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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Rachel … Wait! I can explain.”

The curtain had already closed and she was gone. I looked in the changing room mirror and my untucked bulge was quite evident. I hurriedly re-tucked, stepped into my leather skirt and into my heels. Looking at the pretty young woman who had been helping us I mumbled something about having to leave but I would be back for my purchases. I scanned the mall and ran best I could towards the parking lot to find her. I finally caught up and asked if we could talk.

Rachel turned around and just said “I can’t right now.” And then she turned and left. I walked back to the Free People store with a bit of sadness but I knew this day would likely come one day. I just never expected it this way. The young woman had folded or put the items back on hangers and sat them aside for me. I smiled upon my return and thanked her. I did buy the skirt and a blouse then drove home to share the news.


Richard, my dutiful husband of the past three years, was waiting for me at home. Richard is 63 and nearly 30 years my senior. He’s been retired a couple years and is now the house husband. Richard was a widower for 7 years before meeting me. He had been married to a wonderful woman for 25 years previously. Richard had come into the gentleman’s club I worked nights a few times before he finally bought a lap dance. We hit it off almost immediately and started dating a few weeks later. I was finishing Grad School during the day and dancing nights to pay the bills. We dated a few months before he introduced me to Rachel and his son, Jerry and his wife Kelli.

Our relationship was sexual from the third date. Richard hadn’t said anything but I could tell from his gentle manner on our first two dates the kind of woman he was looking for in a relationship. He drove me home after our third date and parked outside my apartment complex. I casually lifted my skirt and lowered my panties for him to see the outline of my cock in the shadows of the night. I took his hand and brought it to my cock for him to stroke, I slipped my left hand behind his neck and brought his lips to mine to kiss me.

Once he had me nearly hard, I broke the kiss and pushed his face to my crotch. His mouth immediately opened and he took my cock. My hands ran through his hair as I shifted in the car to give him better access. He lips and tongue worked along my cock, sucking hard on my shaft then letting me slip free. He looked up and smiled then quickly took me once more. Sooner than I could have imagined, I was cumming in Richard’s warm mouth. I was shooting my gooey cream down his throat and he took every drop with nary a gag or a spilled drip. It was obvious Richard liked sucking cock. And he liked that I took control of the moment.

Two years after we met and six months after I graduated, Richard and I got married on the beach with a small collection of friends. His daughter was my maid of honor. Of course I wore white, this was my first wedding. In the time between our third date and wedding night, Richard shared with me in steps his intense desire to be dominated by me. He shared that his first wife had dominated him for much of their married days. He found safety and security in this type of relationship. His wife introduced him to sucking cock in the late 80’s during one of their sessions. They had kept this aspect of life from both their children, only presenting themselves as loving parents in what seemed to all a traditional marriage.

Richard had been very successful in his professional life and money was no longer a concern. He kept his fingers in the art world a little bit but keeping our house running smoothly was now his primary objective. Richard is 6’2″ and very fit. He has a gym membership and he goes at least four times a week to maintain his health and physique. His grey hair is neatly trimmed and accents his sky blue eyes. Richard begins every week with a mani/pedi and a body waxing to keep his chest, pits, legs and privates very soft and smooth. I love my man smooth and feminine and Richard never wishes to displease me.

I got home from the shopping trip and told him I needed to tell him some disturbing news. I told him that Rachel had inadvertently seen my bulge and knew I was not a genetic woman. Richard begin to shake – we had planned to tell both of the children, we just had not done so. I tried to comfort him throughout the evening but it was obvious he was quite concerned.

I pulled back the sheets as Richard turned out the lights to the bathroom. He was nude, his penis snug in his steel chastity cage, as I require of him in my bed. We snuggled together, my soft cock pressing against his cheeks. I whispered softly in his ear telling him it will be alright with Rachel, just to give her time.


It had been ten days and neither Richard nor I had heard from Rachel. She always came over for Sunday lunch so I was concerned when she was a no-show but didn’t feel it right to push Ümraniye Olgun Escort it with her. Near the end of my work day, my phone lit up with a text from Rachel. “Meet for a drink in an hour?” was all it said.

