my finger over and around his engorged gland. He let out a guttural growl, his hips rising off the bed and hands twisting in the bed-linens. He began to spurt great, thick ropes of come across his chest and belly as he collapsed onto the bed. I continued to milk him until he grabbed my wrist and gasped, “Enough, please, enough . . .I can’t. . .”

I gently eased my finger out of him and moved up beside him. His chest heaved with each breath. I slowly began to lick his chest, gathering his sticky come onto my tongue. He watched me intently, his hand playing idly with my hair. I licked down to his belly, savoring the taste of his warm semen. At last, I reached his cock and slowly took the semi-erect thickness into my mouth, cleaning it of his come. He let me suck him for a while, then pulled me up to face him. His eyes stared into mine for what seemed like an eternity before he tilted my chin up and kissed me fully on the mouth. I parted my lips and his tongue explored mine. I knew he could taste himself, but it didn’t seem to deter him. We kissed deeply, neither of us saying anything until we were exhausted and slipped off to sleep.

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