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Sucking off Bryon (Part 1: Bryon’s house)

It was my senior year in college but yet I felt like I did not get to do a lot of things that college girls got to do. Bryon and I were at the end of our relationship. When I told Bryon that I wanted to date other guys, he wanted to know if I had someone already in mind. I said, “No, I just need a break.” I knew that telling him about Jeremy would not help an already awkward situation. I also knew that it wasn’t just a “break” I needed. Bryon, surprisingly, didn’t say much after hearing my announcement. He took it quite well, adding, “Well, I hope it works out for you.” I walked him out of the apartment, neither of us saying a word until he opened his truck’s door.

“You can come by anytime to pick up the rest of your stuff.”

“Okay,” I said. “Thanks…I’ll drop off your keys at your work when I’m done.”

With that, he nodded, gave me a hug, got in his truck and drove off.

At first, I thought that I should wait for a few weeks before I pick up the rest of my belongings that I had left at his place, just to let the emotions subside. But the more I thought of having closure, the more I thought that it was best that I get my stuff out of his apartment sooner rather than later. I decided that I would do it that same night to get it over with. I called Bryon up later that afternoon to let him know that I would come by his place to pick up my things. He said that he had to go to his lab to do a little work and that he probably wouldn’t be there when I get there. That same evening, I had already agreed to watch the basketball game with Jeremy and a few of his friends. I figured I could swing by Bryon’s place in the afternoon while he’s at the lab and make it back in time for the game. I called up Jeremy to tell him that I had a few errands to do on campus and that I’d get to his house by the second quarter. He was slightly disappointed but remained upbeat.

“Make it quick, I was hoping to get my hands all over you before the bostancı escort bayan game, but I guess I’ll be a good boy and wait,” he said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your hands full”, I responded playfully.

I knocked on Bryon’s door, in case he was still home, and when no one answered, I opened the door with the key. I walked towards the bedroom to get my things, but stopped at the door because I could hear the water running in the shower.

“Hello?”, I said to let him know I was in the room.

“Oh, hi… sorry, give me a minute,” he said as he turned off the shower.

The door was open and I saw him grabbed the towel and dried off. I avoided looking directly at his naked body, but I couldn’t help glancing when he held the towel next to his thick cock, wiping the water off. For an instant, I thought of how I hadn’t seen him naked in a while, and seeing his cock right there and then made me a little hot. Bryon’s cock had always had an appearance of being semi-hard even when he’s not excited. His cock is of average size and when he’s fully erect, it isn’t much longer than when he’s not aroused. His cockhead, though, is fairly thick, and the thought of having a chance to feel it full in my mouth now made my pussy moisten.

I turned to look away before he got a chance to make eye contact with me.

“I thought no one was home so I just came in, sorry”, I said, trying to hide the unexpected excitement.

“It’s ok”, he said, “I finished early in the lab”.

I walked towards the dresser and told him I wouldn’t be long. As I leaned over the dresser, he walked past me from behind to get to his closet, and brushed up lightly against my small round buttocks. I felt his already stiff cock through his towel. That was enough for my pussy to gush even more. I have to admit, I hadn’t been this excited about sucking Bryon’s cock, but the thought of getting a chance to feel it come all over my face and breasts for one last time was very ümraniye escort tempting, and I knew he wanted it for one last time, too.

“Did you miss me?” I whispered.

“Yes,” he replied as he started kissing my neck.

My long fingers slid to his waist to pull the towel off, his hard cock sprung to attention. He moved towards the bed and got on his back– he knew from the look I gave his stiff shaft what I was hungry for. I pulled my tight jeans off to reveal a white thong and tanned legs. I positioned myself on my hands and knees between his legs and slowly stroked his cock. I held the base of his cock as his hand moved to slip the shirt off my shoulder. He started to lightly rub my hard nipples between his fingers, and with his other hand, guided my head down to his fully erect cock. I took his head between my full lips and stroked the rest of his long cock with my right hand. I felt his cock get harder in my mouth with every suck and stroke. Not wanting him to come too quickly, I pulled his pink head out of my lips so that I could stroke him with my hand more. I caressed the under side of cock with my lips as I stroked it from the tip to the base. He let out a soft moan when I kept my lips wrapped around his head as I stroked him faster, using my saliva to lube it. I built a steady rhythm with my lips, and watched him lean his head back to enjoy his cock in my mouth. I felt my cunt gush the harder I sucked him. I reached between my legs to rub my swollen clit.

“I missed sucking your cock”, I moaned in between mouthfuls of his thick cock. Surprised at my dirty-talk, he moaned a little louder in response, except this time, he pulled my long, black hair back, and kept his hand behind my neck to guide my full lips in a faster rhythm on his hard cock. I could tell he wanted to come fast and hard like he used to do on my face and breasts, but I had something else in my mind. I wanted to enjoy sucking his cock and look at how much pleasure he was having at the sight escort kartal of my lips wrapped around him once again. I felt like I was going to come just looking at him as I hungrily took his cock deeper in my throat. I moaned with his cock still in my mouth to let him know I just wanted his hard cock to keep my mouth full for a while.

It made me extremely turned-on when I thought of how I’m sucking Bryon’s long cock now and that Jeremy is waiting at his own place to get a chance to do the same to me. I pulled Bryon’s hard cock out of my lips just enough to tell him, “I want you to come all over me while I stroke your nice cock.” He looked more turned on, moving his hip as I stroked his long cock: he’s never heard me talk during sex like that before. My clit fully aroused, I focused on stroking Bryon’s hard cock and fantasizing on how Jeremy would caress and tongue my pussy before he shoves his stout cock into my waiting mouth. Bryon closed his eyes briefly as he rocked his hips, his cock moving up and down faster against my slender fingers. I wanted to make him come with my stroking hand, but a more natural and sluty urge made me wrap my whole mouth around his cock again, my lips in a tight “O” just below the head of his cock. I sucked his cock steadily, moaning to let him know I was going to make him come like that in my mouth. I kept my hand wrapped around his hard shaft and stroked him at the same time I sucked him when I saw him ready to pump his come into my sensuous mouth. I pulled his cock almost all the way out, letting the head rest on my lower lip, stroking his cock faster to make him come. He gripped the base of his cock, and that made me spread my legs and moan deeply— I knew he couldn’t hold back his load anymore, and I was about to get a facial cum-shot.

He came with the usual power, and shot 3 to 4 long jets of cum on my lower lip, on my left cheek and forehead. I was still licking the last spurts of ropey cum inside my half-opened mouth when he slipped his cock back into it and stroked his throbbing cock for one more spurt. I tasted his cum in the back of my throat and swallowed as I looked at him come. He pulled his cock out and I rubbed his jizz all over my breasts. It was one of the hottest cumshot he’s ever given me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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