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With an abundance of time, coupled with deep-pocketed, indulgent husbands, the latest hobby for our upscale housewives was an interest in equine pursuits. A local entrepreneur had recently constructed and opened an equine center complete with boarding facilities, both indoor and outdoor arenas, and several miles of timbered bridle paths. Catering to both English and Western disciplines, the center had organized competitions for all levels of riders.

Having had a horse as a girl, Barbara Anderson soon convinced her husband, with more than a little pleading and begging, to finance her purchase of an equine partner. Barbara was a Western rider and always had an interest in reining horses. Reining horses are a specialty branch of the Quarter horse breed and are trained to spin in tight circles and come to a sliding stop from a full gallop. With the help of an equine agent, Barbara found the horse of her dreams. A quick footed little palomino gelding with a proven record in reining competitions. With her mount established at the equine center, Barbara was soon working with her steed on a regular basis. She entered a few novice level competitions and achieved some success.

There are no secrets in this community and word soon reached Teresa Scalia about the equine center and Barbara’s involvement. Not to be outdone by her blonde nemesis, Teresa initiated a campaign on her husband to bankroll her entry into horse ownership. Teresa had a very snobbish opinion of Western riders. She considered them to be dirty cow punchers and beneath her attention. Teresa set her sights on a more elegant discipline. Dropping some major coin, Teresa purchased a finished dressage mount. Standing over 17 hands and blood bay in color with ebony black points, she had a very impressive Warmblood gelding. Teresa also liked the idea of dressing up in what she called her “Jackie Kennedy” riding clothes. Taking her equitation lessons quite seriously, Teresa achieved a degree of proficiency in handling her mount in the dressage discipline.

Both women had been working with their equine partners for about eight months. Barbara and Teresa rarely crossed paths at the stable but were aware that each kept a horse at the facility. Both women were distinctly aware of one particular employee. Kathy Benson had been hired as a groom at the facility. Words were never exchanged, however, there were more than a few intense looks passed between the three women. Truth be told, Kathy wasn’t particularly popular with any of the female clients. She tended to ingratiate herself with the male clientele, which only comprised about 20% of the total. And who could blame them. Kathy enjoyed parading around in tight T-shirts and either tight, skinny jeans or, if the weather was warm, short Daisy Dukes. Besides, she quickly discovered that the male customers were much better tippers.

For the one-year anniversary of the equine center, the owners decided to put on a showcase. All the different riding disciplines would be highlighted in the arena. This would give the customers a chance to display their skills and their fine horses. Barbara was approached about putting on a reining demonstration. She readily agreed and look forward to participating. Teresa got wind of the plans being made and informed the facility owner that she, and no one else, would put on a dressage demonstration. Teresa relished the idea of skillfully putting her horse through its paces in front of her acquaintances, while elegantly costumed in proper English riding attire.

The showcase was to take place on a Saturday afternoon. There was an informal run through the Friday evening previous. All the riders and their mounts gathered in the arena and lined up along the rail. Wanting to make a grand entrance, of course Teresa and her big gelding were the last team to arrive. Seeing an open space next to Barbara, Teresa maneuvered next to her. The 17 hand Warmblood gelding towered over Barbara and her palomino Quarter horse. Stardust was just a touch over 14 hands. Teresa looked down at Barbara and her steed with more than a little condescension.

“Why, Hello Barbara” Teresa said. “I’m a little surprised to see you here. That’s a cute little pony you have there. Is it a Shetland?”

“Pleasant as always aren’t you Teresa” Barbara countered. “So, sorry to disappoint you but Stardust here is a Quarter horse. Where did you get that Clydesdale you’re riding?”

“Wrong again Barbie, this is Baron and he’s a Dutch Warmblood. Which just illustrates your extreme lack of equine knowledge.”

Putting a quick end to the verbal sparring between our two ladies, Barbara was called to bring her horse out and work it in the arena.

“Ta, ta, Teresa.” Barbara said as she left Teresa’s side and started began the reining pattern in the center of the arena.

“Clydesdale? We’ll show her, won’t we, Baron?” Teresa thought and simmered on the slight Barbara had given her and her horse.

Truth be told, the blonde Barbara astride that palomino was a istanbul travesti very eye-catching sight. Stardust’s long and bright flaxen mane and tail was a nearly perfect match to Barbara’s natural blonde hair.

