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I worked my way through the room, praying that no one would learn my secret. The tall distinguished handsome man next to me was not my date, or my husband, as everyone seemed to think, but my Daddy. He worked the room of his company Christmas party with ease and confidence, I tried my best to show the same poise, but it was difficult for me.

Five months ago, my mother came home from a weekend with some friends. That means that she was drinking and swinging at a party held at someone’s house. It was really my fault, I lost track of the time and Peter my boyfriend and I had fallen asleep. Mom found us in my bed, naked and in each other’s arms. We were both still virgins at that point, just a little oral sex was as far as we had gotten, but Mom did not care, she went ballistic.

She barely gave us time to dress before she through us out of the house, calling me every name in the book along the way. At eighteen I found myself alone with nothing but my backpack and the clothes on my back. I did the only thing I could think of, I called my Daddy.

Mom and Dad divorced when I was eight. I had not seen him in person since. I had no contact with him for about four years, and I had no idea how to reach him. Mom had been awarded complete custody and she cut me off from him at that point. Daddy had moved to the west coast and gotten a good job out there. When I was about twelve I was home sick one day and Mom called from work, she needed a file from the home computer and she wanted me to email it to her.

I sent her the file and just before I shut down the computer I saw an email with my father’s name on it. Curious I opened it. It was a letter asking for an update on me and what I wanted for my birthday. I checked her sent email and read the reply; she said that I was fine and that I wanted a new computer. If he sent the money, Mom would take me shopping. The only problem was that my birthday was two months ago and we had not gone shopping. I made a note of the address and closed the computer.

Returning to my room, I opened my own email on my computer and sent Daddy a letter. I did not mention my birthday present, but gave him an update on what I was up to. I only had to wait about twenty minutes and a reply appeared in my box. Daddy was thrilled to receive my note and looked forward to talking directly to me. He asked about the computer, what make, how fast, all the usual tech questions. I replied that I did not have a new computer, but rather Mom’s old one. She had gotten a new dress and several pairs of shoes and a new desk top computer, but I was not allowed to touch it.

Daddy’s response blistered the screen when I read it. He was really pissed that she had taken the money he sent for me and spent it on her. He was going to call her directly that night and take a strip off her. I replied quickly, that she did not know that I had his email and was communicating with him. I did not want to get into trouble. That set him off again. He said that he had asked for his email to be given to me and Mom told him she had, but I was too busy to email him, I forgot, I did not want to talk to him; she had a list of excuses.

I responded that since Mom wanted to keep us apart so much, we should just not tell her we were talking, but just keep doing it privately. Daddy agreed and told me to get a private post office box and give him the address. He would set up a private bank account and send me the bank card there. I was already babysitting in the neighborhood, so the money would be easy to hide in with that. Within three weeks, I started to receive an allowance from him that made babysitting unnecessary, but I did it anyway.

We started talking regularly after that and one day he told me to go to the post office as there was a package for me. I went and picked it up and when I got home I opened the box to find a brand new laptop and backpack waiting for me. The instructions for opening the programs and passwords were emailed to me on the old computer. I quickly reset everything to my own passwords and started the system. I was thrilled when the online camera came up and there was Daddy sitting in his office.

We talked in real time for about an hour before Mom came home. I hid everything under my bed, except the backpack. I knew that Mom would want to see it so I just put my school stuff in it. She looked it over and asked where I got it. I told her at the mall, my old one needed to be replaced. She knew that I paid for things like that from my own money so she let it go. I immediately packed the laptop into it and went on about my day.

This continued until I turned eighteen, Daddy and I hiding our communications from Mom, but I think she started to suspect. I would catch her watching me, and she would walk into my room at the oddest times without warning. She did find the laptop eventually, but by then it was older and used and she did not realize how expensive it was. I told her I got it at a computer repair shop and it did not cost much.

