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Big Tits

This is another installment in the continuing true story of my relationship with my stepdaughter, Ashley.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to read the first two chapters to gain historical perspective. Please vote and post your constructive comments.

All persons are 18 or older.

Chapter 02: The Hot Tub

All of our friends know that the sign over the hot tub on our back deck, which reads, “This is a swimsuit optional facility,” is quite accurate — my wife and I enjoy our hot tub on a regular basis, and we are usually nude when we’re in it.

Over the years, a few of our neighbors and friends have been brave enough to remove their suits and join us in enjoying the freedom it brings, not to mention the increased effectiveness of the jets on one’s body parts when there’s no swimsuit in the way.

The exception to this rule, however, is when either or both of my stepdaughters is in the hot tub with us.

My oldest stepdaughter, Ashley, is almost 20 now, and if you’ve read the first two stories I posted, then you know that she and I have been sharing the secret of her voyeuristic tendencies towards watching her mother and me have sex since she first spied on us almost two years ago.

And now….

This was a beautiful spring night and the girls were in bed. I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub and my wife was in between my legs giving me another one of her world class blow jobs.

We had only been in the hot tub for a few minutes when I felt her hand grab my cock underwater and begin stroking it. In short order, I was sitting on the edge watching my cock disappear into her warm, wet mouth.

I was leaning back, my head facing the stars and my eyes closed, completely engrossed in the sensations on my cock.

I opened my eyes and found myself looking blankly up into the night, no doubt my eyes were glazed over — until I noticed the curtain in the window fall back into place — as if someone had pulled the corner back and was watching us.

Our hot tub is situated so that neither of our neighbors can see it, and, in fact, it can only be seen from one upstairs window, which is in our master bedroom.

Even through the fog of a blowjob it didn’t take me long to come to the realization that Ashley must’ve figured out that she could slip into our bedroom and spy on us from that window when we were in the hot tub.

A wicked thought came to me and pulled my wife up and repositioned us so that she was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with me holding her ankles and spreading her legs wide so her pussy was wide open for me as I pushed my rock hard cock into her. I also moved us around the hot tub a little, knowing that the adjustment would give Ashley the best view of me pounding her mother’s pussy.

Blood surged to my cock as my wife’s steaming hot pussy enveloped it with wetness. I pounded her hard — my balls slapping into her ass and my thighs slamming into the inside of the hot tub with each stroke.

After some serious pussy pounding for the benefit of all three of us, I felt my balls tingle and my wife’s pussy tighten as we both came hard; our juices mixing in her pussy.

We both slipped down into the water and reached for our glasses of wine and I re-lit my cigar as we enjoyed the afterglow of our intense orgasms, and I secretly enjoyed knowing we had put on a good show.

When I did my walkabout that night before retiring, I found the air in Ashley’s room to be thick with the aroma of her sex, telling me she too had enjoyed our show.

Unfortunately, she was snugly bundled up in her blanket, so I turned and made my way around the rest of the house en route to bed.

Between Ashley’s spying on her mother and I from the kitchen, and now from the upstairs window as we fucked in the hot tub — none of which would be possible without a wife whose libido matched mine — life was good.

It was truly good to be the King.

Then, it got better… again.

My youngest stepdaughter güvenilir bahis was on a sleep-over and Ashley had left just after dinner to go to a party. We had the house to ourselves — our biggest challenge was deciding where we wanted to fuck!

We wound up in the hot tub.

A fresh bottle of our favorite red wine on the beverage shelf on the hot tub; wine glasses full and a CAO LX2 (it’s a cigar, LOL) at the ready and some excellent jazz playing on the stereo, set the mood.

We keep our hot tub at about 104 degree’s but when we know we’re going to be in it for a while, we set the temperature at 99 when we first get in. This allows us to stay in longer as the temperature gradually falls from 104 down to 99, preventing our bodies from overheating. We had settled in and were mixing some superfluous conversation with a slow mutual seduction of prolonged kissing and caressing.

My wife had a light grip on my cock and was stroking it underwater as I was returning the gesture by sliding a path up her inner thigh with my left hand on my way to finding and rubbing her engorged clit.

Suddenly, the French doors opened and Ashley bounded out onto the deck with a cheery, “Hey!”

My wife and I were both startled but quickly gathered ourselves as we realized that, with the jets stirring up the water, Ashley couldn’t really see what was going on underwater, though we did withdraw our hands from each other’s nether regions.

