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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Candlelight peeked through the branches of the big maple tree in Tabby’s backyard. It was late and Tabitha and her friend May were having a sleepover in Tabby’s treehouse. A little juvenile for nineteen-year-olds perhaps, but the privacy was worth it. It was a warm summer night and the girls were talking about sex.

“You have not!” May was skeptical in the extreme. “I know all the boys you know and I know exactly what you think of them. You’d never have sex with any of them, and neither would I, ew.”

Tabby and May had graduated high school a few weeks back, they’d been friends since before first grade. The two lived just blocks apart in their small town and frequently were at each other’s houses. May was still a virgin, and didn’t think her friend had gone all the way yet either.

“I have too had sex!” Tabby exclaimed. “I just can’t say who I did it with! He’s um… he’s married!” Tabby wasn’t lying; the person she’d fucked was married, it was her own father!

May cocked an eyebrow at her friend. “Really? A married man? Now I know you’re lying! Where would you even meet a… Oh no!” May’s hands flew to her mouth, her eyes grew huge. “Don’t tell me!”

Tabby couldn’t meet her friend’s eyes. “Listen, just… don’t ask too many questions, okay? You wanted to know what it’s like, right? Isn’t that how we got started on the whole deal? So I just know, that’s all!”

May gave a near-ultrasonic squeal of excitement. “I’m right, aren’t I? It was your hunky dad! Man, I’ve cum thinking about your father sooo many times, if that helps any. Probably most of the girls we know have too, he’s hot.”

Tabby’s voice dropped to a whisper. “You have to promise not to tell anyone! I mean it!” She knew the risks, but what young woman, having had her first sexual experience, doesn’t want to dish about it with her BFF?

For a long time the treehouse was full of frantic whispers and the occasional shriek as Tabby told her friend about that night, in the very spot they were right now, with her handsome Dad as her first lover.

“Tabby, I gotta do this,” May said as she peeled off her pajama bottoms and began fingering herself over her panties. “This is so hot, I’m horny outta my mind.” She paused for a moment before adding, “You too, c’mon.”

Tabby and May had explored mutual masturbation before while talking about sex. Neither was really a lesbian but both agreed it was super sexy watching someone cum while you’re cumming too.

Tabby moved her pj shorts to one side and started sliding her hand over her panty-clad cunt. She hadn’t thought telling her friend about her first fuck would be this hot but her pussy was already moist. She watched her friend’s fingers push aside her panties and dip into her soaked snatch. Tabby followed May’s lead and soon they were both orgasming, their soft cries filling the treehouse.

Tabby’s father had stepped outside to tell the girls it was time to blow out the candles and hit the hay. As he approached the tree he could hear something… What was it? Then he recognized his daughter’s cries of ecstasy and he suddenly knew just what was going on! He smiled and headed back inside without disturbing the girls. He’d talk with his slutty daughter later though, count on it!

Several days later he did just that. He and Tabby were in her bedroom, getting naked and staring at each other’s hot bods. He loved his daughter’s small stature, her strawberry-blonde pigtails, her A-cup titties, it turned his crank no end. Tabby loved her Daddy’s flat tummy, broad shoulders and big cock.

“You’re sure your mom’s gone?” Her Daddy asked. So far they hadn’t been caught fucking, he wanted to keep it that way.

Tabby rolled her panties down her hips while looking up at her Daddy. “She’s at her sister’s again, relax Daddy.” Tabby slid her palms over her tiny tits and her nipples sprang up. Her Daddy loved her little tits, he couldn’t get enough sucking them.

“Well then, Daddy’s little slut, up on the bed, doggy style.” He fisted his hard eight inches. Tabby scrambled up and assumed the position, waggling her cute rump at him.

“Hurry up Daddy, I need your cock!” his daughter panted at him. She dropped onto her chest, thrusting her ass up higher. “I’m so horny for my Daddy!”

Her Daddy got behind her and held his hot dick against her leaky puss. “Tell me, Tabby, what were you and May doing in the treehouse the other night?” he asked, rubbing his cock against her outer lips, teasing her, making her want it.

Tabby was trying to push her ass back and capture her Daddy’s wonderful dick in her hungry hole, he kept it just out of reach! And then his question sunk in. Daddy heard them! She gasped at the thought, and that’s when her Daddy shoved himself in, balls deep in one stroke.

“Were you two doing it up there?” Daddy asked her as he pounded her tight twat. The thought of his daughter with another woman’s face between her legs was revving his motor, making him fuck his daughter kaçak iddaa hard, sinking it deeper with every stroke.