When she caught me with keçiören escort Peter, it was the excuse she was looking for to get rid of me. I had known for some time that she wanted me out of the house, so I had applied to university on the west coast near Daddy, I had been accepted and had told him, but not Mom. She thought that I was going to work right out of high school and amount to nothing.

When I called Daddy I was in tears, I had nothing with me and did not know what to do. Daddy was cool as always. He asked me if I had my computer and my id. I told him yes, he told me to take a cab to the airport and call him when I got there. I told him Peter would take me and I would call him in about an hour.

Peter and I had a tearful goodbye at the curb by the airport. We had both known that it would end when I left for school, but we had thought that we would have another couple of weeks before that. I went into the airport and called Daddy. He told me to go the counter and give them my name. The next thing I knew I was in a first class seat winging my way to Los Angeles.

Daddy had a limo waiting for me and took me directly to his house. There was a pool out back and it looked like a mansion to me. The housekeeper let me in and told me that Daddy would be home in about an hour and that I should just make myself at home. She led me to my room and told me to relax and rest. As soon as she left I started looking around. My room was done in pinks and yellows. It was perfect; the closet was filled with clothes for me, everything I would need. I jumped into the shower and washed the flight off. I could finally relax.

Daddy came home and we had a long talk, face to face. I explained what happened and he told me that he had already spoken to Mom. She did not want anything more to do with me. She told him what I had been up to; apparently she walked in on an orgy where I was servicing anyone who came near me. I told Daddy the truth and he believed me. He said that she had done the same to thing to him.

The next several months were wonderful, I started school and completed my first semester with honors, Daddy was so proud he bought me a new car. We started to get more comfortable with each other, and then get more physical with each other. The kisses and hugs got more intense and longer. The first time he stuck his tongue in my mouth I almost came. By Christmas we were almost panting for each other, but still could not make that last jump, into bed. When the Christmas gala rolled around, he asked if I would help him with the party. I asked him what he needed, and he said a date. I was thrilled. I had always found Daddy handsome and the thought of being his date was delightful. He told me to book the whole day of the party off and he would take care of everything. I had a problem controlling myself until that day; I knew that we would finally make it happen.

The morning of the party, Daddy was gone before I got up. I found a set of instructions waiting for me with my breakfast. Daddy had everything planned and laid out for me. Right after breakfast I took my usual swim and then headed out. He had even preprogrammed my GPS. I parked the car where it told me to and headed down the street. The address he had given me was to this trendy little dress shop on Rodeo Drive. Daddy had arranged a private fitting.

The dress chosen was white with sliver sequins on the bodice and with my tan looked incredible. The single strap went around my neck with a scoop front. The waist was pinched in and very fitted, but then flared out into a wide skirt with what felt like two hundred layers of crinoline. It showed off my figure wonderfully, and the four inch stilettos were a perfect fit. They gave me the height I needed to make five foot ten. I was given a white garter belt, thong and stockings. The bra that went with the set was not needed, but I took it anyway. I had a little time before my next appointment so I wandered the shop. They had quite a collection of lingerie so I picked out a few new teddies, and panties, but the best find was the new peignoir set. It was off white and floor length, the wrap that came with it was as light as a feather and completely transparent. The gown was silk and almost as thin as the wrap; it had spaghetti straps and was very low cut.

When I picked it out, the seamstress said that they would have to take in the bodice, just like the dress. I was not very blessed with cleavage, an A cup at best, but my nipples were long and very sensitive. Sometimes Peter could make me cum just be sucking on them. I told them that I needed everything for a party tonight and they said that it all would be delivered to the hotel before five.

I headed to my next appointment which was just down Rodeo Drive to a spa. I gave the receptionist my name and was told that a complete treatment was scheduled for me. I had never been so pampered in my life. I had a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, mud bath, seaweed wrap, my blonde hair done, and a complete keçiören escort bayan waxing. The technician did not want to take all my pubic hair off, but I convinced her that it was necessary due to my swimming. I had been on swimming teams since middle school and kept myself complete hair free because of that. When I was finished I felt like a million dollars. I headed to the hotel to get ready for the party. I still had my make up to do and I wanted to be ready before Daddy got there.