We met in the quiet bar at the W Hotel downtown. Rachel gave me a “cool” hug hello as we sat down in the booth. I could see her looking at me differently than she had ever previously as if looking for some physical sign she had missed. It’s common for people when they first learn the truth. I think nothing of it anymore. With drinks in hand, I let the silence hang until Rachel started to speak trying to find the right questions to ask. Finally I leaned close and said matter of factly, “yes Rachel I do have a penis and fake breasts. Your father knew almost from the first instance when we met. He loves me for who I am.” The silence hung a moment as Rachel blinked and finished her drink before she waved the waitress over for a second drink for both.

I answered her many questions easily and openly, only holding back some details I thought she should hear from her father, or at least the two of us together. I told her that I had done some dancing in my twenties after college. I told her that’s where I met her father – at a gentleman’s club that had nights for girl’s like myself. She seemed shocked or at least surprised but took it all in stride. Finally I told her she should visit her father and let him explain in further detail. I paid the tab and the hug good bye was much warmer than the one hello. Rachel and I had been close since before the wedding, I was hoping this wouldn’t change that after she got used to the idea


I had texted Richard to tell him about meeting with Rachel and that I would not be home for dinner. He anxiously waited for me to arrive and almost knocked me over when I walked in from the garage. He had a drink waiting for me and by the time I had finished the third drink of the night, I was feeling the alcohol. I told him the evening had gone as well as could be expected. I expected she would call him in the next day or two and that I had told her you would be open with her and answer all her many questions. I swallowed the last of the drink and sat down the tumbler and looked him squarely in the eyes. “I mean everything Richard. You need to tell her about your submission to her mother and your submission to me.” I could see the look of fear in his eyes and the doubt at telling his 32 year-old daughter such private thoughts of both her step mother and her own mother. Before he could say a word, I stopped him with a look.

I unzipped my skirt and already removed my suit jacket. “Get the lube and take your place on the couch. And be quick.” Richard looked at my stepping out of my skirt, my panty sporting a healthy bulge. He hurried to our bedroom for the lube. When he returned he was nude with his penis cage tightly secured. He mounted the couch, his knees on the seat cushions. Applying the lube to his anus with his fingers, he then capped it and sat it on the table. I was wearing only my heels. My cock was long, thick and hard. My nipples were large and firm.

I stepped in between his legs and pressed my head to his slick hole. I thrust and Richard grunted as I opened him up with no foreplay. I fucked him. I thrust in and slipped nearly out. My hands held his hips as he rutted back to me as I have instructed. Thrusting and panting, my cock was reaming his asshole even as I knew Richard was thinking about telling his daughter about his sex life. Grunting, my sac slapping his ass with each thrust until finally … cumming. My cock erupting in his asshole, my cum shooting deep into his bowels. Pulling out, I bend over and picked up my clothes and walked to the bedroom without saying a word to him. I showered as I saw Richard enter the bathroom and sit on the toilet as my seed dripped from his asshole. Richard helped me towel off and we both got ready for bed.


I greeted Rachel with a hug on Sunday afternoon when she came to speak with her father. The return hug was warm and caring, it felt as if she had begun to understand. I wondered if that would be true after speaking with her father. I left them alone but Richard had strict instructions from me to be honest and thorough.

Richard sat beside Rachel on the plush leather couch that he was fucked on just three days earlier. He took her hand and slowly began talking about his love for me. He told her that he had loved her mother deeply but after her death, he realized he was looking for love in slightly a different form. In time, he discovered that he had first a fascination then second a love of transsexuals. He told her that he had seen me dancing topless at a gentleman’s club and knew he had to get to know me better. Rachel stopped him a couple times to ask questions but mostly let him speak. He told her that he would tell her as much as she wished to know but wouldn’t give sexual details unless she asked.