“Oh my god, Daddy! You like that,don’t you?” Tabby panted, her small frame rocked by her father’s fierce rutting. “Thinking about me and May! Oh Daddy, yes!” Tabby’s nipples were diamond hard, digging into the sheets, feeding the fire in her cunt.

“Was my slutty little daughter munching another woman’s cunt, is that what you were doing, you horny bitch? Can’t get enough of your Daddy’s cock so you and your friend lap each other’s pussies?” The thought was driving him wild, he was harder than trigonometry and his balls were filling fast.

Tabby’s cunny was gushing around her Daddy’s eight inches as he plowed her hard and deep. “Oh Daddy! Yes! Oh god, you fuck me so good Daddy!” Tabby loved her father’s rough treatment of her tonight, he was going at her cunt like it owed him money, slamming their crotches into each other, his balls slapping her clit over and over.

“Fuck me Daddy, oh fuck your slutty little daughter!” she panted. “May and I just rub our cunts Daddy! We like to watch each other cum!” Talking about her lewd actions to her Daddy was thrilling her, making her fuck her hips back faster, harder.

“Oh baby! Your Daddy likes that!” He felt his cock throb inside Tammy’s tight muff, he’d need to shoot his load soon. “Gonna cum, baby! Cum inside your tight twat baby-girl! Aw yeah! Take it!”

Tammy felt her Daddy’s cock expand and throb before flooding her teenage cunt with his scalding cum. His orgasm triggered her own, her cunny was gobbling all her father’s seed, rippling along his shaft.

“Yes! Give it to me, Daddy! Give me your cum!” Tammy howled. Her Daddy was really railing her today and she loved it, her body was alive with sexy sensations! “I love it, love my Daddy’s cum, I want it all!”

They rocked Tabby’s twin bed with the force of their fucking, they were rutting like animals, sweating and cursing as they shared their incestuous orgasm. Finally they quieted.

“So, slutty daughter… What do you think about May joining our fun, hm?” Daddy’s cock was reviving again just picturing it. He’d known May for years of course; she was Chinese-American and chubby but cute.

“May thinks you’re hot, Daddy, I know she’d love to fuck you. She’s still a virgin, that’s what we were talking about when you heard us.” Tabby reached down and grabbed her Daddy’s now semi-hard dick.

Damn, another virgin! Tabby’s father thought. I’m so fucking lucky! He liked popping cherries, training his sluts the right way from the start. “Well if you’re up for it and you think she is, what are we waiting for!”

There wasn’t time today, unfortunately. They talked it over, what they thought the best way would be to get May and Daddy together. Their biggest problem was getting Tabby’s mom out of the house. Tabby had some thoughts on that she shared with her Daddy, they planned out what they could and hoped for the best.

None of that ended up mattering anyway as Tabby’s mother announced unexpectedly that her sister was ill and needed her, did the two of them think they could survive alone for a week? They managed to hide their elation at the news until mom’s car was driving off.

Once inside though they embraced passionately and groped each other as they kissed. A whole week alone! They’d fuck in every room of the house! And of course…

“Call May, see if she wants to come over,” Daddy said. Tabby was way ahead of him, her fingers flying as she texted her friend two words, CUM NOW. That was the signal they had arranged, it meant the coast was clear.

Tabby’s phone chimed a moment later and she looked up at her Daddy. “She’s on her way! Oh god, this is happening!” She hugged her Daddy tight, saying “Thank you Daddy! May’s gonna love it!”

Minutes later the door opened and May came in, beaming from ear to ear. Tabby had texted her the whole situation as she was waiting so May knew just what was going on. She taken a moment to change into shorts and a tube top, they emphasized her thicc body, following every curve.

Daddy liked what he saw, his dick tenting his pants as he put an arm around Tabby’s waist, the better to grab her ass. “Well hello and welcome, May! Tabby’s told me so much about you!” He gave a wicked smile.

“Like how we like to talk about sex and watch each other cum,” Tabby said. “Daddy heard us cumming together in the treehouse.” Her smile was even naughtier than her father’s.

“I’d like to see that,” Tabby’s Daddy said. He led the way down the hall to the guest room, ushering the gals in and taking a seat in the room’s lone chair. Tabby and May were giggling with nerves as they stood before Daddy.

“Get naked quick, I want to see you both next to each other,” he commanded. The girls shot each other a worried look, they’d never been completely naked in front of each other, not since they were toddlers. Meanwhile Daddy was taking off his pants and shirt before sitting back down naked, his hard cock sprouting from his kaçak bahis lap like an erotic flower.

