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The next morning, Amy was awakened by someone practically leaning on her door bell. She stumbled out of bed, barely grasping her dressing gown and pulling it around her as she headed toward the door. Who could it be at this ungodly hour? And on a Sunday? It felt as if she had barely slept a wink and she promised herself to become really angry if it turned out to be anything less than an emergency that was ruining her sleep.

“I’m coming,” she yelled to the intruder. “Will you stop that noise!” she snarled as she opened the door to stare at the disturber still holding a finger on her doorbell.

“Oh, it’s only you,” she yawned at the sight of an angry looking Nick. “Look, why don’t you come back in a few hours and give me your usual reprimand then. I’m sure I would appreciate it a lot more when I’m awake.” She made another deep yawn as she prepared to close the door in his face. Right now she was too tired to be afraid of him, but even in her present state she realised that telling him that would be a major mistake.

“What is this?” Nick snarled at her, holding a strange object in close proximity of her nose.

“What is what?” she said and swallowed her next yawn as she tried to put a name to the strange object dangling in front of her nose.

“This!” he almost yelled. “I found it in my mail box. You and your little friends had some fun last night, didn’t you? You want to confess right now or shall I torture you first?”

“Very funny, Nick. Do you know what time it is? It’s Sunday morning, for crying out loud. Try to make your social calls at a more decent time. Right now I’m returning to sleep.” She turned and tried to close the door.

“Not so fast, Missy.” He put his foot against the door-frame, preventing her from shutting it. “You and your friends obviously had a lot of fun on my behalf. Just explain this to me.” He held out the box again.

This time she could make out a label and she read the text out loud. “Vibrating vagina. What’s that?” Comprehension hit her almost as she said the words, and she blurted on. “Oh, now I see,” she chuckled loudly as she gave Nick a smug smile. “I really think you should keep such toys to yourself – it quite ruins the good impression I have of you,” she sniggered at the irony.

As if she had ever had a good impression of Mr-pure-and-spiteful-arrogance standing in her doorway. Oh well, maybe when she was a young and naïve teenager, but that was not representative in the long run. No way.

He just glared at her. “It’s not mine. You or some of your dear friends put it in my mailbox.”

“We did? Okay, now I’m following. So the girls decided to give you a present after all? Oh well, not a bad choice. I’m sure you will get along nicely together. Goodnight, Nick.” She tried closing the door again. It was still blocked. “Still here? You know, I’m sure you can get a refund on the vagina, as long as it’s not used, of course.”

“So, you knew about this?”

“No, actually I tried to talk them out of it, but it seemed they weren’t listening to me at all. Besides, I suggested something entirely different for you,” she blurted out.

“Like what?” he asked suspiciously.

“A…. Oh, never mind,” she said sobering up. “Now, will you move that foot? I’m closing the door.” He answered by stepping into the apartment.

“I’m not leaving until I get an explanation,” he said icily as he stood hovering over her as if he was trying to dominate her into confessing.

“Suit yourself. I’ll just return to my own busy schedule then. You just make yourself at home,” she suggested as she closed the front door and turned toward her bedroom again to catch up on some much needed sleep.

“Stop right there,” Nick snarled as he grabbed a hold of her upper arm. “I suggest you give me a better explanation and quickly,” he suggested coldly.

“Don’t you have better things to do,officer?” she snarled at the intruder as she shook away his hand.

“It’sDetective orNick. And no, I’m off duty today. Besides, I consider harassment of policemen to be a very important case.”

“Well, why don’t you find somereal criminals then? Or shall we call all my friends and interrogate them? Didn’t you mention torture, as well? Gee, and I thought that was illegal?”

“I’m making an exception,” he answered glumly.

Realising the intruder would not leave willingly she contemplated her chances of evicting him. It didn’t take long to realise he both outweighed her and outmuscled her. Zero chance of that, she thought. Time for Plan B.

“Coffee?” she asked invitingly.

“If you’re not trying to poison me, I’ll accept.”

Okay, Plan C, then. What would Plan C be? Wait until he got tired and walked away?

Instead she prepared the coffee and handed him a cup of the hot drink. He stared suspiciously at it.

