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There was a very long silence as Tammy dropped her spoon.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I want a divorce,” Theodora, my wife of 22 years, said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’ve started seeing someone else,” she said coolly.

“Mum! This is crazy!” yelled Tammy.

For once, Theo’s cool resolve broke.

“I’m sorry, honey. Your dad and I still love you and your sis. You know that, don’t you?”

I got up and went back to my room. I stayed in there for the next three days and didn’t come out.

Over the next three days while I stayed in bed my wife started shifting all of her stuff out of the house. Tammy was nowhere to be seen. She was angry and left the house after a yelling fight with my wife. However the next morning Max sent me a text message to see if I was okay and I knew Tammy must have gone to look for him.

By the third day my wife was gone. She tried calling Tammy a few times but they ended up fighting over the phone.

After my wife left the house was in total silence. I had not bathed or shaved for days. I hardly ate. I didn’t know what to do. I was distraught.

On the fourth day, Tammy called.

“Daddy, remember to pick Tabitha up from the airport,” she said.

I had forgotten Tabby was due back today. Now I was getting worried about how she was going to react to the divorce.

“And dad?” Tammy said.


“I’ve spoken to Tab. She knows everything about Mum leaving. It’s all ok.”

Tammy was back to being the cool, responsible daughter she had always been. In many respects, she was like her mother, a little bit of an ice queen, and always sensible.

I got out of bed to bath and change. My younger daughter Tabitha had been on a backpacker trip for the past three months as a reward for having done well at her national examinations and getting a place in a top college.

In many respects she was like me. She was also the baby of the family and much closer to me than Tammy was.

When she saw me at the arrival hall of the airport, she flung her arms around me and gave me a big hug. All I could do was burst out crying.

The next couple of days were tough. After sleeping all day for four days, I couldn’t get to sleep. I still wasn’t eating much. I stayed in bed all day watching TV. I tried calling Theo but she wouldn’t speak to me or change her mind and come back.

Tab was busy getting ready for the new semester to start and catching up with her friends but she checked on me a few times a day.

She tried to be sympathetic to both me and her mother. But by the time the weekend came, she was impatient. She stood at the door of my bedroom, arms cross, looking annoyed.

“What?” I asked.

“For how long more are you gonna stay like that?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

She went to my windows and drew open the curtains. The sunlight started streaming in. I covered my face.

“Look at the sun,” she said. “The weather’s lovely. Let’s go for a swim.”

“I don’t know…” I started. But she stood there frowning. I couldn’t say no to my favourite kid.

“Why don’t you go down first, I’ll change and see you there in 10 minutes.”

She was soaking in the sun when I got down 20 minutes later after a shave and a quick shower. She looked at me in approval.

“Much better,” she said. “At least you don’t look like a Muppet now.”

I smiled and settled down on the deck chair next to her. She was on her tummy, trying to tan her back.

“Careful you don’t get burnt,” I said.

“It’d be ok,” she said.

“Did you use sunscreen?”

“No. it’s such a drag to use!”

“Look, remember how Aunt Susie never used sunscreen and got skin cancer?”

“Dad! Stop being such a nag!”

“I will stop if you use sunscreen.”

“I didn’t bring down any,”

“Well go get it!”

She pouted and got up. For once, I noticed her bikini and how it was barely covering her up. It was a white string bikini, which looked nice against her Pan Asian skin. I felt a stir between my legs as I saw her tits threatening to bounce out from the little material holding them up.

I tried to distract myself by reading the papers I had brought down. Soon she was back with her sunscreen.

She sat next to me and started slapping sunscreen on herself. I continued to read my papers trying not to look.

“I can’t reach my back, Daddy. Can you help me?” she asked. I put my papers down.

Squeezing some of the cream onto my palms I starting stroking her back, spreading the lotion all over it in slow strokes. By now my cock was throbbing. Her skin felt so smooth, so soft.

She was totally oblivious to what effect she had on me of course, focusing on the book she was reading. When I was done, I got up.

“I’m off to the loo, honey,”

“Okay,” she mumbled, eyes not leaving the book.

I got up to my apartment as quickly as I could. I was lucky I didn’t meet anyone in the lift – my hard on was obvious. Thankfully I had my papers to cover it. pendik escort

There was a sound in the kitchen when I got in.

“Daddy is that you?” it was Tammy. She popped her head out of the kitchen. “How are you doing?”

“I’m ok,” I said.

“Just came back to see you and Tab.” She said, coming out into the living room.

“Where are you staying now?” I asked.

