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All characters in this story are eighteen years or older. So, having more than two hundred followers feels like a bit of a milestone, meaning I am considering having a Q & A. If I get at least ten good questions I will post it.


After another week of experimenting and even twice more with Neville, during which she even noted Neville had started to improve when he returned the favor, it was at last time to show Darshana. She was more excited than ever, not only to show Darshana what she had learned, but what she would learn as well. Fortunately no one needed to talk to Darshana. Narcisa approached Darshana’s desk. Darshana did not look up, in fact she remained focused on her paperwork. After several minutes Narcisa wanted to scream, but she took a slow deep breath in order to calm down. Darshana continued to focus on the work in front of her. Narcisa checked the clock and saw that about ten minutes had already elapsed and she was beginning to think Darshana was too busy that day and was considering the idea of leaving when Darshana looked at her.

“I think it’s good for you if you have to wait occasionally. Now I am going to need a little longer. Last time you were a little noisy, therefore we will be doing this at my home. Meet me there in an hour.” After confirming the address Narcisa went home. If there had been time she would have called Oriana. She groaned as she found herself staring at the clock as she waited. She tried to distract herself with homework, but she couldn’t focus and didn’t get anywhere. At last it was time and she drove over to Darshana’s place. When she got to the door she was about to ring the bell when it opened.

“Good Narcisa, I just got back myself.” She turned and Narcisa followed into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Darshana spoke. “Undress.” Narcisa immediately complied as did Darshana. Once they were both naked Narcisa look over at Darshana as she hadn’t had such an unobstructed view before. Darshana’s hair was long, about waist length, and jet-black, dark skin as her family was from India.

“Well Narcisa, do you like what you see?” Narcisa felt herself blushing as she smiled. Darshana pointed to the floor as she sat on the bed. Narcisa complied, but she had come to realize she liked being in charge when it came to sex, but Darshana was far too intimidating. As expected she lowered her head between Darshana’s thighs. She kissed one then the other, eliciting a soft moan from Darshana. However she soon moved to the lips kissing all over them, causing Darshana’s reactions to become more apparent. Then she switched to pulling on the lips with her own, enjoying the sounds Darshana made. Excited by the growing wetness Narcisa gently spread the lips to thrust her tongue between.

Darshana’s moaning now rose above a whisper and Narcisa took this as encouragement to move to the clit while thrusting the fingers from one hand into the hole and began rubbing the other hole with her other hand. Darshana’s moans were now getting loud and Narcisa used some of the moisture from her pussy to wet a finger to begin probing the other hole. Darshana’s moans reached a near scream and Narcisa thrust with both hands as she continued to suck on Darshana’s clit. Darshana began grinding against Narcisa’s face and the younger woman lost track of time. Then Darshana gripped her head a little harder and made one last hard thrust as she came. The sudden release of her head caused Narcisa to fall to the floor, where she curled up and waited for Darshana to stir. While she waited Narcisa thought about the difference a few weeks could make. She most of all that as much as she like to dominate during sex, she also enjoyed making other people cum. She sat up as Darshana also stirred.

“You are improving. I imaging you have had a lot of practice. One girl or have you been making your way through your classmates?” Narcisa blushed and felt herself tremble slightly as she struggled to speak.

“Just one.” Darshana laughed and patted Narcisa on the head.

“I’m teasing, but you have really improved.” Narcisa calmed down, enjoying the praise and the reassuring hand on her head. “Now up on the bed.” Narcisa didn’t hesitate as Darshana went to the closet and emerged a short time later wearing a strapon. Narcisa couldn’t stop her mouth from dropping open as she realized that it wasn’t the same one that Darshana had used previously, this one was larger, not a lot, but noticeably larger. When Darshana reached her it somehow seemed bigger, but nonetheless she opened her mouth to allow the dildo to enter. She could only manage the tip, but Darshana stroked her hair and spoke soothingly.

“Relax and breathe slowly through your nose.” Narcisa grunted her understanding as she attempted to open her mouth wider. Darshana slowly pushed further into her mouth and Narcisa worried about gagging as the dildo was obviously a lot bigger than Neville had been. Darshana was patient and continued to move slowly as Narcisa struggled to relax to allow more inside. This proved effective as Narcisa was soon able to take about Anadolu Yakası Escort half in her mouth and Darshana began to move her hips to thrust the dildo in and out at a sedate pace. Narcisa was so focused on this task that she was more aware of getting past the half way point than the fact that she was drooling all over the dildo and some was even dripping onto her chin. When it was most of the way in Darshana slowly pulled out and Narcisa gasped and struggled to catch her breath.