“It’s coffee beans and water. I was out of cyanide,” she said ironically.

“And the explanation?”

“What’s to explain? The girls thought you needed a bit of help and there you have it. Be happy about it and go home escort ataşehir and try it out,” she said smugly. “But I must admit I voted for something quite different for you.”

“Like what?” he asked suspiciously.

“I different temper would work wonders on your sex appeal. Not to mention a brain and some social skills informing you never to bother your neighbours before 10 o’clock on a Sunday. Just go home and get some sleep, Nick,” Amy suggested as she adjusted her dressing gown to cover her legs better.

Her movement caused Nick to examine her more carefully as if he hadn’t realised how thin her clothes had been before now. He stared at her naked calves and she felt a slight shiver start in her body by the thought of what he thought of her body and what he would say if she suddenly undressed in front of him. Most likely he would give her the reprimand of her life before sending her to bed with a sore ass.

She almost chuckled as she contemplated his shock if she ever attempted anything that crazy, and she couldn’t quite make up her mind whether it would be worth it or not. She shook her head as if trying to empty her thoughts again. Whatever made her contemplate something that crazy in front of Nick, of all people? The stuffiest man she had ever had the misfortune to encounter?

The less interaction she had with the man the better it was. He scared her almost to death sometimes and she could never quite make out what he thought about her either. Most likely he considered her to be one of his most boring and troublesome duties, at least if judging by the usual expression of pained indulgence he was constantly bestowing her with.

She was becoming more aware of how thin her dressing gown really was and the T-shirt she had underneath barely covered her thighs. It was freezing cold in her apartment and she really wanted to return to her bed as soon as possible. That meant she had to get rid of her angry guardian-angel rather fast, but Nick simply sat quietly at her kitchen and slowly sipped the coffee – looking as if he had decided to occupy her apartment until he had his answers.

“Look, if there was nothing else, I’m returning to my bed for some much needed sleep,” she said while standing up to leave for her warm bed. “You just close the door on your way out.”

“What sort of hospitality is this?” Nick asked ironically, obviously having returned to his normal haughty attitude.

“It is as friendly as I can be this early in the morning and toward my stalker slash neighbour slash annoying-friend-of-my-brother. I suggest you take the hint and go away,” Amy snarled at him. She was tired of tiptoeing around this brute. It was better to face him head on, she decided, and right now the thought of sleep was much more tempting than standing here freezing and facing one of the most annoying men she had ever had the misfortune of knowing.

“So what did you buy for yourself then, eh?” he asked with a knowing gleam in his eyes while roaming his eyes over her worn dressing gown. “A new chemise, perhaps? Or a sexy babydoll combined with a couple of toys to relax that spine a little?”

“None of your business,” she snarled at him as she held on tighter to her old dressing gown. It was worn, all right, but only because it was her favourite, and the only one she could wear in public. Her latest buys were hidden in her bottom drawer and she would save them for a better occasion or for a night when she felt like being sexy all on her own.

“Or perhaps you have restocked your entire collection of dildos, believing they resemble the real stuff? They don’t even come close, you know.”

“No, they don’t resemble the real thing,” she glared at him. “They’rebetter. Much better.”

“How so? How can a plastic phallus even come close to a real live one?”

“They don’t complain, for starters, and you can turn them on whenever you feel like it and throw them in the closet when you’re done. Much better than the real stuff. And they don’t come attached to some nagging male with a bad temper,” she snarled while giving him a tell tale look.

“Is that so?” he asked as he rose and stood much closer to her than she enjoyed, but she was not backing down this time. “And do they pleasure you as well as a man would?”

“Better, in fact. Compared to a man, they can even find the clitoris.”

“Self-made is well-made, you mean? Well, if you believe that you don’t have enough experience in these matters. Only virgins or dried-up old maids wouldn’t know the difference,” he said matter-of-factly as he gave her his haughtiest smile, as if he knew a lot of stuff that she hadn’t the slightest inclination of learning any soon.

“Well, I’m neither, but I still beg to differ,” she nagged on as she faced him head on.