Ashley announced that there was a bug going around and a lot of the kids at the party were coughing and such and she didn’t want to stick around and run the risk of getting sick, so she decided to come home early.

“What’re you guys doing?” she asked, knowing full well what we were at least getting ready to do.

The obvious answer was, well, the obvious answer… we were simply relaxing and spending some quality time together since we had the house to ourselves. To which she replied that since she was home now, would it be ok if she put on her swimsuit and joined us.

My little brain was screaming “YES!”… my mind was screaming “NO” but after a quick glance at my wife, my mouth said, “Sure sweetheart. Come on in.”


My cock started deflating before I finished the sentence! I was looking forward to some serious sucking, fucking and pussy eating and instead I had just agreed to engage in mind numbing conversation.


As Ashley went in to change, my wife and I looked at each other with an expression that said, “Oh shit, we didn’t bring our suits out with us cause we didn’t expect that either of the girls would be joining us!”

I reached over and pushed the button on the control panel to put the jets into a permanent ‘On’ mode so they wouldn’t stop while Ashley was in the hot tub with us, thereby giving her a view of our nakedness.

When Ashley returned, I felt my cock stir as I saw that she had chosen one of her skimpier bikinis. As she stepped in, she looked at where we were sitting, then asked if it was ok if she sat next to me, since that was where her favorite seat/jets were located.

“Where ever you like.” Was my response, as I lit my cigar.

She had also brought one of our plastic ‘hot tub’ wine glasses with her and reached for the wine, knowing that we wouldn’t object.

As she did, her left breast pressed against my right arm for what seemed like a bit longer than was necessary, and I detected the faint smell of alcohol on her breath.

My cock responded as you would expect, inflating a little more.

I was praying that my wife didn’t decide to reach over and grab my cock underwater!

The conversation was pretty innocent and my wife and I began to realize that our night of unbridled passion had been detoured.

I was taking a long, slow drag on my cigar when I felt what could only be a hand lightly brush across the tip of my semi-erect cock.

My first thought was that my wife had decided to get a little frisky since her activity would be obscured by the türkçe bahis swirling waters.

But when it happened again a moment later, I realized that the ‘accidental’ brush was coming from my right — the direction of my stepdaughter.

Unfortunately, this realization resulted in the immediate rush of blood to my cock and I was hard in record time.

Carrying on the conversation, I turned my head towards Ashley and saw a spark of mischief in her eyes and it dawned on me that she was trying to cop a feel of my cock and make it seem like it was an accident. I furrowed my brow and gave her an admonishing look that said, “Hey! I’m on to your game, so knock it off!”

The third time it happen, however, there was no doubt that it was not an accident as she let her hand drift over the top of my cock, palm down, slowly closing her fingers down around the tip of my cock. I tried to maintain myself, but I know I froze for a moment.

I couldn’t believe my stepdaughter had her hand on my cock underwater with her mother right next to me and the chance that at any moment her mother might reach for my cock herself, finding another hand already there.

Yeah, I was definitely fucked.

I used a slow sip of wine and a long drag on my cigar as a means of buying time and getting my shit together.

I was a grown up; I could handle this. I had options.

First, I could casually decide to move to a different set of jets and just get up and move…

Or I could set my cigar in the ashtray and casually slip my hand underwater and pull Ashley’s hand off of my cock…

Or I could pray that my wife wasn’t in the same mischievous frame of mind that her daughter was in, and wouldn’t reach for my cock and discover that her daughters hand had beat her to the punch, so to speak.

Ashley had turned her hand and let it slip down around my shaft and was now slowly sliding her fist up and down. God it felt so good!

My little brain opted for the third choice: Pray! (and enjoy!)

My part of the three-way conversation had digressed to the occasional nod, grunt or some other form of non-verbal gesture in an attempt to maintain my composure.

I felt her hand lightly release my cock, tracing a trail down between my legs and cupping my balls, then lightly scraping her fingernails along a trail back up to my hard cock before re-encircling it again and resuming her rhythmic stroking.

It was taking all of my concentration to keep from bucking my hips and matching her pace as she increased both her grip and the speed of her strokes.

Clearly, this was not the first cock she had jerked off…

She had slid down into the seat so that only her neck and head were above the gurgling water. This prevented her mother from seeing the up-and-down movement of her shoulder that would be a dead give-away as to what was going on underwater.

