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Part two of “Summer Sugar” simply because so many asked for the continuation, both publicly and privately. All those mentioned within this story are and were over the age of eighteen. A very special thanks to linda1234 (Mwah!) for her continued encouragement, as well as to my love, Staci.


After our initial lunch date, which actually turned into an early dinner date, Ashley and I vowed to remain close friends, no strings attached. I knew she was very smart, and talented in many ways both in and out of the office, but also well connected in the petroleum production world. More importantly, she was a good person and I respected her. And I know she felt the same about me. She was funny, witty, and more than willing to assist and educate me about the business world. She also explained to me how we, as women, had more power in the workplace then we’ve been led to believe. Leaders, be it men or women, love successful people; do what you love, and be the best at what you do. In other words, being with Ashley was more than just sex, but when we were intimate you definitely knew it was something she loved and was indeed very good at it.

Steve and I continued to see each other throughout the summer, sometimes twice a week. Each event was professionally educational as I met a number of people within the industry, finance and politics. Some were important players within their particular discipline, a few others thought they were. Each occasion was followed by a passionate marathon session where we reconnected like long lost lovers, even if it had only been a day or two. And I thoroughly enjoyed each encounter; Steve was the consumate gentleman throughout, and I absolutely loved his stamina, as well as his thick cock and talented tongue. It was thrilling to be pleasurably exhausted at the end of each visit, and I did my best to ensure he felt the same. I’m absolutely confident he received his money’s worth. As the end of summer approached, and my move date back to College Station for grad school grew closer, I had amassed sufficient funds to comfortably get me through the program.

But as special as my time with Steve was, there’s just something extraordinary about another woman’s touch, and I found myself increasingly attracted to a number of them, Ashley most of all. To this day I still love cock. The feel and smell of a man is much more pleasurable than any vibe I’ve owned, although they do serve a genuine purpose. But there’s the adage that no one knows a woman’s body like another woman, and sorry guys but it’s true. Again, not that I don’t love the feel of a man, but the communication between women lovers, both physically and mentally, is on a different level and I had long ago reached that comfort point. Steve and I discussed this in-depth, and he totally understood.

And since Ashley was coordinating my liaisons with Steve, she knew my schedule as well as I did. She and I would typically get together early Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. Sometimes it was just shopping, lunch and girl talk, most other times we spent the afternoon in each other’s arms and between each other’s legs. Occasionally, when I accompanied Steve to a fundraiser or banquet with Ashley and Chris in attendance, she and I might slip away and have a little girl fun on our own.

Most often this meant aggressive fondling and fingering one another, seeing who could make the other scream first. Of course no one would hear us, we hoped, because we’d each cover the other’s mouth with our own. Usually the only sound would be some banging – typically something other than the sound of our fingers. At one less formal event, where we were both wearing sundresses, she and I decided to have a little fun together and found a storage closet of some kind off the main kitchen. Once inside, she asked me to pull down her panties and eat her, which of course I was more than eager to do. After several minutes on my knees enjoying her luscious effluence Ashley told be to stand up and she proceeded to lower my panties.

“Fuck me Baby, while I fuck you,” she whispered into my ear.

We began to mimic each other’s movements, slowly, but purposely sliding our fingers up and down the other’s wet slit, pausing to manipulate each other’s magic button before inserting first one, and then two fingers in both our pussies again. Our other arms wrapped around the other’s neck as we held each other, kissing feverishly between heated panting. My fingers moved in and out of her with heartfelt tenderness, using the heel of my palm to rub her clit in a circular fashion.

“That’s it Baby, I’m going to cum all over your hand,” Ashley growled.

“I’m with you Ash,” I nearly shouted. “Harder, don’t stop. Oh shit! Here it comes!”

She quickly closed the space between us, pressing her lower body against mine where I would have lost my balance had she not been holding me tightly. With our bodies forced together our hand movements were constrained, our fingers deep in one another, palms rapidly rubbing up and down. The friction had me seeing fireworks as the heat aydınlı escort washed over my entire body. We moaned into each other’s mouth as our tongues fought for advantage over the other.

“Mmmph,” we both sounded in unison as I felt her outpouring and heard the wet sound of skin on skin.

“God, that was intense,” I gasped as I leaned back against a wall, slowly withdrawing my fingers from Ashley.

