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Rob van Ersatz, the internationally acclaimed young artist, was just returning from his early morning jogging session. The garage door was wide open so he took the opportunity to run in past his Aston Martin and take the side door into his large house.

He kept running up the winding stair case, two steps at a time, and into his bathroom. After a quick shower he threw on his bath robe and, after a piece of toast and a yoghurt in the kitchen, helped down with black coffee, he strolled into his studio.

It was a large room with a huge north light on one side. Around the base of the walls were scattered canvases, sketch books and various paintings, some finished and some hardly started.

Rob, almost hesitantly, approached the heavy mahogany easel in the centre of the studio. His boyish face looked serious as he looked at the large oil painting on it and sighed. It was a painting he’d been commissioned to do for an oil prince in Saudi Arabia. He’d met the prince at an art exhibition in London and, as they shared a common taste in paintings they had become quite good friends.

The picture was a life size painting of a nude woman in oils. It certainly looked like a woman and her skin tones were faultless as she languidly stood on the patio of a blue pool with palm trees in the distance. But the prince had specifically wanted a painting of a fully sexually aroused woman to hang in his bedroom.

Rob looked at his work and wondered why it was not quite right. It was not convincing. True the woman’s shaved labia were open wide and there was the suggestion of a trickle of gleaming juice emerging from her vagina. Her upturned breasts were firm and her nipples stood out hard against her pink skin. Her mouth was open and her tongue was just visible in the corner.

Yes, it had all the elements the prince would want, but it did not convice Rob, and he knew that if it didn’t look right to him it would not look right to the prince either. He’d used three of his best models for the painting. The breasts of Anthea, the hips of Catherine and the legs and pussy of Miranda. He’d used all their best bits, but it just didn’t gel. Although only 27, Rob was very aware of his reputation as a painter of the human form and knew he must do something about this painting.

He idly took up a paint brush and started tapping on the easel shelf when his reverie was rudely interrupted by the chimes of his door bell. He went over to the studio door, pressed a button and spoke into a microphone, “Yes, who is it?”

A hesitant female voice answered, “Er… It’s Katie. You told me to come at eight o’clock.”

Rob glanced quickly at his Rolex. It was 7.45a.m. Of course, his slave girl was due to call and she was early. He spoke into the microphone again. “OK. I’ll open the door. Just come into the hall. I’ll be down right away.” He pressed another button. There was a buzz as he opened the door.

He realised he would not have time to get dressed so he pulled the belt of his bath robe tightly around him and went down the stairs into the hall.

The woman standing in the hall had her back to him as she looked at the Greek prints lining the walls. As he descended the stairs silently in bare feet she was unaware of his approach. She didn’t turn around so he had plenty of chance to look at her. She was dressed in a pink pleated skirt that came almost to her knees with a white off-the-shoulder peasant blouse. She wore black high-heeled shoes which showed off a very attractive pair of legs.

“Hello Katie!” said Rob breezily as he advanced towards her holding out his hand. She spun round and her shoulder-length blond hair flared out to catch the slanting morning light from a nearby window. She smiled nervously as she shook his proffered hand.

“I…I’m just yalova escort a bit early. I hope that’s alright.”

“Of course.” Rob looked directly at her. She had smooth skin, enhanced by her perfect make-up, and her bright red lipstick gave her mouth an attractive sensuous look. His eyes dropped to her blouse and he could see she had large, firm breasts surmounted by firm nipples that quite clearly penetrated the soft cotton material of her blouse. It was clear that she was naked underneath.

He took her by the elbow and steered her in the direction of two luxurious leather armchairs. “Have a seat,” he said.

Rob’s eyes never left her face. “So you are to be my slave girl.”

She returned his gaze steadily. “Yes. I’m to be your slave girl.” She spoke with some determination in her voice.

“Right. Then that’s settled. Now I must tell you the conditions before I initiate you into my service.” Her eyes still held his gaze.

“There will be no set hours for your work, of course. You will have your duties such as keeping this large house clean and tidy, cooking my food, doing the laundry and maintaining some of the garden area near the house. I have a gardener who sees to the larger section.”

