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Despite my midnight qualms, waking up brought a fresh sense of enjoyment to my isolated world. After weeks of minimal contact with other people and years before that without the intimacy of a woman in my bed, I woke up with my arm wrapped protectively around a nubile young woman and the first thing I did was smile mockingly to myself.

Dirty old man for sure! I chided myself. Still, as mixed as my feelings were, I could not ignore the tangible thrill of a soft shoulder, a cloud of blonde hair obscuring her face, or the warmth of her back and her ass pressed into my body. I inhaled her fragrance and closed my eyes again, amazed at my own fortune.

However blissful I was feeling, though, my body could not help but react to Amanda’s presence. The normal movements of sleep let her sleeping form touch me in just enough places to begin arousing me. I pulled back and let my cock readjust itself to a more comfortable position, and I manfully resisted the temptation to wrap my hand around her soft, warm breast. Some instinct, however, must have told Amanda I was there because her hand groped for mine and pulled it in close to her chest. At the same time, she wriggled a bit and settled more fimly back against me. My cock throbbed hotly at the base of her spine.

Not wanting to feel like I was taking advantage, I kept myself as still as I could. My breathing stayed deep and even in time with Amanda’s. My mind scrolled back over the last 12 hours drowsily, and I lay there half asleep for another half hour enjoying the memory.

Consciousness returned a tiny bit when Amanda began to stir. First, she hugged my trapped forearm tighter to her breasts. Then, after a minute, she gave an exploratory wiggle of her hips to see if that was really my cock pressing into her from behind. That woke me up all the way, and I gave her a half-arm squeeze to let her know I was alert.

“Mmm…” she said sleepily, “that’s a nice way to wake up!”

Glancing down, I saw that her eyes were still closed, but a bewitching little smile was curling the corner of her lip. I leaned down and kissed her neck, nuzzling my way through her hair to reach a bare spot.

“Morning, beautiful!” I whispered against her soft skin.

“Mornin'” she whispered back, her voice still thick with sleep.

Her body, though, was more awake. One hand let go of mine and reached down behind her. When it slid across my stomach, I moved my hips back a fraction to let it through and she obligingly atakent escort curled her fingers around my shaft.

“Up already?” she said in a more normal tone.

“Not my fault,” I replied. “Wake up with spooned with beautiful young woman, and something is bound to happen!”

“Keep calling me beautiful and you’re right!” she told me, squeezing me for emphasis.

Since that was the way things were going, I unbent my arm, leaving the snug warmth of her breast. I resumed contact somewhere around her navel and slid my hand lower. When my fingertips encountered the smooth curve of her mound, she parted her thighs, planting one foot to give me access. I took full advantage, grinning into her hair as her body beckoned me. My fingers curled possessively downward, coming to rest along her slightly parted lips. When I started to tense and then relax my grip on her, Amanda moaned softly.

“Inside me!” she whispered urgently.

With the pad of my middle finger, I found the bottom of her slit and delved inward a tiny bit. Amanda grunted and pulled her knee further back. After a few short strokes, I began to spread her juices around, lubricating my finger in the process. Soon enough, I was curling my middle finger deep inside her, my palm flat against her clit as I did. By way of returning the favor, Amanda tightened her grip on my cock rhythmically in time with my intrusions. When I pulled my finger out, Amanda moaned a little with dissatisfaction at the sudden emptiness, but it was only a pause to run my ring finger along her opening and lubricate it as well. Her groan turned much happier when I carefully eased two fingers into her pussy and began to slide them in and out. I returned my attention to her neck and nibbled the tender skin below me.

Amanda, however, had more in mind that a slow session of mutual masturbation. My fingertips grazing her G-spot must have had an effect, because after only a minute of this new configuration, she let go of my cock and twisted herself to face me more fully.

Her eyes were still a little heavy with sleep, but there was a spark of lust there as well. Her free hand reached up to grab my head and pulled me in for a kiss. Her lips were hot and agile against mine, and her tongue darted out to find my own. After a long minute of exploring my mouth, she pulled away breathing heavily.

“Will you please fuck me already?” she asked impatiently.