Silence. She looked uncomfortable.

“I’m staying with mum.” She finally said.

I knew it would happen. Tammy and my wife had always been close despite their frequent fights.

“I need to speak to your mum,” I said.

“She doesn’t want to talk now,” Tammy said. “Give her a week or two, okay?”

I guess I had no choice.

“You wanna stay here tonight?” I asked.

“Okay. It’d be good to catch up with Tab.” She smiled cheekily as she moved closer to me. “Are you enjoying her company?”

“She’s a good girl,” I said.

“But I see you have a hard on,” she said, touching my thigh. Putting her hands in my swimming trunks she took out my cock which sprang out.

“Suck daddy’s cock, sugar pie,” I said. She needed no prompting. Bending down she took my cock into her mouth, running her tongue up and down my shaft. I could have exploded right there, but it looked like she wanted more.

Getting up she took me by the hand to Tab’s bedroom.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s fuck in Tab’s bed,” she winked.

“She might come back,”

“That makes it fun, don’t you think?” she grinned as she started to strip.

“No, don’t strip,” I said. “I want to fuck you with your skirt on. Bend over!”

She bent over at the edge of Tab’s bed, her hands flat on the mattress. I lifted her skirt and knelt down. Spreading her asscheeks apart and pushing her red panties aside roughly, I started tonguing her anal hole. She let out a gasp.

“Oh yeah Daddy, yeah!” she moaned.

I started licking her pussy and her clit. She was getting progressively wet. She tasted so sweet.

“Fuck me please!” she begged. I couldn’t say no. Standing up, I shoved the entire length of my cock in her tight pussy. She moaned in delight. I grabbed hard onto her small waist and pounded hard. She begged me to go faster. I slapped her asscheeks as I did.

“Fuck me like how you’d fuck Tabby,” She said, eyes full of lust. “You want Tabby’s tight pussy, Daddy?”

I let out a groan.

“Tabby’s a virgin Daddy. Do you wanna take her cherry? Fill her tight hole with your cock?” She continued, as she clenched her pussy muscles hard on my cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Letting out a moan I shot a huge load of cum into my older daughter’s pussy.

Tammy spent a night catching up with Tabby while I went back to my seclusion in the bedroom. The night after Tammy left Tabby came to my room at 2am in the morning.

“I can’t sleep,” she said. “I feel like our house is no longer a home.”

I moved to one side of my bed and patted the empty side. “Join me,” I said.

She hopped in and curled up against me like she used to when she was a little girl. I stiffened, feeling her tit against my arm. She started talking about her trip but I wasn’t listening. All I could feel was the tit on my arm. Slowly I put my arm around her and she fell asleep against my chest.

But I couldn’t fall asleep. My cock was threatening to stir. I stroked her back, moving my hand down to her ass. It was small and pert. Rubbing her ass made my cock grow hard. I put my hands into her shorts and realized she wasn’t wearing panties. She started to stir, then realizing what was happening she froze.

“No, Daddy, don’t,” She said softly, pleadingly.

“Shh… it will be ok, honey,” I said, as I cupped her asscheeks.

Taking my hand out of her shorts, I moved her onto me now. There was a look of fear in her eyes.

“No, Daddy…noo …… please.” She said. Yet, she made no attempt to move. I held her tight, stroking her hair, her arm, her back, her ass, her thigh. I tugged at her shorts. It was a struggle but down it went, the shorts hanging onto one of her legs.

Using my knees, I spread her legs apart. Slowly, I continued to stroke her thigh. It was so smooth. I ran my fingers up and down her thigh, avoiding her private area. She started to fidget slightly, her breathing getting heavier.

Then I gently move my fingers to her sparsely hairy pussy. She was wet. Slowly, I started rubbing her clit. She let out a gasp. I started rubbing faster and she let out a coo. She was clearly starting to enjoy this. Her nub was now swollen, and her faced flushed.

I made her lie on her back and bent down to kiss her inner thigh, moving higher and higher but avoiding her pussy again. She was breathing very heavily now.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My mouth found her pussy and she let out a gasp.

“Oh Daddy! This feels so good!” She squealed, as I flicked my tongue across her clit, making circles, clockwise and anti-clockwise. She was thrashing about on the bed and I knew she was going to cum escort pendik soon. She was so wet, my entire chin was covered with her juices. I continued lapping her up, as she begged me not to stop.