She did the same, and brought them to my lips, smearing them across both. I, too, brought my Ashley-soaked fingers to my mouth and slowly sucked her essence from each before leaning in and kissing her softly at first, and then with more intensity.

After sharing our combined taste for a few moments, Ashley pulled just far enough away to say, “Damn, we taste so delicious.”

“Think our guys have missed us?” I asked.

“They’ll certainly enjoy our return,” she said with a wink as we both pulled up our panties. “We’ll give each a sweet surprise, you game?”

“Absolutelty,” I replied. “How do I look?” I asked while straightening my clothing.

“Beautiful and glowing, I think anyone who sees us will be jealous,” she said.

“Then let’s go,” I responded as I took her hand in mine and opened the door.

“We were beginning to wonder if you two would ever come back,” Steve said jokingly as we approached.

“Oh, you knew we’d come,” I quickly replied.

“Cute,” he said.

“Sounds like you missed us,” I continued. “How about a kiss to welcome us back?” I asked before softly touching my lips to his before gently placing my tongue in Steve’s mouth.

“Hmmm,” he softly moaned as I glanced in Ashley and Chris’ direction to see his own reaction. I saw Chris raise his eyebrows in a questioning fashion over closed eyes, and enjoyed the sight of Ashley deeply exploring his mouth with her tongue.

“Appears your time was well spent,” Steve said as we broke away from our kiss.

“Well, yes and no,” I replied, “It was very productive, but not tiring at all,” I said with a giggle. “In fact, it was quite invigorating.”

Steve merely shook his head in amusement, and I saw Ashley smiling as well. The rest of the evening went by quickly, and as we were preparing to depart as couples, Ashley took my hand and said we needed to visit ladies room.

“Don’t worry,” she smilingly said to both men over her shoulder, “This will only take a minute.”

Once inside the bathroom Ashley began removing her panties and handed them to me.

“Give me yours, and put these on,” she instructed.

I quickly complied and an enthralling chill ran through me as I felt my sex being immersed in her pleasantly warm secretions. She quickly kissed me, and we returned to our men.

Later that evening with Steve I came so hard as I had Steve lick my pussy through Ashley’s panties. Did he realize they were hers? Could he taste her despite my own free-flowing juices? Smell her fragrant feminine perfume? While everything he did felt extremely good, I’m almost certain my orgasm was due in large part because of the mental picture I had of Steve eating Ashley’s pussy.

Neither gentleman seemed to mind our ‘girl time’ together. Ashley once told me the sex with Chris later that night was some of the best ever between the two. And I think Steve enjoyed the taste and smell of Ashley on me since they’d never been intimate together. And god, just the thought he knew about and approved of her and I, and that he could experience the essence of Ashley via me, still makes me wet.

I always found Ashley to be both attentive and entertaining. She also introduced me to my first threesome. Remember how I’d mentioned Simone, the hotel attendant on duty when Ashley and I first came together? (yeah I went there!) Seems Ashley and Simone were also friends with benefits, and had a co-conspirator at the hotel named Anna. Both were tall, slender women in their early twenties. Simone appeared to be of Hispanic descent with rich brown eyes and dark brown hair, while Anna had more exotic features with tanned skin, light brown hair and and blue eyes. I later learned of her Eurasian heritage.

On this particular day when I was intimately introduced to Simone, Anna was working the front desk. They had “closed” the hotel’s indoor pool and spa “for maintenance,” and after arriving at the hotel, quickly changing into my bikini, I met Simone and Ashley awaiting me at poolside. Ashley looked wonderful in her turquoise suit, and Simone was absolutely stunning in her white bikini. Her naturally tanned skin tone and dark hair contrasted with the suit, I had to fight the urge to immediately grab and kiss her.

Instead, Ashley came over and, taking my hand in hers, pulled me in for a gentle but passionate kiss.

“Glad you could make it with us Monica,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. I giggled at her suggestive tone. “I’m sure you remember Simone, she’s told me she remembers you. Come over here, honey,” Ashley said to the bronze beauty.