“That’s good enough. We’ll have to practice more. Now, lie down.” Narcisa nodded, spreading her legs, eager for what was to come. She didn’t have long to wait before Darshana had climbed on the bed and lined up her dildo with Narcisa’s pussy, which was already dripping. Darshana pushed forward with agonizing slowness. Narcisa swore she saw stars, but it was too slow, however she firmly closed her mouth, refusing to beg. At last with one final thrust Darshana was all the way inside and Narcisa’s mouth shot open as she cried out her pleasure. Darshana remained as she was, but leaned forward to pinch both of Narcisa’s nipples, triggering further moans from her student.

Darshana however did not wait long before pulling back, watching Narcisa’s face as she made to pull out completely, before thrusting all the way back in, eliciting further moans from Narcisa. Darshana soon got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out, leaning into kiss Narcisa as she did so. Narcisa was overwhelmed as this didn’t simply feel like sex, but like being wrapped securely in the arms of a lover. Narcisa moaned as she surrendered completely to her teacher’s attention, filling her completely. Narcisa felt herself racing toward orgasm with abandon. However just as Darshana’s thrusts were reaching a speed that promised release, she stopped altogether and pulled out. Narcisa’s eyes shot open and was just opening her mouth to protest when Darshana put a finger to her lips and shook her head.

“I’m far from done. Now, turn over, I would want to introduce you to a new position.” Narcisa complied as she was growing increasingly desperate for orgasm. Once she was settled on all fours Darshana lined up the dildo with Narcisa’s pussy. Narcisa moaned, feeling it slide in slowly despite how much she had been loosened up by the previous fucking. When at last Darshana’s hips met Narcisa’s it triggered a moan from the younger woman. Soon Darshana began thrusting with increasing speed and she gripped Narcisa’s ass tightly. Narcisa soon found she couldn’t keep her head up as she melted into the waves of pleasure expanding outward from between her legs and sweeping over her.

Darshana leaned forward only slowing a little as she kissed up Narcisa’s back before reaching her neck. Once at her neck Darshana began kissing all over Narcisa’s neck. Narcisa moaned as the thrusting dildo filled her and all but emptied from her void. A sharp smack on her rear caused her head to jerk up and her to cry out. The second smack not only triggered a moan, but also moved her closer to orgasm. Suddenly Darshana used both hands to smack both cheeks simultaneously, gripping both hard as she thrust with more force and Narcisa tensed up as she came. Narcisa collapsed, however the grip on her rear meant that this collapse was head down, ass up.

Narcisa came awake, not immediately sure of where she was. However she must have had a panicked look on her face as she soon found herself engulfed in the arms of who she assumed to be Darshana. There was a scent of sweat and another scent beneath that, which she realized was the scent of Darshana’s wet pussy, Narcisa realized she loved the scent that was filling her nostrils. Darshana pulled back slightly and Narcisa looked up, Darshana smiled and the two kissed. Narcisa didn’t know, nor did she particularly care, how long this kiss lasted. However eventually Darshana broke the kiss, still holding Narcisa.

“Now much as I would love to hold you until we were both ready for more, you have more conventional homework.” She grinned broadly before continuing.

“Now for your other homework assignment. I want you to have sex with a boy and…” She handed Narcisa the strapon that she had used earlier. “…use this on your friend. Next week I will have one last lesson for you.” At this point Narcisa started to speak and her feelings must have been obvious on her face.

“But I want to-” Darshana quickly kissed her, silencing further protest.

“I expect you to show me what you have learned…whenever I ask.” Narcisa nodded smiling. She quickly dressed and blushed as she realized that she would have to carry the strapon to her car before she could put in her bag. However she quickly dressed, wrapped the straps around the dildo to make it easier to carry and to make it less obvious what it was. They kissed and Narcisa walked out to her car to drive home.

Once home she naturally called Oriana. Narcisa grew impatient and removed her panties and began rubbing her pussy lips, moaning softly. She lifted her shirt and removed her bra, Pendik Escort to pinch her nipples with her right hand. Her phone buzzed and she saw a text indicating that Oriana had arrived. Feeling only slightly disappointed Narcisa stood and grinned as a thought crossed her mind.