Katie nodded. “You will be subject to my will and needs at all times and any failure to carry out your duties might well result in your punishment. Sometimes I will need you to stay here overnight or maybe for several days on end depending on what work I’m doing at the time. I sometimes go painting on location which means that on occasions you will accompany me and at other times you will have several days off. The same will apply when I visit my house down south on the lake.”

“Yes, of course,” returned Katie, swallowing hard.

Rob waved his hand airily at the pictures on the walls of the hall. “As you can see, I have an interest in Ancient Greece and will be treating you as they treated their slaves. That means that while you are working here you will work naked. In your case you will wear high-heeled shoes. In the garden you will not wear them of course. Is that all perfectly clear?”

“Y..y..yes. All perfectly clear,” said Katie.

Rob briskly rose to his feet, then paused with one raised hand. “Oh, just one further duty. When I have need to do life sketching or possibly a painting, I will be using you as my model. As you will be naked anyway there will be no difficulty about that.”

“None at all,” she replied with a faint smile.

“Sometimes we will be working in my studio and sometimes out in the garden. Quite often you’ll see my neighbours when we are working outside or if you happen to be gardening, but don’t worry about them. I’ve spoken to them and they have no objection to seeing you naked.”

He turned towards the door. Now you are to come with me for your initiation. He led the way through the door, down a narrow hallway and into the inside swimming pool area. They walked to the deep end. Then Rob turned to face Katie with a smile.

“Each time you arrive here from home to resume your duties, the first thing I will do is strip you so that you are ready for work. Now, raise your arms!”

Katie obeyed knowing exactly what was going to happen. He took the hem of her blouse and lifted it slowly over her head and off. As the thin cotton brushed her hard nipples she felt an enhancement of their erect state. He threw the blouse on a nearby bench then studied her breasts with a smile of satisfaction. They were quite large and firm with very defined nipples.

Katie felt absolutely humiliated at being so casually stripped topless by this young man and she could feel his eyes taking in every detail of her naked breasts.

Her humiliation was compounded as, seconds later, he had unzipped zonguldak escort the side of her skirt and slid it down her legs. The skirt joined her blouse leaving Katie standing in a lace thong. Rob crouched down in front of her and placed one finger in each side of the waistband. Then very slowly he slid the thong down over her naked thighs; she felt an arising dampness between them because of the attention of this young man. He flung the thong onto the bench and took a step back to regard his naked slave girl. Yes, he thought, she’d make a really good life model.

Taking her by the hand he led her right to the very edge of the pool turning her around to face it. He stood really close behind her so that she felt the pressure of his body pushing her forward. Then he took hold of both her wrists and pulled them out over the pool so that she was slanting over the water only being held from falling by his strong grip. Suddenly Rob released her and gave her a slight push. With a scream she fell headlong into the water. Her scream was cut short as she disappeared, but she was a good swimmer and soon emerged shaking her head to clear the water from her eyes.

Rob knelt down and took hold of her hand. Quickly he pulled her up onto the tiles. “You are now my slave girl, Pandora. Every part of you that is wet now belongs to me, your Master Rob, and will be used in my service. With that, Rob flung both arms around her, held her close and kissed her. It was not a really passionate kiss but one which made the new Pandora realise that, if all her wet parts were to be used in his service, it was not only her outside which was going to be used.

She quickly brushed the wet hair back from her face and smiled up at him. “Thank you, Master Rob. I am your slave girl. Everything I have and am will be used faithfully in your service.”

Rob quickly opened the door of a locker by the wall and took out a large bath towel. “Now, I’ll dry you and take you to my studio so you will know how to greet me each day.”

Starting with her hair he worked at great speed and with very light strokes. He cupped her breasts with his hands in the towel and noticed with some satisfaction that her nipples now looked twice the size they were previously. He worked down over ner nicely rounded tummy and between her widely parted legs getting a really close view of her shaved pussy. After finishing her thighs and feet he went around her to attend to her back. He couldn’t help thinking what perfectly round smooth buttocks she had. They felt firm too under his towelled touch.

He hung the towel over the locker door and took hold of Pandora’s hand. “Now we’ll go to my studio.”

