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I felt good that day. My girlfriend went on a hen weekend, and I was left alone, with a few days off. All my mates were working, so I had nothing to do. Being slim, and of the same size as my girlfriend, I did what I thought was only natural. I dressed up in her clothes. I had always loved doing that, dressing up and sitting at the computer having a cam-to-cam chat with other guys. I loved to show off.

This particular weekend, I decided to dress smartly but tartly. I started by having a long shower, though using my girlfriend’s shampoo in my long hair, and then rubbing her body gel over my slim smooth body, and then gently over my frequently hard cock.

Once showered, I put on some of her talc, and her body spray, under my arms, over my body and under my shaved balls. I only had a little landing strip above my cock, and that was tidily short.

I then had a problem. What shall I wear? All these beautifully tempting underwear, and all day to wear them, I must chose right. I eventually picked some white satin thongs with a matching white satin bra, and already I was in seventh heaven. The touch of the satin against my cock was cool, yet tense, and every time it grew, it would slightly pull the rear of my thong up between my bum cheeks, thus creating an even bigger erection and that resulting in the thong going further up my bum. Heaven. I could already feel a damp patch in the front of my thongs.

I then chose to put on some pale sheer silk pantyhose. I never know what is best. Should I wear my knickers under my pantyhose, or over them? I love the feel of both nylon and satin over my cock, but this time I thought I’d wear the nylon over the top; the feel of them over my thighs was already enough for me to cope with. I then sat in front of the mirror, and added some rouge and mascara, and a deep, but not overpowering, pink lipstick.

Next I looked into my girlfriend’s wardrobe and found a nice white body top, tight over the body, and clipped together between the crotch. Now my manhood was trapped tight between my body and a layer of silk, a layer of nylon and the body top. It felt great every time I had an erection. Next I pulled out a long flowing summery skirt, a mix of very light lemon and blue, the type that can show off the legs if the sun is behind. I then looked in a mirror again, and deciding my chest was slightly too flat chested, I pulled out a thin, soft woolly jumper out of the cupboard and slipped that on. That would hide my chest until I bought some fake breasts.

Then, feeling slutty, I put my long hair into pigtails before putting beşiktaş escort on a pair of knee high leather boots. My girlfriend is a size too small, but the pinch upon my toes would be worth it.

Finally feminised, I went downstairs to make myself a nice cup of tea before going on the computer and exhibiting myself to the World Wide Web, when suddenly a knock on the door. I hesitated, startled. Then slowly went to have a look through the spy hole. What if it was one of my friends? No, worse, if it can be, what if it was my girlfriend back early and forgotten her key? I found it tense, yet strangely erotic. Despite my fear, my manhood was trying to get out from all these layers and the feeling made me desperate for a nice, quick shag. A feeling that did not subside when I looked through the spy hole.

It was the electricity meter reader, and as I looked at him, he rang the bell. My god! Could I do this? Yes, I can. I looked convincing in the mirror, let’s go through with this. I was really turned on at this point, and really really nervous, yet slowly I opened the door and he stood there looking at me with wide eyes.

Oh no, he’s twigged! He must think me a right oddball!

“Hi there love” he said instead, in a smooth, yet soft voice “I’ve come to read your meter. Can I come in?”

“Sure” I said, confused, bemused and wanting to be abused “the meter is in the kitchen”

I closed the door after him, watching his butt as he walked towards the kitchen. My God, he is hot!

“I’m just making tea, would you care for some” I surprised myself by asking.

“Sure, I would love a brew, milk and two sugars please. This is my last stop for the morning, and I’ve got a bit of spare time to kill. A cuppa would be lovely. My heart throbbed at that, though not as hard as the blood that was throbbing around my cock! God I want to be dirty with you!!

As he read the meter, I poured him his drink. He looked at me and smiled.

“Nice kitchen”

“Oh, erm, thanks” What else can you say to that in my mood?

“You live here alone” he asked.

“No I live with my girlfriend” I replied, suddenly realising how absurd that may sound as I was dressed up in her clothes, “but she’s gone away on a hen weekend, and I wasn’t invited.” Well, I suppose I wasn’t lying.

“Oh, ok, well I’d better be going” What? You only just got here; you’ve not even finished your drink!!!

“Are you sure, you haven’t finished your cuppa?”

“Well to be honest, I’ll be straight with you. When I first saw you at the door, I wanted to get istanbul escort into your panties. But as you have, er, erm, a girlfriend, I don’t think you are interested, are you?”