With the preshow run-through completed, Teresa returned home and contemplated on how to somehow sabotage Barbara’s demonstration and possibly inflict some embarrassment upon her. After some thought, a plan occurred to her. Teresa’s husband and son were not in the house. This gave her an opportunity to rummage through her son’s room for an item she suspected he had. A search through dresser drawers turned up nothing. Teresa then went to his closet and the uppermost shelf. At the back of the shelf tucked underneath a couple of old sweatshirts she found a slingshot. Supposedly this had been confiscated months ago when Dominic Junior accidentally took out some of the neighbor’s windows with misplaced shots at neighborhood squirrels. His punishment was payment for the windows and confiscation of the weapon. His father took the slingshot, stored it in a cupboard in the garage and soon forgot about it. Dominic Junior found it about a week after the incident and hid it in his closet. Being an intuitive mother, Teresa was quite sure he still had possession of the weapon. Now let’s be clear about said slingshot. This was not a “wrist rocket” type sling made of tubular aluminum with surgical quality rubber bands. Dominic Junior fabricated this all on his own using some very stiff steel wire, two large red rubber bands, and a scrap piece of leather for a pouch. Concealed with the slingshot was a small plastic container that held half a dozen steel ball bearings. Teresa was now fully equipped to create some mischief for Barbara.

Teresa arrived at the arena well before the starting time to reconnoiter the scene and form a plan. A large curtain, spanning floor nearly to ceiling, separated approximately one third of the arena floor space, leaving the participants to the front two thirds. The purpose of the curtain was to concentrate the spectators into a smaller area.

“This is perfect,” thought Teresa. “I could hide behind that curtain while Barbie’s doing her cowboy thing.”

With her weapon safely stashed in the inside pocket of her jacket, Teresa surreptitiously found a strategic spot where two panels of the curtain overlapped. She was sure she could get a clean line of fire from that position. Teresa settled in to await her target.

The stadium seating surrounding the arena floor filled quickly with spectators eager to see the horses perform. Promptly at 1 PM, the demonstration began with the usual announcements and acknowledgments. The PA announcer then gave a brief rundown of the order of demonstrations. Barbara was first with six different riders following her. Of course, Teresa had the last slot in the show.

“All right, ladies and gentlemen, to start our show we have Barbara Anderson and her palomino Quarter horse Stardust to give us a demonstration of Western reining.” The MC announced.

To whoops and cheers from the crowd, Barbara entered the arena at a gallop. Her blonde hair flowing behind her, Barbara made quite the impression. She wore a dark wine-colored western shirt, that fit her perfectly. Her Wrangler jeans, complete with wide belt and Western buckle completed the outfit. Covering her legs were a dark brown pair of shotgun chaps.

Teresa was concealed, behind the curtain, at the opposite end of the arena entry point. Barbara slid Stardust to a stop in the arena center. She then put him through a series of spins. Teresa kept a close eye on the pair waiting for a chance to take a shot. Unbeknownst to her, an entry door opened behind her and in stepped Kathy Benson. Spying Teresa in a somewhat stealthy posture, Kathy took a moment to try and ascertain what her Italian arch enemy was up to. Kathy took note of the slingshot in Teresa’s hand.

Barbara loped her horse to the end of the arena opposite Teresa and turned him 180°. Barbara was setting up for the final maneuver, a sliding stop from a full gallop. She gathered her mount and with a slight touch of the spurs, queued Stardust. The palomino responded immediately and broke into a sprint. Teresa’s eyes grew large as she saw the pair bearing down on her. Just short of the curtain, Barbara reigned in the gelding to a sliding stop. She then had him spin 1/2 turn and face the arena exit. Of course, this put the pair within 5 feet of the curtain and directly in front of Teresa. Already loaded with a ball bearing, Teresa drew back on the slingshot and let fly.

Thwack!!! The steel sphere struck the palomino’s rump. Stardust reared and plunged forward. Barbara maintained her seat and struggled to collect her mount. The gelding then put his head down and began to buck. With some difficulty. Barbara stayed in the saddle and after a couple of hops Stardust settled down. Shocked at first by the gelding’s misbehavior, the crowd gave Barbara and appreciative round istanbul travestileri of applause as she exited the arena. Once through the barrier, Barbara dismounted. Stardust was still greatly agitated and breathing heavily. Her trainer quickly came to her side.