As they walked side by side, Rob’s mind was working hard. Was his slave girl the answer to his problem painting? He looked down at her gently bouncing breasts. Those thrusting nipples were causing a stirring in his groin. There was only one way to find out whether she was his answer, and now was the time to do it.

Rob led Pandora across the studio to the far wall where the podium, covered with a thin mattress and usually used for posing, had been moved. He sat on the edge of it and looked up at his naked slave standing before him. “You will greet me each day in two ways. First you will kneel down before me and kiss my feet thus showing your status and also mine. Then you will rise to your feet as you take hold of my ankle and, after opening your legs you will place my foot between them and close them. This will indicate that your sex is also at my command at any time I choose. You can start greeting me now.”

“Yes, Master Rob, I will do exactly as you command,” replied Pandora. After she had placed his bare foot between her legs she noticed he started to twitch his big toe between her zonguldak escort pussy lips. She felt rivers of delight pass through her groin as he did this. Then suddenly he replaced his foot on the floor and stood up.

“Come and look at this painting.” He led her over to the easel.

“Oh, that’s lovely Master,” declared Pandora.

Rob shook his head and ran his hand through his shock of dark hair. “No, I’m afraid not. It should be rather… er… different…somewhat…special.” He didn’t want to go into detail at this point. “I think I shall use you as my model and start a new painting. But first I want to see just how suitable you will be. Stand still with your legs open and your hands on your head.”

Pandora dutifully obeyed.

“Now, whatever I do, you are not to move.” He then stepped back to look his nude slave girl up and down. He went round behind her placing the back of his right hand behind her neck, barely touching the smooth skin. Then, very, very slowly he moved his hand down her back following the line of her spine. When he had almost reached the cleavage between her buttocks he stopped and with the lightest touch of one finger he made little circles on the spot. This gave Pandora the most incredible tickling sensation and, as he continued to do it, she felt her buttocks start to twitch involuntarily.

“Good! Excellent!” murmured Rob. “That shows you have a high sexual arousal quality. That’s just what I want.”

He then moved to her side and brushed the palm of his hand down over her buttocks allowing his fingers to explore the cleft between them. This sent more ecstatic shivers through his slave girl. They were considerably intensified as he ran his hand between the backs of her legs and fondled the folds of her naked, and now very wet pussy.

Standing close behind her so that she felt the folds of his towelling robe against her back, he placed his hands on her waist, then slowly he ran them around her rib cage and up until they were cupping both her generous breasts and their aroused nipples. His hands squeezed and released her breasts in turn moulding them and using two fingers to grip her pouting nipples.

His hands explored lower, floating down over her firm rounded tummy until they entered her valley of delight where he fondled her erect clitoris until she felt as though she was about to burst in pleasure and ecstacy.

Rob walked around to face his slave girl. “Mmmmm! Better and better!” He bent over and, opening his mouth wide, engulfed her nipple and breast sucking on them as hard as he could. Pandora’s eyes closed tightly and her back arched as she pushed herself further into her master’s tantalising mouth, his strong tongue lashing her nipple into ever greater size. As he repeated this on her other breast Pandora could feel a stream of warm juice trickling down the inside of her thighs.

Her master then knelt down in front of her and she felt his tongue licking the juice from between her open, naked limbs. She felt as though the whole of her body was on fire. Then it almost exploded as he took her large erect clitoris inside his mouth and repeatedly lashed it with his tongue. He kept this up until she could stand it no longer. She completely lost control and, with a great cry of relief, she came right inside Rob’s open mouth. He stood up and, smilingly, regarded her naked perspiring body.

He took two steps backwards while his eyes roamed all over her nakedness. He lifted one clenched fist into the air in triumph. “Yes! Yes! Now that’s what I call a sexually aroused woman! You are the answer to my problem.”

He advanced and put his strong arms around her as he whispered into her ear, “You may take your hands off your head now.”

They collapsed with relief around the back of his head as he put one finger under her chin to lift up her smiling face. A second later their open mouths were locked together as their tongues danced in sexual harmony.

“Now, up on the podium,” ordered Rob. “I want to paint you in every detail exactly as you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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