My cock had never been so hard, nor my balls so on fire to release a hot load of cum, and I realized it was as much because of the proximity of my wife and the risk that I might get caught being jerked off underwater by her daughter, as the actual sensations I was feeling at the mercy of Ashley’s hand.

Ashley increased her rhythm as much as she dared without making it obvious what she was doing and the feeling of her soft young hand sliding up and down my cock was taking its toll. I felt my balls begin to boil. Unless she stopped, it wasn’t a question of IF I would cum, it was a question of WHEN, and whether or not I could conceal my orgasm from my wife.

I feigned a cough as the first spasm of my underwater orgasm raked through my body. Ashley squeezed my cock, momentarily halting the flow of cum, then gently loosened her grip and my cum flowed into the water beneath the churning surface.

I couldn’t remember cuming so powerfully or so much in years.

I was certain the unmistakable aroma of fresh cum would soon make its way to the surface and expose my stepdaughters successful onslaught; but, alas, between güvenilir bahis siteleri the rapid movement of the water and the silver oxide water treatment, the aromatic evidence of our debauchery never surfaced.

The conversation dwindled and my wife announced that she needed to use the restroom and reached for a towel on a hook and covered herself as she exited the hot tub.

I waited until the French doors closed behind my wife before putting my cigar in the ashtray and pointing my finger at Ashley to admonish her with, “WHAT are you doing?! I’m your stepfather — you shouldn’t be doing that to me!”

Ashley seemed to ignore me, until she reached up and took the wrist of the hand I was using to point at her and pulled it underwater.

I realized she was pulling my hand towards her own crotch and tried (albeit, not very hard…) to pull my hand away, but her grip was one of determination and I soon felt the swell of her mound in against my fingers.

Somehow, she had slid her bikini bottoms down!

I didn’t move my hand for a moment, choosing instead to leave it limp and turning to scold her. At least that was my intention… but the look on her face was so… so… so fucking angelic and pleading that my fingers started moving as if they had a mind of their own.

My middle finger quickly found her clit and began a slow circular pattern, increasing the speed of the motion across her clit rapidly. I knew what she wanted. Her mouth opened slightly as her breathing quickened. Her eyes had hat familiar glassy, distant look of a woman that was consumed by pure sexual desire.

It seemed only seconds before she shuddered with an orgasm, our eyes never wavering from each other.

Her mother’s voice broke the silence as she shouted from inside the house, asking me if I wanted to switch from bourbon to wine? I answered “Yes,” as I chugged down the last of the wine in my glass lifted my hand from the water, shaking the water from it and reaching for my cigar.

My stepdaughter stood up and kissed me on the cheek as she pulled her bikini bottoms up, saying, “Thanks! Nite!”

She passed her mother at the door, saying she was going to bed, as she wrapped herself in a towel and disappeared into the house.

My wife handed me a glass containing a couple of fingers of my favorite Woodford Kentucky Bourbon and slipped into the water.

She was barely settled next to me before I felt her hand encircle my cock, which had already risen to a semi-erect state as a result of my having caressed Ashley’s swollen pussy.

In order to give myself more recovery time, I instructed my wife to sit on the edge of the hot tub in the corner and spread her legs so I could lick her pussy. Her pussy is so beautiful and the similarity between her pussy lips and Ashley’s was unmistakable, especially since my wife was clean-shaven.

Her own juices quickly replaced the water around her pussy as my tongue explored the folds of her delicious love hole. One of her hands was holding my head in place, along with the vice-like grip of her thighs, and the other was bracing her on the top edge of the hot tub.

My tongue found its mark and encircled her clit as I pushed two fingers into her pussy and tickled her rosebud with my thumb. The tremble in her abdominal muscles told me I was pushing all the right buttons…

Her pussy juice flooded my mouth and washed over my chin as she convulsed into a powerful orgasm.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Ashley tasted as good as her mother. I stood up and quickly pushed my now rock-hard cock into my wife’s pussy, knowing how much she loves the feel of my cock filling her pussy as she enjoys the aftershocks of her initial orgasmic spasm.

Fresh with the taste of my wife on my tongue and thoughts of my stepdaughter jerking me off underwater, it only took a few strokes before my cock erupted for the second time — my ass clenching as I drove my cock deep into my wife’s pussy and deposited my seed.

My cock slipped out of my wife as I slid back down into the water, exhausted.


Pussy whipped.

Knowing, once again, that my relationship with my stepdaughter had escalated to yet another level, and wondering what lie ahead…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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