I wasn’t about to. She tasted so sweet, so delicious. My tongue was pressing hard on her clit now, and I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. It was tough because she was so tight. She looked slightly uncomfortable as my finger invaded her virgin pussy. Luckily the juices helped, and as I told her to relax soon she was cooing and moaning. Slowly I pushed my finger as far back as I could. She was just incredibly tight. I felt her muscles clench against my finger.

“That’s it baby, squeeze it for Daddy,” I told her. Then I continued licking her while gently moving my finger in and out of her.

“Oh Daddy! This feels so good! I feel like I’m gonna pee!” she was totally into it now, her legs open wide, hey pussy soaking wet.

“Oh yeah! Good gal!” I smiled, as I quickened the pace of my tongue and my finger. She let out a scream of pleasure.

“Daddy! Yes! Oh Daddy! I wanna peeeeeee!!! I wanna peee!!!!!” She screamed. I rubbed faster. My cock was rock hard from the sight of my daughter thrashing wildly in bed from my finger fucking. She was just so wet and so tight. I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

Suddenly she let out a scream and started squirting cum out of her pussy, her whole tiny body shaking. It shook for a whole minute before she suddenly went limp on the bed.

I moved up and started kissing her. She kissed back feverishly. I took off my shorts, literally yanked it off.

She looked at it in amazement.

“Like Daddy’s cock?” I asked.

She blushed. “I’ve never seen a cock, Daddy,” She said softly.

“Why don’t you move down closer to it and have a look?” I asked. She crawled down to inspect it, in both wonder and slight fear.

“Are you scared, honey?” I asked.

She looked up and shook her head.

“Take it in your hand and feel it.” I coaxed.

Gingerly, she took it in her hand.

“How does it feel?”

“Warm.” She said. “And hard.”

I took her hand and showed her the right way to stroke it.

“Wow,” she whispered, with the wonder of a child learning how to operate a machine, moving my shaft up and down.

“Yes, hunny, play with Daddy’s cock. Move it faster.”

She went faster.

“That’s it, good girl! Keep going.”

She was getting more comfortable now. Precum was starting to come out of my cockhead.

“Baby, try licking Daddy’s cock like an ice cream.”

She looked alarmed. “That’s kind of gross.”

“If you do it, it will make me very happy,” I said.

She looked at it for a whole, as if considering. Then she decided she would, bending down to flick her tongue across my cockhead. I let out a gasp.

“Are you ok?” she asked concerned.

“Yes baby, you just made me very happy. Keep flicking your tongue here. Yes, like that. Oooh baby. You are such a good girl!”

She continued flicking her small tongue. My sweet innocent little girl.

“Take it in your mouth and suck it, baby. Do it slowly,” I said.

She gamely took it into her warm small mouth and sucked softly.

“Good girl! Yes, that’s Daddy’s good little girl. Keep sucking it. Yes, that’s it baby, keep sucking. You’re doing just fine.” I put my hand at the back of her head to slowly guide her, and she didn’t resist. Soon we worked to a fine rhythm and I knew I was going to cum any moment now. Moving her head faster so that she was bobbing on my cock, I suddenly held on to her head tight, letting out a moan and shooting wad after wad of cum in her mouth.

Not accustomed to that was happening, Tabby gagged, part swallowing the cum, part spilling some out down the sides of her small mouth.

I took her in my arms and kissed her, and held her tight.

“Did you like that, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, baby. You’re a good cocksucker.”

“That sounds very naughty, Daddy,”

“You like being naughty, don’t you?”

“If it makes Daddy happy,” she said. “I don’t want you to be sad anymore.”

I kissed her, feeling her tits below her tee shirt. She took off her tee. Her tits were perfect – small, little perky teenaged titties. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. She coo-ed.

I pinned her down on the bed, and continued sucking on her tits. She was moaning now, trying to rub her other nipple. I pushed her hand away. With both her arms pinned under my elbow, the only thing she could do was to have her nipples mercilessly teased by my flicking tongue.

I took my time. I really wanted her to enjoy this. And she was. She begged me not to stop, begging me to lick her pussy again. I gladly obliged. Turning her on her stomach, I spread her legs to get a good view of her ass, her puckered hole and her pussy. I started licking her from her puckering hole down to her clit. She squealed. I spread her ass cheeks to give my tongue full access, and she spread her legs wider.

“Baby, let’s play a little pendik escort bayan game,” I said.

“Hmmph! Yes! Yes Daddy!”

“Daddy wants to know how much you like this baby,”

“Ooh I love this Daddy! I love this! Please don’t stop,”

“Be a good girl. IF you like what daddy’s doing to you, barking like a cute little puppy for Daddy,”

“Oooh yeah! Ooh!” She said, grabbing the pillow.