Just when Rachel thought she had heard it all and could find Ümraniye Sarışın Escort herself handling the idea of her father with a transsexual, she realized she had only heard the beginning. Her father told her that her mother was a very strong woman and shortly after they were married, she began the slow process of becoming his sexual dominant. Richard could feel Rachel begin to pull her hands away from his and he held her tighter. The 1980’s were very different from present day when it came to sexual appetites and attitudes so they kept their sexual relationship confined to a few close friends and to sexual outings always a plane trip distance away from home.

Two hours after she arrived, Rachel was mentally exhausted. She had learned her father had been with other men and women while married to her mother. She had learned that her mother had been very dominant with her father. She wondered if this is why she had always been attracted to women. And now, her Step-Mother Michelle has filled the same role sexually as her mother. And that her Step-Mother is a transsexual. She stayed for dinner as they had planned and Michelle joined the two of them. Conversation was pleasant if a little constrained. I noticed Rachel looking for clues between her and Richard. I was pleased knowing Richard had told his daughter about the dynamic of their relationship as instructed.

After dinner and after Rachel had left, Richard and I sat and watched a movie to relax. I fondled his caged penis and smooth sac throughout the movie. When it was finished, I kissed his cheek and asked if he wished to masturbate. Richard excitedly said yes. It was rare when I would allow him to orgasm. I unlocked his cage. “You have five minutes then the cage goes back on you. Understand?” I removed my top and my 38D fake tits were practically in his face. Richard quickly removed the cage and his penis grew erect very quickly. He slipped his fingers around his shaft and began jerking himself. My hand slipped behind his head and brought his face to my breasts. Richard licked and kissed and sucked my nipples so well while jerking himself as fast as his hand would move.

“Two minutes left sweetie,” the words barely out of my mouth and he began to shake against me. Then I felt his cum on the underside of my tits. He came hard and shot upwards to spunk my huge breasts. I moved his mouth to lick the cum from me then pushed him back on the couch. I looked at his smooth chest then leaned over and kissed the head of his cum-covered penis. I opened my lips and took all of his cock in my mouth. I sucked as Richard’s cock oozed more cum. I cleaned him up then reached for the cage. Richard was becoming soft as I forced his penis into the cage. He moaned and whimpered still being mentally aroused but knowing the physicality was over for the night. The lock was fastened and once again Richard was caged.


The following three Wednesday nights after that fateful dinner, Rachel and I got together after work for drinks and appetizers. It had been Rachel’s idea as she was leaving from dinner that Sunday. The first Wednesday, Rachel had many questions about my life before becoming her step-mother and it seemed one answer led to the next question. I spoke openly about my life and this led to Rachel sharing some of her past as well. We had been close prior to the dressing room incident and it seemed the closeness was returning. With new topics to be discussed over drinks.

Now knowing of my bisexuality and identifying as a transwoman, the second Wednesday veered towards the marriage to her father. I spoke of my partners in the past that were lovers and some that were subordinate, or bottoms, but never one like her father. This last fact surprised Rachel – I could see the look on her face. I explained that it was nothing that I was seeking when I met Richard, I was merely looking for love like everyone else. As he opened up his desires to me and my love for him grew, the relationship we both now shared merely blossomed and morphed with time and understanding. The evening was getting late and I had an early appointment so we left it there. The embrace good bye was warm and affectionate and I once again felt like Rachel’s Step-Mother.

Richard knew I would be meeting Rachel tonight, Wednesday, so I didn’t need to tell him I wouldn’t be home for dinner. I did send him a text in the afternoon telling him I suspected I might be later than I had been the last two weeks. Richard had waited up for me the previous Wednesday nights so he could hear all that was discussed with his daughter. I told him I wanted him to be asleep in bed when I got home tonight with no further detail.

Rachel was just a few minutes late but she was quick to hug me hello as we sat down in what was becoming ‘our’ booth at the W lounge. The waitress made her way to us and we made small talk as we waited. After taking a couple drinks, Rachel admitted that she had been online since the prior week. She had been looking at videos specifically of transsexuals Ümraniye Şişman Escort and transsexuals dominating their partners. I caught the distinction and asked ‘partners?’ not men. Rachel blushed and nodded then said yes, both with men and with women. I had this thought when she visited for Sunday dinner and it was why I had told Richard I did not want him to wait up for me. By the time the cute waitress brought the second drink, we were sitting much closer together than we had previously.

