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Setting everything out just the way I wanted took quite some time.

I started in the bedroom by first placing a kitchen chair next to the bed.I set out the handfuls of candles I had gathered in various positions around the room, creating soft gentle reflections. I stripped the bed of it’s used linen and replaced it with the new ‘so-soft’ sheets. To add more allure I sprayed the linen with my perfume knowing that it would wreak havoc with your senses.

To complete the seduction I replaced the white light bulb in the bedside lamp with a soft glowing red one. The bedroom complete, I turned my attention to my own preparation.

I filled the tub with hot water while adding bubble bath and soft oils.I intended to indulge myself a little. I had the time, so I took a long hot soak. I felt the texture of my skin softening as the oils worked their magic.

Having soaked for a while, I continued with my preparation.A new razor soon had my legs silky smooth and free of stubble

I washed and conditioned my long, dark blonde hair, leaving it soft in texture and with a silky sheen.

Tipping my fingers with my favourite perfumed lotion, I covered my whole body with its fragrance, touching every gentle curve and slope of my body.

I imagined my hands were your hands. I sighed softly, enjoying every moment, knowing that, as always, to build my own desires would later allow the flood of my passions to wash away any resistance you might have.

I chose my clothing carefully. A tight, very short black skirt, wide black belt, white blouse, black silk thong with matching bra, and black stay up, thigh high sheer nylons. I glanced into the mirror before slipping on a pair of high heel shoes. On cue, I heard the knock on the door.

I met you at the door and covered your lips with a hot, searing kiss. I felt your body melt into mine. Without saying a word, I led you into my bedroom. I slipped your shirt from off your shoulders, and tossed it into the corner; your pants and underwear quickly followed.

I gently pushed you into the chair and proceeded to tie your hands behind your back with the belt from my bathrobe. I glanced down at your crotch, noting your semi-hardness and then at the puzzled look on your face that clearly wondered what was on my mind.

After making sure the makeshift bond was secure, I walked over to the stereo and turned on the CD player. My carefully selected music, with its sultry, sexy beat began to play. aydınlı escort My hips began to move in time with the music.

I danced slowly over to where you sat. You looked helpless but I watched your eyes widen as you began to realize that this could be a night that you would long remember.

My body continued to sway to the music, my hips swivelling slowly to the beat. I ran my hands through my hair, down my neck, before sliding my finger tips over my breasts, slowly, sensuously. I began to unbutton my shirt, lingering over each button, drawing out the moment when the fabric would finally slide from my shoulders and fall from my body.

I felt your gaze and its imaginary heat on my bare shoulders as your eyes moved to the lace and silk bra that cupped my firm, ample breast. My erect nipples poking through the fabric would not have escaped your critical eye. The thought of you looking heated my skin to white hot, and I felt the first spurt of wetness between my legs

I continued to dance while leaning forward, showing you my covered behind. My skirt rode up as I bent over letting the damp lace of my thong show. I smiled as I thought of how the sight of my thong covered pussy and my exposed, firm round ass cheeks would torture your mind. That thought brought more wetness to my flooded pussy.

I straightened, still swaying to the sound of the music. I slowly unbuckled my belt, then teased you with a feel of the leather by running it across your bare shoulders; knowing that my firm, lace covered tits were just out of the reach of your hungry lips. I taunted you by swaying to the music yet staying just out of reach. I heard you sigh.

I made much of taking off my skirt, moving it down inch by tantalizing inch, revealing the thong and stay up nylons. I stood there for a minute, wearing nothing more than the bra, thong, nylons and the high-heeled shoes. With my skirt pooled at my feet, your eyes drank in my beauty, longingly, lustily.

I danced over to you, and straddled your lap while continuing to move my hips to the music, grinding against your hardness. You caught your breath. I smiled, feeling the total control that I had over you tonight; control that I intended to use well.

I undid my bra, letting the straps fall from my shoulders before slowly revealing each silky, smooth orb with its pert, light brown nipple. I cupped my breasts in my hands as an bağdat caddesi escort offering, your tongue flicked out to tease.

I let you have your fun, just for a moment, knowing that too much of this sweet torture would undo all my careful planing, perhaps even bringing an end too soon to this night.

