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He drove along the dusty Texas highway listening to old country and western tunes when he saw a figure up ahead. As he got closer he could make out the shape of a woman holding out a sign saying “El Paso.” She wore a flowered dress and a white blouse. She was a dark lady about twenty five years old. The dust flew around her and the wind tossed her dark tresses about her head. He slowed down as he approached her and rolled down the window.

She smiled at him and said, “Can you give me a lift?”

He replied, “Why sure, just inside” as he stopped. She opened the passenger door and hoisted herself up into the truck.

She sat down beside him and threw her sign into the back. He drove back into the road and proceeded on his way. She parted her legs a little and pulled up her dress, as he glanced over he could see her long luscious thighs of caramel. She noticed him watching her and stroked her thighs. It was hard for him to keep his eyes on the road but he managed. As they drove a little while there was a sign up ahead for a little town.

She said to him “Would you like to stop because I am getting thirsty, there is a sign for a little cantina up ahead. He nodded yes and they traveled in silence up the road.

They spotted the little cantina, a stucco place caught in the middle of nowhere. He pulled into the parking spot and then got out. She walked before him, her hips swinging to and from. He watched her lovely form as she preceded him. They entered the little place; they saw several old men sitting at the tables eating. She led the way and sat down at a quiet spot in the corner. He sat beside her and pulled his chair close to her side. The waitress came over. She ordered a margarita and he a Mexican beer. She turned to him and smiled and asked where he was headed.

He told her, “I am headed just outside of El Paso, there is farm work there.”

So she said, ” You are a farm hand then?”

“No,” he said.

“I’m not a farm hand but a cattle hand”

“Ah,” she said.

“Are you any good with ropes?” She added.

“I have some experience,” he told her.

They sat for a little while and drank without saying anymore. The Maltepe Türbanlı Escort waitress came up and asked if they wanted another drink. The both shook their heads no. She caught him looking at her and her smile was radiant. She pushed her chair back. He decided to take a chance and put his hand on her thigh. He moved it slowly up the insides. He moved his way all the way to the top, he could tell she had no panties on. Her bush felt warm and inviting. She did not pull away but let out a little giggle. She pushed her bottom forward and parted her legs further. He could feel a little dampness and his member gave a leap of excitement. He was hard now as he pushed his finger against her little button. He could feel it respond growing hard and wet. He took the chance and wiggled his fingers between her wet lips. She gave a moan of delight when he did so and started to move her hips.

Suddenly, they heard an old man sigh. The little group was looking their way, watching intently. He pulled away from her, and she pressed her legs together. He was slightly embarrassed, but the girl wore a little smile on her face and winked at the older men at the table. The waitress came over and gave them a nasty look and asked them again if they were finished. He said that they were and got up from his chair and paid her. He started to walk out as she followed behind her. Before they left she turned around and smiled at the men again.

They got in the truck again. He started the vehicle up. She settled back into the passenger seat and leaned forward. He could just see the shape of her breast falling before him and she fiddled with the radio. Her breasts were full and firm and her low cut blouse showed them off in fullness.

She then declared, “It’s so damn hot do you mind?”

He said, “Mind what?”

“This?” she replied.

She then put her hands to he waist and started to lift off her blouse. As it came over her head her breasts were in full view. He stared at them, and almost run off the road. They were so lovely, full with nice brown circles. Two little points stood out as she gave him a sly grin. She put her hand on her breasts and started Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort to rub the nipples. As she did so he could see them grow excited and she ran her tongue over her lips. He nipples pointed out so far and so hard. He couldn’t resist this she-devil. He pulled over to the side of the road, and reached over. He felt how soft her skin was. He breasts felt heavy. His fingers went to tweak her breasts and she gave out a cry. She looked out the window and saw a billboard for a hotel room. She touched his hand to stop him and pointed out the sign to him. He looked up and nodded. He knew she wanted it as badly as he did. But he wondered what does this vixen have planned for him.

They went down the road and stopped at the wayside motel. He walked into the office and checked in with the clerk while she waited in the truck. She has put her shit back on. He walked back and got into the cab and drove around the back lot. She got out and he quickly followed. He stopped while rounding the truck to pick up a rope he had tossed in the back. He followed her to the door and let her inside.

The room was comfortable with a four poster bed with a big feather duvet on top. She quickly threw herself down on the bed and cuddled inside the blanket. He sat down beside her and gazed upon her. She smiled up at him. He touched her cheek and asked her if she was comfortable. She shook her head no. Then she started to take off her clothes and peel them away tossing them across the chair. She lounged back spreading herself on the bed. She looked at him.

“Please I would like you to tie me to the bedposts. I like it that way when I can’t move” She smiled.

He said “Of course anything for you my lady”

He took her wrists and wound the ropes around them and tied a secure knot to the poster. Then he went down to her feet and tied her up there. He wondered just who was in control her and she was telling him what to do. Not that he minded. He looked at her spread out that way and couldn’t resist himself. He dove into her muff and started to taste her. Her little bulb responding hot and wet. He kissed her abdomen while he pried her with his Maltepe Ucuz Escort fingers. She whimpered and moaned in the covers. He pressed his fingers all the way in and she gave a peel of pleasure. She pushed herself as best she could into his fingers. He pulled out and lapped at his fingers. She tasted so lovely, she was divine.

She called him up towards her. She said sit on me and let me look at you. He did so, and she said let me watch. He stroked before her sitting on her looking at her loveliness. He wanted to push his cock through her breasts and he sat there and pushed her breasts together. She gave out a sigh feeling his hardness stroke her. She told him to rub his head on her nipples and told him how she loved his precum to cover her nipples. He was only too happy to oblige. He leaned down to kiss her.

She whispered. “You tease me so, I want you so badly. I want to taste you. I want to feel your hard sweetness in my mouth. I want my lips surrounding it while you pound it hard and deep in me.”

He stroked his cock and held it up to her mouth. Letting the head of his member brush her lips leaving little wetness on them. She licked out flashing her tongue at the tip and moaning her pleasure. He let her taste just a little bit, she reached up her head and grabbed him between the lips and started to suck. He relaxed and let her take him in. He pushed his hips to slide between her hot wet lips and sank himself into her. His balls bounced against her chin, as she twisted her head and let her tongue swirl.

He found himself totally within her as she started to move faster. His desire was mounting and he was as rigid as a board. She knew how to pleasure him. She had the touch and the feel. He let her go at him while he bucked his hips back and forth. He lips held him tightly as she was trying to milk him of his nectar. She strained against the ropes trying to get to him. He felt her hard nipples, hard erect and proud standing up. He knew he had her so excited and she was doing this with passion. Suddenly he felt his cock give a jerk as he spilled his load in an explosion in her mouth. His sweetness leaked out of the sides of her lips as she let herself lap him up. He was spent this woman took him.

He released her and they cuddled in the folds of the blanket. She kissed him and he could taste himself on her lips. She laid her head against him and he could feel her breathing becoming calm. She drifted off to sleep in his arms.

(c)2004 Crystal Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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