My hand slipped to the top of her thigh just below the hem of her somewhat short skirt and when she didn’t flinch, my hand slipped between her thighs under the table. I explained to Rachel that my dominate relationship with her father centered more on humiliation and mental abuse than pure physical abuse. As I finished my drink, my hand had pushed up her skirt and I was teasing her wet panties. I leaned in close and pressed my lips to her ear, “Take me to your place so I can fuck you.”

It wasn’t a suggestion or a question, it was a command. Rachel fumbled in her wallet for cash and quickly slid from the table. I was right behind her, smiling and saying thanks to the waitress on the way to the door. Rachel’s apartment is five-minute walk from the W. Not a word was said until we were in the elevator going up. She looked and asked if I was sure about this. I pressed her against the wall of the elevator and kissed her with my hand pressed against her crotch. Rachel fumbled with her keys but the door was quickly closed behind us and I began undressing my stepdaughter in her living room.

I removed her blouse and unzipped her skirt to find her in very sexy lace stockings and thong. Obviously Rachel had this thought too as I could not imagine she would wear these to work on a daily basis. I kissed her mouth as my hands roamed over her sides and pressed her breasts with open palms. Rachel’s hands moved over my body tentatively but I knew she was dying to see me nude. Newbies always want to see for themselves. I made her wait as this would be on my schedule. Her bra found the floor on the way to her bedroom. Her breasts though not as large as mine, feel amazing as I press my hands to them.

Once beside her bed, I told her to remove her panties. Rachel blinked softly then peeled them off her hips and let them drop to the floor. Her pussy was covered by a neatly trimmed dark mound. Finally I let her remove my blouse. I unhooked my bra and my 38D’s hung inches from her. Rachel smiled as her hands caressed each breast, my nipples were already firm. I let her fondle me for a few moments as I kissed her mouth, kissed her neck before giving her a subtle push backwards onto the bed.

I unzipped my skirt and my bulge was very evident against my sheer panties as I now stood before her in just them. Fingers inside the waistband, I pulled my panties away from my body and my cock began to become apparent to Rachel. I pushed them down off my hips, my smooth mound was under my hard nine inches of transwoman cock. My smooth sack hung as I parted my legs. I watched Rachel’s eyes widen as she realized just how large I am. “Kiss it.”

Rachel hesitated a moment – not from being shy or afraid – but it seems she is just mesmerized by her Step-Mother having a cock. And naked. She leaned in and her lips softly kissed my head. She paused then kissed once more. The second time her lips parted and she began to take my head into her mouth as I moved closer to her, closer to the bed.


“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Kelli immediately stating after hearing the news about her father-in-law. She didn’t seem surprised at all to hear.

Richard and I had set up this meeting a few days earlier to tell them the news before they could speak with Rachel. We both felt it best each child hears this kind of news from us. Richard spoke slowly with measured words as he shared that his first wife had dominated him for much of their married days. He found safety and security in this type of relationship. His wife introduced him to sucking cock in the late 80’s during one of their sessions. They had kept this aspect of life from both their children, only presenting themselves as loving parents in what seemed to all a traditional marriage.

Richard paused to look at both his son and his daughter-in-law sitting across the low dark oak table in his library before continuing. Jerry said forward with his elbows on his knees as if hanging on every word from his father. Kelli sat back with left leg crossed over right at her knee, her just below the knee leather boot slowly swinging as she listened. I thought I could see a hint of understanding in her face, as if a light bulb had recently been turned on.

Richard is 63 and nearly 30 years my senior. He’s been retired a couple years and is now the house husband. Richard was a widower for 7 years before meeting me. He had been married to a wonderful woman, Jerry’s maternal mother, for 25 years previously. Richard recounted that he had met me in a gentleman’s club and that we hit it off almost immediately and started dating a few weeks later. Both Jerry and Kelli nodded, they had heard this previously. Richard continued to tell them what they had not heard – though he Jerry’s mother deeply, after her death he realized he was looking for love in slightly a different form.

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