A sledgehammer hit me full in the face. This guy certainly was forward. I’m glad it was me that answered the door, and not my girlfriend. The thought of him in her panties revolted me.

“No, its ok, I’m bisexual” I found myself replying as the same sledgehammer whacked me in the back of the head. What was I thinking? Its one thing wanking off for and with other blokes over the net, but to actually be doing it? One to one, My God!

“Really? Wow! Look, I’m sorry if I was a bit forward with you then. I was just disappointed about you having a girlfriend”

“Forward, that’s not forward, this is forward,” I said as I went on my knees in front of him and gently bit his soft penis through his trousers. Mid bite, I froze. What am I doing? Hell, I’ve got a dick in my mouth, yet my own was forcing its way out of my panties. He held my head, gently massaging my hair. I slowly licked his dick through the trousers and could feel him getting bigger. He groaned, and I could feel his knees temporarily weaken.

I stood up, kissed his neck, slightly nibbling it, whilst massaging his now hard cock through his trousers. Gently I pulled down his zip, and whilst leaving his belt done up, I pushed my fingers in and found his cock. All eight thick inches of it. I pulled it out slowly, holding and massaging its bulbous end between my thumb and index finger. “Let’s go upstairs,” I said.

As I walked up the stairs with his cock still in my hand, pulling him along behind me he was groaning and mumbling. I looked at him straight in the eyes and saw nothing but desire in them. The same desire I had, though I now realised that he still thought I was a woman. The sledgehammer came back to give me another hit on the head. I can’t shag him. He’ll kill me if he finds out I’m no girl. At least I could still suck him though…

“Listen, I am normally faithful to my girlfriend I said. I have never been behind her back before. As long as you don’t touch my girly bits, or try to shag me, then I suppose I am still faithful. A small blow job won’t harm my fidelity though, will it?”

“No, if that’s what you want” he sounded exasperated. I pushed him onto the bed. Pulled his trousers down, then his shorts, and I just stared. My God, my first cock. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was beautiful, and I wondered if my girlfriends had ever thought that about mine.

“Oh, babe, stop bakırköy escort teasing me” he said “I need you now”

I was pulled out of my astonishment. Just do it. Right hand on his lower shaft, your lips over its top. I started. Slowly, but I eventually put my mouth over its beautiful yet angry head. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, with a cock in my mouth and it felt so natural.

I licked the head as my right hand massaged his lower shaft and balls and my left hand went to massage his right bum cheek. The satin thong by now was well up the crack of my ass, but I was loving it. I pushed harder down on his cock, tasting the pre cum, and swallowing it, getting accustomed to the taste before the big gush of wad. My God, yes, I forgot about that. Will I be able to swallow it?

He groaned, he squirmed, his pelvis was thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, and before I knew it I could feel his balls brush against my lower lip. My God I’ve done it. Eight inches of pure male flesh in my mouth and down my throat. I too was horny by now, but could do nothing about it, except rub myself against the corner of the bed as I was sucking. I was working myself into a frenzy, I needed to offload my wad, release the pressure, so I fucked my cock, through its multiple layers of women’s clothing against the mattress, all the time sucking this hunk of a service man’s cock, though in truth I can’t remember what I actually did.

I was now concentrating too much on my own needs. My cock rubbing between my body and the mattress, I was screaming, he was screaming, we both needed to cum, I needed to swallow, he needed to show his masculinity, I needed to hide mine, the whole scenario was overwhelming for me and I shot in my pants, wads and wads of it, I screamed in utter delight before I nearly gagged on his own cum. My attention regained, I didn’t think twice about drinking his cum, taking in each drop as he groaned with pleasure, screaming down the house.

He looked at me once he got dressed again, and looked at wet clothes.

“My, you are horny aren’t you, you’ve got a really wet patch” he bent down to stroke it.

“No, don’t, you promised! I must be faithful”

He looked at me with sadness in his eyes, and then smiled.

“Ok” he said, “but I will try another time if I’m passing”

“Next time may be better” I replied “ but not now”

“I look forward to it” he said, before kissing me on the lips, his tongue going a bit too far for my own liking, but I was already hard again, and had already promised myself that I would wank myself through these now cum soaked clothes of my girlfriend’s the moment he left.

Being a man, that wasn’t long. He had what he wanted and, after the token post sex tongue swapping session, he left. What’s more, the bastard never did finish his cup of tea after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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