Suddenly that was all May could look at, her friend’s father’s dick. She’d watched porn of course, even with Tabby, but never seen a real live cock, close enough to touch. Her tube top, shorts and panties seemed to melt away as she watched the cock bob and pulse and leak precum.

Tabby got naked quick, not wanting to miss anything. May seemed hypnotized by Daddy’s eight inches, Tabby poked her in the side to bring her back down to Earth. Tabby struck a pose, one hand on a hip, toes pointed, ass tight. She loved being naked for her Daddy, and now it looked like she enjoyed the chance to turn her BFF on as well!

“Both of you, turn around, slow. Stop when I say. Be good little sluts.” Daddy’s breath was rasping in and out of his throat, his rod was twitching, his knuckles white on the chair arms. While he loved his slutty daughter’s tight ass, he was also entranced by May’s generous curves.

May’s skin was a light golden-tan all over, her nipples dark, her black pubic hair wispy over her full mons. As she turned he noted her thick thighs and prominent ass cheeks, jiggling with her movements.

“Stop. Now bend down and grab your ankles.” Daddy’s voice was urgent with need. He wanted to see their most private areas exposed first, before anything else. To make them feel naked, dirty, in front of him.

The girls obeyed, stretching down, pulling their muscles tight, making their crotch openings gape. They could feel the cool air on their hot pussies, Tabby moaned in anticipation. May was shaking like a leaf, she had no idea Tabby’s father was so forceful!

Daddy got up and looked at the two, heads down, asses in the air. He walked around them, stopping behind them again and bending to examine their cunts. Tabby’s was familiar by now, he loved eating her tasty twat, May’s muff however was new to him. He stuck his nose close to her and gave a big sniff, smelling her heat.

If he waited any longer he’d fuck them both right here. “Good sluts,” he said, “now up on the bed. Make yourselves cum for each other while I watch.” He wanted to see with his own eyes the raunchy display his daughter had described.

The girls obeyed, kneeling facing each other at an angle so Daddy could see as well. Daddy noticed that May was the alpha of the pair, his Tabby watching and reacting to May’s actions.

May stroked her inner thighs, long soft strokes, then traced her nails over her pussy lips, Tabby almost copying her but not quite. To Daddy it was obvious who took the lead, he’d bet anything the mutual cumming was all May’s idea in the first place.

Soon the gals were squirming and fingering their wet pussies in earnest, having an audience was having an effect. Daddy knew the signs as his Tabby got ready to cum, he saw that May seemed to tense tighter and tighter as she edged closer to orgasm.

He thought he’d try something. “Tabby, May, cum for me, now!” he said, voice thick with lust. Tabby threw her head back and screamed as she came, a few moments later her friend joined her in ecstasy. May’s back arched and she pushed her cunt forward as she pistoned her thick fingers in and out, yelling, “Oh god! Oh, holy fuck!”

“Tabby, come suck Daddy’s dick, hurry,” Daddy said. He knew what he wanted next and that was May’s tasty twat, but he needed to cum now. That’s what his slut daughter was for. He’d shoot a load down her throat and then lick the virgin May to another orgasm before popping that cherry, just like he’d done with Tabby.

“Watch me, May, I’ll show you how Daddy likes it,” Tabby said. May was sucking her fingers clean, she scooted forward on the bed and watched Tabby intently. Tabby held her Daddy’s balls in one hand as she gave long slow strokes to the shaft with her tongue, then once he was shiny with her spit all over she jacked him with one hand while kissing and licking the head.

May kept scooting closer and closer until she was face to face with Tabby across her Daddy’s rod. She looked up at Daddy with her large brown eyes and then stuck her little pink tongue out to join his daughter’s. Feeling both of their tongues on him was too much, he grunted “Cumming!” before shooting his load between their cute faces.

Tabby got there first and covered his spurting cock-head with her warm mouth, sucking the last drops out before releasing him with a grin. “Daddy, why are you so excited?” she asked with a laugh, they all knew perfectly well. It was the whole situation.

Daddy noticed May looking a touch jealous at not getting any cum straight from the source. “May hun, why don’t you lie down here, let Daddy eat that twat of yours, it sure smells yummy.” May was there in a flash, legs spread, palms holding them open for him. Her pretty pussy was drooling juice and looked delicious.

Tabby got situated at their sides, she started tugging and pinching May’s nipples as Daddy began giving this new virgin her first oral sex. His tongue started slow with flat strokes before illegal bahis building in speed and intensity until May was panting and clawing the sheets.

Daddy trailed his oral muscle down May’s taint and flicked her butthole, she jumped and moaned “Oh yes! More!” Tabby leaned down and kissed her friend as her Daddy plundered her snatch, May’s clit was standing up and Daddy pursed his lips around it and sucked with all his might and May exploded.