I hopped back into my car and headed for the hotel. Daddy had planned the gala at the best hotel in town. The ball room was reserved and nothing was left to chance. He was tied up at the office and had asked me to check on all the preparations. Daddy had arranged the menu with the chef, arranged for bartenders in the room, even carolers to sing while people arrived and ate. There was a band for after when dinner was finished and rooms for those staying the night. For those who wanted or had to go home, taxis and limos were ordered and standing by.

I checked in at the front desk and gave them my name. Daddy had already ordered our room, or rather suite. The concierge summoned a bell boy and he led me to the elevator and pushed the button for the penthouse. The doors parted and there was a hallway with only two doors. The bellboy produced a cardkey and opened the left hand door. He handed me the key and said that my husband would be arriving later. Before I could correct him, he left.

The dress shop delivered everything before I got to the hotel and it was all waiting for me in the suite. I was able to be ready before six. The gala was to start at seven and I had to make sure everything was ready. The room was decorated with several real Christmas trees, a platform with a big chair in red velvet stood on one side of the room. The tables all were done in white table clothes, sparkling white china and real silverware. The center pieces were large wreaths of Christmas roses, with poinsettias in the middle. Streamers with tinsel hung from the ceiling and piped in Christmas carols echoed through the hall.

I checked the rest of the room, the bar, the kitchen and the menu, Daddy had everything ready to go and just as I was about to check on the carolers, I was paged to the front desk. The concierge had a message that I was to meet my husband in the suite. Again before I could say he was not my husband, the concierge had another call and I went upstairs.

Daddy was dressed in a black tux, with a red and green tie and cummerbund. He looked so festive and happy, the result of finally being able to relax about work. I rushed up to him and kissed him on the cheek, careful not to smear my makeup. I asked about everyone thinking I was his wife and he just smiled and said go with it. I mentioned that I did not have a ring if anyone asked and he said that to say that they were being resized.

We went down to the gala and I was placed in the receiving line, right next to Daddy, and introduced to everyone as his wife. The owner of the company was delighted to finally meet me, the reason that Daddy was so happy at work lately, leaving right on time to get home to me and a lot more relaxed. I blushed and Daddy just grinned.

Dinner went well, oysters Rockefeller, salad, turkey with all the trimmings, pumpkin pie or baked Alaska, champagne and wine. The singers went over very well and just as dinner finished and the waiters started to clear up, the jolly fat man in the red suit showed up and people formed a line to sit on his lap. Daddy pushed me into the line and got a beautiful picture of me on Santa’s lap. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I just smiled and whispered my husband, then Santa blushed.

The band started and Daddy led me out to the dance floor. We opened the dance with the owner of the company and half way through they switched partners. I found myself dancing with Daddy’s boss. He was charming and intelligent, but he was not my Daddy. He pestered me with questions as how we met; the usual gossip inquiries and I told him that I felt like I had known him all my life.

Daddy came to my rescue and we began to work the room again. I was glad that I had paid attention to all that Daddy had told me about his business as I was now talking to his clients and coworkers. At one point I made a suggestion about a problem that they were having with a client, and everyone stopped talking and just looked at me. I thought I had done something wrong until they all smiled and told me that I just given them the answer they were looking for. Daddy’s boss offered me Daddy’s job on the spot. I laughed and said that Daddy was the best man for his job.

At around three thirty, the last guest headed out and the room closed down. Daddy led me, his boss and his wife to the elevator. I was tired, but I was also excited, we were finally going to be alone together. The doors opened on the penthouse level and his boss bid us goodnight and went into the room on the escort keçiören right. Daddy and I entered our room and we both let a huge sigh of relief. The party was over and we had pulled it off, no one suspected that we were not married, and we had even landed some new business for his company, in no small measure thanks to me according to his boss.

