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When Teri awoke the next day she felt a rush knowing she would soon be at the beach. She had always looked forward to the families trips to their beach house and today was no different. Teri quickly took a shower and cleaned up, then headed down stairs to get something to eat. In the kitchen she found a note from her mom.

Teri, I have gone to the store. If I’m not home when you leave, then have a good trip. Be safe and watch out for your brother. Have a good time.

Your Mother


Karen threw the note away, then rooted in the fridge for something to eat. As she had a sandwich, she saw it was almost 10am and David wasn’t back from his run. Just then she heard David open the door to the kitchen and walk in, layered in sweat. Teri gave a motion to her wrist, even though she wasn’t wearing a watch.

“Ok Ok, I’m running a bit late. Got up later then usual this morning. Just take a second to shower.” David said moving upstairs. Teri caught herself watching his butt as he walked that way. Damn, I need to get a boyfriend soon and get laid, Teri thought. Maybe they’ll be willing candidates at the beach town near the house.

“Ok hurry up stinky pits.” Teri had to throw in as a parting shot. Teri loaded her car with everything she was going to take. Teri then went upstairs to hurry up David, she was itching to get on the road. It sounded to Teri like he was still in the bathroom. She had a wicked thought.

“Come on hurry up slow poke” Teri said loudly as she quickly opened the bathroom door. Teri was pleasantly surprised, and saw what she hoped for, David totally nude. He was just now at the mirror seeming to brush his hair, and turned as Teri opened the door. Even soft his cock is large, Teri thought.

“HEY, I’m in here.” David closed the door back, “Be done in a minute.”

“Sorry didn’t think you would still be in the buff, but come on. I want to hit the road.” Teri said with a wide smile. That was fun, Teri thought. But hey, what are big sisters for. Teri went back down stairs chuckling softly to herself. In a few minutes David came down with a bag for the weekend.

“Ok, ready oh impatient one.” David was wearing a tank top with boxer shorts. Teri stuck her tongue out at David and then gave a big smile and a small laugh to David. “Oh ho. Ill get you for that” And grabbed Teri as she turned to get away. David grabbed her by the waist with one arm and picked her off the ground and tickled her with his other hand.

“Stop, stop. Uncle.” Teri shouted between laughs. David let her go, and Teri slid out of his arms and landed softly on her butt on the floor. “Ill get you for that David, you wait. Maybe while your sleeping.” Teri grinned, then gave a laugh.

“Yeah, sure.” David helped Teri up. “Are we ready to go?”

“Yep, was just waiting for you.” Teri replied.

The two of them climbed into the car and they were off. As Teri drove, at first they talked but then they just listened to music. Stopping for only a few food stuff supplies, before long Teri started to smell the oceans salt air she always liked. She turned off on to the road that led to the private drive to the house. There were very few houses or people by now, with this portion of the beach, being private property. Teri had to stop to open the gate to their property, then closed it back when they drove through. It was a pain to have to open and close the gate, but it kept out the tourists who always seem to get lost and would end up at their door step.

As they pulled up to the old house everything seemed to be ok. No broken windows, or break ins. Teri and David both unload the things they had brought with them. The house had its on towels and basic supplies and stuff. Teri’s parents also usually kept some canned goods there. All they would have to get was a few perishables for a few days. Teri wasn’t planning on eating most of their meals there. But Teri wanted to hit the beach first off while the sun was up in a good position.

“I’m going to change for the beach David, are you going to stay here or hit the sand?” Teri asked.

“I planned on going to the beach too, figured can get some swim time in.” David replied to his sister.

Teri went to change into her bikini in the room she had taken. She had kind of hoped to go alone, and take off her bikini so she wouldn’t have tan lines when she sat out. Beside she always felt a thrill going buff on the beach. Very few people came near their portion of the beach she usually felt safe alone. Oh well, maybe I can just take off the top while on my stomach, Teri decided. Her bikini was a skimpy two piece with a thong bottom she had bought before she came home, planning to hit the beach. After she changed she met David in the common family room of the house. He had changed into boxer type swim trunks. Teri felt a bit of disappointment. She was hoping he would wear something more “reveling.” She noticed David’s eyes almost bug out when he saw her bikini, what little she had of it. As tuzla escort they left the house she made sure to walk in front so David could get the full effect of her thong, making sure to add a little more sway to her hips. Without any talk they made it to the beach.