“Maybe you should find yourself a real man the next time?” he suggested and giving her heated look that almost shook her to the bones. “Instead of those ignorant creeps you’ve been dating.”

“There hasn’t been anything wrong with any of them,” kadıköy escort she snarled at him.

“Well, if they haven’t been able to teach you such basic things about the male anatomy, I disagree. Any male worthy of his gender would know how to use his equipment – and use it well in order to please his woman,” he said heatedly.

Amy felt her body heating at the same time and almost begged for her light skin to not show the blush she felt was coming closer. At least her feet didn’t feel cold anymore.

“You mean your inflated ego is talking again, aren’t you? Well, in my experience men are loud-mouthed, but when it comes to delivering…well, that’s where my preference for dildos start, wouldn’t you say? In fact, I could have had a great time with my favourite right now if it wasn’t for some annoying male trying to convince me of the prowess of males,” she glared at him.

“You need proof, is that it? To get some weight behind the words?” he asked smoothly as he stood in front of her, smiling that annoying smile of his that made her toes curl with indignation. “Well, why didn’t you just say so right away?” he smiled before grabbing her arm and yanking her closer to him. She fell forward and at the same time she felt her body hit his, before he placed an arm behind her back, almost gluing his body along hers.

She gasped in surprise and instinctively looked up, meeting his eyes and she managed to discern their colour as grey before she saw they changed into darker tones. Holding up her hand to steady herself she felt his warm body against her hand and at the same time she registered something else that had escaped her notice.

Something hard was pressing against her stomach and in a flash she suddenly realised he was aroused – and increasing more for every second. She gasped a second time, and felt her cheeks blossom with warmth and red colour at the unexpectedness of his reaction. Nick was getting a hard on – for her? The shock made her reel back against his hand that held her tightly to him. Immediately she looked up and noticed his knowing smile before she felt him start to rub his pelvis against her body in a slow circular movement.

The bulge grew even harder and she felt herself blush as she felt he outline of his cock against her front. Her thin clothes suddenly seemed a lot thinner and she felt every outline of his body against her own.

She inhaled sharply at the unexpected display and shook herself while trying to concentrate on this simply being the annoying friend of her brother and not an interesting male her body wanted to get more acquainted with.

“Need some help jerking off?” she finally snarled at him. “I don’t think Jeff would ask you to look after my sexual needs as well, or is this simply a one-sided attraction?” she said ironically.

“How large are your dildos?” he asked instead in that heated voice of his. His dark voice seemed even more sombre than before and she felt her body warming to his presence. “What size do you prefer?”

“Huh?” She just stared dumbfounded at him before finally managing to prevent her fantasies from taking a wild turn toward some unknown territory. “You really play dirty, officer,” she looked directly into his eyes. They were glowing now. Possibly with anger or perhaps something else. She dragged her breath forcibly. “Is this your usual interrogation method? In that case it stinks. Or do you usually try to dazzle the convicts with your masculine appendages?”

He just laughed out loud. “Oh Missy, you are really something. Don’t know when to back down. Maybe I should simply remove my pants. Seems like the only thing that can impress you at the moment.”

“Uhm, there’s really no need for that,” she started shakily. “I think I can judge the concept quite fine from here.”

“You sure abut that?” he smirked as he rubbed his abdomen against her stomach, making her feel the hardness pressing against the fabrics separating their bodies.

She blushed profusely, and her speaking ability had somehow disappeared completely. He lifted his hand and touched her left cheek, before slowly venturing down her front, lightly touching her throat, her upper chest. Moving between her breasts, her breath hitched as her nipples peaked to the warm and masculine hand being so close.

Slowly his hand stroked further down her front, before stopping at her stomach where his cock was still felt as clearly as before. He bent his head closer to her and as she felt his breath against her neck, her head involuntary shifted to the side to give him easier access. He was going to kiss her, she was sure of it, and the anticipation made her shiver all over.

“You just let me know when you require further proof,” he murmured into her ear before taking a step backwards. Giving her one last heated look that promised much more than he had delivered, he turned and walked away. She barely noticed the front door being closed as he exited her apartment. Her breaths came in gasps and she felt her skin tingle in anticipation maltepe escort bayan and regret of what could have been if he had only proceeded a little longer.