“I don’t understand what happened.” A breathless and somewhat flustered Barbara said. “He has never acted up like that before. It’s like somebody touched him with a cattle prod or something. I don’t know.”

“Let’s get him back in a stall and get the tack off of him and let him cool off.” Suggested the trainer.

Teresa took delight in the chaos she had caused. Her only regret was that Barbara wasn’t bucked off, but you can’t have everything. Kathy, who had witnessed Teresa’s mischief, stealthily slipped out of the building escaping discovery by Teresa. Teresa slipped the slingshot into her coat pocket and headed toward the area where her horse was being prepared for her demonstration.

Kathy made her way to the stall area and walked up to Stardust’s pen. The horse was in cross ties and Barbara with her trainer were wiping him down and looking for any abnormalities. Kathy leaned over the stall door. “Is he all right?” Queried Kathy.

Barbara looked over to see who was speaking. Recognizing Kathy and having absolutely no love for her was instantly suspicious. Kathy had caused Barbara sufficient trouble in the past.

“Did you have anything to do with this?” Barbara asked in an aggressive manner.

“No Mrs. Anderson, I did not.” Kathy said emphatically. “But I know who did.”

Barbara took two fast steps to the stall door and got directly in front of Kathy. “What exactly do you know.” Barbara said as her temper started to rise.

“May I come in?” Requested Ms. Benson.

Barbara opened the stall door and stepped out of her way. Kathy walked up to the gelding and put her hand on his withers. Gently sliding her hand along the horse’s back, she felt with the palm of her hand over the hip and down the slope of his rump. Feeling a welt, she beckoned Barbara.

“Here it is, come over here and feel this.”

Barbara slid her hand over Stardust rump and felt the welt. She gave it a slight push with her index finger and the gelding jumped forward, indicating his discomfort.

“Okay, what’s the story.” Barbara said with deadly seriousness.

Kathy related what she had seen Teresa do in great detail.

“Don’t misunderstand me Mrs. Anderson, I don’t give a rat’s big ass about you or your snooty suburban friends. But Stardust is a good horse and he didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. What you do about it is up to you. My work here is done.” With the tip of her hat, Kathy left.

Barbara’s trainer had a concerned look on her face. “Barbara, you’re not going to do some sort of reprisal are you?”

“You let me take care that and stay out of it. I’ll handle Mrs. Scalia.”

Barbara walked around the rail that created the oval perimeter of the arena intently looking for Teresa. While there were other horses currently doing demonstrations, Barbara spotted Teresa’s bay gelding at the entrance. The horse was saddled and bridled and was ready to perform. Teresa’s groom, Becky, was holding the gelding.

“Where’s Mrs. Scalia?” Barbara inquired of the groom.

“I would imagine Mrs. Scalia’s putting the last touches on her attire and is making sure of her impeccable appearance.” Becky answered with more than a touch of sarcasm.

Barbara thought for a second, taking into consideration the tone of the groom’s response. She thought she could take the groom into her confidence.

“Look, did you see my horse act up at the beginning of the show?”

“Yes, I did. You were lucky to keep him under control.”

“Well, it was Mrs. Scalia the caused my horse to bolt. And I think I’d like to give her a little payback.”

The groom considered Barbara’s suggestion. It didn’t take her long to decide.

“I’ve about had it working for that snotty bitch and if she caused your horse some pain or injury, I’m all for it. But I will not do anything to this horse. Is that clear?”

Barbara considered some options. She could sabotage the saddle girth, or perhaps cut the reins so that they would break during the demonstration. As she was thinking, she spotted the veterinarian’s portable carryall with a number of ointments and medicines. What caught her eye was the half-gallon jug of scarlet oil. Scarlet oil is a common ointment used for treating cuts and scratches. It is very slick and a brilliant red in color. Barbara grabbed the plastic jug and held it up to the groom.

“How would it be if we treated Mrs. Scalia’s saddle with some special lubrication?”

Becky looked at Barbara and laughed out loud. “Well, I’m sure that scarlet oil will be a wonderful addition to her beige riding britches.” Grabbing a couple rags, the groom handed one to Barbara and both women began to treat the saddle seat and fenders with copious amounts of scarlet travesti istanbul oil. The thick, viscous liquid adhered well to the surface of the leather.

“That should do it. Thanks for your help. I’m sure she’ll fire you over this.” Barbara said.