“Good we have the beach to ourselves. I’m going to lay out for a bit David, can you put some lotion on my back?” Teri asked digging out the lotion, she had already put down her towel.

“Umm yea sure, but….why don’t I put it all over you. Since my hands will already have the lotion on it.” David asked with a slight blush. Teri was shocked at first but then gave a big smile.

“Sure. Ok. But do my front first. Then I can lie down.” Teri said with a knowing grin, handing David the lotion. David took the lotion and squeezed some it his hands. He started rubbing lotion into her arms as she held them out. David then got bolder and worked some unto her shoulders. He was mesmerized as his hands worked onto the top of her chest. Teri had agreed to his rubbing lotion all over because she thought to make him squirm a bit. But as she watched and felt him rub on her skin, her body started to get excited and she was breathing harder. David then slowly rubbed lotion onto the tops of her breasts and even into Teri’s cleavage. Both Teri and David were breath very heavily now.

David hated to move his hands but he felt funny if he kept rubbing lotion where it already was. David kneeled down and rubbed lotion onto Teri’s stomach. Teri didn’t have a tight stomach, but neither was it flabby. Teri gasped softly when David started to put lotion right at her bikini bottom. David then kneeled further and rubbed at her ankles and moved up her legs. As David got to her thighs Teri opened her legs wider. Teri secretly hoped David might touch her pussy, which was very wet. But as David rubbed to the edge of Teri’s bikini bottom he lost his nerve and said, “Ok done with the front.”

With David speaking, it was almost like a spell had broken. Teri felt drained and her heart was beating a mile a minute. But she kneeled down, then laid down. David started to put lotion onto her back.

“Wait. Hold on.” Teri said turning her body toward David. She reached back to unhook her bikini so she wouldn’t have a line on her back. She also glimpsed David’s trunks being tented, and knew what lay beneath. As she laid back down into her arms she gave a big smile to herself, feeling very proud.

David knew very well he had a hard-on. It was uncomfortable but thankfully his trunks were loose fit. He noticed Teri glimpsing his condition, and got embarrassed. Feeling like he had crossed a hill, rubbing lotion onto her back was very easy. He felt some tightness in his chest and trunks when he again worked his hands up the back of her legs. The thought to just keep his hands going into her crotch was strong, but he knew Teri would kill him if he did something like that. He tried to relax but by accident he did slightly touch what he knew to be her pussy area. He saw her tense up and thought he was going to get cursed out. But she just laid quietly and relaxed. David finished by rubbing lotion onto her butt cheeks. Then he smiled and whacked her butt cheeks.

“OUCH! David that hurt!” Teri said raising up on her elbows too look at David. David stared for a second before Teri realized he could see her boobs. She flopped back down and swatted out with her hand, clipping him as he got up fast to get away, “Get in the water you jackass.” Teri said laughing. David then ran down to the water. He very much felt like he had to cool off. David swam for along time, and as he headed for the beach was somewhat tired. He was having fun swimming alone, but was getting bored. He had a thought to liven things up some. David walked up to Teri and stood with his hair over her and squeezed as much what as he could on her back.

“Ahhhhh!! David!!!” Teri screamed as the water hit her. It had been warm water, but her skin was very hot and it felt like ice water hitting her skin. “I’m going to get you twerp!” As she got up and threw sand at her brother. She was so mad she didn’t care her breasts were uncovered. David took off laughing, but running. He too forgot she was topless, he wouldn’t have done what he had if he had remembered. But he certainly noticed now, and kept looking back. Which is probably why he fell and landed hard on his back in the sand. David landed kind of hard and was dazed, so he couldn’t defend himself when Teri ran up and proceeded to open his trunks and throw a hand full of sand inside his swim pants.

“Hahaha, revenge is sweet isn’t it. Don’t mess with big sisters.” Teri said loudly to David. But Teri noticed David wasn’t trying to get up, or even get her or anything. In fact he was moving little, though his eyes were open. Teri immediately became concerned.

“David! David! You ok? Look at me. Look at me!” Teri tried to get David to look at her. His eyes were open but he kept looking other directions.