I continue to grind against you, seeing the warm wetness that soaked my thong coat your skin.The wild look in your eye told me that my plan to drive you crazy was working; but I wasn’t finished with you yet.

Rising again, I continued my dance, bending deeply from the waist, I slid the damp thong slowly down my legs, knowing that you had a perfect view of my wet, glistening pussy.

I had trimmed and shaved my pubic hair, leaving only a thin line at the junction of my upper labia. I ran a finger down my slit, feeling the hot wetness, then brought it up to my lips. My eyes captured your gaze, as I tasted my own juices.

You moaned, and I knew you were wishing you could have a taste too. I smiled a very naughty smile, and continued to dance, displaying every curve and hollow of my body. Your breathing grew faster yet shallower, as did mine from knowing how my tease was exciting you.

Keeping eye contact I laid back on the bed and caressed my body as you watched; taking in every stroke, every squeeze. My hands brushed through my hair, then down my neck towards my breasts, as you watched and probably ached to have your hands on mine.

I caressed each orb, and pinched its nipple, then flicked them with my fingertips. I felt the heat spreading from my belly down to my crotch, as I grew more and more excited by what I was doing.

My hands continued to travel smoothly downwards over my slightly rounded belly, then onwards to the thin line of pubic hair, getting ever closer and closer to the hot centre of my need. I gave my pussy a small smack, fingers centred over my aching, throbbing clit. I felt a jolt throughout my body as you flinched and your hard cock twitched at the sound of the pussy slap.

Slowly, sensuously, I toyed with my clit, before continuing down my cunt lips, scooping up wetness before teasing my dripping hole. I again brought my fingers to my mouth to taste my salty, sweet wetness. Your eyes widened as I slowly inserted a finger deep within myself then added a second.

I finger-fucked myself for a minute or two, then moved bostancı escort back up once more, to my pulsating clit, pressing harder and rubbing faster and faster, up and down, side to side, and circling it, gently at first but faster and more frenzied as I came closer to my orgasm.

I’m sorry, lover, but I was barely conscious of your presence as my thoughts centred only on my increasing need to trigger the intense orgasm that was building and building. I thrust my hips upwards as the orgasm wracked my body, and I moaned and groaned over and over again as my pussy throbbed and pulsated.

As I recovered and became aware once more of your presence, I glanced over at you, as you sat helpless in your chair, your cock hard as granite and oozing pre-cum from watching me masturbate.

“Now you know what happens when you’re not here….” I panted.

I rose from the bed and moved towards you. The music had changed, from the slow sensuous beat I had chosen for my dance, to music with a fast, frenzied pace. I knelt before you, taking your beautiful dick into my hand, before slowly lowered my mouth to surround you. Licking and sucking, taking you in deeper and deeper, pausing occasionally to flick and suck on your balls.

Your hips bucked wildly, and you moaned loudly, as my mouth worked its magic over your cock. Reaching for the cup I had placed by the side of the bed, I took out an ice cube from the cup and popped it into my mouth. Lowering my mouth over you once more, I then started to suck, harder and faster while flicking your cock with my tongue. You gasped with shock then began to moan wildly as the combination of my hot tongue and the ice cube drove you into a frenzy, causing you thrust up to fuck my mouth.

The tease had gone far enough. The wild look of desire burned in your eyes. I rose to straddle you once more, but this time, I rubbed your aching dick up and down my slit, letting you tease my sopping wet pussy. Without warning, I slammed down, my pussy swallowed you whole, and my tits bounced in front of your face.

Up and down, I drove my pussy harder and harder onto your throbbing cock, while using my fingertips to tease my nipples. I could feel you hard and deep inside of me, as we rose as one towards an earth-shattering orgasm.

Wild moans of pure lust bounced off the walls and drowned out the music that synchronized our frenzied movements. I threw my head back, hair streaming, and came all over your cock, just as your erupted deep inside my pulsing pussy.

My head dropped to your shoulder, and my hands ran up and down your back soothingly.

Gathering what little energy I had left, I untied your hands, rubbing your wrists gently to restore the circulation. I leaned over and kissed your lips soft and gently. I knew this was a night neither of us would ever forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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