Ashley held her other bağdat caddesi escort hand out to Simone as she approached, pulling her softly against us. Feeling her body and the heat it radiated sent sweet tingles through my body. Sensing this, Ashley placed her hand on the back of Simone’s head and slowly pushed her face towards mine. We stared into each other’s eyes as our lips touched before I saw her close her eyes and I did the same, savoring the taste of her probing tongue and warm mouth. We simultaneously moaned into each other as our breasts pressed against one another’s. I soon locked fingers with Ashley’s as I pressed Simone closer, my tongue bathing against hers.

“This is sweetly erotic,” we both heard Ashley say as we pulled apart. “But let’s take full advantage of the facilities for our pleasures. Monica, please help Simone into the jacuzzi.”

Taking her hand in mine, Simone and I stepped over to and into the warm bubbling water as Ashley sat on the side, placing her legs in the water above the jets.

As I began kissing Simone again I felt her reach behind me and untie my top. I returned the favor before stepping back and discarding mine as she did the same. Simone’s breasts were just a shade lighter than the rest of her body, clearly having spent a little time in the sun. Her areola were a rich dark chocolate color, capped with sexy little nipples. I just had to taste, and she moaned as she let her head fall back when I took one of her points between my lips, running my tongue across and around it.

“Delicious, isn’t she?” I heard Ashley ask.

“Mmm hmm,” was my only response as Simone began whimpering and running her fingers through my hair.

“Let’s really get her warmed up. Take her bottoms off, and remove yours as well Monica,” Ashley instructed as she swung her legs back and forth in the water.

“Lose your top,” I said to Ashley as I bent over and slid Simone’s suit down her slightly parted legs.

Her closely-trimmed pubic hair came into view and I paused to reach behind her and run my hands over her firm ass, giving an occasional squeeze to each cheek as I kissed and licked all around her navel. I felt her stomach muscles flex while feeling and hearing her breathing becoming deeper.

“You two make quite a sight,” I heard Ashley say behind Simone. “Simone’s dark complexion against Monica’s fair skin and blonde hair make me hungry for ice cream,” she giggled.

Simone turned her head towards Ashley and softly said, “And you’re the strawberry to compliment our flavors.”

“Oh, I certainly hope so sweet darling,” Ashley quickly replied. “But first, let’s work on the main course.

Simone had gently stepped out of her wet bikini bottoms, steadying herself with a soft hand on my shoulder, before I removed mine as well, tossing both pair onto the tile and concrete floor.

“Simone, please sit here between my legs, facing me,” Ashley told her. “Yes, right there, in front of the water jet. Mmm, does that feel nice?”

Simone only nodded as she placed her hands on each of Ashley’s legs.

“Please sit behind her Baby,” Ashley then told me. “Let’s help her enjoy a little jacuzzi time.”

Sitting directly behind Simone, with the water softly splashing our bodies, I firmly pressed my now-hardened nipples into her back. I then placed my hands on both her breasts where I began massaging them as well as gently pulling on her own firm points. As she placed her head back next to mine, I turned slightly and started sucking, licking and kissing her neck from the shoulder, up to and around her ear, and back down. I could feel her heart racing with both my hands and lips.

At the same time I felt, and then saw Ashley lean down and in from her sitting position, and passionately cover Simone’s mouth with hers. Simone was squirming as Ashley placed both her hands on the sides of Simone’s head as they engaged in a lustful tongue dance. I then felt Simone’s arms move as she reached up and began fondling Ashley’s breasts. I was so immersed in the sensuality of the moment I placed my legs outside each of Simone’s thighs, and with her breasts firmly in my hands, leaned back and started slowly rubbing my pussy up and down her body from the bottom of her spine to the top of her ass.

By this point Ashley had raised up and Simone was alternately licking and sucking on her alabaster breasts.

“Oh yes, sweet one. Mmm, you make me want to cum,” Ashley almost whispered as I saw her snake her hand down the front of her suit, and watched as the material rose and fell with the circular motion of her hand. Moments later Ashley reached for a folded towel, laid it in front of her, wiggled out of her suit and stood on parted knees, seemingly towering over Simone.

“Taste me darling,” she said to Simone, and pulled the slender woman’s face into her pussy before tilting her head back with a long moan.

Simone, while paying proper attention to Ashley’s pink slit with her lips and tongue, had positioned herself bahçelievler escort over the water jet and was now rocking back and forth. I did the only thing I could at the time and hugged her tightly while again pulling on her nipples, using her movements to once more rub my pussy against her as I gently nibbled and bit on her shoulder and back. Now doubt she could feel the water displaced between us as my pussy provided lubricant against our skin.