She shook her head. Damn, what was she thinking? This was her brother’s best friend. A man she had known for years and years, and almost thought about as her own brother. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t her brother and she hadn’t known him at all. The man she’d come to know could never have heated her up to this burning level and then simply left her. He could not heat her blood for anything in the world. Not before now.

Of course she had watched him over the years, and perhaps even had a small crush on him when she was thirteen, but that had passed quickly since he had never shown any interest in his friend’s younger sister.

Before now. She stared at the door he had left through. Still feeling dumbfounded. What was going on here? The world seemed to have been turned upside down, as far as Amy was concerned. Could it really be that he had finally noticed her as a woman instead of an annoying youngster? If so, it was really about time since she had been an adult for the last ten years of her life.

No, that couldn’t be it. It must be something else entirely. Perhaps some new trick he decided to pull in order to torment her for what her friends had done to him. Injured pride was a difficult thing, and receiving a toy such as that was perhaps not the best way to placate her arrogant neighbour. Pure luck they didn’t give him the Viagra instead. Then she would probably be hanging upside down from the wrong side of the nearest window.

She chuckled. There was really nothing to it. She must have imagined the whole hot-male-looking-for-mate-look of his. He had been angry and he had tried to gain the upper hand the only way he could think off.

If so, the man had a temper of dimensions that was for sure. And she found him rather cute to tell the truth. Since Jeff had entrusted him with keeping her safe he would never try doing her any real harm, she thought, so there was really nothing to worry about.

But, boy was he hot! If only it had been for real instead of being a prank. She was still tingling and every thought of returning to sleep was unlikely. He had well and truly awakened every nerve in her body and most of them were screaming for another feel of his flesh against hers. This time preferably his naked flesh against hers.

And that annoying male was probably very aware of the fact. Perhaps he had some hidden agenda of keeping her out of trouble by focusing her thoughts on him instead. What some men did to keep their promises, she would never understand.

Yes, that was probably it. Nick had promised Jeff to keep her out of trouble and use whatever means he had available to fulfil his promise. She shouldn’t read anything more into his actions than that. Now she only had to persuade her heated body of the same conclusion. Right now it felt like she was burning from the inside out.

She wondered what would have happened if she really had taken him up on his offer of proving that his cock was better than the dildo. Hmm, the fantasy was probably better than the reality as she felt herself imaging him pleasuring every part of her body and drowning himself in her warmth, accompanied by her screams of pleasures. Good thought. Now where had she put that dildo again?


Damn that woman, Nick thought as he sought the calm and quietness of his own apartment. She could really get on his nerves sometimes and this time he had really lost his temper with her.

Stupid, really stupid. He didn’t seem to be able to think as long as she was around. Usually he was a quiet and calm person, but around her he changed completely. It was almost frightening. He felt incredibly stupid. His cock was still hard as a rock. A usual state when she was around. The irritating woman. It was time to take a long run and find a woman to fuck, he decided.

Preferably the one next door, but there were thousands of reasons why he should stay far away from her. She was Jeff’s sister, for god’s sake. And one never messed with the sister of a buddy. At least, he never did. In fact, he had always regarded her as an annoying little chit who tried to follow her older brother around and getting on his nerves. As far as he could remember he had never really thought about her as anything else than a spoiled little brat who held no interest at all for him.

But, boy had that changed. For the last couple of years he had only met her occasionally, but that had been enough to create a gigantic crush on his end. The snotty little girl had turned into a beautiful and strong woman. A female who plagued his dreams with hot sex and a body made for lovemaking. A female who was now plaguing his every waken hour as well, ever since Jeff had asked him for a favour.

He had been very careful not to let Jeff know about his feelings for Amy, but he had a clear suspicion that Jeff had known about it for a long time. Why else would he ask him to stay close to her? And Jeff had had such a strange gleam in his eyes when he asked him about it. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t any other family who could have done the same thing, including the fact that Amy was old enough and quite capable of taking care of herself.

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