When she opened the door Oriana quickly came in and the two barely waited for the door to close before embracing and Narcisa’s tongue passed Oriana’s lips. However the kiss did not last long before Oriana suddenly broke it.

“Narcisa, what the hell is that under your skirt?” Narcisa grinned as she took a step back and slowly raised her skirt to reveal the dildo hanging between her legs.

“How about you get on your knees and give it a try?” Oriana looked back and forth between Narcisa and the dildo, looking as if she might object, however she dropped to her knees and focused on the dildo. She took it in one hand while she gave it an experimental lick and looked up at Narcisa. Narcisa smiled as Oriana swirled her tongue and stopped to kiss the head. Narcisa patted her head softly.

“If I were a man, I might start feeling a bit annoyed by your teasing, but please don’t take too long.” Oriana nodded as she returned to licking. In time she took the head in her mouth and sucked up and down. She slowly worked her way down the dildo, taking more inside, stopping to occasionally to lick the sides. She reached about halfway, and this with difficulty, before she was no longer able to progress. Narcisa tapped her shoulder.

“Don’t worry we can practice. Bend over the couch.” Oriana nodded eagerly and stood to walk over to the couch, where she swiftly removed her clothes and climbed on to the couch where she rested her head on the back with her rear out, which she shook suggestively at Narcisa. Narcisa followed suit by removing her shirt and skirt. Narcisa stopped up behind Oriana, rubbing the head of the dildo against her lips. Oriana moaned and turned briefly to smile at Narcisa. Narcisa rubbed until the moans from Oriana grew louder, who pushed back as well. Soon the dildo was all the way in and Narcisa gripped Oriana’s rear.

Narcisa pulled almost all the way out, being careful that it not come out altogether. Then she slammed all the way back in, causing further moans from Oriana. Narcisa gripped harder, causing Oriana to squeal, and starting to move her hips with speed. She felt amazing as she watched the dildo penetrating Oriana completely and then coming almost all the way out. She soon entered into a rhythm, but she quickly found that as hot as the position was she couldn’t keep it up for long. She directed Oriana to move to the side on all fours, but not up, rather she was lying down with her limbs under her. Narcisa climbed up on the couch behind Oriana and re-inserted the dildo into Oriana’s pussy. Narcisa thrusted for a short time before she imitated Darshana by lying on Oriana and kissing her neck, eliciting further moans from Oriana. A thought occurred to her and she reached underneath to rub Oriana’s clit with vigor. Oriana cried out and Narcisa realized that she had cum. She pulled out and sat back feeling a sense of elation at using the strapon. It was a short time later when Oriana stirred, turning over with a leisurely pace before sitting up to kiss Narcisa.

“That was amazing. I didn’t even know you owned a strapon.” Narcisa laughed as she took Oriana in her arms, her breasts pressing softly into Oriana’s back.

“I’m barrowing it from Darshana. She has another assignment for me.” Oriana laughed as well, as she leaned more into Narcisa’s embrace.

“You mean besides taking me for the ride of my life?” Narcisa laughed harder than before.

“Really? Than how will you manage when I have practiced? But seriously, yes she wants me to try sex with a man. I admit I am curious to try, just once to see if I like it.” Oriana didn’t immediately respond, but she soon asked.

“Are you going to try with Neville?”

“No, not the first time. I have someone else in mind, someone with more experience.” Oriana’s response was swift.

“Who? And when you said you were going to try oral with Neville, you asked if I was okay with it. What’s changed?” Narcisa pinched a nipple, hard enough to cause Oriana to cry, and immediately kissed her neck hard. After kissing for several moments she ran two fingers along Oriana’s pussy. Oriana started to moan before two fingers were shoved in her mouth and she tasted herself.

“You are so wet I could do what I want with you. I want to try sex with a man. Are you going to object? I promise, no matter how much I enjoy it, I will always enjoy playing with you.” To emphasize her point she thrust the two fingers that had been in Oriana’s mouth into her pussy and spoke as she continued to thrust. “Well what do you think?” Oriana struggled to speak through her moaning and panting.

