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I first saw him while I was in Lee’s Tavern. He sat at another table.

His skin was as dark as night, his hair as white as snow and shimmered as though it had crystals woven into the very strands. He was muscular and lean, his bright eyes watching me from the other side of the room, almost beckoning to me, as if he were feeling the same attraction as I.

He was wearing a black hooded robe that concealed all but his face, but the robe was close enough to his own skin that I could see smooth curve of his body underneath, I could easily imagine it and did so, tormenting myself further and making me feel hotter until my skin was almost burning with desire.

I was attracted to him in ways I could not describe and with each second that I watched him it grew stronger. I felt drawn to him as soon as I saw him yet I could not explain why. It was a bond shared instantly between him and myself, and it felt like a force pulling me through the waves of color that were the bar around us gone blurry. I stood, shaking and nervous and walked over to his table.

He motioned to the chair next to him, and nodded, an invitation for me to join him. I then sat beside him, staring into his startling blue eyes, so clear like a mid winter ice. Maybe it was the ale, or maybe he had some magic about him that stirred these feelings inside of me. All I knew was that I had to have him, mark him, and make him mine. Mine… It sounded so terrible and yet so good. And as I looked into those icy eyes, I could see a blue fire burn in them that hinted to me that he was under this spell as well. I asked one question of him then.

“What is your name?” I asked him.

“Saultis,” he replied back, his voice husky, almost a whisper. Those whispers that men get when they are thinking less than proper thoughts. I moved my chair closer to him, wanting ataşehir escort to be near him so much that my inhibitions were slowly washing away, and his eyes filled with that look, the look that men get when they know you won’t say no, the look they get when they know true satisfaction is only a short ways off, and that they will not be denied.

I imagine I had a similar look on my face, as he reached out to me, placing his hand on my neck, drawing my lips towards his. It was an instant reaction when I kissed him, his warm lips touching mine, his tongue parting my lips. I felt dizzy and weak while I let his tongue caress mine, and breathed in his scent, an intoxicating scent that made my lower stomach hot and with that heat came a tingling numbness.

He smelled so husky but sweet, and I could not breathe in enough of him. It was clear that he had the same thoughts towards me as I had for him at that moment as he pulled me closer and explored me with his hands over the leather covering my body. After this it might change, might have been something for the moment that would not mean or be anything later, but for the moment it was all lust, with no thoughts of the later effects this decision may have and for the moment I did not care. It made me long for him all the more.

He brought his hands to my waist and easily pulled me onto his lap, so that I was straddling him in his chair, my thighs hugging his, my feet barely touching the floor and my chest pressed to his, still kissing him, his hands running along my back and down to my thighs.

It had occurred somewhere in the back of my mind that we were still in public view, and with that thought I took a quick glance. It was almost as if we did not exist in this time and place as no one seemed to notice the intimacy of our position or our actions.

I kadıköy escort bayan looked deep into Saultis’ eyes, his gaze holding me breathless and wanting. He reached down, taking me by my thighs and lifting me a few inches almost effortlessly. I felt the muscles move and flex under his skin as he did this. He held me easily with one hand, while I braced myself with a hand on his shoulder to hold myself steady for whatever he might be doing next.

I could feel his hand under my thigh shifting his robe first and then my undergarments were pushed to the side. His fingers traced along between my legs catching my breath in my chest. And with a quick movement his fingers entered me, bringing from me a moan and I shifted my hips to get more of his fingers inside of me, while his fingers played along bringing intense feelings of pleasure.

Then a deeper warmth as his hand moved and I came in contact with the most intimate part of him. He lowered me so that my skin was touching his skin, but without entering me he gave a small movement, brushing his warmth against mine, and he moaned quietly. His lips found mind again and he kept this movement up for a few moments longer, his movements becoming faster and he began to press himself against me harder.

I moved my hips in tune to his movements, keeping the sensations constant. I was beginning to get more and more hot and slippery below with every movement. Taking his lips from mine, he whispered something breathlessly but I could not hear it. He again shifted himself, placing his hands on my hips, pulling with one swift movement and that’s when I felt him enter me.

The feeling of this was unimaginable, my very being filled by this man. It was the most heat I had felt there before. He started thrusting slightly, moving himself in and out of escort maltepe me, making small sounds in his throat, and I kept up the rhythm with him. I felt the friction between my legs, the warmth building slowly. I was entranced by this man, and completely captive to him and his wants.

His eyes were closed, his breathing growing heavier. He had a look of utter peace and at the same time lust. I closed my eyes and bit into his neck, moaning softly into his skin, bringing a purring vibration across his skin; the sound of the band in the background drowning out any sounds I was making and his. His hand found and gripped my hair, keeping my teeth in his neck, his other hand holding onto my thigh tightly, and his nails pressing into the skin.

I could not hold back the sounds any longer, and with every thrust I moaned and sighed. Saultis moved both his hands to my thighs, pulling my legs apart, spreading me for him so that he could enter me deeper.

I obliged, leaning forward to make it easier. His hands convulsed on my skin, and I knew in that moment of time that true pleasure was not far away for him, and that very thought brought that feeling again, the feeling of tightness and complete ecstasy before a wave of heat and pleasure broke over me, burning between my legs, making me writhe on him, digging my nails hard into him, marking him, making him bleed.

The writhing was what brought him, as he dug his nails into my thighs, pulling me down on him hard and fast and only I could hear the soft moans he made before I felt my insides filled with a warm rush. His strong hands held me down on him until he calmed and his hardness started to fade.

He slumped back in his chair, exhausted and catching his breath and I leaned forward onto him, using him to hold myself upright and feeling his warmth through his robe at the same time. After a few minutes he again reached underneath me, pulling himself out and straightening up his robe, and placing my undergarments back before settling me back on his lap. He smiled at me, and then waved over a wench.

“Give us two more ales,” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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