“Yea tuzla escort bayan trying to. Everything is spinning a bit.” David said, trying to lift his head and failing. “Whoa. Starting to clear. Wind really got knocked out of me.”

“Well just stay down you idiot. You sure you’re not hurt?” Teri said leaning over him, concern on her face. As David’s vision cleared up he decided he liked what he was seeing. Teri still hadn’t realized or maybe cared that her breasts were swinging at times only about a foot above David’s face. David thought about playing a game.

“Still pretty blurry.” David said as he moved his hands like trying to feel where Teri was. He touched her face first then skipped to her chest then down her breasts and rubbed over her nipple.

“David! Don’t.” Teri said pulling back, finally sinking in about her bare boobs.

“Sorry still fuzzy” David fibbed, though he still felt a bit sick feeling. “Help me sit up, don’t want to lay anymore.”

Teri had to use her body to help David sit up. After several tries, she had to sit behind David with him between her legs and his head between her breasts, and use her arms for support.

“Arrgghh, you put sand down my trunks!” David finally thought why sand was all down his swim pants. Teri couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your fault clumsy, you started it.” Teri replied.

“Ill have to wash it out before we go up. Otherwise Ill chaff like crazy, specially THERE! You’ll probably have to help me.” David said turning his head to look at Teri, which almost caused his lips to touch her nipple.

“Sure thing.” Teri said, looking at David and after a few seconds using a hand to turn his head away from her breast. David hated it doing it but he was feeling better and the sight and thought of Teri’s bare boobs behind him caused his cock to come to life. David knew she had to see it rise. His cock didn’t get fully hard but was most of the way there.

Teri most certainly did see his bulge and was staring at it, knowing David couldn’t tell she was from where he was at.

“Sorry sis. It seems to happen all the time nowadays. The wind could blow and …..well….this happens.” David said with embarrassment, figuring Teri noticed it.

“Its ok, I’ve seen a few in the past.” Teri said trying to play it off.

“Oh Really. How many sis?” David said, trying to embarrass her.

“None of your business twerp. You feeling better yet?” Teri replied pertly.

“Yea. Want to help me to the water.” David said, trying to get up.

Teri helped David stand and then put his arm over her shoulder for support. Neither spoke on the walk to the water, but she noticed him taking peaks at her boobs. She set him down in the water and got up.

“I’m getting my top so a certain someone can’t get his jollies. Beside you have to get that thing down.” Teri said, pointing to his crotch. Teri got her top, put it on and came back. “Ill help you to the house then get the other stuff in a minute.”

“Umm hate to say….but I usually have to….you KNOW….to get it down. Bout the only way.” David said, very red faced. Teri gave a big grin.

“Well just take care of it when we reach the house. I promise I wont peak.” Teri said, a bit embarrassed herself. “Ill leave you alone and come back to get the stuff.” Teri said.

“Ok. Help me up to the house then.” And Teri again helped David in the same manner. When they reached the house Teri was quite tired. When they got to his room she left David and closed the door. “You going to get the stuff now?” He asked.

“Yes, ill be back later.” Teri said. She also fibbed, because she was going to sit down and catch her breath first. As she sat for a few minutes, she wondered if he was jacking off or had just been kidding. Teri became very curious and a bit horny. She got up and crept to his door. Teri peaked through the key hole and could barely see half of David’s form on the bed. She couldn’t see his cock, but the way his arm was moving, she KNEW he was stroking his cock. Teri now remembered the window, and went outside. The window was shuttered up, but enough cracks were there for a decent view of David and his nice cock. She had a nice spot she thought. He was legs on to her and could see his whole body. She watched him stroke his cock then start to play with his balls. She didn’t think he could see her though.

When David closed the door, he felt weird doing it, but knew he had to beat off. Otherwise he would be hard all day around his sister. So David laid out on the bed, and at first was very self-conscious that Teri knew he might be doing that. But the more David thought about that issue, the more excited he became.

David was really starting to get into pumping his cock, when he saw a shadow cross the window. The sun was right behind whoever was there. David knew it was his Teri, who else could it be this far from anyone. So He figured if she wanted to watch, he would give her a show.

As Teri watched, David was really escort tuzla pumping it. Slowly stroking the entire length of his shaft with each pump. As David got more into it, he would buck his body and cock up, as if fucking someone. Teri pussy was shouting for attention as she watched, and wouldn’t be denied. So Teri kicked off her bikini bottom and started to rub her clit and pussy lips.

