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Twenty-year-old college student Shawn needed some extra money during school, but didn’t have time for a full or even part time job, so he did things like donate blood and plasma and once did a drug study. That one paid really well, but he did suffer some side effects, so he was reluctant to do that again. He saw an ad for a tickle study and called the number. The lady who answered the phone seemed nice and explained that he would be tickled for roughly an hour and that it paid $250 cash that day. That sounded great. Shawn made the appointment and then realized he had a problem when he learned the address. It was pretty far away and Shawn didn’t have a car. So he did what most college boys would do, he asked his mother, Helen to take him.

It took some convincing and after agreeing to pay for her gas and to treat her to lunch, she agreed.

The parking lot was full but Shawn didn’t see anyone hear any laughter.

“All the rooms are soundproofed,” the receptionist Mary said. “And you’ll leave by the back door.”

“Satisfied?” Helen asked her son with one raised eyebrow,

“Shawn if you’ll follow me?” Mary asked.

“May I watch?” Helen asked.

“Well, we usually don’t allow that,” Mary said.

‘Good!’ thought Shawn.

“But I think we can make an exception this time.”

“But, but,” Shawn protested.

“But nothing go!” Helen said.

There was a little outer room before the main room which resembled a doctors office with a massage-type table with straps on it. Shawn was instructed to remove everything but his underwear and lay on the table.

When he called out he was ready, Mary walked in followed by his mother and a really hot women dressed like a cheerleader with an amazing body. Medium sized breasts with good cleavage showing, long brown hair tied in a pony tail, and dark brown eyes.

“Hi I’m Anna. You must be Shawn.”

“Yeah,” Shawn said lamely.

“And you are?”

“Helen, Shawn’s mother. He needed a ride and well, here I am.”

“I see,” she said and istanbul escort all three women looked at Shawn with a bit on sympathy and pity.

“Helen would like to watch,” Mary said.

“Usually we don’t allow that due to certain…” Anna started.

“I explained all that. and she understands how some people might react to being tickled. She’s okay with it.”

“Well then, let’s begin.” Anna said. “Not sure if you read the form completely, but this is being video and audio recorded.”

Helen sat down in a chair and watched as the two women, Mary with a clipboard and Anna with feather started tickling her son’s feet. She was not surprised to learn her son’s feet were ticklish. Growing up if she’d poke him in the side or grab him behind the knee he’d laugh. But it had been years since she’d done that.

“Feet we’ll score a 5 out of 10,” Anna said. “Let’s try the armpits.”

The armpits rated an 8. Next came the stomach and ribs. They had dispensed with the feathers and were now using their fingers. This was also an 8.

Shawn had his eyes closed and was laughing. This was both not as bad as he thought and worse than he thought. Some parts were not as ticklish, so that wasn’t too bad, but other parts were and when he strained against the restraints it hurt his arms and legs. Plus his stomach was sore from tighten up. It already felt like he’d been in here for over an hour so hopefully they were almost done.

Suddenly they started tickling his inner thighs and that was definitely his most ticklish spot. He jumped and thrashed around and laughed like crazy. He noticed something else happening and thought, ‘Oh no.’

“Inner thighs definitely a 10.” Mary said.

“Not only is it his most sensitive area but he seems to be enjoying it too,” Anna said.

“Most people are more sensitive after they orgasm. Helen is it okay if we test this out on your son?” Anna asked.

“Well, I certainly don’t want to drive him home in that condition,” Helen said, pointing to her son’s now exposed escort bayan cock. Mary had cut his underwear off.

“Shawn I’m very disappointed in you.” Helen said.

“Don’t be too mad. It happens to most guys. It’s a fetish thing,” Mary said.

Shawn looked up and saw all three women standing over him. He couldn’t really see their faces, because their boobs were in the way. He wasn’t sure if they were wearing bras or not, but he did notice that all three women had hard nipples, so he didn’t feel too bad. They were turned on too.

“I don’t want to watch anymore. I want to help,” Helen said. And with that she started tickling Shawn in the armpits.

Mary and Anna were tickling Shawn on his cock and balls. He was moaning and laughing.

They would stop every now and then and give him a break. On one of the breaks Mary put a towel over his face and said, wait a minute we have a surprise. After a few minutes the towel was removed and Shawn opened his eyes. All three women, even his mother, had removed their shirts and bras. His cock get even harder.

Mary had small but perky tits with small areolas but hard nipples. Anna had medium tits with big areolas and small nipples. Helen had big breasts, with big areolas and fat nipples.

The women took turns stroking his cock, playing with his balls and making him suck on their tits. This went on for a while. It was great, except every time he was close to coming they’d stop and tickle him.

“Wow Shawn. I didn’t know you had such a nice cock,” his mom said, slowly stroking his shaft. She stroked it fast then slow then fast again. She’d run her nails up and down the shaft or tickle the head with one hand and his balls with the other.

Finally, Shawn was flicking his mothers big nipple with his tongue. Anna was stroking his cock, while Mary rubbed and tickled his balls. Anna was going faster and faster until she suddenly stopped and just rubbed under the head until Shawn exploded. Some of his cum landed on his mother’s breast and Shawn Maltepe escort groaned as more and more cum shot out of his cock. It was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had.

After licking the dripping cum off his chest and his mother’s breast, the three women set to tickling Shawn and true enough he was way more sensitive and ticklish.

After ten minutes of non-stop tickling, the women once again covered Shawn’s face with a towel and stripped out of the remainder of their clothes. He was told he’d need to make all three women cum with his mouth while being tickled. There was an extra $250 in it if he did.

Mary was first. Shawn played around with her pussy, then sucked on her clit and had her coming in no time. She screamed pretty loud.

Anna was a little bit harder as Mary and Helen used hairbrushes on his feet. This really made Shawn laugh. He found if he flicked her clit with his tongue she’d squirm. He kept doing that until she finally came.

When it was Helen’s turn she didn’t make it easy on him. She leaned forward and blew raspberries on his stomach. Then she took his still hard cock into her mouth and started sucking on it.

Shawn used both techniques on his Mom as he did on the other two. He went from sucking on her clit to flicking it with his tongue. She took longer than the other two but eventually she came and when she did she squirted all over his face. That set him off and he shot off in her mouth.

Helen was sucking on her son’s surprisingly big cock and just after he made her come, she ran her tongue over his head until he exploded and filled her mouth with his load.

Mary and Anna watched mother and son come together. As soon as they did, they tickled them both for a few minutes. Then they untied Shawn and everyone got dressed.

“Maybe we could come back?” Helen asked.

“Sure we’re always looking for volunteers,” Mary answered with a smile.

Lunch and the ride home were quiet. Helen tried to talk to her son but got nowhere.

“So that was interesting.”

“Mom, I don’t want to talk about it,” Shawn said and ran up to his room.

Truth be known, it was the best sexual experience Shawn had ever had, but he was embarrassed that it had been with his mother. Little did he know it wouldn’t be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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