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Roger felt at the end of his threshold again. Sarah’s teeth had a dog’s hold on his nipple which both brought him to a huge sexual height and pain at the same time. She had brought him almost to tears again then guided him down stroking his cock or licking his nipples. She had started by gently biting his nipples and crossing his arse cheeks with her crop. Tied by the wrists to a roof beam in the lounge room he clenched his butt and involuntarily thrust his dripping erection out. Sarah loved that. Snap! Her crop whipped across it and then again and again. He groaned and then again her crop whipped – this time on his balls. As he squinted she stroked the shaft of his now drooping cock, bringing it back to full hardness. Again he groaned though this time without wincing. She grabbed his balls and rolled them in her hand then squeezed them hard, pulling them down roughly at the same time. His legs wobbled as he gasped. Sarah had been cycling him through pleasure and pain for an hour or so now. Standing back she brought her crop down on his arse several times quickly, his cheeks clenching as he called out. Then she knelt down in front of him and gave his cock a little head. He was becoming broken down now to the point he would do anything she asked. He wanted sex of any kind.

Sitting down on the couch she started looking at some internet porn on the laptop. Roger could see Sarah was watching four men, two white two black, standing naked while one clothed woman inspected their bodies. The dominatrix tweaked their nipples and grabbed their cocks roughly. As she lay on the bed they started undressing and caressing her. Sarah started rubbing her clitoris as the men started pulling their big cocks in readiness. One of the black guys’ cock was huge too. They wasted no time in feeding their cocks into her – one in her mouth and one pushing gently into her pussy. Sarah rubbed quicker as the other men played roughly with each others cocks. A white guy then started sucking the massive black cock.

Roger was rock hard marmaris escort now with pre-cum oozing. Sarah now needed fucking. She got up, turned the laptop to face Roger then backed her beautiful arse (ornamented with expensive suspenders and stockings) toward Roger’s throbbing cock. She was so wet it easily slipped in and she pushed right onto him whilst the woman on screen shared the cock she was sucking with the man who was fucking her. She let Roger pump her hard and fast – she just wanted some hard cock in her now. Sarah reached between her legs and grabbed Rogers balls again squeezing them roughly. He couldn’t hold on letting out an animalistic moan and spurted his hot come deep inside her. Sarah actually felt its heat and pressure and shook with a small orgasm. It wasn’t enough for her though. Not by any means.

Sliding off his cock Sarah felt the come dripping. She loosened the rope allowing him to rest on his knees on the carpet though still with his hands tied well above his head. This time she pushed her pussy into his face, whipping the crop across his back and cheeks. Roger obediently licked his cum from her and sucked at her engorged clitorus. It was incredibly wet buried in there and he could only grab little breaths here and there as Sarah pushed his face into her. On screen was now an orgy on the bed with another guy and girl joining in to the mix of flesh. His cock was gorging and becoming thick and hard again. With each whip on his arse he instinctively clenched the muscles which lifted his cock. Sarah pulled his face into her for longer periods now. She held him tight as her orgasm built and burst. She ground herself hard on Roger as each wave of the orgasm washed through her.

Roger heard the doorbell ring… what?! Who would be coming round at this time of night? Fuck – not now! Sarah pulled a silk dressing gown around her and went to the front, closing the lounge room door. What was she doing?! He heard a man’s voice then another – in conversation with Sarah. They were jovial marmaris escort bayan and laughing. Why wasn’t she turning them away? Then THREE men walked into the lounge with Sarah! Roger didn’t know how to hide his vulnerability and, essentially in shock, just stayed naked on his knees with Sarah and his juices all over his face and whip marks on his back and arse.

One man was carrying a video camera and was now plugging it into the television. He was telling Sarah how they had just been out dogging and had found this very horny couple in their car in a nearby bush car park and had filmed the whole thing. Sarah sat down on the couch to watch and two of the men sat either side of her. The third man walked up to Roger unzipped his trousers and put his cock up to Roger’s face. Sarah said “suck it Roger and make it hard for me – you know you want to”. He opened his mouth slowly and took the head in. It tasted richly of sex and it was intoxicating for him. He began pulling most of that large cock in and out of his mouth.

The video showed the men walking up to 4wd van where a good looking couple were heavily petting each other, their hands groping and pulling clothes open. The woman had an incredible figure — large-sh beasts, tall with great legs and cheeky eyes. She nodded and they opened the doors and reached in from both sides rubbing her breast and thigh, and reaching for his cock. The camera panned from its operator’s hand on the driver’s cock to the woman’s legs parting for a stranger’s hand, then up to her mouth taking the other man’s cock into her mouth. Just behind that was the large cock which Roger was passionately now sucking

Roger glimpsed up to see Sarah absentmindedly playing with the cocks of each of the men on either side of her. They had now pulled her gown apart, her legs were spread and the men fondling listing. One man was licking and biting from her neck to her heaving breast. Now her hands grabbed the rock hard cocks roughly. She badly needed merciless fucking.

The marmaris eskort big cock that was almost overwhelming Roger’s mouth withdrew. The two men next to Sarah picked her up and the big cock’s owner slid under her. She was then slowly lowered down onto that fantastic hard cock which was nicely lubed from Roger’s mouth. it was massive and her groan was long and loud as it filled her. It seemed an eternity as it went deeper and deeper as they lowered her. Finally she was completely impaled on it. She rested there for a moment and felt her neck being kissed again. She let out another heavy groan as his teeth gently clamped on her neck. She shocked herself when she called out “fuck me, fuck me now”! The third man had loosened Roger’s tether enough for him to be brought between Sarah’s legs and have his face pushed into her clit. He began licking and sucking her exposed clit and the big cock he had enjoyed so much before started pumping hard in and out of her. As he opened his eyes he could see it glistening with juices before pounding back in. He found the rope had been loosened enough for him to grab his own hard dick. It wouldn’t take much to send him over.

Sarah was in sheer ecstasy now with the third man licking her breasts and his hard cock in one hand. The other hand was holding the other cock but was being helped by its owner to pleasure. She was now about to burst. Her orgasm was building strongly. Then it all started. The cock she was helping to pleasure squirted its first rope of cum splashing onto her stomach and Rogers face. The second and third ropes landed on her breasts where the other man was licking. So then he couldn’t help himself and she felt his cock swell and start spurting his hot cum onto her belly and onto Roger too. It was like an avalanche as they all started cuming. Sarah went beyond control as the big cock inside her started spurting what felt like a gallon of hot cum into her at the same time as her orgasm rocked her. This great cock combined with Roger’s tongue gave her the heaviest orgasm she had ever felt. Roger was cuming squirting his hot juice onto her leg now too, his mouth groaning into her orgasm wracked pussy.

Something similar had happened on the video too. They had recovered enough to be saying “lets go to Sarah’s”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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