“It’s our little game baby,” I said, as I continued licking.

She continued to moan for a moment. Then suddenly, I heard it. She started to yelp like a puppy.

“Oh yeah! Bark like a cute little doggy!”

She continued to whimper and yelp, begging me not to stop.

“Are you Daddy’s good little bitch?”


“Say it!”

“I’m daddy’s little bitch!” she said.

I continued to lick her. By now she was so wet, I had two fingers in her pussy. She was pushing her pussy against my fingers, yelping like a little dog and begging me not to stop.

Suddenly she froze, and started squirting a whole lot of juice on the bed.

She collapsed on the bed.

“I’m tired, Daddy,” She whispered. “Can I sleep, please?”

“Not just yet, honey. Daddy’s still horny.”

She protested slightly as I turned her on her back, spreading her legs. My cock was so hard now, and I held it, rubbing it against her slit. She looked at me, tired but with curiosity.

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked.

“I’ll try to be gentle hunny. It might hurt a little the first time round, but once you get used to it you will love it.”

I slowly pressed my cockhead into her pussy. It was hard. I could feel her muscles tensing up.

“Honey, you gotta relax, or it’s gonna hurt more,” I said.

“Ok Daddy, I’ll try to relax,”

“Daddy isn’t trying to hurt you baby. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said, gasping as I pushed further. Man, she was possibly the tightest hole I had ever had.

I held there for a while so that she could get used to the sensation of my cock in her pussy. It wasn’t completely in yet, and I knew my next move was going to hurt her. But it had to be done. I pushed, with some force, my entire length into her pussy. I saw her face tense up in pain, and tears starting to brim in her eyes. But she refused to say a thing.

“Is it in, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes honey. How do you feel?”

She was silent for a while, adjusting her pussy to the new intrusion. I felt her muscles try to relax and tense. I held still so that she could get used to it.

I started to move slowly. She gripped my arm.

“Please Daddy, not so fast.” She begged. “It hurts.”

I moved my body weight on top of her, crushing her down, kissing her passionately, our tongues locked in a dance. I moved her legs so that they wrapped around my waist. Then holding onto her, I started pumping my cock in and out of her tight and wet pussy. It felt amazing.

Her eyes were shut tight, her breathing was hard. Her face was flushed. She was trying to deal with the pain and seeing the expression on her face just made me move faster. I could feel my balls slapping against her puckered hold. The entire bed moved violently.

Suddenly she started whimpering.

“Yes, honey, moan for daddy,”

She let out a moan. Her nails dug into my shoulders. I kissed her more feverishly. I felt her legs tighten around my waist, her body moving in unison to mine.

“You like Daddy’s cock?”

“Yes Daddy! Oh yes! Faster Daddy! Please!”

“Oh yes my little slut. You love fucking Daddy don’t you? You’re Daddy’s little slut. Bark like a bitch for Daddy!”

She started barking. Watching my innocent lil daughter sink into depths of depravity turned me on further. I continued to ram hard into her pussy. Suddenly she let out a scream and started cumming again, her body shaking violently against mine. I continued to move my cock. I felt my own orgasm building up but I wanted to enjoy this tight young pussy for as long as I could.

I took my cock out and stood at the edge of the bed. Carrying Tabby up, I held up my cock and impaled her on my member, rendering totally helpless and at mercy at my rammings.

Hold onto her waist, I started moving her up and down my cock as she continued moaning, holding onto me to prevent herself from falling.

“Squeeze Daddy’s cock, baby. Squeeze it! Ooooh! Good girl! Yes! That’s it! yeah! Daddy! Loves your pussy. It’s so nice and tight.”

Needing better balance I moved towards the wall, allowing her to lean against it. her legs were still tight around my waist, and she still had her arms around me. I started to move in a rhythm and she begged me to go faster.

“Oooh! Daddy! Oooh! Yes! Daddy! Yes! Please! Faster!” She begged. I was happy to oblige.

“Bark for Daddy, little bitch!”

She started barking again.

“Oh yes, Daddy’s good little bitch! Yes, oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Daddy’s cumming baby!” I screamed as I shot wad after wad of cum into her unprotected pussy.

I moved toward the bed and let her down gently onto it. she curled up.

“Are you okay, babydoll?” I asked.

There was a silence. Then she asked,

“Why do I feel like peeing every time I pretend I’m a puppy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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