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She lay nude on the deserted beach, all alone and lonely, sunbathing and getting an awesome and very even tan. Her long, soft Blonde hair splayed out around her head and her bright Blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. Jenny was a computer programmer on vacation and she meant to savor every minute of her two weeks in the sun. Five feet, seven inches of pure, sexy beauty. With firm, full lips, firm, soft breasts topped by dime-sized nipples, a shaved smooth pussy and legs that seemed to go on forever.

Dreamweaver strolled down the deserted (he thought) beach, coming ever closer to the nude and unaware Jenny. Suddenly, spying the beautiful woman, he stopped dead. He just had to stop and savor the breathtaking vision lying less than twenty yards away. Dreamweaver, a truck driver from Missouri, was also on a two week vaction. He was five feet, ten inches of hardened muscle. Brown, rather longish hair, piercing Blue eyes, and a wash-board stomach. His was an all over, even tan also, as he regularly sunbathed nude himself, and usually on this very same stretch of beach. That was the reason for his being there at that time on this cloudless day.

When he did start to move again, it was with a slow, even gait which would allow him to gaze at the lovely sight laid out before him yet still bring him to her side in mere seconds. As his shadow fell across the still unaware Jenny, she gasped and looked up to see this (in her eyes right then) giant of a man standing, staring down at her naked body. No thought of springing up and running away even started to go through her mind as she looked upon his hard-muscled body, his swim trunks now tented out from the pressure of his eight-inch bahçeşehir escort hard on.

With a small smile, she crooked her finger and said, “Hi, I’m Jenny. You come here often?”

“Yeah,” he said, “almost every day for the last week. Where’ve you been all that time babe? I’m here on vacation and you’re the prettiest and sexiest thing I’ve seen yet!”

“Well, don’t block the sun lover,” she said, “come on down here beside me and we’ll both get our tans. Don’t tell me you wear those trunks when you’re out here alone.”

“No way baby,” he said, stripping off the trunks and kneeling beside her. When he was down to his knees, she stopped him with a slow, lingering kiss on the head of his already hard, throbbing cock. She slowly licked him from the base to the mushroom head and then started taking his shaft into her warm, wet mouth. Deeper and deeper she took his cock until her nose was resting in his pubic hair. Then she started to move her head back and forth with an ever increasing tempo. With each bob of her head, she took him all the way. Then, she suddenly stopped the blow job and started to lick him again, first his shaft, then the ball sack. She took each testicle into her mouth and sucked gently, bringing him almost to the point of climax.

“Ohhhhh stop baby,” he moaned, “stop or I’m gonna cumm way too soon!”

She slowly, slowly eased her wet mouth off his hard cock, smiling up at him as she did so. He fell to his side, now lying beside her. Her warm, wet lips were so inviting, he just had to kiss her softly, tasting his own pre-cum as he did so. He kissed her lips and then her cheek. Around bakırköy escort to her neck and throat he went, down to the luscious cleavage, tonguing his way down to the tender, sensitive underside of her soft breasts. He then used his tongue and circled slowly around and around the breast until he reached her hardened nipple, sucking it quickly into his mouth, biting it gently while he tongued the nipple thoroughly. He switched to her other breast, doing the same thing there, making her moan with pleasure.

He slowly started down, across her flat, hard belly, stopping at her navel for only a few seconds, just long enough to run his tongue swiftly in and out. Then he went further down, down to her shaved mound, around the mound and down further, along the top of her thigh, down to her knee, around to the back of her knee, the most sensitive place, then back up, on the inside of the thigh. Stopping just before he readhed her wet pussy, going up and around her mound and down the other thigh to the other knee and doing the same operation there. Back up the inside of her thigh, stopping every couple of seconds to gently blow a breath up into her open pussy.

When he reached her wet pussy, he drove his tongue as deeply into her as he could go tonguing and sucking her, making her cumm repeatedly. He sucked her clit in between his lips, biting it gently and teasing it with his tongue until Jenny was writhing on the sand, the blanket she had been lying on wadded up and thrown to the side. She was crying for him to “stop, please baby, stop! I can’t take it anymore! Please baby, please just fuck me and fuck me hard başakşehir escort and fast.”

” Not yet darlin,” he said. “Not just yet.” he slowly moved his lips from her swollen clit, using his tongue to move back up her taught, sweaty body. Back, he went, back up across her tummy, around her heaving breasts, back through the valley of her clevage, up her throat and back around her neck to her cheek, then her warm, wet lips. As his lips touched hers again, the head of his throbbing cock touched her wet pussy lips. As his tongue entered her mouth, the head of his hard cock entered her tunnel. He quickly pushed deep into her as she went into the throes of her orgasm. He thrust again and again, going deeper into her with each hard thrust until his cock was buried deep within her now sopping pussy. She cried out, wanting more and more, begging him to do his worst, to fill her with the pleasure she knew would be hers when this man came. Her legs, as of their own accord, went into the air, wrapping around his hard body, locking him inside her.

Jenny felt his cock begin to swell inside her and she knew that he was about to cumm. “Please baby,” she cried, “please cumm inside me. I need to feel it, I want it all inside of me.” Just as she was cumming yet again, she felt his cock seemingly explode inside her, filling her pussy and spilling onto the sand beneath their sweating bodies. Still, she wasn’t through, she wanted more, she craved more, ever more of this man she didn’t really even know. When dreamweaver’s now flaccid cock slipped from her sopping wet pussy, she quickly turned and took him back into her wet and willing mouth, sucking him clean.

They lay together for awhile longer, holding each other tightly. Then, as the sun was setting, they stirred, they got up, gathered their things, and walked, none too steadily, but arm in arm, back towards her small, rented house, where they made love again and again, much more slowly and tenderly until the first light of dawn was breaking and then falling asleep at last in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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