Peering over her shoulder, I watched Ashley’s legs begin to quake as she used Simone’s head to steady herself, and nearly came myself as I watched her skillful mouth and tongue drive Ashley over the edge.

“Oh heavens,” Ashley shouted as her head faced that very direction. “Oh fuck yes, you sweet licking angel! I’m cumming… oh god yes… all… over… your… beautiful… sweet… FACE!” she screamed as I watched her almost fall forward, her knees weakened and her body spasming.

Simone, trying breathe between moans as Ashley flooded her face, had also started to buck forward and back as her body began to stiffen. I hugged her rapturously until she finally fell back against me, securely in my arms as the water and her orgasm washed over her. Ashley was now on all fours, head up and eyes closed as she continued her heavy breathing through parted lips. The quiet surrounded us, save for three women panting loudly and the warm water bubbling around us.

In a quick moment of reflection of all my beautiful encounters with Ashley, I now recognized she was the dominant female. And while she always received what she asked for, she was a generous lover as well. I could see a lot of Shelly in her, and I really do think I loved her just as much. Why did I seem to fall in love with married women?

I was quickly brought back to the here and now as I felt Simone move in my arms. Knowing from experience Ashley had drenched her face with her loving fluids, I quickly turned Simone towards me and frantically licked and kissed all over her face, as well as snaking my tongue in and around her mouth in an effort to capture Ashley’s essence. She fervently grasped and kissed me, our tongues dancing together in each other’s mouths as we shared the intoxicating flavors.

“My beautiful ladies,” we both hear Ashley say as we broke our kiss and turned to her. “Let’s go relax in the sauna, and see where things progress from there.”

Leaving the jacuzzi, we each left our suits where they lie and picked up a towel to semi-dry ourselves. I also grabbed a scrunchie I’d brought, and placed my hair up. The other ladies had the same thought as they both walked over to their personal bags and pulled out baretts before we all made our way inside the steamy sauna.

We sat next to each other on one of the benches, allowing enough room between us to get comfortable and made small talk. After several minutes I decided to relax, and while still conversing with Ashley and Simone, removed my towel, placed it on the bench, and lay down upon it with eyes closed. I was enjoying both the warm conversation and temperature as I softly moved the perspiration over my breasts and from between my cleavage, down across my stomach, and then off the sides of each hip. I only did this for a moment or two when things began to get a little hotter.

My eyes were still closed when I felt a soft pair of hands begin parting my thighs. Who was I to stop them? I looked down between my legs and saw Ashley’s red hair before she looked up and smiled at me.

“Hi Baby,” she said softly. “Mind if I have a taste of your sweetness?”

“Oh yes, please,” I replied with a not so subtle moan.

“I promise I’ll take good care of you,” Ashley then said, “But we can’t ignore my angel, Simone. Will you take care of her for me?”

Turning my head in Simone’s direction, and looking into her dark brown eyes I said, “I’d love to. If she’ll allow me.”

With a smile, Simone rose and walked over to me, bent down and kissed me softly, but lovingly before pulling away.

“I would love give myself to you, Monica. I’ve heard so many nice things about you and your talents,” Simone said to me.

“Please stand over me and let me love you,” I said to her as I took her right hand and pulled her over my body.

As Simone stepped over me I could see her pussy was still aroused from the earlier orgasm she’d experienced. Her brown lips were thick and glistening with her juices, compelling me to raise my head and lick the sweetness from her. As I pulled on her hips to bring her nearer, I could feel the heat of Ashley’s breath cascading down my own sex, my stomach alternately tightening and trembling in delight. Simone allowed me to kiss, suckle and lavish her pussy as I brought my fingers to it and opened her flower, consuming all she had to offer. I used my nose to nudge over and around her clit as my tongue entered her, luring more of her sweet nectar onto it.

Try as I might to concentrate on pleasing Simone, Ashley’s lips, tongue and fingers were a pleasant distraction as she brought me closer to my own orgasm. What an exhilarating diversion! Meanwhile, Simone had started to gently rock back and forth in her quest to reach her own spirituous peak. With both increasing and decreased pressure I lavished her firm little button with my tongue as I introduced my index finger to her slippery channel while slowly gliding my thumb up and down her slit.

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