“Holy fuck, oh godohgodohgod oh YES! FUCK YES!” May shouted, experiencing her first cunnilingus orgasm. Her toes pointed, back arched and her quim flooded Daddy’s face with her yummy juices. Daddy licked it all up like a champ, causing May’s cum to roll on and on, until she had to pushed his face away.

“Holy SHIT that was good, oh my GOD!” May exclaimed. Daddy was grinning up from between her legs, his face shiny with her emissions. Tabby leaned down and kissed her deeply.

“Isn’t my Daddy the best?” Tabby asked. “He licks me sooo goood every time, I know what you mean!” She was excited to share this new experience with her friend, to show off her sexy Daddy as well.

May was finally mostly recovered from her first oral orgasm, she sat up and hugged her friend tight. “Oh Tabby! Thanks so much for sharing your sexy Daddy with me!’ Another sloppy kiss and May turned to Tabby’s father. “And oh my gawd! That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, hands down!” She gave him a hug as well, finishing with a deep kiss that got Daddy’s cock moving again.

Daddy gave Tabby a French kiss as well, as thanks for bringing this new playmate over. “Slut, I’m gonna fuck your friend now, make her my slut too, what do you think about that?” Daddy’s cock was twitching with his heartbeat now, he was up to his full eight inches.

Tabby’s eyes were huge with lust as she told her Daddy, “Do it, take her cherry like you did mine.” Her nipples were hard, she was stroking her thighs already. getting herself hot for the show.

May was already on her back, legs spread. Now that it was time she was nervous; she’d seen how forceful Tabby’s Daddy could be. She hoped he’d be gentle. Then he was over her, huge and male, and something hot was between her thighs, poking her.

Tabby had moved down to their crotches, now she gave them both a hand by taking Daddy’s cock and putting it right at the opening to May’s sopping cunny. She squeezed her Daddy’s cock once for luck and backed out of the way.

Daddy felt Tabby’s helping hand getting him right where he needed to be, the entrance to her best friend’s cunt. He gave May a kiss to distract her and began slowly pushing into her virgin hole. Damn she was tight, his dick was feeling every centimeter of her cunt as he crept in. Finally he was balls deep and May was trembling beneath him.

“Just relax now,” he told May, holding himself still as her pussy stretched around him. He could feel his helpful daughter’s hand between him and May, she was stroking May’s clit, getting her hotter, wetter for her Daddy’s cock.

Daddy felt May’s pussy start twitching around his rod, she was finally getting ready for a pounding. Daddy leaned in and kissed her deeply, she moaned into his mouth, and Daddy started fucking his shaft in and out of her tight gash.

“Now you’re ready, right new slut? Ready for a good hard fuck?” Daddy throbbed deep inside of May and she moaned. Tabby was tweaking her BFF’s nipples and teasing her thighs, getting her supercharged for Daddy. His hips started their relentless thrusting, driving them both towards orgasm.

“Tell me how good it is, slut” Daddy commanded, punctuating his words with deep, hard thrusts into May’s virgin tightness.

May moaned, she’d never felt this aroused, her friend’s hands were everywhere on her body, her BFF’s Daddy was pile-driving her pussy to the orgasm of the century. “Oh fuck yes, it’s so good, oh fuck me, fuck this slut, holy fuck! Give me that cock, oh god yes, oh fuck me fuckmefuckmeeeee!”

“Cum for me, slut! Cum for Daddy!” he thundered, and May spun out of control, her cum sent her body into overdrive. Tabby’s hands were everywhere, Daddy was pounding her raw, kissing her, she gave a wordless scream of animal need and flooded Daddy’s cock with her hot girl-juice.

“Cumming Daddy! Cumming oh god cummingcummingyesYesYES!” May was babbling, losing her senses as waves of orgasm crashed over her again and again and again.

Daddy was finally ready to cum, he pulled his twitching member out and jacked his load all over his new slut’s belly and cunt. His good slut of a daughter saw and began rubbing it into May’s skin as it landed.His last few drops tangled with her black pubes, Tabby rubbed it over her friend’s clit.

Daddy fell back with a sigh. His life was getting better and better. Two nineteen year old sluts to fuck and a whole week to do it in. The girls got up to use the restroom and Daddy stretched out on the big guest-room bed.

His left hand went under a pillow and he felt something. He pulled it out, it was a brassier, in his wife’s size, but he’d never seen it before. It was a sexy black lace number, very unlike the plain beige bras she wore around him. A little light went on over his head. Sister’s sick, huh? Needs you for a week, huh?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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