“Doesn’t matter, like I said I was gonna quit her anyway. She’s never satisfied, always bitching about something.”

Barbara reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple $20 bills. “Well all right then, here’s something for your help. I’m going to find an out of the way vantage point where I can watch the fun.”

“Oh, this should be fun. All right.”

Scaling the stairs to the arena seats Barbara took a position in the upper level, back in a corner. A good position to observe what was about to happen and not be readily spotted by Teresa.

“With the final demonstration in our program, Mrs. Teresa Scalia will show us the finer points of dressage on her Dutch Warm Blood Baron.” Came the announcement through the public address system.

Becky looked around for Teresa and spotted her rushing out of the dressing area. Teresa was indeed decked out in elegant, English writing apparel. A black riding coat over a ruffle fronted white blouse. She wore a formfitting pair of light beige riding trousers with a pair of knee high riding boots that sported an extreme high polish.

“Come on, come on, give me a leg up.” Said Teresa as she pulled on her black leather gloves. Grasping the reins with her left hand on the pommel, Teresa raised her left leg for Becky to assist her. Feeling emboldened, Becky gave Teresa a most forceful leg up. Teresa was nearly propelled over the back of her horse. Coming down on the seat with more than the usual force, Teresa glared at the soon to be dismissed groom. Becky gave a nonverbal response in the form of a sly grin. Preparing to enter the arena, Teresa moved her hips back and forth to get her center in the saddle.

Thinking to herself “God, this seat feels slippery. I suppose that stupid Becky used too much Neats–Foot oil.” Teresa was also finding that slipperiness was also present on her inner thighs. Having been duly announced, Teresa and Baron entered the arena at a trot. After one circuit Teresa could detect a dampness creeping into her inner thighs and across her bottom. Of course, she was concentrating on her riding and couldn’t ascertain what was going on. The second pattern to be ridden would be at the canter. Teresa leaned forward and queued her mount. Baron responded readily. As she leaned forward, the spread of the scarlet oil was visible to the spectators. The bright red oil had penetrated across the width of Teresa’s ample derrière. And through capillary action was slowly making its way toward her waist. A few titters of laughter could be heard from the attendees. This soon grew into loud guffaws as more people took notice of Teresa’s situation. From her vantage point, Barbara was having a wonderful time laughing at Teresa’s most awkward predicament.

“Oh my goodness.” Barbara chuckled. “This is better than I could’ve imagined.”

Teresa couldn’t help but notice the crowd reaction was not what she had anticipated. Finishing her second pattern, she stopped her horse at the far end of the arena. Taking a moment to gather her mount, she glanced down at her left leg and noticed the red stain.

“What!?” Teresa thought. She quickly looked at her other leg and then at her crotch. Swiftly pulling the glove from her right hand, Teresa slipped her hand over her hip, fingertips feeling moisture. She then did a quick survey with her hand to determine the extent of the staining. Which she soon found to be quite extensive. The onlookers continued their laughter as they watch Teresa’s discomfiture. “Oh no! I’ve got to get out of here” she exclaimed. Teresa touched the spurs to Baron’s sides and galloped out of the arena. Her groom Becky met her, all the while stifling a giggle. Teresa quickly dismounted. Pulling up the tails of her coat, she looked over her shoulder to see that the red stain had completely covered her bottom. Teresa ripped off her coat and covered her ass with it, tying the arms of the coat around her waist to secure. Becky was holding Baron by the reins when Teresa did a quick inspection of the saddle. Wiping her fingers across the saddle seat, she saw the residue of the Scarlet Red ointment. Looking sternly at Becky, Teresa began her interrogation.

“What you know about this.” Teresa said sternly.

“Why nothing at all Mrs. Scalia.” Becky said with the utmost sincerity.

“How did this stuff get all over my saddle? I don’t suppose you know anything about that?”

“Can’t say that I do Mrs. Scalia.”

“Of course, you know nothing.” Commented Teresa sarcastically. “All right, put Baron in his stall. Rub him down and leave the tack outside the stall door. Understand?”

“Yes, Mrs. Scalia.” Responded Becky.

“Good, then you can clean out your things, you’re fired. Now get out of my sight.”

Becky led the big gelding away as Teresa pondered her course of action. Up to this point she did not think that Barbara had any hand in this. It was just a rather snotty groom trying to get even for some slight. Teresa stood with her hands on her hips. Thinking things over when she heard a voice from behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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