Daddy pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I put my arms around his neck and returned his kiss hungrily. I wanted him, and I wanted him now, but certain things had to come first. I told him to wait in the living room while I changed. I slipped into my room and peeled the dress and lingerie off. Tossing it all onto the bed I knew that I would not be using I pulled on the peignoir set, put my heels back on and stepped back into the door way, the light from the bedroom shown through the light material and showed my every naked curve. Daddy stood up and stared open mouthed in admiration. I seductively strolled over to him, my hips working overtime and I could see the arousal in his pants.

He had only removed his jacket, cummerbund and tie; I took the rest of his clothes off of him. By the time I was finished, his tux was all over the room and his cock was throbbing and full before me. He tried to pick me but I pushed him back down on to the sofa. I could not wait any longer. I knelt down before him and took his magnificent pole into my mouth and throat. Peter had been smaller, but not by much, so I was able to use all of my practice to deep throat my Daddy’s prick.

Daddy groaned and threw his head back. He grabbed the back of my head and started to pull me up and then pushed back down. I relaxed my throat and mouth and let him fuck my face. I could taste his pre-cum and knew that he was enjoying this. I loved the feeling of him in my mouth. My tongue swept over the head and tickled his slit every time he pulled my back. I was able to dislocate my jaw and lick his balls when he was all the way in, that really drove him wild.

Finally he could take no more and started to pull me off him, I could tell the tremors in his rod that he was close and I wanted to taste him before he fucked me. I sucked the head of his cock as hard as I could while my hands stroked his shaft and he drove his hips forward as he came with a shout.

I swallowed as much as I could, but the seven hot ropes of cum was more than I could handle. Some leaked out around his shaft and trickled down my chin. Finally he stopped shooting his load into my belly and I pulled off him. I looked up at him from my knees and smiled as innocently as I could as I whipped his cum from my chin and chest before licking my fingers clean. He caught his breath and told me that I was best cocksucker in the world, but he had wanted to fuck me and now that he had shot his load, I would have to wait. I looked up at him, smiled mischievously and took his softening dick back into my mouth. Several minutes of gentle nursing and I had him almost back to full strength. Spitting him out I told him that I wanted him to last a long time when he fucked me and now he would.

Standing up I walked towards the master bedroom, my wrap dropping off my shoulders, followed by the peignoir. They whispered off my body and puddled on the floor. I paused at the doorway and looked back over my shoulder, winked and headed for the bed. Daddy was right behind me, his dick leading the way. I sat on the edge of the bed and sucked him again, getting him nice and slippery for me.

I told him that I was a virgin, but he was going to fix that right then, and I climbed up on the bed and got on all fours. He said that he would gentle and I told him that I wanted to be taken. I begged him to rape me. I wanted it hard and I wanted it now. Even though this was my first time, I was no trembling virgin; I was a bitch in heat. I wiggled my ass at him and demanded that he fuck me.

He stepped up behind me and drove his cock home in one push. I screamed, partly in pain, but mostly in delight. Daddy did not stop when I screamed, but pulled out and drove home again. I bit into the bed spread to stop screaming and pushed my hips back against him violently. He got the hint and grabbed my hips; he started to pound me like he was drilling for oil. I could not believe how hard I was getting fucked and I wanted more. I spit the quilt out and begged him to do it harder and he did.

He pounded me for what felt like hours, but he still stopped too soon for my tastes. He pushed all the way in and then pulled me up to his chest. Stepping away from the bed he turned and sat back down, then laid back. He pushed me up and I felt him slide even deeper into my channel then before. I sighed in delight and spun on his cock to face him. That was a really weird feeling, his cock spinning inside me; I would have to try that again later.

I put both feet on the bed and pushed up. Sitting back down I felt him go deep into me again and I felt that I was in control of our fucking. Tossing my head back I howled in pleasure and started to ride him like he was a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Daddy helped by reaching up and pinching my nipples. This sent a jolt of electricity down my body and made me move even faster. I had never thought that I would enjoy pain, but the harder Daddy pinched my nipples the harder I fucked him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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