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My most extraordinary sex adventures part 2

My curiosity about the fascinating sex adventure land knows almost no limits. Everything that is legal and happens by mutual consent between adults, you know …

So I went into the world of the virtual, keen to experiment, to see what could happen there.

A long critical search led me to a reputable site that promised amorous meetings and maybe more. You never knew.

It took a few days before I made a date with someone who seemed suitable. We wanted to meet in a public place. Security measures should definitely apply. He agreed that I could take a picture of him on my cell phone and send it to a friend via email. Of course, many felt that something like this was delicate and some others flatly rejected it. He didn’t. It was also agreed that I would call my friend, to tell her what location we were going to, if it would go further between us.

If so, then a hotel anyway and then she should call at an agreed time to check whether everything is fine.

I can be wild and unrestrained, but I’m by no means tired of life.

It was a Saturday early afternoon when we met in a cafe. Ruben! What a beautiful name! Well, it could have fizzled out with a lack of tension between us.

But we were both lucky that the erotic tension between us was almost palpable. The photo of him was taken and emailed.

I found it adorable that he was so old-fashioned that he insisted on paying the bills in the café as well as the one of the hotel. I actually wanted to take over the respective share of course, but he insisted.

I had no idea that our intimate encounter would be so much more than just a number. Of course I told my friend over the phone, where we would be.

In the hotel room we both sat on the bed after we had gotten rid of our shoes. He looked into my blue eyes with his sparkling brown ones. We both reflected each other’s desires.

First he brushed back a strand of my very long, black hair. Then his lips bent on mine as if they were the center of gravity.

They touched me silky and gentle. Teasingly, the tip of his tongue asked to enter my mouth. I was only too happy to meet this storm and urge.

His tongue was agile beşiktaş escort and extremely vital when it wound around mine. I tasted the coffee aroma of his oral cavity when my tongue explored it. So it went back and forth. That went straight into my abdomen and excited me immensely. The locks started to open. Oh, I was more than ready.

The kiss seemed like a paradise on earth. We sank into each other. He could kiss! My dear!

Unfortunately it was over at some point and I could take a deep breath. His beguiling scent of sandalwood and his own natural smell penetrated deep into my olfactory cells. How my nostrils trembled.

His eyes were glittering, beneath his long eyelashes, when he licked my nose with the tip of his tongue and then did the same with my cheeks and temples. Wow! That did not miss its effect. I closed my eyes.

He spread fine butterfly kisses all over my face, on the lids, forehead, he missed no point. Then he turned to my earlobes. Both received the same treatment in succession. He took this delicate piece of attachment in his mouth, nibbled and sucked on it. I shivered from this feeling.

He then slid to my neck, sucking intensely on it. O yes! Hickey! I love that!

I arched my head back. He licked my throat and then gently blew on it. Uh!

His right hand went to my breasts. Some men tend to knead too roughly, as if they were rubber balls. He does not. He skillfully massaged and rubbed them through my thin blouse and bra. My nipples woke up and showed that clearly.

I unbuttoned his shirt and swiftly pulled it down. My fingers stroked his sternum and collarbones. I nibbled and licked them and his Adam’s apple, then dedicated myself to his breast buds. He groaned. Yes, his also ended their sleep and answered cheerfully.

He pulled me away to separate my blouse and bra from my body. He threw himself eagerly on my breasts to caress them with his mouth and tongue. I gasped.

He stripped my lower body and, to his sheer delight, saw that I was not wearing panties at all. He looked at my vulva and my southern lips with admiration and great pleasure. They already looked like an early beşyol escort morning meadow covered with dew.

He put his index finger beneath my navel and drove very gently into the hot, humid zone. I groaned. He put pressure on my pearl, which then decided to grow beyond itself.

The fact that we kept eye contact almost continuously was incredibly sexy and stimulating. He pushed me onto the bed so that I was lying on my back and he could comfortably dive between my legs.

A wondrous but fantastic electric shock aroused my nerves when his tongue met my extremely hospitable, sensitive clit. He was extremely adept. I had to have completely different experiences.

He kissed my outer and inner lips with his mouth and tongue. He was the sun and the rain that made my flower bloom and his cheeky tongue explored the tube of my chalice in search of delicious nectar. He got plenty of it.

The orgasm exploded violently over my body in a heat shower. He and I felt the contractions of the excited muscles.

Now I wanted my ambrosia from him. I jumped at him uncontrollably, with a wild look, nudged him onto the bed so that he was now level.

I grinned diabolically at him and took off his jeans. His magnificent cock jumped towards me like a incredible goat. Aha! Also naked under denim. Like a tight officer in a velvet skin uniform! Wonderful how he saluted me! First I kissed his groin and hip.

I was only too happy to show him these honors. My thumb and index finger gripped his beautiful acorn. I put pleasant pressure on him and Ruben groaned. I ran my hand up and down his shaft. I tickled his scrotum, then devotedly stroked his crown jewels.

My Tomcat on the bed actually purred in his deep voice. I leaned over his fighter for the true and beautiful. He wanted to enter my mouth and I granted it to him.

My senses were overwhelmed. His odeur, his taste, salty and musk. He fulfilled me in several ways. I sucked and licked. He danced enthusiastically in my mouth.

What did you do as a rodent with an acorn? Nibble on it, of course I did it only symbolically. Ha!

His volcano was shaken by an earthquake and his beykent escort fiery lava flowed into the interior of my body. I really enjoyed this refreshment.

Then he pulled me on top and gave me a devouring kiss. He tasted himself in me and I myself in him.

He grabbed my butt and kneaded it. His fingers went to my love column again and like lightning they took possession of me as they explored me from the inside. I breathed faster and harder. I helped his not so small friend eagerly.

This cunning, ravishing guy woke up thanks to my animating movements. Ruben went to fetch a condom.

He got one from one of his jeans pockets. He smiled at me and pulled the condom over his expectant penis as quickly as possible.

I lay on my back because I love it when there’s a man on me. Watch the masculine strength, feel his weight, the play of his muscles. It is unsurpassable.

He leaned over me and thrusted himself into me, powerfully with his waist and loins. He was in me and churned me up. When he entered me, I cried out in ecstasy.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and raised my buttocks to feel him deeper. He swayed back and forth on me, his ship in my wild, undulating sea, which generated more and more spray.

The friction really heated me and his unleashed ride on my passion drove me to a new orgasm.

A lusty groan and a scream came from my throat. Shortly thereafter, Ruben had reached the top and sank on me.

He briefly disappeared into the bathroom and then returned with a big grin. We caressed each other. He kissed every single vertebra on my back and gently nibbled on my neck. He hiked up the inside of my thighs and went back to my shell, with skilled fingers. He was just incredibly unbelievable when he then consecrated my temple with his tongue to put his stamp of ecstasy on it.

We went into the 69 position and I surrendered extremely passionately to my special food, which I tied with my tongue, that it was a lustful pleasure. Anyway, his acorn got to know my cheek pockets again and when he was ready, I enjoyed his delicious honey.

So our meeting ended. He wanted to sleep a little more, if the hotel room was already paid, why not relax right away?

I didn’t want to take a shower at home until later, so that his traces lingered on me even longer. We kissed each other goodbye. Of course my friend made the control call.

We met irregularly a few times, always in hotels. It was exhilarating every time, but unfortunately it fizzled and we never saw each other again. What a pity!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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