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This isn’t just a story but is an experience of how I actually made love to my fantasy girl on my bed one rainy night a couple of months before. Her name was Kathy and we were working in the same office then. She always had a friendly smile and a bit of a gleam in her eye and I was very attracted to her from the outset, she is 32, about 5’7″, slim build, med sized breasts (I would have liked them to be bigger) but a fantastic ass that would mould to her mid sized skirts perfectly. She has a very pretty face and beautiful blonde hair that is shoulder length.

We would flirt with each other although I knew she was married but that didn’t bother me as I knew that it would go no further than harmless fun…or so I thought!!! One day I was buying my groceries for the evening and was chatting with her in the usual way when I thought i’d take the bull by the horns and invited her round for a coffee on her way home from work. She smiled and said “Cheeky, I’m a married woman”. “Its only for coffee and a chat” I replied,” well we’ll see if I have time,” she said. I made my excuses and finished my shopping and went home.

It must have been about 9 pm and I’d settled down with a glass of wine to watch the television when there was a knock at the door, it was Kathy, she was only wearing jeans and a t-shirt but she looked beautiful to me. “Hi” she said, ” I thought i’d pop round for that coffee if you like, my husband is at the club so I told him I was going to visit a girlfriend and I thought you might like some company”. Hell yes, I invited her in and we pendik escort chatted and chatted for what seemed like ages, me on one end of the sofa and to my surprise she sat right next to me when there was plenty of room left at the other end, during the conversation we were very tactile with lots of joking and playful touching of hands, then she rested her hand on my thigh and left it there whilst staring into my eyes to see my reaction. The only reaction was my cock began to twitch in my trousers but she wasn’t to know that.

I put my hand on her leg and she leaned forward and kissed me, I was in heaven our tongues fought with each other and I reached up and cupped her breast, there was an audible gasp and so I squeezed it gently to which she leaned onto my hand so I squeezed it harder, the harder I squeezed it the more excited she appeared to get. So I pulled away and having lifted her t-shirt I pulled up her bra and attacked her breast with my mouth she just pulled my head to her breast harder and then all of a sudden she gave out a moan, I couldn’t believe it, she was actually cumming. Now I’ve had experience with plenty of girls but i’ve never met anyone who could come from having her nipples sucked!!

She then pushed my head away and said “I want you to fuck me” I couldn’t believe it, this middle aged, married beauty was actually telling me she wanted to fuck her. I wasted no time I told her to stand up so I could undo her jeans, as I pulled them down her small white panties came into view, she stepped out of the jeans and I slid maltepe escort my finger along her panty covered mound and again she shuddered (I was coming to the conclusion that she was a VERY sexual woman). I pulled her panties down and pushed my face against her pussy quickly locating her clit and licking it as fast as I could. She just pulled my face against her now very wet slippery pussy and shuddered into orgasm again.

By now my cock was as hard as iron and straining to get out of my trousers. Now I have to admit that I’m not the biggest in the world but I’ve got a fair sized cock and always been proud of its length (a little under 8 inches). Somehow I managed to undo my trousers whilst never taking my mouth off her clit and she had 2 more orgasms. I told her to sit down on the sofa and I stood up to take my trousers off. Well she saw my cock and grabbed it with a smile saying “that’s a big one” and pulled it towards her mouth giving me a fantastic blowjob. I could have stood there all night letting her suck me off but I really needed to get my cock inside her so I pushed her back on the sofa and knelt between her legs rubbing my cock between her pussy lips “don’t tease me, please, please just put that big cock inside me” she pleaded, well, there was no resistance at all as I slid my cock into her as she was so wet. Just when I was all the way in her warm wet cunt she shuddered again with another orgasm pulling me hard against her.

WOW she was insatiable, as soon as I started to pump back and forth she started to move her kartal escort hips off the sofa pushing her cunt up onto my cock to meet my thrusts, I grabbed her tits roughly and started to maul them and as I did she came again soaking my cock with her juices. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you horny bastard” she cried, this spurred me on and I started to plough my cock into her as hard and fast as I could, she came and came and came until her juices were saturating my cock and balls and started to run down my thighs. I had to see her ass that I’d fantasised over so many times so I pulled out and asked her to turn over, she did so without question and I grabbed her wide hips and sank my cock into her wetness again “OUCH”!! she cried “sorry, did I hurt you” I asked, “no its ok it’s just my husband isn’t as big as you and I’m not used to it”. This made my cock grow I’m sure and I started to pump into her from behind holding her ample hips and pulling her onto my cock and all the time she was STILL cumming time after time. the sight of my cock going into her and her thighs rippling against me with every forward thrust was too much for me and with one last push I screamed and shot my hot wet cum deep into her pulling her against me and she had an almighty orgasm at the same time.

“THAT” she said “was the most amazing fuck I’ve ever had”, “doesn’t your husband fuck you properly?” I asked, “No, it’s usually the missionary position with him and very boring”. Well an idea was formulating in my mind about what we could get up to if she was willing. “If you ever want to do that again, I’d be more than happy to” I said. “DO you really want to?” she asked (some stupid question). She dressed and after another coffee she left with a big smile on her face and a promise to come back for more soon.

– koolguy999

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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