With akbatı escort those words, she scooted up a little bit against my body to align my cock correctly. I took advantage of her movement to free the arm that had been trapped between us and wrapped it under her neck, taking a handful of breast and pulling her torso back against me. Pulling my fingers from inside her, I felt her own hand brush past mine between her legs, grabbing my cock and pulling it down toward her. I shifted myself to assist in the process and soon felt the liquid heat of her opening surrounding the swollen head of my cock once again. When everything felt right, Amanda reached back and pulled on my hips, urging me inside her. Accompanied by a deep groan from both of us, my cock sank into her in one long stroke.

I don’t know what Amanda was feeling, but clearly she liked it. For me, it was a symphony of sensations that started with my cock and then spread outward. First I felt the heat of her body envelope me as I buried myself. Then I felt each band of internal muscles as they parted grudgingly to let me in. Each one felt like a tight ring caressing the length of my cock as it passed through. Finally inside her, I felt the press of her labia against the base of my cock and the firm curve of her ass tight against my belly as I came against her completely.

Amanda’s response was a long, slow moan of pleasure that echoed my own. Her eyes were closed again, but she grabbed my hand once more and pulled it up to her lips. Her nimble tongue touched each fingertip and then she wrapped her lips around the two that had been inside her. With a slow, erotic pull, she sucked both fingers deep into her mouth, her tongue lashing each one from every side to gather every bit of her own juices. I had no idea how erotic that could feel, but the feeling of her sucking my fingers as if they were my cock tore through me like an electric shock.

When she was done tasting herself, Amanda released my hand and let her head fall back onto the pillow facing away from me. Her knee fell back down and she resumed our spoon position once more. This time, though, she rocked her hips, though, and squeezed my cock inside her. I took that signal to heart and began fucking her slowly. My arm fell around her and gathered her close while my other hand squeezed her breast in time with my thrusting. She kept herself busy as well, I noticed after a minute. One hand aksaray escort still clutched mine to her breast, but the other was down between her own thighs, and I could tell by the motion her forearm was telegraphing that she was rubbing her clit to accentuate her own pleasure. I grinned at that, figuring the pressure was less on me to get her off, and began to fuck her more seriously.

Because her legs were closed, Amanda’s already-tight pussy put even more pressure on my cock as it pushed inside her. Just that would have sent me over the edge soon enough, but as her body heated up, I could feel my beautiful young houseguest begin to writhe and breathe more heavily by the second. Her nipple was rock-hard under my palm, and her whole body began to shudder from the combined sensations she was experiencing.

“Oh my fucking God…yes!” she moaned softly as her body began to quiver.

“Me too!” I gasped as I began to slam into her even harder.

Fortunately, her body convulsed a split-second before mine did-a minor point of pride for every guy who has ever run that particular race. Her back arched against me and I felt the deep pulsing of her pussy one last time before I froze myself, my cockhead pinned against her cervix as I sent wave after wave of sperm into her voracious pussy. My eyes closed, and through my own pleasure I could feel the trembling of her body against me and the catch of her breath as each successful burst filled Amanda’s senses as well. No words were necessary-I just held her tightly against me and nuzzled into her neck once more.

My cock was beginning to soften inside her by the time her orgasm had passed. I felt her shoulders relax and she took a deep, cleansing breath before slumping back into me more easily. Her face turned toward mind, and I kissed her softly on the cheek and then on the lips.

“See what happens when you call me beautiful?” she asked in a low, playful voice.

“Sorry…” I said hesitantly, “I’m still not clear on that. Maybe it’s because you’re so beautiful!”

That drew a laugh-fortunately-and a bright smile. I gave one back and kissed her again. Our lips came together with soft passion, but then Amanda turned in my arms. My cock, tragically, slipped from its happy home. It stayed warm, however, because she nestled herself fully against me and slipped her thigh between mine. Her face ended up against my chest and my arms wrapped around her protectively once more.

“Mmm…” she said again against my skin. “Best wake-up ever!”

I kissed the top of her head-that being all I could reach-and murmured “Yup…best ever!” into the soft tangle of her hair. My thoughts drifted for a long while, and when I remembered where I was, Amanda was asleep again, her breath warm against my chest and her skin like silk under my embracing hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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