David wasn’t sure but it looked like Teri just reached down and took off her bottom. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why, David thought. The thought his sister was fingering her pussy, while watching him, sent him too the edge. David started to buck his hips entering a huge orgasm. David also didn’t mean to but was so caught up he started to voice his thoughts.

“Oh Oh …yes…Teri…that’s it ….fuck me….fuck me, make me cum. Oh God Teri…..I want to cum in you so bad……aaaagggghhhh …ffccucckk mmee.” David shouted as cum shot out of his pumping cock. Cum flew everywhere, on David’s chest, legs, hands. Even on the bed, and one shot even hit the wall behind him. “Oh Teri that’s good.” David threw in at the end, hoping Teri got a earful.

Teri certainly did get an eye and earful. When she saw David getting close she really bared down and tried to cum herself. When she heard David talking about her, her pussy jerked and she nearly fell down as she came. The naughtiness of her watching her brother, and him thinking of fucking her was way too much. “Aggghhhhh” A loud groan escaped her as her fingers were coated in her pussy juice.

David heard her moan, and knew she had come. It sent even more of a thrill through him too know he had caused his sister to cum. He made sure to not look at the window as he cleaned up. He didn’t want Teri to know he knew she had been watching. And Teri moved away from the window and put on her bottom and went to get the bag left on the beach.

Teri knew it was wrong to keep watching her brother jacking off, she just couldn’t help herself. It was becoming almost like a drug. It wouldn’t be so bad but his cock is so huge, she thought. Figures my brother has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, beside my dad. When Teri thought about that, her brother and dad having the two largest cocks she had seen, it sent a shiver through her. She walked down to the beach wondering what she was going to do about herself and the situation.

When Teri got back to the beach house, David was sitting in the living room watching TV, and channel surfing. He looked up when Teri came in and gave a smile. “Feeling better now, wouldn’t want to run, but better.”

“Did you take care of …that problem?” Teri asked red faced, knowing he had but wanted to act like she didn’t.

“Oh Yes. Much better. So….what are we going to do now?” David gave a grin

“”What? What do you mean?” Teri said shakily at David’s implication.

“Hello? What are we going to do tonight? We going to get something to eat? What?” David said, but knew what he said had double meaning. Knowing she had watched him boasted his confidence, and his horniness.

“Oh yea. Umm figured we would go to town in a bit to eat. Was also thinking, they have a teen’s club in town, or at least did last year. I could probably pass for over 21, but I don’t think you could….little brother.” Teri said with a smile.

“Teri, one of these days I’m going to show you I’m not that little anymore.” David said tossing a pillow at Teri. Teri blocked it but wondered by what he meant, knowing full well he wasn’t little by any means.

“Well anyway, we can eat at a restaurant if you want. Then can check and see if that club is open. If not ……we’ll see what happens.” Teri gave David a grin. David wondered if that statement and grin were a loaded hint. Teri even wondered if they had been, part of her mind and body were acting on their own. “Well I’m hitting the shower.”

After they had both cleaned up, And met in the living room Teri was impressed that David was dressed decently. He had on a pair of the jeans she had helped pick out, and a very nice long sleeve shirt. Teri walked up to David and Unbuttoned the first three buttons on his shirt, “There much better” Teri said, thinking David looked hot.

“What was that for?” David asked his sister.

“Hey if we’re going out together, you need all the help you can get. Besides the ladies love some skin showing.” Teri said with a grin. Well David couldn’t argue there. And he had to admit that Teri looked hot wearing the blouse and skirt she had on. Teri had her blouse opened so it showed a decent amount of cleavage. Without further fanfare they loaded into the car and left to find a good restaurant. Teri pulled into what looked like a nice seafood place. She hadn’t had good seafood being at college so far inland. They walked in and waited to be seated. It being busy, a waitress came up and asked them to follow. She took them to a small booth in the corner of the place.

“Hello, welcome here tonight. May I ask you what you wish to drink?” After they told the waitress what they wanted to drink, “And can I get such a nice couple anything special? Would you like an appetizer?

“Umm no, we…” David started to tell the lady they weren’t “a couple.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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