“I…want…to be yours, but…I don’t want to…shaaare!” The last word she cried out as she was hit with an orgasm that was harder than any she had experienced, except for the one produced Kurtköy Escort by the strapon. After she had calmed down she stayed in Narcisa’s arms, breathing softly.

She stirred as she realized that she had nodded off, probably due to the two powerful orgasms in such quick succession. However the light coming in a window told her that she had not been asleep all that long. She took a moment to stretch and work some strength back into her limbs before standing to dress.

“Call me after you make your seduction. I hate myself for admitting it, but I am falling for you. However I don’t think I like this change in you.” After she left Narcisa allowed herself to cry. Once she had cried herself out she dressed and returned to her room. She had decided that she would seduce her math teacher. She much preferred words to numbers. Darshana’s class, being history, while not her favorite had at least that in its favor. Mr. Caine, Alex as she was going to think of him from now, was older, just passing forty, but she had been fantasizing about him since starting his class, which hadn’t been helping her grades.

The next day she headed to school where she immediately went to Alex’s office. Fortunately he wasn’t meeting with anyone at that time so she knocked on the door.

“Come in.” She opened the door to find him settled behind his desk, surrounded by paper. His hair was blond, probably thought he needed a trim, but she liked men with hair that was a bit unruly as it showed that they were not in perfect control. His eyes were clear blue, she always thought the color looked cold, despite the fact that he was a very warm and caring person. He smiled as she entered.

“Hi Narcisa, still having trouble with those problems.” She nodded, ignoring his pointing to a chair in front of his desk, as she circled around to stand beside him. He sat back somewhat and set aside the papers he had been grading and she laid some scratch paper, that she had been working on the problems on, in front of him. He nodded and she moved closer putting a hand on his shoulder, he momentarily glanced at her, but did not comment. He went over the problems, used to the issues that usually caused her to ask for his help after class. She hadn’t thought too hard about where to go from here, she simply acted, leaning forward as if to get a better look at what he was showing her, although truthfully she wasn’t really paying attention, and put a hand on his leg. He flinched momentarily in surprise, but soon relaxed. He continued and she shifted her hand slowly, still seeming innocent, suddenly reaching his groin. She did not jerk her hand back, but moved at a relaxed pace.

“So Alex, why are you so hard? Certainly not after such a brief touch. Looking down my blouse perhaps?” He was so shocked that he didn’t seem to notice that she had used his first name.

“Miss Lopez, this is highly inappropriate. Unless you are prepared to be serious, I am afraid we will have to continue this another time.” She leaned into kiss him, he tried to pull back from her, but soon found there was nowhere to go. She returned her hand to his lap and began to rub, finding him quickly reaching full hardness. He moaned softly into her mouth as he surrendered. When she felt confident that he had become painfully erect she pulled back to turn his chair and kneel. He struggled to relax, but made no move to help or hinder her. She meanwhile wasted no time in unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. Narcisa grinned he may not have been as big as Darshana’s strapon, but he was bigger than Neville.

She eagerly licked the shaft, enjoying the sound he made as she reached the point just under the head. She switched to licking up the sides before taking the head between her lips and swirled her tongue around it. She almost laughed as he struggled to keep quiet. She slowly pushed further down from the head sucking and drooling to increase lubrication as she did so. He gripped the armrests as he continued to struggle with his noise level. She had gotten about halfway down when she felt him swell slightly and stopped as she felt certain he was about to cum.

Standing up she ignored his groan of disappointment and turned her back on him as she lowered herself to his lap and pulled her panties aside to allow his cock inside. She struggled a bit to line him up with her pussy, but at last the head was in and now it was her turn to suppress a moan as she sunk slowly down to his lap. She squeezed as she reached the base, eliciting further reactions from him. She did not wait long before tensing her legs to start slowly moving her hips up and down. She moaned as she worked her hips, driving her pussy on his cock with ever greater speed. His hands were on her hips, but he made no effort to guide or control her speed as he moaned softly into her ear. This continued until she felt him swelling inside her.

She groaned as she slowed to a stop. He groaned, but did not act to interfere with her actions, even when she climbed off of him. He watched, idly stroking himself as she, almost dramatically, bent over to lower her panties and set them aside. She turned to smirk at him before turning her back to him and bending over the desk, pulling her skirt up to expose her rear. She shook her rear meaningfully and he stood, quickly lining himself up behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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